Dalai Lama Tutu 80th Birthday cartoon

Dalai Lama Tutu 80th Birthday

No Tutu Party for Dalai Lama – Cartoon

South African foreign policy has proven itself to be supremely consistent. It’s a pity though, that it’s a consistent, poorly thought-out mess. This consistency spans from South Africa’s dealings with Zimbabwe and more recently Libya, to the current repeat saga around the effective refusal of a visa for the Dalai Lama (a la Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s precendent set in 2009).

Wonkie often wonders whether the government runs some sort of secret internal competition titled Amazing Race to Incompetence. That would certainly help explain much of what is going on across various departments at present. In the lead at the moment would probably be Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation. If Ms Maite’s key performance indicators include creating confusion and publicly embarrassing South Africa on political matters through scatty policy, it is safe to say she is doing an excellent job.

Government stupidity aside for a moment, Wonkie’s heart goes out to Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu whose controversial statements earlier this year about taxing the whites resulted in Wonkie’s most popular post ever. Tutu is turning 80 on Friday, 7th October and unfortunately will not have the Dalai Lama by his side to celebrate it as he had wished.

The ANC spin doctors, Jackson Mthembu included, tried to haplessly do some damage control with some pathetically vain attempts at justifying their course of action. The fact of the matter is that the ANC continually delayed granting the visa to the point where the Dalai Lama cancelled his application. The Dalai Lama in the end politely stated that he wished to cause no further inconvenience to the South African government.

The sad bit is that even the senior ANC leadership – specifically Kgalema Motlanthe demonstrated his spinelessness on foreign policy once again. Wonkie’s advanced read-between-the-lines binoculars accurately detected Mothlanthe’s hidden message on the Dalai Lama visa after the application was cancelled:

Kgalema Motlanthe on Dalai Lama visa large cartoon photo

As contradictory as it sounds, the Nobel Peace Prize winner was anything but at peace with the ANC government. Tutu categorically stated:

“Our government is worse than the apartheid government, because at least you were expecting it from the apartheid government.”

“The trouble is that the ANC on the whole reckons that the freedom we enjoy is due to them. They reckon everyone else is just a sideline.”

Desmond Tutu further went on to condemn the ANC:

“We will pray as we prayed for the downfall of the apartheid government; we will pray for the downfall of a government that misrepresents us”

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Leave YOUR COMMENT on ANC foreign policy, Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama visa.

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  1. china is holding anc in a tight leash….that is why there we find so many rhino poaching and lots of immitations of goods and they (anc) plays dumb..what a democratic organisation..lol..or is it because Dalai Lama did not bribe them for a safe way?

  2. The Yanks used to talk about “enlightened self-interest” when making deals with immoral, unprincipled, self-serving foreign governments. The ANC must have taken a leaf out of their Foreign Policy Guidelines.

  3. After retiring, the Archbishop need to relax and stay out of the lime light as he had indicated recently that he would do and let the Government run the country. SA is a democracy, tomorrow the ANC may not be Government if the will of people says so, it is to be expected.

  4. We’re way ahead of you Arch.
    The ANC has become a black re-incarnation of the National Party and will one day also become the polecat of the world

  5. What an absolute disgrace and embarrassment for SA. I enjoyed the retaliation from Tutu to the ANC. It does amaze me how that the ANC retaliated back and said Tutu should calm down, and not once ever when Julius has been blabbing his month off have they to him to calm down!

  6. It takes 6 months to treat leather – China does it in 1 month. Has anyone who has bought leaher products manufactured in China experienced burning on their hands and feet especially from shoes. A pharmacist told me that since SA started getting their leather from China, he has treated quite a few of shoe industry workers for burns and blisters caused as an adverse reaction of using chemicals on this leather – it never used to happen before. This and I am sure ,is a result of the leather not being treated properly – but hey, why should the government care – as long as they are getting their imports quicker and cheaper – who cares.

