Julius-Malemas-matric results cartoon

Julius-Malemas-matric results

Julius Malema’s Matric Results

Julius Malema Matric results photo

Jokes aside, having seen the Julius Malema matric results Wonkie sincerely feels sorry for the young man… it must truly suck to be Malema right now! I think most of us would hate having our matric results published for the whole country to see. Regardless though, it would be interesting to see if any of this affects his career aspirations.

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  1. If you want to make a waves, and be a public figure, then take the waves that come back.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more – Julius is an elected public figure.. a celebrity of sorts and he cannot be spared from paparazzi and factual information about his background shared.. as such, the public does have a right to know what they’re voting or going to be voting for.

    Sad to say I agree with the cartoon – one more passenger on the gravy train! The later cartoon on the site is even more funny on http://www.wonkie.com/2008/10/28/moratorium-on-recruiting-white-teachers/ – lol, nice link back to Julius although an unrelated topic in reality (I hope!!!)

  3. I dont see any problem with Julius ‘s results. see where we are today because of our uneeducated leader. to be educated does not mean you can lead the country, not at all. We have Mugabe who is educated but see what is happen in zimbabwe and we have our President including Malema but see S.A today. Dont judge the book by its cover. God is great lets pray for our leaders.

  4. you suck!

  5. Nkutu William Moalosi says

    Dear Wonkie, I listened to the radio interview on SAfm & think its very unfair to say that Julius Malema is racist or attacked President Jacob Zuma. Malema was just saying the correct thing that the STRATEGY & TACTICS policy document of the ANC states categorically that “…the National Democratic Revolution intends to liberate Blacks (Africans, Coloureds & Indians) in general & Africans in particular”. Therefore, it is not enough to have political liberation without economic liberation. What he did not say, which I wished him to say was that there are capable young female Africans who are economists out there. LET US NOT DISTORT EVERY

  6. Male ma was right he should have said we should appoint black ladies in our country for those positoins he was crying out loud for.

  7. Is my wish to see all people participating in every aspects of what is happenning but let me take this opportunity to put my views based on what is written about CDE J Malema, what is wrong whith the Grade 12 Results u r fortunate if u got Ds symbols, but all this does not implies that you have pontetial.i do want a person like Julius, because he just stood up and seiz the the opportunity of democracy in the situation where there were no strict requiments and he succed, you too you can join the ANCYL and participate talk sense you will be elected like him than writting things u dont understand.things u need to know in the ANCYL there is constitution of which each of you must recite it and many things to learn-to abrige this Julius knows the culture of the ANCYL- as leadership of the ANC we groomed him. one thing for sure i think one must make sure that his brains are engaged before he puts whatever in this site – is your rights,your democracy,but dont abuse it – thanks for your understanding yourself cheers.- Go to school…… I Pause!!!!

  8. Scary….very scary. Batman

  9. Wonder what the rest of the world makes of Julius? Perhaps quite a few companies and rich individuals will think twice about investing in our country when Julius and his cronies are spouting forth!

  10. Nkutu William Moalosi says

    This is just outrageous! Why is everybody attacking without having listened to what he said? This euphoria must come to end, & people must thinking before they can make such blatant attacks on an individual who has just stated facts. The vast majority of Malema’s people have been disadvantaged for centuries. These ideas are not only Malema’s, but millions of the formerly downtrodden will support his ideas. His matric results should not be made an issue, when the real issue he was addressing was a justified argument on the National Democratic Revolution, whose fruition will only be borne when we have won economic freedom. The whole discussion has completely lost sight of what are the issues at hand. Do not address an individual’s background & not deal with a whole society’s issues. Please let us be focussed.


  12. malasarose says

    lets all look at what has happened to most of those intelligent classmates we had at high school those who got As and Bs. where are they right now? let us now look at those we knew are the dumbest those that got the lowest marks in class like J Malema. i don’t want to talk about their cars and houses but their contribution to this country. they know whats like to fail and they work hard to not let us down. what do we do, we try to let them down. as far as i know he is the only person that has guts and we need more people like him. Youth go to school.

  13. I pity the poor Sello for being cricified for the since of the BEE moguls who are bankrolling him for the faul play he is doing to assist them in fullfulling their mission of looting the gains of our young democracy. Julias Sello Malema is not himself, there are instigators using him to raise they own self-centred, self-serving agenda in exchange of moolah. Julias you are robbing the world of knowing the real you, just come out and stop serving the uncanning and selfish agenda of these moguls. In the same breath i believe it is really unfair to measure Malema or any person’s leadership capacity on academic records. Some leaders are born, some produced by experience, some taught in class. I guess he is the latter kind of a leader. Viva COPE viva

  14. After noting the lack of visionary leadership in Afrika since the Nkrumars, and Mandelas got out of the picture the rest is mediocrity laced with rhetoric, let us judge on merit. Life is about service to humanity… does Malema have vision and service to mankind or is it about personal milage????

