World Cup security cartoon

World Cup security cartoon

World Cup Security

There has been a substantial amount of media coverage on South Africa’s preparedness for the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Besides the logistics related issues, one of the primary concerns has been around World Cup security. And no, Wonkie is not talking about the risk of someone stealing the lovely golden FIFA trophy itself – although that thought must surely have crossed through some entrepreneurial local minds.

The 2010 soccer world cup is the highest profile international event South Africa has hosted yet. Such an event would be considered a prize target for a terrorist strike because of the global reach of the coverage – it is quite literally the biggest recurring media event internationally in terms of viewership.

South Africa’s reputation abroad in terms of security is not great – not just in terms of crime in South Africa, but also in terms of the proliferation of dodgy passports (apparently according to Professor Hussein Solomon, head of the International Institute of Islamic Studies at the University of Pretoria, many al-Qaeda terrorists that have been arrested abroad were in possession of a South African passport). Add that to the recent report of South African Revenue Services (SARS) tax refunds that were allegedly fraudulently diverted to fund terrorist activity and one can see why the likes of Barack Obama are concerned about visiting the country next month.

Some 43 heads of states, unfortunately not including Barack Obama, have already provisionally confirmed their attendance.

Wonkie’s quote of the week:

“One challenge is the American president who is coming, not coming, coming, not coming … We are told that if it goes to the second or third stage, the US president may come. At the moment we have 43 heads of state provisionally confirmed. That 43 will be equal to this one operation. … It is 50-50. Our famous prayer is that the Americans don’t make the second round.”

– South African police commissioner Bheki Cele to Parliament’s portfolio committee, discussing the potential havoc if Mr Obama were to come watch the game, and have a Bud in person.

May nothing interrupt the festive vuvuzela blowing and beer drinking over the next two months. This event is South Africa’s moment to shine on the world stage and judging by the preparations at all levels, it will.


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  1. The son of a bitch who invented the vuvuzela shouold be catrated slowly to the pleasant sound of his invention up against his ear which then upon completion of the operation can then have the same vuvuzela rectumified.

  2. This event must come and go now, I am already tired of all the adds and artificial hype, rather look at the period after the world cup!

  3. I agree with Deon….let it now come quickly so that it can finally disappear as well…..I’m sick of all the screeching adverts and the hype and the total waste of money……..

  4. I am also tired when i read any news paper ,concerning the Fifa World Cup in South Africa,every body is talking about security.i think the world cup in South Africa is not blessed by some of the countries around the globe,other countries took RSA as a banana republic.why can`t you wait for the event to take place then you will comment later about your findings to know South Africa better instead of some hearsays from media.

  5. Manthata says

    What is all this fuse about security as if all this other countries are immune from crime and possibly, terrorists attacks, I have had enough of reading and listening to all this nonsense, whoever is coming, welcome to South Africa, if you are not, good, stay in the comfort of your crime free country and enjoy your earthquakes, icelandic ashes, whatever you call it, enjoy your hurricanes, tornados etc.

  6. There is no terrorism threat in South Africa.God is good He wil give us protection when hosting this event.

  7. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Apart from the completely crude and ABSOLUTELY annoying vuvuzelas, the mentally retarded looking Zakumi, and the wonderful prospect of a HUGE increase in crime, despite all the additional policing (which is a JOKE!), has anyone thought about the cost of the stadia? And what is going to happen to them when these few frenetic weeks of sports-hype are over? One enterprising citizen in Cape Town is leasing our stadium from the city for R1 per year! Gosh! That’s sure gonna pay for new houses, health-care, etc.! Wish I could get the hell outta here before June 11!

  8. Chris, you deserve a medal for your suggestions. You’re the man.

  9. in iraq they sided with saddam and so were seen as the enemies of his victims and in israel they`re siding with mossad and the us with the cia.

    so it was not a surprise to hear about this games bombing plans because they are in cahoots with mossad to hunt down alqaeda operatives in this country and hand them over to whomever wants them.time for plan-b is now!how can i support games that were given to mandela on behalf of his ideology and not the country!

  10. ol fashion says

    Fifa may be a big event but the one on 3 September 2010 is going to be much much bigger and very few are prepared for it. Surprise, surprise

  11. Soon the world will know why there once was apartheid here! 😉 …. the most humane way of jailing 90% of the population who happen to be crimminals in heart and soul. The SA police is the world’s largest government funded gang ever know to human kind.

