Mugabe holiday cartoon

Mugabe holiday

Mugabe goes on holiday – cartoon

George Charamba, spokesperson for the Mugabe regime yesterday announced that Bob will be away on leave for a few weeks.

Work-life balance is important and this is something often overlooked, especially by people in senior positions of power. We would all do well to learn from Mr Mugabe to ensure we take some time out for ourselves every so often. Financial turmoil, healthcare catastrophes and political crises come and go – sometimes, you just have to put your foot down and say I’m taking a holiday… because I’m worth it!

Mr Mugabe’s vacation is expected to delay the formation of a new government in Zimbabwe at least until February. No doubt Kgalema Motlanthe and the South African leadership will somehow see this as a very positive move for Zimbabwe, further consolidating their belief that the Zimbabwe crisis situation will resolve itself peacefully with the next 2 days. AY CHARAMBA!

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  1. Concerned Zimbabwean says

    I’ve all but given up on South Africa doing anything constructive to help resolve our situation in Zimbabwe. The SA ‘leadership’ as you call it are paying only lip service to the issues and appear to be pandering to Mugabe’s every whim… one can only wonder what Mugabe has on them to keep them all in check for so long.

    Last year Motlanthe said he’s optimistic a new government would be in place ‘by the weekend’ – perhaps someone should have asked him which weekend in which century. He also said no aid money until the new government was formed… so much for that. Maybe Patricia de Lille will expose some other dirt on the matter that will get swept under the carpet again by the SA ‘leadership’. Sorry but it’s hard not to be disillusioned by all this.

  2. The whole thing stinks, and the SA Government is not helping the matter. The people in Zim are clearly suffering…I say invade the Country and take him (Mugabe) out! Problem solved…

  3. I thinks it’s unfair of people expect SA to be the “Knight in Shining armour” to rescue Zim. in their self inflicted injuries. If you want to make a significant change in any organisation you change from inside NOT from outside. Therefore Zimbabweans must return home to start dealing with their problems head on by whatever means possible.They (Zim) needs a Zim solution NOT outside interference…

  4. Drake – countries do not operate independently of each other. The Zimbabwe crisis is a regional issue, not a domestic one that can be handled in isolation by Zimbabwe – what happens there directly affects South Africa and Zimbabwe’s other neighbours – be it through the influx of immigrants, the spread of cholera, or the increase of political instability in the region.

    It was, and is, squarely the responsibility of the South African leadership to ensure that South Africans are protected from such a fallout. If it meant interfering directly in Zimbabwe’s affairs to protect the national security of South Africa then that’s what they should have done. That’s their job. That’s why we pay tax.. not for them to sit on their laurels and suck up to Mr Mugabe.

    The logic following from this argument leads me to the conclusion that South Africa’s leadership is either suffering from acute naiveté with respect to the Zimbabwe situation, or even worse, are involved themselves in some sort of corruption with Mr Mugabe. I would be interested to read any suggestions that do not boil down to one of these two conclusions.. any takers?

    One thing is for certain, for South Africa neither scenario is very promising.

  5. PM,PM,PM…How can that country hold a free and fair elections when more than half of the countries’ citizens are out of the country? How are they going to excersise their vote to remove Mr. Mogabe from his post if they are NOT there to vote?. Above all I hear you when you say this is a regional issue but we (SA) do NOT want to take the route George W Bush took with regards to Irak and the middle east.
    Granted, this issue has gone too far now and the involvement of SA has NOT helped the situation in any way or what so ever.
    Therefore I mererly suggest that Zimbabweans needs to take this issue head on if and when they need our help we are ready to assist in any way we can.

  6. In the way thats its ludicrous to expect the blind to lead the blind, why would we expect one corrupt government to ease the corruption of another?!

  7. Your blog is so informative – keep up the good work!!!!

  8. Maybe you should make changes to the webpage name Mugabe goes on leave – Cartoon to something more suited for your blog post you create. I loved the blog post all the same.

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