  15. Reading some of these comments is actually a hose!!! hahaha….laughing my BUTT off!!! Malema is a show horse, big mouth without a bit!! Someone thought it was a good idea to put Him in the spot light and “fight the good fight…..”BIG MISTAKE! He tries to inspire and lead and talk a good talk and fails every time! Everyone is still talking about the racist whites……goodness, how the landscape has changed. Are you blinded by Malema’s “Magnificent Light”?? We are now looking at a country of racist black people!! Yes there was a struggle, and yes there were oppressors, but as a white South African, I am not one of them and in many cases, you are not the “downtrodden”, as it were.

    People making comments on this blog cannot even spell?? Education my friends is key to attaining specific goals in life….and yes you need to be able to communicate effectively, Malema got an E in Sepedi…..His first language??!!! Goodness!! Never mind the discussion around there being no word such as Hermaphrodite in Sepedi…..haha…….all you racist people, black and white…..wake up and smell the success our country has to offer…..or keep sleeping and wake up to find that you have failed your country and your fellow countrymen!

  16. Jabulani Nkabelane says

    Julius malema suks guys, how dare he want to addres group of university student while he did not even pass grade 12

  17. Los Julius se matriek resultate uit. Dis irelevant in hierdie gesprek. Neem sy agtergrond in aanmerking. Hoeveel van ons sou matriek kon haal in die haaglike en moeilike omstandighede waarin hy groot geword het? George Bush sou nie kon nie!En wys my ‘n politikus wat nie soms snert praat nie. Hy praat meer sense as die meeste ander politici. 90% van wat hy se wys op die enigste haalbare weg vorente. Bid vir hom

  18. FUCK OFF VUSI!!!!!

  19. Pietertjie says

    Mal Emma is ruling the cunttree

  20. Pietertjie says

    Mal Emma rules the cunttree

  21. Devilsadvokate says

    Agg Sis! bunch of fool-racist-shits, reading all ya post ziyangi-nyanyisa…miqundu. What a fuck -ya-all talk about.

    U a lucky moorkies ya still living in our country wit all our wealth…now u try 2 judge on 1 of ours, jst cause his matric results we bad…ag iyanginyanyisa moorkies….

    Howmany of ya Ver-voerd se kak who pass their matric? I got A n B’s too buy ya’ll messed up the system is even hard to get a Job with MSc in Computer Science, and coupler other Hardware vendors certificates….

  22. Dear Devilsadvokate(sic). Do you realise that if a poor white kid from a disadvantaged background has a postdoctorate degree in computer science and you applied for the same IT/computer based vacancy you would be the preferred and probably successful candidate because you are black? How is that for racism? You are yet another example of black people moaning and moaning and moaning and blaming apartheid for quite a lot more than it deserves. Verwoerd’s education system, even for black people, was far more adequite than the low quality systems the ANC thinks up. Literacy among black pupils was much higher (stats available) than now. That could be because teachers used to show up and didn’t picket during exams at that time??That is maybe why you spell like a complete iliterate. The apartheid government created systems and infrastructure far more advanced to anything else Africa has ever seen, and the ANC is quickly erodig and stuffing it up, in stead of kissing Verwoerd’s feet and thanking him for this. Yes, I am glad apartheid is over, but we did not replace it with a better system. We will eventually end up like Haiti, being a “black democracy” for over two centuries. There is no infrastructure left, there are far more slums than in recently decolonised African “democracies”, literacy is close to zero, no health system etc etc. Or maybe Somalia, or Ghana, or …. to the degree “n”. Every little critisism is seen by black people as racism. You cannot take any critisism, you can just critisize. You always hide behind the racism card. Now that is your democracy? Do you realise that Malema’s matric results proves that he is more intelligent than his speeches make him look? You are barking up the wrong tree. Get a sangoma to slaughter a bull at the parliament and pray to your forefathers to help Zuma spend more millions on parties (that could be spent on your education) and his five wives, hiding in fear of the truth. Being too much of a coward to spend his time and prove what he says in a court like in other civilised countries.

  23. I quite agree with what Deon (3rd Jan) writes. The pendulum has swung too far to the left and life here in SA is not fair to the now, quite a few “disavantaged whites.” We will get nowhere in this country if we go on shouting and abusing each other. It has been said before, but can we all please, whatever colour, race or creed we are/follow just bury all our racial, religeous prejudices shake hands and get on with re-building our beautiful ,scenic country. Just remember all you guys and gals out there, There is an alternative to the ANC

  24. The Last comment made by Pater at about 12:15 YESTERDAY 2010,based on what u have said Peter i think people of your calibre are needed in this country ,burying the hatchet is required in our society for us all to be united and fight povety equally irrespective of where we are coming from i am not biased on this or trying to buy your mind,no one can change facts i mean the truth in this regard tHANKS IN ADVANCE !!!!!

  25. @Mashele – I definitely agree with you and thanks Peter also for your comment – we can all get much further in South Africa with your attitude!