  7. It’s time somebody to say something about ANC bulling SA people. ANC has brought its bulling, corruption and killing people for not singing their songs. ANC is runned by the gangsters. They all looking for their families and relatives. This ANC behavior has been existing since the exile period or time. ANC is embarrassing South Africans. They don’t even know how run the country. Apartheid was not good for human race but those whites ran the damn country way better than the ANC. I’m sorry that’s the way it is.

  8. Nothing new about behavior of ANC. Some of the exiles they have not got their early retirement money. ANC keep on closing dates the process of the early retirement money is delayed. Some vetarans of MK they don’t even have no housing after spending all those in bushes of Angola. Malema never experience guerrilla life but he’s owns mansion and LandRover and Mercedes. Come on now, SA people need wake up and smell the coffe. ANC is destroying people lives. The reverse apartheid so called democracy. Pay the Exiles their money stop hating cause we left anc due to their corruption and suppression. We suffered in exile we deserve our money too. Their are stealing exiles money putting money on their pockets.

  9. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    In case anyone needs any FURTHER proof that the Zuma Govt. is subject to the will and wishes of the porcelain people, just look to the mess in Syria, where the Al-ASSad govt is killing off their intelligent civilians. What did China do? They said “We want their oil” “We VETO the resolution on sanctions” What did the Russkies say? “They want our weapons to kill their civilians” “We VETO the sanctions resolution” What does the Zuma Govt say “Ja, Baas! We will abstain instead of supporting unarmed ‘bandits’ who are being slaughtered”
    Anything coming out of Beijing is now the new Holy Writ for our poor, benighted Country and Continent.
    The Apartheid years had the Red Peril. Unfortunately the glasses worn by most African leaders fade out the ‘peril’ bit that follows the ‘Yellow’ – they only see the yellow as it is the main colour on China’s currency.
    Red is the colour for danger, yellow the colour for caution, green the colour for “GO” Come on Yanks – get some green coming to the Zuma elite and we can start to turn this country around again!!!

  10. this is a stupid democracy.

  11. Korrupt Manje says

    I do believe Bishop Tutu statement that ” ANC will be overthrown by people” ANC needs some schooling. They don’t care about SA people look at the education. It’s a disgrace. Don’t pay teachers their pay and shooting people when expressing their unhappiness with the government. ANC will come and shoot them with rubber bullets to shut up them. ANC did it in exile by killing South Africans who were opposing . ANC killed a lot people in Angola, Zambia,and Tanzania. They history repeat its self. So, ANC doing what they are good in it. That’s corruption and killing people. I hope Bishop Tutu watch his back for speaking his mind.

  12. what harm will it really do to grant the old man his almost last wish??? I pity the Zuma Gov cause they seem to think a prayer is a joke, more especially from an old man like Tutu. We will be there to see the last of this tyranny

  13. I lost a lot of friends in Angola through ANC security. I’ve witnessed women being exploited sexually in Angola and Tanzania by Masondo old dirty man. Masondo even pragnented young innocent girl in Solomon Mahlangu College. Look at Zuma he was engaged in sexual misconduct with HIV girl. These behavior has been existing in the ranks of ANC.

  14. When we look at the ANC and look at the Sheople that follow them, you can understand – Unfortunately, the Sheople cannot figure out that 1+1=2, so they just follow regardless, and the ANC get away wth murder. Foreign Policy? what’s that?Probably a promise of something for nothing

  15. The government must urgently grant Desmond Tutu a Tibetan visa so he can visit his friend there and leave the ANC alone. Tutu must stop this fuckin lime light seeking spree of his. He thinks he is our Jesus or something of that importance to us. He is a Bishop of his own church not everyone’s churches. If he can pray for the downfall of the ANC we people who love and respect ANC will also pray for the success of our government and pray for them to stop making mistakes and be a good government by God’s grace and His guidance. It is Millions of ANC lovers prayers vs Desmond Tutu’s prayer and his church.

