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Alan Knott Craig

Julius Malema – Role model

Now Julius Malema has been portrayed by some as a clown, by others as a total moron, and still others as an uneducated loudmouth fit for nothing more than a funny Nando’s advert. Wonkie would like to challenge South Africans to take on a different perspective on this young man on his journey to find himself (as per his recent interview with Debora Patta of 3rd degree).

Consider this: Julius is in his late 20s; barely scraped through matric; drives around in a flash 4 x 4; lives in a multi-million rand house in an upmarket northern suburb of Johannesburg; has a VIP escort paid for by state; can say whatever he likes whenever he likes; can throw wild parties with Johnny Walker Gold Label; the list continues. And all this without a university degree or a business. Stand aside Barack Obama and Alan Knott-Craig, Wonkie wants Julius Malema as its role model!

Young matric leavers see Julius Malema’s matric results and look where he is today before you contemplate suicide because you didn’t come out top of the class. You can do it too – yes, you can!

In other news, Alan Knott-Craig the former CEO of Vodacom is alleged to have exploited company resources for the benefit of his family. This includes allowing his son Alan Knott-Craig jnr to set up shop basically paid for by Vodacom and the award of a multi-million rand marketing contract to his nephew and niece’s almost bankrupt company without a proper tender process. It took a R20 million forensic investigation by KPMG to produce a report that has not been disclosed. What on earth do they investigate for R20 million – or don’t shareholders care as long as they’re making money?

In the spirit of Julius Malema’s insistence that everything in South Africa boils down to a racial issue, this post would not be complete if we did not declare that Alan Knott-Craig is white.

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  1. a

  2. Herman the German says

    Come on – GIVE IT A BREAK ! Julius is what the public and press made him.
    How can anyone call Julius a Moron? He’s used the tools of the advertising
    trade “smoke and mirrors” to get free exposure!
    If you’re disciplined enough, switch off the TV whenever Julius is”promoted”.
    Don’t buy the newspapers that use Julius to raise their own sales and profit.
    It’s never too late to pull the rug from underneath the people who get their
    ego,lifestyle, and yes, nonsense dishes up to a gullible public.
    Who knew about young Julius before he cottoned on to marketing himself?

  3. Atleast the short sighted little Julia is not in the administration,worst cases r in government Dpts and no one seem to pay attention there. Chief directors appointend with only matric yet the prescripts r very clear on requirements. No one can touch them bcos they r politically connected, drive big cars,own more than one houses in top surburbs,always boast about their finances. Everyone in the Dpt is talking abt him but no one is stong enough to face him,who knows he will tell the Mec to fire you. Can someone do something, there is evidence.

  4. sharon abro says

    Sad but true, i am going to give up my education!

  5. Geetha Arekal says

    Heights of hypocracy! Are we living in a controlled environment where anyone can do anything and get away with it? Is it the power play in show?? Alan needs to be pulled up royally for taking system so easy!

  6. Thapelo Mabelapoo says

    Because Alan Graig is corrupt now he is been associated with blacks? When Julius raise those kind of issues you accuse him of been racial. Thats what he fights for anything good is associated with whites, but bad blacks whats that? Viva Malema!

    To Alan I remember when he retired he said ” We did not chase after money, we chased our dream and success followed…” Thanks Alan your my hero for showing all this whites that their not all so perfect. Money its a devil to all whose exposed to it…

    • jorge terclavers says

      Any person thinking like Thapelo show to the public that they are in need of a brain implant, i got the right to give my opinion , from a point of view of a non S.A person

  7. @Herman – no no – next thing you’ll say is don’t read Wonkie Cartoons when Julius is featuring in the headline 😉 LOL

  8. Marry me julius my result are similar to yours we can make a nice match, plus i’m struggling to get a proper job.

  9. Pls connect me with ivestigative journalists,

  10. Geetha Arekal says

    More than black o white…it is the human in the disgusie of the powerful few who is spoiling the society and claiming sainhood! No pardon for the wreched fellows taking control of the system for their selfish deeds! They need to be hanged until death legally!