  26. jacques,u fuk up…nobody understands ur stupid cliches. go and ny malema… i know u want to…gay fuk

  27. The philosophers used to say half a lof is better than nothing at all. At least Jullius has tried to do something with his life, he went to school he can do anything just like any other people in the world.

  28. i am self attednted

  29. It is a dream of many a youth league member (including the president) that they one day will be president of the ANC and thereby, our country. Even J.Z. has said as much. With illusions of grandeur, even baby Julius has the same dream. However, considering Julius’ final school report, his pathetic woodwork result indicates that he will not have the slightest clue of how to put a cabinet together. May God help us all; black, white and green.

  30. Phakzen a.k.a Phala says

    Its very unfortunate that people wrote some very annoying staff below, like getting jobs because of one being black, which is a complete bullshit really, people forget where SA comes from and what happeing in the workplaces even to date. I hoped you watched the Morning Live Today Julius Malema, defended himself, so its better of talking with facts unlike speculating or talking whats on the newspapers.

  31. passions says

    it must suck being Julius now. His maths marks lol! but then we can’t all be clever. lets look on the bright side, this just means you don’t need brains to be rich and be a national leader all at the same time! i mean look at our president, atleast Julius has matric.

  32. akunandaba kodwa azofa lamabhunu 1 boer 1bullet

  33. Sickofthis says

    Oh….my….. Thanx so much for ur comments Joker, Deon, Peter, Mashele and all of those that wrote something along the same lines of what they said. Nice going. That’s been running through my mind the whole time while reading everything. There r a lot of ppl that can make a difference irrespective of what colour they are. It does have to do with education and intelligence. Have to say, though, that a lot of ppl weren’t priviledged to get sufficient education but they are intelligent in other aspects. I wasn’t a straight A student but I did my best. I was a little fuckup if u can put it like that. Had to drink pills etc to be able to concentrate….stupid neurons. But looking past that, I did what I could and I’m doing okay today. And I know who I am. I don’t look at ppl in colours. Why the hell is that necessary? I have quite a few black friends who I respect. But truthfully, I AM scared of a lot of blacks because of statistics these days and just look at carte blanche and in the news. Yes, there’s a lot of sick whites but why does 90% black ppl still have to be so racist and steal, kill and get 6000 children who they cannot feed!?!?!? Obviously thats gonna turn out a criminal or hobo. Just think a bit further. Just the same, white ppl should really stop treating all blacks like crap. U do get nice ones. Wow I dont even know if i made sense now. My blood is boiling

  34. We Indians came to this country with nothing but the clothes on our backs….we never piggy backed on anyone but worked damn hard and educated ourselves rather than burn and destroy the very limited educational institutions that were available to us….so get of your fat lazy arses and try do some honest work and you will be amazed at the rewards……the whites ruled..we survived and prospered……the blacks now rule……we still survive and prosper……WHY……..because we dont whine….we work damn hard……take a leaf out of our book….and turn your life around…….you bunch of whiners……Malema is a degenerate who preaches to the masses what they want to hear….therefore his success…..

  35. Malema is immature. Why all this fuss and nonsense about him? The more attention he receives the more he reacts. Just treat him like you would any spoilt 3 year old. Throw him a dummy and rattle now and again that should keep him quiet for a bit!

  36. Thabang (Marh 12) – one boer one bullet. Dink jy die boer is bang, of tha-bang?? Fok jou man jou dom houtkop. If you and dumbfuck Julius could count to two it would have been two bullets two boers.

  37. I have studied everyones comments written. One thing is very clear, even “well educated” blacks cant spell. Our lovely country is on a downward spiral because we have leaders who are “well educated”. Our leaders say one thing and act out another. The leadership of this country do not give a shit for anyone, black or white. They line their pockets and let the masses suffer. They make promisses which they never keep. This is a fact with every election, but the “black” voters never learn. Black Africans are a war hungry race and dont give a fuck for their brothers and sisters. Just look at all the murders that happen in our townships. We are the laughing stock of the world with our Malema`s and Zuma`s. What example are they setting for the youth of our country. I have always wondered about the reasons for apartheid and never could quite fathom, until now. My country has been destroyed by the very people who fought for their freedom. Crime has nothing to do with poverty in South Africa! Its the easiest way to make money and thats a fact!! Stealing from the white man is seen as repossesion and not a crime. Raping the white woman is seen as an insult towards the white man. Me a racist? NEVER!!!

  38. Dementia says

    Oh thanx, guy. I couldnt have put it better myself. Hopefully u make some ppl wake up. Very, very well put

  39. Are we all getting it wrong or did Julias Malema change the way he spells his name?

  40. ayoba julias ,,, you are the man , you really are, mcwa!!!

