motlanthe nkosazana cartoon

motlanthe nkosazana cartoon

Motlanthe and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma fail South Africa and Zimbabwe

Wonkie hopes that at some point the South African leadership can think of a more appropriate head to beat against the wall than their own to solve the Zimbabwe crisis. This is the last in this series of the Zimbabwe โ€“ South Africa Groundhog Week series.. even weโ€™re getting bored of reporting on the same strain of stupidity week-in week-out.

Mugabe Motlanthe Photo Cartoon

Mugabe Motlanthe Photo Cartoon

You play too! Which hand is Mr Mugabe holding them in?

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Michael Trapido has written some good posts over the last week on Zimbabwe. Be sure to check out Vote ANC to support Mugabe for an interesting read.

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  1. Why

  2. So sad,this is a true African never ending fairytale….

  3. Drake – I agree. Even though Mr Mugabe has a means for a graceful (pardon the pun) exit to Malaysia, he is still determined to hang on to power. Sad is not the word!

    Laban – Why what brother?

  4. Semaj Farrcicle says

    They should rename Zimbabwe Zim”bob”we and be done with it. I don’t think anyone really believes there can be a solution. Short of Mugabe and the whole of Zanu-PF (the Zimbabwean version of the ANC) disappearing into thin air, it will never happen. The AU (now the AUA), SADC, the U.N? Come on. Ha!

  5. @Semaj – nice one! It’s Zimbobwe indeed.. In case Mugs and his henchmen don’t disappear magically over the next week or two I think we’ll have to have an official Zimbabwe name change ceremony cartoon.. thanks for the idea!

  6. This thing with Bob will never end until he kicks the bucket,poor people of Zim have to suffer while polititions play their childish games,and the whole world looks on and do nothing because black is the color of the future.

  7. Eish!

  8. Why are you so keen for Mugabe to kicck the Bucket beacuse you are afraid of him .His reasoning , his stand againist colonialism , his anti impirilistic attitudes makes those of kind quiver,But there are people out there who will be of worse nature than Mugabe Zim is not for sale.Stay away .

  9. @Laban – I am happy for anyone to stand against imperialism. But what Mr Mugabe is doing is not for his people or against some evil powers – it’s all for himself. His greed for power and wealth has destroyed a nation and our brothers and sisters, the citizens of Zimbabwe are paying the price for this now.

    I don’t care much for colonialists either but if you condone what Mugabe is doing to the natives of Zimbabwe through some deluded rationalisation, then you are blinded by revolutionary rhetoric and not respecting the facts in front of you.

    @Jan – I’ll bet things would be different if Zim had an oil source! Until then this will remain an African problem and sadly our leaders either don’t have the testicles to do something about it or they’re involved in some corruption with Mugabe himself and are scared they may get exposed if they challenge his regime.

    @Nda – Eish!! I can only wonder how this will be taught to our kids in the future.

  10. That was a mouthful, Sizwe.

    By the way, I am Zimbabwean. The reactions of the likes of Laban make me sick to the stomach. There is NO way that being anti-imperialistic can justify the committing of atrocities against your own people.

    Lastly, what manner of imperialism is this that smacks so much of licking the British/imperialist butt?

    I rest my case! If anyone is British in Zimbabwe, it is Mugabe himself, both in deed and in word. I don’t mean to insult the British, but to emphasise the point that, despite Mugarbage’s rhetoric, he ADORES ALL things British; he owes his all to Zimbabwe’s British legacy under the Queen’s colonial rule of the then Rhodesia. Not only is such the case, but I think his current antics are a psychological outcry of nostalgia for the order of things that used to exist in Zimbabwe BEFORE Robber Mugarbage took over.

    • Nda.. it had to be said. And Robber Mugarbage.. nice one – LOL… I think I’ll have to use that one in one of my other cartoons at some point along with Zimbobwe! I worked in Zim for quite some time about 15 years back and it’s sad to see what has happened since.

      Interesting article on the Zim currency – a world record 231 million percent inflation! Obviously all problems will be solved with the 100 trillion dollar note when it comes up. Wonkie has already indicated a likely first use of Zimbabwe’s printing of a kajillion dollar note – to help Mr Obama alleviate the global recession.

  11. @Nda – lol.. nice one… With lines like those we may have to convince you to write some commentary some of these cartoons!

  12. Thanks for that feedback, PM. ๐Ÿ˜‰ By the way, I’m Zimbabwean–NOT Zimbobwean. Eish! Sizwe!!

    What’s ironic is that Mugarbage is using the currencies of the very economic blocks that he’s accusing of perpetrating imperialisitc agendas against HIS regime in HIS very, own turf. Talk of double speak!

    How in the world do you tell Bleyah to keep his Britain and you, Mugarbage, keep your Zimbobwe, and a few years down the line, your Mugarbage currency is SO worthless (thanks to your very own economic exploits) that you are apparently left with no alternative device but to use Tony Bleyah’s British pound as fair exchange in YOUR Zimbobwe?!?

    What’s happened to Tony Bleyah keeping his British pound and Robber Mugarbage keeping his Zimbobwean kwacha?



  13. hey guys what is going on in our land

  14. @Nda – Eish is definitely the word of the day!

    @Whoopi – What’s going on in our land: too much talk, too many promises, too little action, more chance of getting arrested for speeding in a 60 km/h zone than even getting a trial for 783 charges of corruption. It’s all very sad and I can only hope our citizens can hold those in power accountable.

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