  11. Therein lies the problem, even at school mediocrity is celebrated with a “let’s not leave anyone behind” or “everyone deserves a gold star” mentality, yet the reality is, more harm than good is coming from it.

    Is it therefore any surprise that Malema is hailed as a hero amongst our African youth?

  12. Julius is living proof that you only need to apply principles of success to get where you desire to be. (think & grow rich principles of success by Napolean Hill)

  13. IF God wanted Julius Malema to be dangerous, he would have put brains inside his head.

  14. What do u expect from a nkwenkwe, greedy JUlias is not a man, and very soon, he will0 drown from liquor.

  15. julius takes the cake – my hero

  16. As for the Vodacom former CEO, Alan Knott-Craig and his involvement in the potential nepotism scandal, I say throw the book at them. It’s incredibly fishy that Alan gave his son an office and a few millions to play with.

  17. i rather have no role model if Malema was the last politician on earth-he’s a loud mouth moron

  18. Yes the young man is a role model, he clearly demonstrate the true meaning of freedom of speech. To wonke big up and keep the spirit going.

  19. I think its a matter of time until julie babies umpire fall as it’s not built on a solid foundation

  20. I agree with Deena – Julius is a harmless idiot.

  21. Mad strange world…hello! Do you ever feel that you would like to exit this planet and move over to Mars (O’kes) Venus (Gals)?
    This oke Julius, what does he do, bad mouths all who upset him, (Black or White) twists the facts, is a number one racist, is a disgrace to normally balanced folkes, prances around as if he is King (NUT) and genearlly behaves as a complete A. Hole. Foreign investors flee, the writing is on the wall, this racist could end up as a future President! In the meantime, the, the powers that be (ANC) reward this idiot with a huge BIG house, personal protection, VIP status and a bloody BIG 4×4.
    Has the country completely lost it ????????

  22. I think Julius is the DA’s secret weapon actually…
    I do admire the fact that thick skinned Julius believes in what he s doing and is goal driven. Let’s be honest here. He barrels along like a jolly bowling ball, knocking down political skittles with awesome ease, and when he misses his target, he bounces back.
    He is full of chutzpah and he does not believe in failure.
    So look long and hard at the boy… he does have some enviable traits that I would like to have.
    I don’t like him, by the way..

  23. I think the less we speak about Julius the better for this keeps giving him cheap popularity. The fact that he lives in a multy million house & ride expensive cars should not be surprising to us- remember this is Africa where anything goes, but our leaders should not forget that nothing last forever- Tax payers money must be judiciously spent.

  24. Get Rid of Him .. He is Doing more Harm than Good to our political image…

    On the Other hand .. each kingdom needs it’s clown ..

  25. the sad prt is come the next 10 yrs juli might be hounred and given the tittle Dr julius , then u wonder why are we waisting our time going through vasity when others can just be diagnosed with vocabulary diarrioh and be given tittles they never even dreamt of coz they knew they suck . Im so sorry ,S.A U NOT IMMUNE TO THIS come to Swaziland we also have our sorry heroes DR mZWAKHE mYENI . WHAT THE F…. BELIEVE ME THEY SHARE A LOT IN COMMON NO BRA JULI-NANDOS

  26. Julius Malema is probably the next leader of the country, so it’s likely he’ll round us all up and have us killed.

  27. of what use is education if the recipe to a good life is to be diagonised with vocabulary diarrea even wors they will sone be hounered just imagine ‘ dr julius malema ‘ believe me it has happened in Swaziland we have a so called Dr Myeni who can hardly spell his na more so with his new tittle

  28. Julius seems to be a self promoting cunning hustler and as such, although not learned, he is certainly not stupid. What bothers me is that he is already a role model in his capacity as youth leader. Julius may be materially successful but so are Alan Graigs family. Are those incomes morally earned?