  41. Deon@Mba and Damn says

    Hi Mba, I am very surprised JuliAs is the man. Thought he was a hemaphrodite? He is a fucking warmongering monkey with millions poor humans who were forced straight from the iron age into the space age. Shame, its not their fault. And please Damn, do not insult these poor people. All of them could write and read before the damned whites arrived. Now we have a higher literacy rate than blacks. Apartheid and the fucking boers stole their literacy. There is hard evidence that the wheel was used South of the Sahara by the time of our arrival. Yes really, black people had wagons, donkey carts, everything. They milled their sorghum applying the wheel principle and sold their surplus on the Epping market. Furthermore, at that time all sangomas had medical degrees and prepared muti in hi-tech laboratories. It is only since we stole this that they started using baboon arms, monkey tails, human eyes and genitals of stolen children to cure their followers. Previously they used penicillan, chemotherapy,performed heart and brain transplants etc. Then we created the Aids virus in the stolen laboratories and spread it among these people of high morals, eg Zuma. Finally they plan to be the first successful communist nation the world has ever seen. An example to all nations like Haiti, the world’s oldest black democracy. Haiti has been independent for two centuries. It is the showpiece of black intellect. Lots of great hospitals, universities, emergency facilities, no slums etc etc. Damn, you damn idiot, can’t you see this? LOL

  42. Boereseun says

    Malema if I got school marks like yours Id commit suicide

  43. Well said Deon . You are spot on and very funny indeed ! I also enjoyed the 3rd degree interview with comrade Julius/Julias ..”I`m a communist, I`m not a communist , I haven`t found myself yet.” He then said that he is “disabled” because he drank too much Heineken and also was very “unproductive” at these times . I`ll say !! Judging from his results he truly is every bit as stupid as he sounds .

  44. deon,abc,boereseun?you guys sucked instead of telling the truth you talking shit?just pls grow up guys stop being racist…..?we know you white but pls you making any sence if u swearing…….?????AMEN GUYS

  45. Yhaa… everytime malema speaks I listen to him tentetively. I see he knows politics very and is fearless.

  46. Deon@Jozi&Matebo says

    Jozi, first read Mba’s racist, genocidal comments. Before you critisize me, first investigate the cause of my anger and disrespect. If you first throw all your toys out of your cot in disgust of Mba’s remarks, I may start believing that you are not racist. Untill then fuck you and monkey Matebo. Juli-ass is fearless because he has millions of uneducated people behind him. I’d love to see the fat boy doing this on his own.

  47. all im saying is stop swearing?u guys r adult stop talking like nine months kids who doesnt even know what they want coz too me they just swearing like u do?

  48. Rachel@AMD !!! says

    As malema would say ” id rather kill myself than commit suicide ” or ” you Bass tead !!! ” ohhh the stupid things malema says what are we going to do kill ourselves ur commit suicide ???????(^^^)

  49. Deon@Rachel says

    Why let Julius choose?, let him do both!

  50. some of comments here show how ignorant some ppl in this country are. we are 16 years into democracy, yes, but do want to tell me in 1995 already the quality of education that verwoerd and his volk make put in place for over centuries was eradicated? it takes 12 years to finish school..that means we only have one group of students that started school in 1995 and have today finished school, with no influence of Bantu education in their earlier days at school. Bantu education was enforce thru Bantu Education Act, so those that always deny stuff, go read-up a bit! 16 years is damn short time when u look at how long it takes for one to start fron 1st grade to grade 12. also, the rubbish that blacks cant spell, just because they make spelling mistakes in English is utter bullkak! i am Tswana, and i will never make a spelling mistake in tswana, even when i am drunk. english is only a second, if not third language to me, and the notion that i am stupid because i can speak a foreign language is kak! it’s not my language. then we must have many fools in SA because how many of those kortbroek guys with their rugby socks in a hot ventersdorp summer can construct a sentence in english that makes sense? ‘ i are pp snyman, i are from ventersdorp at this point in time, how late is it on your watch? let i tell u my boy, u is playing with fire’. and this also applies to some blacks that will laugh at other coz they speak ‘pigeon english’, u need mental emancipation, u are still psychologically colonized, and dont even tell me english is an international language coz it’s not even the most spoken language in the world…read-up a bit. someone said in the comments earlier that blacks are uneducated…blah blah blah!!! this is simple stats, stats for beginners, lecture 1…if u have three white balls in a bag, and one white, the probability of picking a black ball at random from the bag is 3/4, whereas for a white ball it’s 1/4, ….meaning? go ask ur maths teacher, if u’ve been to school. for a black tswana speaking kid like myself, who only spoke english at school during english class for 30 minutes….Bantu Education…., i first had to understand the language before i cud try and understand the concept. but still for some of us, we made it. i am a proud graduate of the wits medical school, record time, no single supplementary exam!!! i am one of the many in SA who had odds against them. but dont even say why cant others make it because the system was designed to make it impossible for us to make it, even those that made it had it hard. it’s only been 16 years!!! some idiot said education was better and there more black graduates during apartheid…u must be drunk of verwoerd laager my friend!!! u not black, how wud u kno we thought it was better for us? what were those black graduates doing, working as assistant clerks to unqualified white clerks, bantu education ‘teachers (read cheaters), pastors used by missioneries to divert the attention of blacks, baton wielding policemen used to oppress and kill their own, sorry sir but u talikng kak!!! when i finished at med school i went and work at potchefstroom hospital, there u find so much raism, it smell in the air. black doctors at a black nurses home, and their white colleagues at doctors residence, with all facilities u can imagine at a proper residence for humanbeings!!! black nurses dont have a tv room. and a classic was the head of surgery was some totally blank white guy, who not even my illiterate grandfather would take with to his traditional initiation school to help circumsize the boys there, he wud be badly donderd!!! he was that bad, but he was so he was head of surgery,and guess what, one day ET…the ET from Ventersdorp, Eugene himself’s nephew was booked for an op at Potch Hospital. just before the op, there comes this big green-eyed(literally) monster into dayward where patients are prepared for surgery, he wanted to gesels with the surgeon. my friend, a black female doctor was the best surgeon in the Klerksdorp,Ventersdorp, Potch area at the time and she had to do the op. ET almost fell off his horse when he saw the surgeon,…well he wasnt on horse, so he cudnt fall off one…hahaha, he went beserk…a woman, and nogals black, wat die vok!!!! everyone told him, jammer oom, but she is the best we have….he stopped his stupidity,and the op was done…true story!!! it was from that day that i hated the bastard’s guts, and i believe the only reason my friend did the op was because the kid’s life was in danger, and we cud also not confirm whether he was as stupid as ET was!!! so u tell me, if there are white people who loved ET and his kak, why wud there be no blacks that love Malema? People must have their facts right before the open their mouths and start blowing hot air…aka a fart….

