Malema Nandos election ad cartoon

Malema Nandos election ad

Julius Malema’s Nandos Ad – Updated

As the vote counting continues today after yesterday’s South African elections, the one certain result is that voter apathy is something that South Africa’s new democracy does not suffer from. As Wonkie mentioned in the South African 2009 election voters guide it is important to hear a truly representative public voice. Given that the expected voter turnout is over 80%, South Africans can be confident that whoever is voted in is wanted by the majority. Even if they are not happy with the results, everyone needs to acknowledge that this is what the majority of the people in the country want.

In other news, the Nando’s ad featuring Julius Malema voting for change has been in the headlines and bringing some much needed comic relief to 2009 elections. For those of you who have not seen it as yet, click on the video below:

If you cannot see the ad above, click here: Julius Malema Nandos Ad (YouTube)

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  1. The Nando’s ad starring our Julius is totally hilarious. Viva Nando’s!!

  2. bakenshark says

    On the button as ever wonkie! very funny advert!

  3. michael makhado says

    The advert is very funny……comrade….the chicken must be xtra hot……! ha ha ha

  4. it makes laugh

  5. it’s morethan funny especialy to a person like him,he likes joking

  6. I actually like the advert, I umusing, hahaha!!!!!

  7. It’s quite funny – hilarious take on change and right on the money during election time and everybody rambling on about change.

    As a public figure, if you’re going to behave controversially, you’re going to be the target for satire. I he should anticipate it, be prepared for it and take it in his stride. Threatening with violence is no fun and will make your ad go viral. Haha.

    I guess it’s one way to keep yourself in the new 🙂

  8. So, all the little Julius chickens have come home to roast!

  9. First time I have liked anything about the man

  10. Its on the money and stop with the militant action, my next action is to go to Nando’s and get some chicken and LOTS OF CHANGE. I DEMAND CHANGE YOU HEAR! 🙂

  11. Wonkies,people should start realising dat if u need to be in the lime light then u should enjoy what comes with it.Who ever came with the idea is so creative,so viva JULIAS NANDOS!!!.I like this boy u know,he’s always in everyone’s mouth,big up to Jilius.U r a real celebrity ‘mfana’.I hope he gets free meals as long as the advert plays so don’t let them tack it off air Juliman.

  12. Malema is a Joke for the country of South Africa… He’s a frikken retard with the IQ of a 12 year old. I’m sorry if that’s the kinda leaders running this country, then this country is being lead into a dark dark corner of stupidty

  13. gillkitty says

    I am seriously thinking of sueing Nandos for my split sides…

    So very clever and much too funny.

  14. i think Nandos must do away with thier nonsensical advert,which to me they are undermining the role that the ANCYL is continuing to play,l ets try to distinguish a sense from absurd- away with nandos advert away

  15. preciouus says

    i think the advert is awesome

  16. Big up to Nando’s, the ad is hilarious. Tomorrow i’m going to Nando’s to buy with R200 so that i can have R166.05 as my change. “WE DEMAND MORE CHANGE”

  17. Nandos company pls refrain for the issues of using our ANCYL presdident.
    and you are using Malima indirectly to campaign Nandos.

  18. “Dabishi Lutendo
    November 24th, 2009 at 8:42 am

    Nandos company pls refrain for the issues of using our ANCYL presdident.
    and you are using Malima indirectly to campaign Nandos.”

    Hey Dabishi,

    Grow a sense of humor you commie bastard.


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