  29. Its not what you know its who you know.

  30. He is the living proof that Bevis and Buthead can also make it big in politics.

  31. the guy’s cool and brave, definately a role model…he did’nt want to be part of the system and he has what many graduates don’t and won’t have….his results didn’t determine his route…at his age…as for Alan, it was unfortunate …many like him are still curtained and still out there corrupt…

  32. Take it or leave it, Julius is a young strong political leader who is not afraid to challenge and speak out the truth. I think if South Africa can have more people like him, things will be normal and in order. You may say whatever you want to say, but you will never bring him down…Viva Juju Viva!!!

  33. Accy M’

    Nobody wnats to bring JM down…I need him to bring the moron-ANC down! 😉

  34. Tiredofthiscrap says

    I think the scariest part about the Youth League is how blatantly transparent they are in their opportunism. They’re actively trying to get Fikile Mbalula, Gwede Mantashe’s position as the current Secretary-General of the ANC. As for Julius Malema, the less said about that brainless waste of manure the better.

  35. Tiredofthiscrap says


    I agree, the current philosophy of rewarding mediocrity will be the death of this country.

  36. Tiredofthiscrap,

    If I may faal in yor soup, I believe 1994 WAS the death of this country.. ;(

  37. Tiredofthiscrab

    This country died 200 years ago in the hands of those that claimed to be better and was only saved in 1994…bravo to the young brave amaqabane like Julius…viva julius…

  38. People r so obssesed with malema that they cant c they are turning themselves into fools. u know the saying dont argue with a fool bcoz….. malema is young, he likes the attention he gets, the excitement of a young man who has it all without working hard for, u cant expect a 20sumthing yrs old to think like 40sumthin yrs old. ignore the guy he is not matured enough to think like u want him to think. on the other hand he is doing his job well besides his speeches. he can be a role model if he can get communication lessons.

  39. Bdc

    From what was this country saved in 1994? Saved from prosperity? Saved from going forward? Must be what you have in mind as since 1994 all the wheels are falling off – I dare you to name just ONE thing that is better now…the only thing that got better that I know of is the fact that criminals and fool are being trated like babies and heros! What a circus! Malema is the head clown!

  40. Malasarose

    Your whole post make it cleak that Malema is the head clown just because he is young…so then why is it he and other fools in the ANC are “leaders”? Does that not prove that the whole ANC whit it’s supporters are just a bunch of idiots?

  41. Yvonne,

    ALL politicians are “self promoting cunning hustlers” as they ALL have their faces print on paper and displayed alongside the streets as “leaders”. And all fools who proudly call themselves “democrats” faal for the joke! 🙂

    Show me ONE leader who was made leader by the people because of his wisdom!

    As far as I know, they all were and still are today “self promoting cunning hustlers” and 98% of the population believe that because they are in a “democratic society” they are in control..meanwhile they are being TOLD by the media what and how to think!

    What a democratic “fool’s paradise”! 🙂

  42. @Dirk
    One politician chosen for his wisdom?
    How about Nelson Mandela?

  43. Vinod M TSW says

    How do you know when a politician is lying???
    His lips move!!!

  44. Be afraid, very afraid. What is really scary is not what comes out of Julius’s big mouth, or his lack of intellectual capacity or integrity, but the fact that many of the youth regard this retard a role model. What is behind the ANC’s promotion of this baffoon? are they not perhaps using him as a red herring?

  45. there is absoluyrly no one who doesn’t cease to amaze as julius does. the guy is gifted and is an orator. he shoots straight from the hip. iam his greatest fan

  46. Malasarose says

    Dirk like any other party anc is made of loyal supporters who r the majority, intelligent and educated people lyk u, those from the struggle and others. there are fools everywhere and r successful. u might b 1, ul never know. u r so angry i cant figure out of what. if u cant beat them join them and change them but all i know is ul b like them and maybe worse.

  47. Asseblief mys kaat stop talking about Miyeni you must know there is always a black sheep.All I know about Myenis are the best gospel artists worshippers etc etc (Timothy aka Ncandweni)

    But For Julius please leave him alone please .He also deserve acut like others.Afterall who are we to judge?