  51. Dementia says

    I dont like either. Actually, I dont like politics. I dont like the rat race. Oh I’m such a hippy. Haha. I’m white and actually afrikaans, okay, just to put it out there. TK, at first ur comment seemed way too long but I just had to finish reading it. I have respect for ppl like u. U’r very right. I’ve found myself at points where i was almost racist but also had to remind myself that its just stupid ppl thats everywhere. Nothing to do with race. There just are more blacks now. Ppl just try and make it easier for themselves if they can just hate a race other than theirs. What else will they do with their anger, ey? I’m afrikaans but I’m no boer. I’ve been dating an english guy for almost 3 years. I’m friends with a lot of blacks and they are intelligent. But I don’t like Malema cause of all the schemes behind politics, etc. Also didnt really get affected by ET’s death. How can it make u a good man if u’r so damn racist? Fo foocks sakes man. But i also just wish that some of the blacks would stop wanting to kill all the white ppl. My family was affected by it even though we’re not racist. Does feel like it sometimes but like i said…I remind myself that its black AND white. I actually hate how ppl can be. And then I hate myself for hating…. Its an infinite loop. But yeah, my point was: A lot of u do have valid points. Go read everything again and try and find out why all the hate. I understand most of the time. We are 1 nation. There are bigger things coming. Being racist and wanting to kill ppl is just distracting. haha. Im really not good with words when it comes to these things. Anyway, I have a lot of respect for ppl going the extra mile to learn other languages and learning bout other cultures. Bla bla ramble ramble

  52. Dementia says

    haha i just gave one long fart there

  53. aaaaaa i am disapointed my by fellow relative. i mean my uncle. ha! aowa

  54. i ‘think he get dis bcz of dat “BANTU”education i do enjoy dis man,he come frm disavatage community is not like how come frm ubarn.de a lot of leaders how got gg $ hh to there matric in the national GVT.but i would like to say cogrujulation mr malema, at list

  55. CDES-Vhembe says

    There is a serious problem in Limpopo of the JJC(Julius Malema,Jacob Lebogo and Cassel Mathale).They are ruining the ANC.They dealt with Masoga cos they know the boy is damn clever,they put this stupid frans and this lebogo who cant tink 4 himself.Shame 2 Cassel Mathjale,I dont see any prospect 4 his political future,He even get claps 4rom Juju if he make him angry,wat a coward.The is no ANC leadership in Limpopo.Plis Zuma disband them.

  56. haibo ppl pls mind your own business there is nothing wrong with the result, zuma is a president today but he does not have matric but i don hear anyone complaining leave malema alone. My brother is a millionare but he does not have the matric so if you matric results looks beautiful big up to u but if they dont then use your brains to progress in life

  57. he sometimes speak as if he is inside the condom.probably he do not know how to propose, that is why he wants to eradicate polygamy.just because he is uneducated, he did not follow the word polygamy.

  58. Why are we (blacks & whites) arguing? What we should do is to start chasing the people out of your country that does not belong here, people that are causing trouble; taking our (blacks & whites) jobs, etc. Chinese, Indians, etc. Lets do that rather than fighting each other, this is after all, our country!!

