Swine flu virus Pakistan cartoon

Swine flu virus Pakistan

Swine flu spreads – possible terrorism alert

The Whole Truth returns after a long break now that the South Africa 2009 election results are officially out.

In international news over the past couple of months, Pakistan was, and still is, really being badly hammered by just about everyone about terrorism – from India and the EU through to the USA.

Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is continuing to build a reputation for himself as an outspoken, say-it-like-I-think-it-is leader. From holocaust denials to the accusations of racism at the recent UN racism conference, Wonkie sees Mr Ahmadinejad quickly becoming a permanent member of The Whole Truth security council.

News providers the world over are engaged in debate about the use of Twitter as an information source for news content. While the debate may continue for quite a while, Wonkie agrees with xkcd that Twitter is simply awesome for watching an uninformed panic unfold live across the world:

Using Twitter to follow the Swine Flu outbreak - courtesy of XKCD

Using Twitter to follow the Swine Flu outbreak – courtesy of XKCD

As a brief aside for South African readers – in case you missed it, here is the politically correct update to the Julius Malema updated Nandos ad.

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  1. Ahmadinejad looks so much like S Africa’s very own Steven Friedman…..

  2. Howling Mad Dog says

    TWIGHLIGHT – dude I think you got a greenstick fracture? Dont sweat it.
    Does anyone care that our bacon is dying, and leaving piglet orphans?

  3. Maybe he emulates Saddam and uses Steven as his double.

  4. Like it…

  5. hahahahaha!!!!!!! Maybe Obama must do something about this.

  6. Deena Naidoo says

    Mamela…who’s baby is this?

  7. HAHA!! Nice one!

  8. There’s going to be a shit heap of swines and Zuma’s inauguration,
    won’t attend it for nothing in the world. Some of the swines might be
    swine positive.

  9. there is nothing america can do about swine flu,what a pity its not iraq

  10. Mbatlo Thabo Mhlongo says

    Every-one must play safety …………..We must not forget that god lovers us and is the one who can protect us from this swine flu………….

  11. Innocent Mawera says

    Americans must swallow their pride and allow Middle-East people live and utilize their own resource with an american effect.

  12. This inept,incompetentand inexperience government is lying that it is ready to prevent people infected with “swine flu”entering this country and the 2010 games must go to a country that is committed to national security.

    They are rushing nurses to selected airpots leaving other airports unmanned including sea and road borders.They are making it easy for Zimbabweans to enter his country with their cholera just as it allowed them easy access with their hiv-aids.

    That hiv-aids resulted into millions deaths of our people and this cholera will result into millions of our people dying.

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