  48. Julius is any human as the next and it is not fair to judge him this way how many in the apartheid days did justice to accomodate the youth of colour in this country,the only thing they managed to do is disorganise and brainwash them and today is leaving proof that better ppl out there for the job….go Julius go…go ANC go….rule the ROOST!!!!

  49. Malema need to invest his money to secure his future because anything may happened in politics. I believe education is a key to success. Many former MPs who are not well educated are broke in this days. I will advise him to start a small business or his combrades will give him tenders perhaps.

  50. gill,

    Was he chosen for being the #1 terrorist or wisdom?
    I’ve never heard one wise word comming from him – just imagine, he studied law and wanted to prevent people from being jailed for not paying their debt – the fool could not even see that by implication that would mean that there would no longer be something like “contempt of court” ! If a man does not even understand his subject, how can you regard him as wise?

  51. lolita

    We are not playing judge….we are just laughing together at the ANC-clowns while the ANC-clowns are singing together with zuma as frontline dancer!

  52. Malasarose

    You’re talking abouth things you have no idea about….just ask “Tiredofthiscrap”..I think he is some professor/teacher somewhere and should gbe able to tell you that the “Einstens” are few – that means, if you can reason, that:
    1. The mojority are fools/idiots/brainless snails
    2. That any system based on “majority rules” ( like democracy) is total foolishness!

  53. Tanni,

    That means that the youth who support him are also retards! 😉

  54. maria mafokoane says


  55. he is not a role model because the children of today will not study hard so that they can reach at the top.

  56. You’re not alone in your reasoning, Malasarose. Majorities anywhere and everywhere represent the lowest common denominator – the retards, the criminals, the poor, the illiterate, etc, etc. Yet these majorities are the ones that rule. Go figure.

  57. Dirk-The-Duck…
    Never muddy the Madiba image for me. NEVER! I have met him – spoken to him, shared thoughts.. written an article for publication. He is messianic – he is an icon – he is pretty much a saint in my eyes. A man who comes out of jail and shakes hands with his warders, makes peace with his enemies, and sees only the glass half full is as good as it gets for me.
    Are there things he has said or done that I don’t like? Sure.. but none of those things stop me from revering the greatest man this continent has ever produced.
    Thank you

  58. gill

    Madiba mudies himself by openly declaring that he does not believe that there is a god and by being a terrorist – of course he had no other choice but to shake the hands of his wardens as they were loving Afrikaner people who treated him thousand times better than what he deserved! He should have been hanged!

    It is clear to me who you are now…part of this lying, brainwashing media – no wonder you want to declare an ancestor worshipper a saint!

    I am not part of this world and owe the free masons nothing and refuse to do their corrupted will like declaring the devil a saint!

  59. semaj

    You are walking in your sleep! The majority are NOT the ones that rule! They are neing brainwashed by the media! ( media =plural for medium! Think about this!)

    The media use frases like “Markinor se navorsing het getoon dat..bla-bla bla! and if you listen to ads on the radio and tv you hear things like “More and more people are now using surf/omo/handyandy/you name it!”..

    It’s all about make-belive and so the majority are brainwashed to believe what they are told to believe because the majorities believe that “most people can’t be wrong” to make them believe someting, just tell them most people believe so and so..and walla! They wil vote what ever you want them to vote for!

    Judging your remarks…i get the impression that you are part of that brainwashed majority who believe they rule! 😉

    I am not a democrat…I AM A THEOCRAT! Come join me, but remember, the majority, specially the democrats in high places, will always be out to crusify you!

  60. Moses Chiraya says

    Juliu is just a talkative monister used by politicians when they want to address something.He is rewarded for his couragious and fearless charactor. He makes a good world cartoon.

  61. People might say whatever they want to about Julias Malema, but all relied on his respond to issues. when Young Lions made Malema a President, they knew about the game to play. Been educated or uneducated cannot confirm an individual as a productive person, but we need real thinkers (thinking tanks)


  63. i dont think he can be anybody’s role model, unless your personal goal is to leave school and just get paid for talking nonsense.