  16. Korrupt Manje says

    They sabotage Bishop Tutu B’ day purposely. They are getting a lot bribes from Chines government. They always opposed Chine during the days. They told ANC was not friends Maos ideology excerpt Lenin. ANC is a opportunistic org. Just care about their pockets.

  17. Korrupt Manje says

    Tutu played a big role in SA struggle and other churches. ANC is wrong depriving people. ANC has practicing these behavior even exile by shutting off people by AK 47s. I don’t know why SA are fooled by ANC gangsters. Tutu is not fucking up nothing. He is telling how it is da Thruth about ANC. SA people will realize what is being exposed by Bishop Tutu one day.

  18. Zuma and the Government have got a country to run, Dalai Lama or not, who cares. The next thing the very people of South Africa were going to blame him for trade deals gone wrong and people (South Africans) losing jobs etc etc. Tell me a country in the world which doesn’t need China. A few careless individual must be able to swallow their pride and not throw the country to the dogs. Go to KZN and any other rural area in South Africa and ask about the Dalai Lama, definitely you will get the “Who the fuck is that chap”. People more and real things unlike the refusal to grant visa to Dalai Lama. He will come one day.

  19. Collitjies says

    At least during the apartheid era we had extremely well run hospitals which were open to everyone. Our country prior to 1994 was by today’s standards extremely prosperous. The whole ANC run government only thinks of the citizen as votes prior to elections and after that as a burden.

  20. @Korrupt Manje. Who is sabotaging Desmond Tutu’s birthday? You can go there yourself if you are invited, that’s it. How can the ANC sabotage a birthday party by not allowing one person to attend? If you know so much, how many people are invited there anyway? You sound like a coconut. If Tutu palyed a big role in the struggle why is he laways against the ANC led government?

  21. @Korrupt Manje. Who is sabotaging Desmond Tutu’s birthday? You can go there yourself if you are invited, that’s it. How can the ANC sabotage a birthday party by not allowing one person to attend? If you know so much, how many people are invited there anyway? You sound like a coconut. If Tutu played a big role in the struggle why is he laways against the ANC led government?

  22. @ Collitjies. Which hospitals are you referring to? Can any ordinary person go to Netcare hospitals? Your apartheid government was very generous by allowing ordinary black people to private hospitals. Where were we then as we never experienced such lovely treatment by your government?

  23. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    If Ms Maite says that it takes 18 months to process the visa application, the Dalai Lama should have had no problem – after all he applied almost 30 months ago.
    Oh – sorry – the Govt STILL doesn’t want him to disrupt the World Cup
    HELLO !!! the World Cup is in New Zealand this year !!!

  24. SA does not have competent leadership! Motlanthe has some brain but does not have the balls to do the right thing lest he offends the shrewd Msholozi!

  25. is Rio the new Mzu? Sounds like it.

  26. @Whatagain. You sound like it too.

  27. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Ja – Mzu converted to Buddhism, died and was re-incarnated as Rio. So far Mzu’s total racism hasn’t yet developed in Rio, but, no doubt, in time, it may.

  28. @a-maize-ingly-corny. And a-maize-ingly-corny was re-incarnated as a-amaize-ingly-horny.

  29. The Dalai Lama saga is entirely embarrassing to South Africa who usually are renowned around the world for their hospitality. However, it seems that the current government has no spine and are just extremely rude to a man who has sacrificed much to bring a message of peace and hope to the world. In fact, so has Archbishop Tutu … Maybe that’s the real reason the ANC did not want the DL here. He preaches peace and that would go against all the destruction that they are instigating Malema to sow. Hmmmmm

  30. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Rio – didn’t need the re-incarnation for that – already there!
    But definitely not for Mzu.

  31. THEY FAILED US!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANC

  32. There is more to this episode than pure ANC ineptitude and arrogance. I believe some or other forum has manipulated this knowing full well that the current regime would dilly dalai on the issue and cause themselves immeasurable embarrasment. I for one will be watching the media over the next few months as i fully expect to see a rise in this type of activity.

