zuma appeal ruling cartoon

zuma appeal ruling

Zuma still out of Harms way – Appeal court ruling

Hurray for paper justice but there does not appear to be major cause for concern in the ANC ranks regarding the Harm’s judgement in the Supreme Court of Appeal yesterday.

Since it is impractical that a sitting President be involved in a lengthy criminal trial, it is likely that the ruling ANC party may enact laws to prevent a sitting President from being prosecuted. This can probably be done without a change in the constitution which would require a two thirds parliamentary majority which the ANC cannot necessarily count on.

With the exception of the opposition party members and their relatively few supporters, Mr Zuma does not appear to be suffering from any credibility issues resulting from the 783 corruption charges hanging over his head.

Also see the Zuma corruption cartoon posted late last year for context. Jacob Zuma will be formally charged in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on 5 February 2009. Residents of Sandton in Gauteng are already preparing time off to ensure they can catch the much-awaited next toyi-toyi lesson

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  1. At least it wasn’t all just swept under the carpet – I for one am glad. As you suggest though, facing the music is probably an absolute last resort for Mr Zuma, particularly as his credibility with those that count (i.e. the majority of the voting public) is not at stake.

    In case anyone is interested.. you can read Harm’s judgement document here.. Harm’s Judgement – court document

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