    Vuyisani ,

    You have no knowledge of God at all to think he care about a bunch of fools running around after one ball on His holy sabbath –
    1 Timothy 4:8 For bodily exercise profiteth little:

    The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769.

  12. I have just learned another form of terrorism, Dirk you excel in that department

  13. Ol' Pliny says

    Chris, some people who campaign against unnecessary noise pollution usually
    have their own noise machines. One of my neighbours (misnomer) whoops it
    up from 8pm until 2am over weekends. His 10,000 watt amplifier shakes all the
    dust off roofs. When crowds roar at Ellis Park, people hear it in Ventersdorp.

    Chinese New Year celebrations are held for four long days. Noisy crackers set off to chase away
    evil spirits could even raise the dead. In fact, they do claim it wakens deities and guardian spirits
    who control their health and fortune. No doubt the fortune spent on fireworks nullifies the fortune.

    India also has a 5 day festival of lights and is also accompanied with loud crackers. No wonder all
    the pariahs can’t hear you when you tell them you have no money for their sick grandmothers.

    Oh dear, there are those awful people who celebrate Guy Fawkes. Poor SPCA kennels are filled the
    next day with all the lucky dogs that escaped being run over.

    Besides being noisy, spiritual traditions of people are breathtaking. (They cause too much sighing)
    Reminds me of a joke: Frikkie van der vyver was sitting on the pavement on Christmas setting off
    all types of thunder crackers. Eventually, his neighbour who recently immigrated came out shouting,
    “What the heck are you making all that noise for?” As usual, Frikkie was full of bounce (beer, too)
    He said: “This is the way we chase away lions here in South Africa.” The Limey says, “You’re mad.
    I just come back all the way from the Kruger National Park, and never saw one lion along the way.”
    Frikkie laughs and says, “Well, you see how well it works.”

  14. GatvolinSA says

    I would love to get excited about the soccer world cup and all the predicted good it might possibly do for this country, but sadly I am somewhat jaded by our government. Too many promises have been broken and too many lies have been told for me to believe the government mouthpieces who say this world cup will be a good thing.

    The realists out there worry about the strain on the power grid, the fact that flu season is here and the average citizen is not allowed a flu shot because the government is hoarding them all for the tourists, the increase in crime which is already prevalent and has been steadily increasing over the past few months, the lack of control over the road by the traffic police. No right at this point in time I am not convinced that this world cup is a good thing for us.

    My step father is a police officer who works hard and is under paid. The police were told that they would all be working 12 hour shifts around the world cup schedule. Initially they were to be paid extra for the longer hours, but last week they were told that they will now be working these hours for their normal day’s wage. This is just one example of promises about the world cup being broken. Many more come to mind but I do not want to sound like a chronic complainer.

    I am waiting for the day that the government breaks their promise of no more blackouts (since there will be such a strain on the power grid which was already failing to supply the needed power).

    I will be on my porch celebrating the departure of the last tourist and the end of the infernal noise from all the vuvuzelas.

    @ Dirk: Stop bible bashing people. You will make a better impression as a Christian if you show people God’s love instead of ramming your bible verses down their throats.

  15. This World Cup will have mixed blessings and curses. The noisy vuvuzelas will drive us crazy! The traffic will grind to a halt! Crime should move out of the suburbs where there are no stadiums (blessedly my suburb is one of them). But, South Africa will be visited by many people who would not, otherwise, have come to this country. They will see how blessed we are with a benign climate – this mad and sunny country! That alone will be an advertisement which will be carried back to countries throughout the world.

  16. South africa is ready…and will host the event…we need to learn from 9/11 that no matter how ready one is, terrorist and rightwingers like Dirk and his crew are internal, we just have to watch them and I don’t think we need to worry much about negative people, Let Obama stay in America, we will be even more safer without him…atleast Bin Laden won’t try to blow him in South Africa…during our event…Vuvuzela, formula 1 races and bikes rallies sounds the same to me…is it because vuvuzelas are mainly blown by blacks that they are noisier than the bikes…for those who reiterate leaving mzanzi due to their nitty grits, guys do us a favor leave…you have overstayed your welcome…

  17. Douw Steyn says

    If 1% 0f the money spent on eulogising the top brass organising circus and the spoilt rotten and overpaid soccer players was spent on housing, schools, job creation and care of the poorest of the poor RSA would be a better place to live in.