    My theory is that it’s orchestrated purely to get rid of Zuma as head of the ANC and set up another candidate to run the country. I will be the first to admit there’s not much option, Sexwale, Ramaphosa could do it, but as they say – “better the devil you know”

  33. Its so sad for the young SA democracy and the way double standards are employed, if the Dalai Lama could be refused entry to SA on fears for terrorism why is the african terrorist Mugabe allowed all the time and accepted as a friend even though all his deeds are clear for everyone to see?

  34. Spiritwolf says

    So SAD that the Tibbetin Monks leader was denied a visa. so called going through normal channels and process, is that what they say when mugabe applies for a visa, oh wait he prob has a permanent visa right. would of thought anc would have sympathy with the Dalai Lama for being oppresed by china, since thats what they faught democracy for right? freedom of oppression? This has nothing to do with someones birthday, it has to do with money, greed and politics. China needs land, space, and business and resources. I thought anc was planning to creat millions of jobs, how? exporting our raw materials and importing produced goods from china? or stop the exports, build industries locally? no, lets just refuse entry to a peacefull leader, and allow all violent, criminal leaders instead. I Bet if Budha or Jesus Christ was allive ZA would refuse visa entry into ZA.

  35. The ANC has lost it big time!

  36. Kampanga. The struggle against apartheid was a struggle against colonialism. The struggle was also to bring us freedom from those who had (have) no right to deny us that freedom.. By refusing a Visa to the Dalai Lama the ANC has limited our freedom by preventing us to invite a friend to a party. The ANC has therefore condoned the Colonial encroachment of China. Sweet and Sour anyone?

  37. Any of you who were around in the 60’s and 70’s will remember the Apartheid Regime refused a visa to a Japanese jockey who was invited to take part in an International Jockeys Race. I cannot understand why the ANC has refused a visa to a holy man who only talks of peace, after all he wasn’t coming here to ride a horse.

  38. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Spiritwolf – your freudian slip “since thats what they (the ANC) faught democracy for right? ” looks to be the truth – they ARE fighting democracy and freedom of speech – just as their cup-and-saucer masters say they should (good old Marxist-Leninists that they are).
    Anyone who even THINKS freedom and democracy must be kept away from the people who support the ANC just in case they get infected with a little idea that they can think for themselves.
    So much for preaching peace – after the Communists pronounced all gods dead, they must all be “turning in their graves” at the doings of such clever people as the leaders of the green, gold and black peril as well as those of the yellow peril.

  39. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Btw Spiritwolf – MADgabe has an ANC passport – why would he need a visa – after all he is not an ORDINARY Zimbabwean that needs asylum from himself.

  40. It is not a case of whether or not people care about Tutu’s party or the Dalai Lama not getting a visa or even China. It is about accepting with our legs apart the notion that China is telling us what to do. That my dear friends is Colonialism.

  41. I heard Mzu got fired, got another job and is back as Rio. If this is true and for whatever reason Mzu has gone there will always be a racist idiot out there

  42. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Garth – The ANC and their ‘benevolent Peoples’ Republic’ are shit scared that he WILL ride a horse – his hobby-horse of FREEDOM for Tibet.

  43. Oh hell, I forgot to click on the notify box

  44. The Dali Lama should understand that China is a very important partner in South Africa’s economy,we can not hurt our future just because of the Dalia Lama.He cannot offer much to our country, Desmond Tutu should understand our Country needs Country’s like China to grow our economy.Desmond should also knows that the people who are making such a big who ha are the same ones that called him a terrorist, rooi gevaar. Viva South Africa government Viva

  45. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Just found this and thought you might all enjoy:

    “Once upon a time, there was a spiritual man from ‘a land of high mountains’ who was denied entry into ‘a magical place where tenders are exclusively reserved for family and friends’.

    This decision enraged the crazy jester of ‘a magical place where tenders are exclusively reserved for family and friends’, leading to an attack of might, magic and hyena-like laughter.

