Black James Bond cartoon

Black James Bond

Black James Bond

Obamania continued into the movie industry as Daniel Craig announced earlier this week that the world is ready for the first black James Bond.

In the meantime in South Africa, the ruling ANC party whinged through Jessie Duarte that the national broadcaster, SABC, wrongfully depicts Zuma as constantly toyi-toying outside the Pietermaritzburg high court (see the earlier cartoon post for toyi toyi definition).

Many people living in Sandton, an affluent suburb of Johannesburg, are distressed that the SABC will stop airing the ‘Zuma toyi-toyi’ video clip before they get to learn all the steps from him. Unknown sources in Johannesburg were quoted as having said: “…we have no problem in fabricating another charge against Mr Zuma if that’s what we have to do in order to continue our toyi-toyi lessons on TV.”

If you enjoyed this you will probably also enjoy the following Zuma Zuma cartoon.

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  1. Lol! Great post!! As a Sandtonite I for one agree fully with your ‘unknown sources’ – I think I almost have all the toyi-toyi steps down now.. it’s just the last singing part I need to get a hang of now.. lol!

    I think it’s ironic that ANC is asking the SABC not to be biased against them.. that’s a joke in itself!

  2. can u post a video demonstrating this toyi-toyi of which u speak!! It appears to be crucial to my political aspirations!

  3. bakenshark.. can’t seem to embed the video as part of the post but you can see it on YouTube.. there’s nothing quite like experiencing it in person though! See


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