  18. douw,taxpayers money is like business investment which needs to be saved to grow the country`s economy and not be seen as money that must be spent.

    the things that you are raising are things that we as citizens must do themselves.governments have advisors in all departments who will advise them as to where government money should be spent and that means it must be recouped through don`t just wake-up and shout de3velop that clinic or park.

    security must be provided against establishments like eateries,hotels because that`s where mafia caught with unsuspecting public and addict them and hold them right there where in the end they become couriers ,henchmen or prostitutes.

    how`s your establishment?safe from drug or trafficking threats?

  19. vuvuzelas must be banned until their users are responsible and dutiful people who ensure that those near them are not prun e to be harmed by the noise since people spend a lot of money to ear spexialists and hearing instruments after they have been damaged by these vuvuzelas.its about people`s health not race!

  20. As I have said before, 20000 vuvezelas spitting out body fluids over a small space can only cause one thing that a flu vaccine cannot help with…yech.

  21. that is very creative you keep them coming WORLD CUP SECURITY are amazing
    you very good you know that you go man.

  22. banana banana says

    Is anybody selling banana banana flags before June ? if not I will make them available at R20 each.

  23. Ol' Pliny says

    BDC, Thanks for reminding me about noises at bike rallies. That caused me to recall
    my own ‘noise machines’. The Buffalo rally at Lesotho in 1981 was like being in the
    ice age. Despite this, REVellers revved their cold engines into the 16 k’s until they either
    ran out of juice, or the engine went into low orbit. A year later the Buffalo rally was held
    at the caravan park Humewood, Port Elizabeth. I was too sorry for my KJ 750 Kawa to join the REV’ellers. That rally went down in History as the worst in memory. The noise of the bikes only relented a liitle to that
    of ambulances rushing to ferry drag strip racers to the hospital.

    Among the many casualties was a young coloured kid of about twenty who refused to wear his crash
    helmet. He beat his challenger, and at the same time did about four or five somersaults in the air.
    We all bet that he’s a goner. A day later he was back minus all his krus and some teeth, to check
    his wrecked machine. “Please don’t tell my mother.” he said to some reporters before leaving the
    hospital. Undeterred, most loonies just kept on challenging one another on that 100 meter strip.

    Among the fumes of a concoction of the ‘tree of knowledge’ and madrax, was the super fuel used by
    some of the more daring. Some roughies even had open sex orgies in full view of the public. The rally
    was banned the following year. The Phoenix Rally in Cradock 1983 was far tamer. It was truly amazing
    to see how some of the ‘lady’ riders behaved riding bikes and men. That’s when I called it Quits.
    And you guys moan about vuvuzellas – Jeez. BTW, I still have all my rally T shirts.

  24. the vuvuzela. is part of our soccer culture, whover dont like it, dont go for a match dont watch it on tv, dont drive around or leave your house for the duration of the world cup, and sound proof your house/shack/jondol/mansion
    viva vuvuzela!

  25. No chance for terorist unless they are whites! naw but becaful boys, police service is strong like an elephant bone, ready to kick some butt. To all of them u must bw ware, if u shoot them theyl shoot u 2. i love this staff. kill them all if u can boys SAPS,

  26. GatvolinSA says

    Firstly you are being ignorant to assume terrorism knows boundaries in terms of skin color. Arabs are not white yet they have law abiding citizens as well as terrorists. ANY nation of ANY skin color can and often do have terrorists who think nothing of blowing up innocent bystanders to make a political statement. So lets not make racially biased statements without providing concrete evidence to back them up hmm?

    Secondly: It seems to as though your last sentence “…Kill them all if u can boys SAPS…” is somewhat confusing. Are you advocating that citizens of South Africa kill police officers? Or are you advocating that police officers kill criminals bent on terrorism? It reads to me as thought you mean the former in which case you are in fact breaking the law by advocating violence and criminal action, making you an accomplice before the fact if not the mastermind behind any attack taking place on a police officer from this day forward.

    Be warned that this will likely get you into serious hot water if a police officer gets hold of it.