    This attack made ‘a magical place where tenders are exclusively reserved for family and friends’ look bad in the eyes of those from across the flat surface that they lived on, tainting perceptions.

    The rulers of ‘a magical place where tenders are exclusively reserved for family and friends’ tried their best to quash the storm which was brewing, but their feeble attempts fell on deaf ears, showing weakness in the eyes of their people.

    Fed up with the issue, the crazy jester sent out a message through a moving image device to the spiritual man from ‘a land of high mountains’, rallying him by screeching: “Screw it, we’re outta here!”.”

    Such imagery; and wouldn’t the last line be catastrophic for those of us who see the crazy jester as one who is not shy to point a finger at injustice and calumny – wherever it comes from?

  46. To “Politics” you need to be careful how you handle a double edged blade, in this case SA government chose the other side of the blade and C their hands are bleeding now and equaly the economy may be hurt by their action on the Dalai Lama. No matter how you take it, it was unwise, undemocratic decision and all the world have cameras focused on SA now for the wrong reasons, it is called poor political diplomacy?

  47. @Politics. You know nothing about politics, around board rooms in the west and the east and any place that has investors wanting to invest including ourselves will look at this brainless lily livered government who seem to be keen on self destruction. Yes China is our biggest trading partner but do we have to bend over to a blatant act of aggressive colonialism. As for those investors they have plenty of other places to go, including China.

  48. Is it true that the fools who attempt to run this country are inviting Muammar to come and enjoy our hospitality?

  49. Garth, “is it true that the fools who attempt to run this country are inviting Muammar to come and enjoy our hospitality?” I hope this is just
    light humour, if its not I must get out of here

  50. I cannot believe that Politics said ‘we can not hurt our future just because of the Dalia Lama.He cannot offer much to our country’

    This is a perfect example of the moral and ethical decay which prevails. It’s all about money and power.

    No, the Dalai Lama cannot offer us money, corruption and power. But what he could do is to ignite our long dead conscience. If we all lived in a better place than the gutter of politics and greed we might be able to turn to each other and offer the help and support and good governance needed to get our country on he right road again.

    Because we live in a climate that sees any ultruistic deed as a sign of weakness we are steadity increasing the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.

    You are quite right Politics to say that this great man could not offer us ‘anything’ but maybe and ‘nothing’ he could offer is what we need.

  51. @jen. If tomorrow is too far for you to get out of here. I suggest you leave tonight. It was nice having you as a fake South African. One of those people who love this country when it offers them something. We wish you well in Australia or New Zealand. Please greet other defectors there. We still love them and hope to join them one day when our democracy collapses.

  52. The ruling party was planning to “engage” with Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu after his angry attack on the ANC this week, according to a report on Friday.


    First the Anc have to engage their brains – if they have any. All they could possibly do is explain to Tutu that their Chinese bosses were responsible for the decision. Bunch of suck ups! Don’t change your stance Desmond – they deliberately delayed giving an answer on the visa. By not commenting on it they said enough. Bloody idiots!!!

  53. “A government of people by the people for the people” is a model description of democracy, in 1980 Rhodesia became Zimbabwe but guess what, it was like a donkey painted black and white stripes then a group of students where asked whats that and the answer was obvious. This means an opressive white gov was repleced by an even more opressive gov judging by the state of things currently and I see here in a modern day SA moving into that kind of thing, proove me wrong if the current does not fall within the next 5yrs.

  54. The current ANC government are the Chinese whores and puppets put in place when JZ took office. What the Chinese tells them, they do without questions, and when they later realise that they have touched the wrong button, they want to engage.

  55. The simple fact of the matter is that is vehemently opposed to the Dalai Lama on the basis of his championing Tibetan independence from Chinese rule, which has been oppressive since it’s inception
    Basically, by denying the Dalai Lama entry, we are saying we support the principle of freedom only when it is economically convenient…disgusting and typical.

  56. I am I the only one that sees where we are slowly headed………..with all these red t-shirts around?? Did’nt these idiots look when the Berlin Wall was knocked down and Mother Russia became a den of robbers? Democracy…HA!