  64. This is probably exactly how the murder of Eugene Terre’blanche is going to work. The minor (who can’t be tried as an adult) is probably not going to be tried at all. The older assailant is probably at most going to be charged with assault. That’s how the case is going to be flushed away. Now I hear the child assailant (15) is going to be the first subject of some all-new Child Protection Act. Both tried in camera as one case? I’ll believe it when I see it. One ca in camera, of course, would mean no-one gets to hear what’s going on.

  65. semaj,

    I am beginning to like you….fact is, there will be claims against this government for staging ET’s murder! This ANC bunch of idiot’s thought they were very clever having ET killed (thinking it will fill Afrikaners with fear), but it was one of the biggest mistakes they ever made as that will cause a lot of sleeping whites to wake up out of their foolish “englishspeaker non-racial dream”…I found that even some englishspeakers are waking up..and that takes some doing, as the english must be the most foolish bigmouthed part of the white race on this planet! They even regarded white Afrikaners as another race….that is witness against these english liars that they are bigger racists than anybody else but are too sly/fearfull to say that alloud!

  66. Malema is all about hate, hate, hate. He hates the other races, but loves his own. That’s the truth. Black people look up to him. It is really sad. They don’t know of anything better. They are being brainwashed by Malema and the ANC. Most of them are uneducated and those who have an education, are just blind.
    Zuma the president with no degree, whatsoever. Blacks think they can achieve anything by not getting an education because they leaders have none. They are put in these high positions but can’t do the job. Why try? Everything is a mess in this country.

  67. Miss,

    All blacks…no lets rather 99.9999999% of blacks are about hate. What disturb me most are the foolish english who are 4 efver smiling from ear-to-ear when they see blacks singing and dancing thinking they do it for their ( the englishspeakers’s ) enterrtainment….well, back at the ranch, their song are filled with hatret aginst every other living being..problem is that teh english have their noses so high up in the air that they don’t bother to get to understand ( it should have been OVERSTAND – but then again, english is also the weakest languahe on the planet ) these “primative” ( as the english see everybody else ) people’s languages!

    To end off, it’s not about education…balcks also think “training” or “education” can do the trick…soory it’s plain and simple “good understanding” and “good thinking” that makes things work, not education!

    Have a look at this website..this guy’s got a point everybody should take note off… . I suppport the views on this website because I really do care about africa and it’s foolish people ( I know most of you won’t believe me! ) and for that reason I hang arround here and other forums with the wip of my keybord hoping to encourage africans not to b llame it all on apartheid or the fact that the english collonised them, but to see that worshipping ancestors leads to always living in the past and to always look for answers in the past…sorry, the answers are in plain and simple “good thinking” and good thinking is to think AHEAD as the past and the stupid ancestors just don’t have answers to modern questions – logic, isn’t it?

    lastly I want to point out the fact that.. “They are put in these high positions but can’t do the job” by the englishspeakers of this world as they forced this country into that foolish direstion to believe a brainlees snail can run a country!…OR, did the english want them in power because they knew how corrupt and stupid blacks are and knew that it’s only a matter of time before they sell it all out to the english bitch called the queen for a couple of pennies!

    ALL those who blamed the Afrikaner for their so called “unfair Apatheid” where no black ever paid taxes, got water, medical care and housing for free and transport at government subsidized prices ( most got on the trains on a daily basis year-after-year without ever buying a ticket anyway!) , knew very well that as long as the Afrikaner stay in power they won’t be able to steal this country from stupid mister black!

    Well, the sly english slipped up…stupid mister black is now in the process of giving it all away to mister yellow chinc without realizing it! What a circus!

  68. james farr says

    People have been laughing aty Julius Malema for too long. Far from being a laughing matter, he is the future of South Africa. After all, the majority – labour, the poor, shack-dwellers, even criminals – will vote for him. Do people who make jokes about Malema really think those who vote for him are bright enough to appreciate why they shouldn’t? Come on, we’re doomed. If he doesn’t win the first time, don’t doubt that he eventually will.

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