  27. Ol' Pliny says

    Well said GatvolinSA. The saying goes, “Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every
    terrorist is Muslim. Most of us agreed. Well, I checked the net for a little truth, and
    here are a few excerpts gathered: “(America) has had plenty of its own terrorists-
    ‘good’ Christians all. Think of the Ku Klux Klan, dragging innocents from their beds
    at night to lynch them, burning crosses in people’s yards because of their skin color or their beliefs. And
    think of the early British settlers who gave blankets infested withsmallpox to Native Americans.

    “Nagaland Rebels: A Christian terrorist group whose goal is independence from India.
    The Irish Republican Army: A Christian terrorist group that fought for independence from English rule.
    The Tamil Tigers: A political terrorist group seeking independence from Sri Lanka.
    The Red Brigades: A Marxist political group that sought to turn Italy into a Marxist state.
    There there also are terrorist groups in Colombia, the Philippines, Peru, and other countries. None of
    them are Muslim or Isamic.” Unquote

    Of course, we should never forget our own previous Goverment’s acts of terrorism: Blinding and maiming
    blacks, then tossing their bodies out at sea. Their chemical engineer is said to be Wouter Basson.
    They ANC alliance’s former terrorism is well known. Mandela’s name is said to still be on England’s list.
    My blood boils whenever I see pictures of that arrogant Robert Mcbride who murdered innocent people.

    Many have already forgotten how American soldiers humiliated Iraqi prisoners.
    Going back in history, there’s Germany’s holocaust. Even further back, ancient Assyria was the most feared.
    All prisoners were blinded and tortured. It’s all written down in Babylonian cuneiforms.

    The irony of Luks, Selaelo and the rest of their tribe is typical of reverse racism in South Africa.
    Many of us here have previously tried to reason with them, but found it futile. They see Malema in the same
    way as India has Ebony Gods. Avatar’s who descended from heaven in human form. Eternally pure, and
    can never have any imperfections or contamination. He is there God – right or wrong.

  28. banana banana says

    Hey come on guys, whats so great about a couple of men running and kickiing a ball in a net? bored people with nothing better to do sitting on the side cheering together all at once and nobody can hear a damn thing with all the screechings sounds coming out of a plastic horn blasting all out of tune with no melody. This is more like chaos then anything else. Would rather spend the afternoon with my family listening to music that sooths the heart and soul and be able to wake up the next morning feeling good without a headache and pierced eardrums.

  29. Agree with banana it is far more constructive to spend quality time with family and friends then chasing after the masses int mass destruction. Masses are normally wrong and follow each other into nowhere. Quality and not quantity is of the essence. Quality citizens are which builds a nation, sustains dicipline and social responsibilty, nursing and healing the sick, feeding and clothing the poor, visiting the old and weary and sheltering the homeless. Hosting an event that is forgotten when it is over and all monies spent and a aftermath that has left a lot of scars for many is certainly a great concern. Is anybody preparing for all that has to be done when the world cup series is over? Hearing aid specialists will proberly be making a lot of money, some of the lower income group’s family will more then likely have no food with money having been spent on tickets, transport and refreshments at the venues. These are the issues that causes concern, the rich do not have a problem but it is the children with irresponsible parents in the low income group that is going to suffer. We as the public need to address these issues and think about the consequences of the irresponsible and start teaching the masses about basic adult responsibility not just to their own families but also to their fellow citizens.

  30. Ol’ Pliny

    You display all the reasons why I hate you english speakers with such passion with your bullshit statements like this:
    “Of course, we should never forget our own previous Goverment’s acts of terrorism: Blinding and maiming
    blacks, then tossing their bodies out at sea. Their chemical engineer is said to be Wouter Basson.
    They ANC alliance’s former terrorism is well known. Mandela’s name is said to still be on England’s list.
    My blood boils whenever I see pictures of that arrogant Robert Mcbride who murdered innocent people.”

    If that bullshit was true, how come we still see so many of the black plaque? fact is that only the terrorists – let me spell it out english speaker fool; only ones who planted bombs in streets and banks were treated like that…that was to much of good treatmernt anyway, they should have been shoved through a mincer while still alive.

    Now you hang arround here pretending you are a christian but meantime you carry on with your englishspeaker lies – to hell with you and cursed are you and your englisghspeakin buck-teeth family and all!