  57. If the Arch starts praying for the demise of the ANC, i will be the first one to join him…

  58. If we are kowtowing to China because of trade relations, then it is either that China is blackmailimng us or that we are selling our soul to the highest bidder. South Africa needs to be independent and principled, rather than being dictated to by a country with a bad track record of human rights abuse.

    Or are we learning from China and that’s why we’re introducing laws like the secrecy bill? Where do our policies come from, Beijing or Pretoria? We are actually paying a price for electing leaders ready to sell our country to foreigners. By denying the Dalai Lama a visa simply because China disapproves of it, the ANC government implies we are a Chinese colony and therefore won’t do anything that our colonisers disapprove of!

  59. Thabiso Kokong says

    Dalai Lama? who is Dalai Lama? Why Is so Popular? i also would like popular!!

  60. @Thabiso Kokong. Good question, if you were literate you might understand but it seems that you are yet another ignorant fool. Are you related to Mzu, Rio or Fatboy?

  61. @Thabiso, Dalai Lama is a human rights fighter, you are already popular for not knowing anything but if you want to be more popular, find a way to grab tenders and ward them to friends and relatives, you will not just become popular but powerful as well

  62. This morning there was a debate on trade with china. The gist of the debate was a trade agreement that will screw local workers by granting preferential trade to Chinese companies and allowing those Chinese companies to open in SA with minimum wage deals which will turn our workers into virtual slaves. There is also much debate to prevent Walmart opening in SA because it outsources much if not all its buying to China. As if our major retailers are not doing that already. Someone in Government, maybe Ebrahim Patel, wants to curtail business with China and others, msholozi maybe, want more. It also seems that those fools who run the ANC are willing to hand over power to china and become mere puppets.

  63. It seems that China is not the only country wanting to colonise and enslave us. The headline in this morning’s Mail and Guardian was saying that France is climbing on the band wagon to destroy us financially by lobbying the Fools in Government and the nincompoops in the unions to sign a long term Nuclear deal that makes the Corrupt Arms Deal pale into insignificance. Maybe France and China will go to war to acquire our trade and resources. But what a wonderful thing to build Nuclear power stations which are inherently dangerous when in fact we have enough resources which we can develop ourselves which are safer cheaper and we own them. But maybe the arms deal will provide another tranche of riches which will enrich ourPoliticians and their fellow travellers.

  64. @Thabiso Koklong. The Dalai lama is the spiritual leader of Tibet. He was exiled in 1959 by Chinese invaders who brutally invaded and annexed Tibet for themselves and have colonised it at the same time banning their religion and oppressing the Tibetans. He seeks autonomy or independence for Tibet and has set an example to the world of universal peace. Because you are uneducated and ignorant does not mean that you should display it in public.

  65. @Garth. It does not mean that if you are educated you are clever especially in your case moron. Please stop your foolish attack and your rubbish on Thabiso. Does it mean if you were uneducated you would be stupid. I guess so. It seems all those moron who are educated would have been nothing without education.

  66. I think the failure of South Africa to grant a visa to Dalai Lama compromises on our independence of thinking as a country.The Dalai Lama was coming for a private function not diplomatic relations with the government.It is unfortunate that those ANC individuals who are selling our resources and who are having their private affairs with China are taking every one here for a ride.It is a pity even Blade Nzimande still thinks communism is alive in China and opt to defend the government based on this ghost of ideology which failed many countries.I personally I see China as a new threat to colonize Africa,and for worse its products are filled with low grade baggage which further impoverish our struggling third class citizens.We South African initiated many diplomatic relation with many countries with many countries around the world without caring who says what or where,this include Cuba,led by Fidel Castro who is in bad terms with the US,no wonder this was achieved during N Mandela’s government,so did the dalai Lama came,we will miss the brave old man for sure.So our government barred one man into the peoples republic just like its barring the whole army of people…Shame!