  59. SA citizen says

    He is so stupid. He is a stupid racist.

  60. pollatjie says

    Racism is part of humanity. That is where wars and genocide and similar issues stem from. The Zulu boy does not like the Tswana boy, BUT HE WILL TAKE HIS WIFE!! There is no apartheid!!

    South Africa is unique, because our “apartheid problem” is not between black and white, (although only the whites are considered to be fair game for murders etc.) but includes indians, coloureds, and the in-betweens.

    Juju can prove that he finished school..Gr 12.. so can I. also with not so good results. It didn’t make me a criminal, nor a politician.

    If you have a concern for “my vaderland” that be proud that you were born here, and give me the right to be born here.

    No-one of you were on the beach when van Riebeeck landed, you did not make any treaties with the “rooibaatjies” or “boereleiers”. Niether did juju or jacob.

    ’tis true, that is our history, yours and mine. Black and White. If the Europeans did not come to S.A., what would you be? Would you still be previously disadvantaged? and against what norm will it be measured.

    The general attitude against the whites is that they should go back to where they came from. I was born in this country. so where must I go to? In my history it is proved that there were germans, french, dutch english and maleier predecessors. So where must I go to?

    I have constructively built this country as an artisan (backbone of the industry) for 30 years, I have trained others my expertise and shared my knowledge across the colour line, yes even before the 1994 era. But I have no right in my country of birth? What recognition do I get?

    I am public enemy no 1 because I am Afrikaans, White and a male…my woman can be raped and extorted. they cannot be the enemy…

    If we keep on treating people like they are worthless and refer to them as waste, what will be left of this country.

    Would it be nice if I kept on calling you Kaffirs and chase you back to your homelands. Steal you blind and call it “legal repossesion”, Isolate your elderlies and murder them with the governments concent, to be able to claim your property for my benefit?

    Wake up People, we are no better than the rest. Look at Zimbabwe, Drc, Tunisia, Somalia, Libya, etc.

    Anc supporters should put pressure on their leaders to build this country and the rest of you must vote for the strongest opposition party to send the government a message of disappointed.

    That is what democracy is about.

  61. scelo brian manyoni says

    please can i search my maric result via internet or the website of dept of education

  62. neliswa chita says

    VIVA comrade Juju wether his matric result were poor I support him because he managed to be someone out of those results he is a true leader he speaks the truth tough I know that people don’t like someone who says exactly the truth.Even today at court my leader I will support you because our past is our past we can’t change it VIVA Julius malema Viva!!!!!!!!!!! Viva ANCYL Viva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we are behind you all the way Julius Malema

  63. anti-ANC says

    @TK – three white balls and one white ball….picking a black ball at random 3/4??? what the fuck! now THAT right there is your proof that blacks are uneducated….maybe you should go back to school, or wait….with the new education structure…not worth it, you probably would not make it. As for Julias Malema, he does not have the slightest idea of what he is talking about. I don’t even think he knows his actual job discription, maybe because he cannot read his contract by himself….oops!

  64. anti-ANC says

    @Mashoto – use your brains to progress in life??? how do you expect to have something like that when you can’t even pass matric? Wonder how your brother got to be a millionaire…..

  65. darker not BLACK says

    power in defence of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression, bacause, real power, comes from our conviction which produces action, uncompronising action TK and dametian that was effective of you guys i dont it get why should we fight each other let we just have peace celebrate wealth of yours people are free but are still poor in mind under that skin of your we all have the same color which is red YES the white people in complexion did their thing but its all in the past its all in the past now i dont say we must 4get it come on ppl let b peace apartheid will never end bcoz ppl hev apartheid in mind and with hell with shooting et each other PEACE!!!

  66. hahahahahaaaa your a real stupd malema……..what kind of a mind do u have like really 4%……..

  67. lawl! yol can sy shit bwt juju n zuma. bt it dasnt change the fact that those fools are making c-rus money. we all knw that “stick n stones may break yo bones bt f*ckin opinions cant”

  68. This is ridiculous, defending Malema like he is virtous. ET might not have been a good man or for the country, but then … is Malema and his attention-seeking antics? No. For TK, we’ve all had hardship and experienced racism in the worst possible ways at some or other or most of our lives-Guess what?That is the world we live in and part of life, so please do us all a favour, quit whining, put your big panties on and DEAL with it… like the rest of us “less vocal” people do. If you don’t like it, make the change you want to see in the world and in our country. There’s no need to put more hate out there, and an eye for an eye only leaves everybody blind and bloody.