    Your last statement, all the gods of all the black tribes are dead! These fools exclusively only worship their dead ancestors…so for “mal emma” or mandela to become gods, they need to die fist!


    How do you teach the african masses with their IQ of only 70 anything? You mention caring for the sick, elderly etc. but those who no have the jobs to do so at the hospitals, don’t believe the white man’s higene story and will laugh in your face when reminding them about simple things like washing hands while at the same time babies and patients are dying and hospital managers are gettiinfg transfered from one hospital to the other hoping a transfer will change an idiot into a genius! What a super circus!

    The most basic “adult responsibility” is to teach the fools not to just have two dozen children…beter even, teach them not to have any children at all so we can gt to a point where there are less idiots to look after..

  31. @Gatvolin SA, well u dont see it the way I see it, polose in the last years including the current year thousands die for doing their job, all i am saying is that if a criminal shoot the cope, that pepertrator should know the consequences of breaking the law.

    In racial terorism, plz think of buremach, of Telenche who was killed in his farm recently, think of Mr Visagie who said they will acenge the death of Telebranche, its all obviouse these pple want to kill SA, for thei benefit, that is terorism,

  32. GatvolinSA says

    @Luks: Alright so you were saying then that the persons who broke the law should be killed by the police for it? I apologize if I read it wrong, but in my defense the sentence structure did leave room for ambiguity.

    As for the boeremach, that entire situation is a powder-keg of racial emotion and tension. Wrongs were committed by the boeremach AND by the ANC. I will not be the one to point fingers and say who was more wrong than whom in that case. BOTH sides had it wrong. I do not think that there is ever ANY situation where blowing up movie theaters full of children can be justified, regardless of who felt slighted in what way by whom. I say again that terrorism begins at home through intolerance. ET and various others as well took things to the extreme with the AWB, but various leaders including Madiba took things to the extreme through the ANC as well. BOTH sides created the current situation and both sides will have to pull together to repair the damage.

    There is NO excuse for intolerance of another person. Not skin color, education level, religious affiliations, culture, social norms….nothing. I honestly think that those who think that racial hatred and intolerance of others is alright, should be stripped of their citizenship and kicked out of the country until they learn tolerance. I know that is an impractical thought, but a girl can dream of happier tomorrows can’t she?

  33. We should not judge by colour of skin but by the colour of heart, we have many black, coloured and indian friends who all feel exactly the same about the current crime in our country, some of them have been victims of their own people and this includes whites. Lets just all have the same aim and get the death sentence back for criminals and soon they will get the message that crime and uproars or even xenophobia will not be tolerated. The state unfortunately have been to lenient on criminals and they have far too many rights that they certainly do not deserve. Lets opt for the death sentence. Its been proven in countries where crime is not tolerated and the death sentence is in force do not have much crime at all.

  34. @Gatvolin SA, well thanks men for understanding, my statement, but yes if we look at it, we say bth sides are to be blmed, yes i agree with u, but I hv a problem when comes to reconciliation, they say that we black must reconcile with withes but why, they are ones who brought up flames of war during the time they segregated us.

    They are the ones who arrested and sentenced Mandela years in jail, yet we must reconcile, with them not that I hv a problem with that but, ma question is how can u apologise to someone who slap u on face? nop its not fair they are the one to reconcile with us, and if they dont want to, then pple like JUJU will make them do so, they are the one who stil raise the old fleg, what doez that mean? WAR and WAR my brother.

    @Peace I totally disagree with u, on bringng back the death penalty, cos pple who are innocent die, without proof, but by wrong judgment, not that I say crime is fine, but Martin Luther said that if we say an eye by an eye, ear by ear, then we will leave our society blind.

  35. GatvolinSA says

    I agree that apartheid was wrong. Whatever noble intentions it may have started out with, it lost the plot and became a twisted way of hurting people. Having said that though, remember that a lot of white folks living in SA today were not involved with apartheid. I myself only came to SA as an infant after apartheid had already begun to break down. My maternal grand parents left this country when apartheid was put into place as my grandfather disagreed with it. My paternal ancestors came from London and never set foot in this country during the time of apartheid. Thus my question in my case is this: yes white people put apartheid into play, but should all of us be punished eternally for the actions of a few?