  67. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    It would appear that Murphy’s Law – that one gets promoted to the level beyond one’s ability – applies to Rio’s education. He/she has obviously had some education but it certainly fell short on manners. The post left by Thabiso Kokong clearly demonstrates a lack of knowledge of English construction as well as a lack of knowledge of World Affairs and the leaders of different ethnic, national, cultural or religious groups.

    Garth is, clearly, not a moron. His posts are articulate, grammatically correct and he is clearly well read in world affairs as well as South African affairs.

    As to “those moron” [please note that “those” indicates a plural noun follows and “moron” is singular] “who are educated…” I’m sorry, Rio – you are proving [again] that you are uneducated because a moron is otherwise defined as an “ineducable idiot” – so there is no such thing as a moron who is educated.

    Now, Rio, take off your black coloured glasses, get treatment for your jaundiced eyes and look at the world and South Africa with a clear, unprejudiced focus and maybe you will be able to add something positive to this debate.

  68. The post left by Thabiso clearly displayed lack of understanding of politics. If you lack understanding, then hold back to avoid embarassing yourself in the media. Please enrol at a school for politics and learn more. Learning is a gift. Grab it!

  69. @Rio, if you are genetically thick you still need some education so that you do not demonstrate your ignorance in Public.

  70. @Garth & a-maize-ingly-corny. I do not think calling someone uneducated in public demonstrates good manners. If my education lacked manners, what did your education lack? It lacked respect for other people, I guess. I think people who are educated should show benefits of being educated rather than thinking that if you are uneducated you are stupid. It is not on.

  71. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Rio – think of your last post whilst reading your previous post and I hope that you will see that you are kicking your own ass !!!

  72. @ a-maize-ingly-corny & Garth – I know what I wrote was not right and I should not have written what I wrote. I am very sorry Garth to call you moron. It is that I hate it when people think that uneducated people are stupid. Being uneducated is sometimes due to lack of finances and other circumstances beyond ones control and it is not by choice. We should really feel sorry for those people rather than mocking them.

  73. Thabiso Kokong says

    @ Garth we are all equal in the eyes of God (Literated or Illiterated) so what exactly are you boasting about? well for your info i am related to the Peasents and clergy Men!!

  74. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Yes Thabiso – we are all equal in the eyes of God – but, as Winston Churchill said, “some are more equal than others”.

  75. Thabiso Kokong posted:
    Dalai Lama? who is Dalai Lama? Why Is so Popular? i also would like popular!!

    Garth replied (following a few other postings)
    The Dalai lama is the spiritual leader of Tibet. He was exiled in 1959 by Chinese invaders who brutally invaded and annexed Tibet for themselves and have colonised it at the same time banning their religion and oppressing the Tibetans. He seeks autonomy or independence for Tibet and has set an example to the world of universal peace. Because you are uneducated and ignorant does not mean that you should display it in public.

    Garths last response gave Thabiso an erudite answer to his ill-considered question, which many would consider to be typical of the illiterate ANC supporters who cannot judge a situation on merit because their political masters ensure that they are merely yes-men by means of inferior education.

    I am sure that Garth and other critical voices on this site are extremely sorry for Thabiso’s plight but are powerless to address the problems that affect our country. The only way to vent ones spleen on a site such as this one is to take umbrage at the uneducated postings that prove, if not Thabiso’s stupidity, but definitely the stupidity of our government in introducing an education system that will ensure that it’s maleficiaries* are trapped forever in ignorance and the poverty that ensues

    *For Thabiso’s enlightenment maleficiaries is not an actual English word but, from the Latin derivation, would be the opposite of beneficiaries

    For Rio’s enlightenment: Ask Garth for his e-mail address or telephone number and argue directly with him rather than institute a tirade on Wonkie

  76. Africa have enough and more to sustain and feed its population,how can our government be so stupid to secure the handouts from China in this way.Our government has become one of the mind colonizing factors to us as Africans,they are implanting the feeling that we have to satisfy another country’s cause to secure the viable economy,whether those countries are right or wrong.Africa was called ‘dark Africa’,I wonder if we are now bright enough to make decisions and mark our own goals.We are in no way even near to be a leading economy country,but we are not a starving country.Managing our resources well and empower our population surely will maintain our dignity as a country.Good night South Africa,Question,How do we decolonize our minds?