  69. hey hey all of u stop whinnny whining about malema’s results atleast nw he is someone important out of them.why dont u jst watch nd learn?if u are smart as u thnk u are why cnt u see a little precious stone among the heavy rocks haaa?i would rather say big up to malema 4upgrading himself

  70. Why don’t you all just grow up! Racism is outdated and out of fashion! Hatred is a cancer that will destroy you and me and society. If people stop feeling sorry for themselves, maybe, just maybe, we can take hands and try and uplift each other, instead of swearing and breaking each other down. People who are racist, are intelletualy challenged! If a black man cuts himself with a knife and a white man cuts himself with a knife… What is the colour of their blood? Red. IT’S THE SAME COLOUR. So really people, what is the issue. Love is what it’s all about and God is love. He loves all equally and unconditionally. How will we ever get ahead in future, if we keep looking back and keep on falling over the same old issues. Mandela was the best example for this country. He chose to forgive and forget and move on, together as one nation and one country. Then someone like Julius came and detroyed Mandela’s legacy with his immaturity and hatred. Will this bring us anywhere? Julius is there to fill his own pockets. He doesn’t care about anybody but himself. If you think for one moment that Julius will do anything to uplift the poor, then I’m sorry to tell you that you are seriously mistaken. That’s why he wants the mines nationalized, so he can benefit. We can all choose who we want to follow.The juliuses or the Mandelas of this world. All I can say is this: Choose wisely….

  71. ME….u absolutly ryt.wt i can say is tht in ths blog its mostly grown ups who are arguing over stupid senseless racism thng.dont u realise ths country depends on ur hands SA black nd white youths?well its about time u let bygones be bygones and start afresh let alone malema who has pig headed senseless mind of raking old stinking damp.luk im black but i dont like what he is doing coz i hv a gud mind set of thnking.calling others kaffir hotnot or blooming jew what gud wud it make 4u?well gud peeps of mzantsi lets work 2gethr we are now a loughing stock of othr countries becoz of our stubornness.thnk twise buddy as 4me.i LV my fellow blacks whites indians and everybody 4tht matter

  72. julius malema can be a good leader the problem s people always critisize him wthout even lookng at the bigger picture,he is honest and people hate the truth,history is our legacy and when we talk about heritage it also have to be taken into consideration,apartheit is where we come from and if dont refer to it it will never be over.

  73. He is the man of the moment,like it or not.He is a great leader,why should he rest while he sees thinks are getting out of hand.

  74. Malema does’nt care shit about his ppl all hes concernd is about his fancy R1.4 milion range rover vouge and his 250000 rand’s breitling whatch oh jes my “fellow” black brothers all hes doing is stealing from us. the tax we pay is all wasted on cars and watches and all he wanted to do is to steal our money that is supposed to go to education housing etc… Hes anyway expeled for 5 jears

  75. Juju you are fired for Five years – not suspended okey,u knew it from the word go when u join the ancyl that when u misbehave u’ll be fired or suspended – (i read you about amalungelo) right to be suspended, right to make unpremiditated statements(freedom of speech Lol), right to be calm distinguishing a sense from a nonsense. to all this u chose to remain adamant, u hv learn the hard way.

    Swallow your pride and compromise. u must respect the decision taken by the NDC of the ANC. Yima Marima Yima Malema yes now is a haverst time what you have plough like u’r surname Malema or Marima ( wait aside). all power!!!!!!

  76. Bullshit baffels the brain says

    I can tell you educated people out there this much…humans are funny things. The more bullshit they are told the more they listen to it…no wonder our government is so full off bullshitters… They are trying to take our attention away from what the actual plan is by talking bullshit everyday over and over…My “comrade” Malema is in front off the line when bullshit is being dished out. How on earth can a Racist be a good thing for a Country in a healing process?

  77. as far as im concerned majority of whites are not educated ……..but turn to get better high jobs……i mean good high positions because of their skin colour….but its hard to say big up to malema who atleast did matric despite his results……will u leave malema alone plz….and stop swearing at him…cause if u call him a monkey or whatever bullshit u say that means u also say it to me……dnt start with blacks if u wanna go back to 70s i dnt mind going wid u but that will be now n vise-verser

  78. Bullshit baffels the brain says

    Dude you must be fucking kidding me…how do you get through life having a wind tunnel between your ears blowing at 100 m/ph? We are in 2012 tbos!!! Catch a wake up! You are still living in the old “APARTHEID” era my china…that’s most probably why you (and your kind) can not function in OUR new world. Malema is an IDIOT and so are the ignorant pricks who defend what he is doing to the progress off Our Country! I have a good job and I work my ass off everyday! don’t tell me I do not deserve my job! I am in this job because I AM BETTER THAN YOU AND THE NEXT GUY IN WHAT I DO!!!!! Not because I am WHITE or purple or any other colour for that matter. It sound like you are just like your “COMRADE”…want the salary, but don’t want to work for it…

  79. So what who cares really

  80. lol bullshit baffels………im not living in apartheid era boetie im jst braking the ice here oryt!im just saying what is true that most of whites are not educated they just takeover their fathers positions whn they retire……tht is the fact….


  82. Emanuelita Rastelli-Webb says

    Firstly, I fully agree with Pollatjie and I mostly agree with Joker, Deon, Lol, TK and a few others. Together these comments form a fruit salad of “Truth”, rather tasty.