    Why should I be made to pay for something neither I nor my family had anything to do with whatsoever? Would you apologize to someone for slapping his face if you weren’t even born when his face was slapped? I know that my grandfather’s extended family lost people during the apartheid unrest, but I would not ask you to apologise for that as you were likely not personally involved.

    I think that the individuals who perpetrated apartheid should be made to pay for the crimes of that regime. However that should be handled by the courts and not by the common man on the street. If every one of us takes the law into our own hands, all it will get us is bloodshed and anarchy. I agree that harsher punishments are needed as a deterent for criminals, but the death penalty is not the way to go.

    We have people working in menial jobs and honestly nobody really wants to work as a toilet cleaner (but you take what you can get). So my idea is to borrow from the American people and put the criminals into chain gangs. March them out in the morning under armed guard and put them to work in the communities repairing the roads and picking up the litter along the roads etc. Make them earn their keep for a change instead of getting a free ride. Take away their luxuries like television and education and conjugal visits etc and let them earn them by showing a genuine desire to reform. Those who show a genuine desire to rejoin society can then be rewarded with access to education programs and such other luxuries. The ones with no desire to reform can stay on the chain gangs and spend their lives doing hard physical labor for free for the government.

    If anyone has a better idea I would love to hear it.

  36. Gatvol in SA and Luks,

    Nagging about apartheid all the time – you sound pathetic. Can anybody perhaps look just one inch deeper into the situation and ask yourself “why was apartheid introduced and under what rule was it introduced – remember now to look back as far as 1912 and further back – you will find that crime was the reason for apartheid introduced under english rule – the very same twofaced english speakers who can’t stop nagging about apartheid and who can’t stop blaming Afrikaners for it!

    If I was an english speaker I would shove my head up my own backside and drown in my own shit rather than blaming anybody or singing the nagging song

  37. GatvolinSA, Chaingangs may work when dealing with humans who hate crime…in a place like africa where governments are criminals, where the biggest criminal of all are being declared a saint ( like that mandela terrorist) or become president, where the largest part of society are criminals, you will find that those criminals will have more rights than the other’s and hard labour is called “monstrocities” and all kinds of empty meaningless funny sounding english words – what’s wrong wiith you english speaker? Are you still “full of apartheid”?

  38. GatvolinSA says

    @ Dirk: Nagging about English speakers all the time – you sound pathetic.

    PLEASE for the love of all things holy get your effing facts straight before you start slinging shite around. I am NOT English in spite of the fact that it is one of my home languages. I have told you this before many times so either you are simply being deliberately obtuse or you really are too much of a moron to be able to understand English which is an international language (unlike Afrikaans which is simply a bastardized version of Nederlands)

    I suggest that you go back and read my posts again this time with your tweetalige woordeboek open so you may look up the meaning of my words.
    I was not at any time “nagging”. I was stating fact and asking the opinion of a person who was engaging in conversation with me. The comments I made were relevant to the topic of conversation. If that to you constitutes “nagging” then please feel free to stop nagging and whining and bleating and crying about English speakers. There are more English speaking people the world over than there will ever be people who speak Afrikaans. I speak both. I also speak smatterings of at least 6 other languages so kindly refrain from attempting to label me.
    Faninga wena to have apana constructive to say. Nyarara wena!


  39. Ol' Pliny says

    Gatvol, the only persons foolish enough to reason with Dirk have given up,
    er, except for shrinks who may see him through their business $eyes$.
    If one has to argue, (not reasons) the way he daoes, then if a plain, fresh out of Oranje
    Frikie Ferdinand van der Vyver boer has to offer his opinion in this here Daily Dispatch,
    which chose English – not on account of being all souties, but because,
    a) It’s a universal language whether spoken in Gaelic, Pidgeon, or Fanagalo.
    b) The majority of it’s readers, black, tan, yellow or white, are mostly Emglish speaking.
    then that boer is now becomes equal in IQ to that of all Blacks which he claims is 70.
    Don’t bother to ask him where he got that figure.

    It bothers me to no end that for many months I defended his outbursts.
    This man needs no friends – what hope for his enemies.
    Perhaps we should rather look at the humour in all his outbursts.
    He’d make an excellent speaker in a debate with Malema – Think on that.

    I actually look forward to his posts. He reminds me of that ‘Worst 4 by 4 by far’
    politician Koos Vd Merwe. That guy has an answer for everything you can throw
    his way. I love all his speeches in parliament. But then, he’s mostly sensible.
    Er, by the way Gatvol, my ma was ook ‘n boer.