  77. @Mashudu, good question”How do we decolonize our minds?” Colonisation took place in a long period of time and those who got qualified in it are still preaching colonialistic ideas without realism. To decolonise our minds may take even longer theirfore need for a change or addition in the educational curriculumn to address this but the danger will be “how do we avoid recolonising ourselves for there is a tendency by the powers that be to move us from a bad situation to worse one, they may grab such an opportunity to instill their edeologies that bennefit them and only them

  78. Thabiso Kokong says

    @ Tony, you ask me to preach i can preach, you ask me to teach about the word of God that also i can do,you ask me about Politics i will simply answer what i know (for as a human being you can not know everthing) you swear at me that i can not tolarate,you call me an uneducated fool that i can tolarate, this site i think was not meant for others to call other People names-it was simply meant for jokes and not to attack people in the Media or instead we should simply build one another or advise each other about the things that concerns the youth of today and the tips on how we can fight HIV/AIDS besides using condoms and refraining from SEX, since ANCYL is doing nothing to Help the youth and what is it that we can do to fight Poverty and what are the measures that we as Citizens of Mzansi can take to fight Crime in this Country , we can no longer blame the apartheid System because of our failures, we can no longer blame the ANC Led Govmnt for the bad things that are taking place in this country, i (as you claim) cannot even blame my parents for not taking me to the so called Model C Schools, Question is “currently what are we doing to rectify the Mistakes which the Apartheid, ANCYL,ANC Led Govermnt and our Parents did, you know , Garth, Tonny and others we also need to understand that Where there is no Vision People Perish”the only thing that we need in this Country is wisdom from God and not Fancy words without a meaning, S.A Politicians will never bring Peace, Joy and Happiness in our lives but what they will always do is to lie, lie and lie again, again and agnain , so which one here is a sin? Reading the Word of God and immersing ourselves deeply, and i mean deeply in The Word and the Holy Spirit? or struggling to know why Malema is pushing so hard that Mines should Be Nationalised,or why was Tabo Mbeki expelled from being a President and why did he refuse to give an HIV People Medication? which one realy is a sin? now am i stupid again for raising my concerns in the Public i may be stupid in your eyes of cause, but realy, realy is your wisdom (comments ) helping this country in any way? guys let’s start building one another than trying to score some negative Points against one another in Closure: ‘(1 Cor 13: 11) when i was a child , my speach,my thoughts and my deeds were of a child but now that i am grown up, i have nothing to do with childish things…) Let us help one another to bring back the dignity of our Beloved Country which our fathers sacrificed for!!! The Race is On!!!

  79. @Thabiso: I apologise for suggesting that you were illiterate, since you are obviously not. In fact, you appear to be one of the few people who suffered poor education who have the intelligence to see that you and the other citizens of our country are not being given the advantages that citizens of most other democratic countries take for granted.
    This country has changed from one where the concerns of the majority of the citizens were mostly ignored, to one where the concerns of all of the citizens are ignored.
    Our frustrations cause us to differentiate the peoples of our country into an “Us and Them” class. Thousands of whites, including myself, were overjoyed when the New South Africa was born with the promise of a free, open, prosperous society. We celebrated having a black president and thought that the horrors of the past would remain in the past. Unfortunately, our dreams were soon proved to be false as the country sank into a mire from which redemption seems impossible.
    I hope that you, and others like you, will help to change the attitude of those who believe the lies of politicians, and think that the status quo is the best that they can expect and will never vote to improve their lives. It is up to both black and white to return this country to the quality that we envisioned in 1994 and, hand in hand by working in unison, we hope to succeed


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