    Secondly before the darkies pass judgement on this whitey’s comments, a few facts about my self. I came to SA as a 9 year old. Being Italian with Italian as my mother tongue, my parents, wisely, made lots of sacrifices and sent me to boarding school so that I COULD LEARN THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE OF ENGLISH which would enable me to find a job anywhere in the world. (So much for mother tongue education advocated by you all). I suffered and struggled to learn English. Was badly teased by my fellow students because of my pronunciation and my “funny” culture. I used to cry myself to sleep. The same problem when I graduated. As you all know ..all the people from non-english speaking countries – commonwealth, had for many years carry a BROWN PASSBOOK from the age of 16 years. In it where recorded all your personal details like when you started a job and with whom, the month you left that company to work for another company. They listed the day you got married in other words every time there was a change in your life you had to go the Dept and put in a report. Also, at the time, although very presentable, well educated and well travelled, I couldn’t find a job with top companies because I spoke English with an accent and also because I was not of English origins. When, finally, I found a job so that I could feed my two little boys, I started doing voluntary work, by teaching, free-of-charge, literacy to domestics and others so that they could at least read their HP agreements and not be taken for a ride by their community as well as whites and Indians. I also helped at cretches and did part-time teaching in the evenings for some black students etc. etc. Much later in life, a top ANC stalwart asked me to join a semi government organisation which was being started in 1994. It was myself and 8 Councillors. I had to do PA work and assist with training secretaries, etc.. Coming from my kind of background, I had made a number of black friends both in Lesotho and SA. I was, therefore, not prepared with wild female Malemas that were employed because of their contacts. Whenever I and others put forward a black skilled candidate, the candidate was rejected and another with the right contacts employed. We were +- 300 employees but within a short space of time .. the whites indians and coloureds (with 5 or 6 exceptions – they were engineers and specialists in their field) were thrown out and replaced with black unskilled workers, who hardly ever worked, spent hours on the telephone, were forever taking time off for this or that relative, were continuously demanding high salaries without producing. If they disliked you (the women) they would sabotage your work or withhold important information. Another handicap, these female Malemas were forever pregnant and spent most of their time at home than at the office. Yoou cannot believe the calibre of people this organisation was employing. Some of the stories would make your hair rise. They spent fortuness in Sandton on clothes, but you could not get most of them to give you R5 towards a poor black child. With all our faults it is always the whites that give never mind all the ideologies with wich most of you have been brainwashed. Even the black lady that was chosen to be the “TRAVEL CO-ORDINATOR” because she had worked at the HO of the ANC was a “token” appointment to the detriment of other skilled black ladies. She did not know the difference between an airport and a railway station. I was her senior and wanted to scream at the mistakes this woman kept on making so, when I asked her about a document that I wanted to send to London in the UK, she informed me in a most arrogant manner that London was not in the UK but in the Eastern Cape. I was taught that a person must learn from people with a superior knowledge, no matter the colour of their skin, that’s why I loved Albert Luthuli and Robert Sebokwe and respect Moeletsi Mbeki and not these clowns that are ruining this country. All these moaners and Malema fans seem to relish in their ignorance and tribalism and like to perpetuate the myth that all blacks were victims. Some of them, yes, but for a lot of them, they got good training from their whites bosses even with humiliations. Wealthy blacks used whites as fronts to buy property and expensive goods. A lot of them became millionaires overnight, and this has nothing to do with the worshipping the ancestors. Another idionsyncracy of tribalism. Culture is one thing, tribalism is another. My friend’s nephew died a month ago through this stupid practice of circumcision in the wild. Well goodnight to you all. We must stop this envy and jealousy, not all of us can be engineers and doctors. We must just train for what we can be capable of doing. Stop listening to demagogues who pro mises you the earth without working. Malema can go to hell for all the harm he has done to the youth of this Country and remember without white skills, tecknology and investment, South AFrica would not be the “Pearl” of Africa, because cheap, unskilled labour does not make a country, nor does it create infrustructures like schools, hospitals and discipline. Make of this epistle what you want. This is one very proud whitey that says…think, think…read…read…use your brains, which you have plenty, and not somebody else’s ideas. I rest my case.

  83. I agree wth peter,hw long ar we going to play blaming game..while failing to deal wth de present situation,,,,colour or race hs nth to do wth us failing to care for wht God hs given us..lyf nd dis beautiful country…let us all wake up b4 we destroy each other nd our beautiful country!!!

  84. cornwell says

    is it necessary to post malemas marks? even though he is not an interllectual and being demoted he stull remains as my hereo…

  85. i think people who are leading us lack wisdom and vision ,they only think of themselves not other people .

  86. Sorry Mr Malema ….. think you must start with kindergarden again …… then it is 12 years to go for you…. maybe you will be able to make ….. otherwise you have to start all over again. Enjoy …… just ask mommy and dadday to pay for your. Not our taxpayers.


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