  40. GatvolinSA says

    @ Pliny Point taken. I usually do not bother to respond to morons once they have proven their lack of IQ, but he caught me at the end of a bad day and suffering mild sleep deprivation 😛
    Waar het jou mense geboer? Myne het in die Vrystaat geboer voordat hulle Rhodesia toe getrek het. Miskien ken ons gesins mekaar wel goed 😛
    My Oupa was Van Der Merwe gewees.

  41. Ol' Pliny says

    Gatvol, My ma, askuus vir die waltz, dis mos hier ‘n engelse pos.
    My mother’s father was Jonker. (If only it could have been of diamond fame)
    She grew up in Humefield near Klipplaat in the early 1900’s at the time of the
    big drought. All oubaas Jonker’s cattle died and they were left destitute.
    My mother had to go to Port Elizabeth to look for work.

    She eventually got a job at the Steeldrill clothing manufacturers under a Jewboy
    named Kaplan who paid peanuts to all the poor boere.
    No wonder the garment workers striked around 1940. I was a young boy then
    and had to watch how the onookers through rubbish at the strikers.
    So, I know what it was like in those days to go to school barefoot in Winter.

    My wife’s side are Potgieters. They were from Northern Transvaal.
    Perhaps you may have heard of that boxer Ewart Potgieter.He was a giant of a man.
    Something like that man in the song, Big, bad John.
    My wife’s mother was also very tall. She married a donnerse rooi nek who was
    propecting diamonds and they later moved from Mafeking, askuus, Mafikeng
    to dig around Gong-Gong and Barkley West. That’s when I met my wife.
    I was a Station foreman, sorry, Stasie Voorman doing relief work anywhere
    between kookpot Thabazinbi and leeu in die bos, Acornhoek.

    For the first two years of my married life we spoke nothing but Afrikaans.
    It took that much time to unboer after ten years amongst them.
    (Just joking to make Dirk smile a little – or work out another attack)
    “Fluit, fluit, en die Engelsman se story is uit.”

  42. GatvolinSA says

    @ Ol’ Pliny. My maternal grandmother was Britz and my grandfather was Van der Merwe. My mother married a rooinek but they raised all the children in the dutch heritage. My paternal grandmother was a crowfoot and I shall not tell you what my father’s family name was as it was French and I guarantee it will be taken the wrong way here 😛

    The boer farmers may have struggled with their lot in life, but if there was one thing they knew how to do it was make a very little go a very long way. I am still practicing my grandmother’s style of needlecraft to this day and my mother still makes jams and preserves at home as does my sister. My grandfather left for Rhodesia after an Englishman convinced him to invest in a “sure deal” which resulted in him losing everything. In two generations my family has moved across borders twice due to political unrest. I was born in Rhodesia and came to South Africa at the age of 2. I am forbidden to go home to the land of my birth, so I adopted the land of my mother and I will fight for her to my last breath.
    My mother’s family can trace our roots all the way back to queen Beatrix of Holland (which is why I refuse to be identified as English). My husband’s family can trace their roots all the way to the queen of Orange. I grew up speaking both English and Afrikaans as well as Shonna and Zulu. I am very very rusty in the latter two though 😛

  43. Ol' Pliny says

    Thanks Gv in SA. Here’s hoping this will plug Dirk’s acrimony.
    Most of us in this post believe in free speech. Which is why Wonkie has let
    Dirk have his rope and hang on it. There is nothing wrong with him airing
    his views – that’s what Wonkie wants. Both White and Black, Boer and
    Brit all have make good points here – including Dirk, which I have found
    noteworthy. Black government has indeed made life hard for whites.
    But, there are better ways of putting this across without alienating the few
    friendly Blacks who share our views.

    Regarding the World cup theme, I reckon it’s a waste of time and money.
    It will attract more crime, greed, corruption and peril. Full stop !!!

  44. Abanye abantu bavula imilomo ngathi, kuse kuseni lamsuzo wakusasa, umbiza kanjani u Mandela i terorist, Dirk, intlonipho ayikho kuwe, ndincamile, for OL Pliny and Gatvolin SA, guyz, the word for afrikaans makes me to outburst boils my blood to death, especially after what I have seen yesterday in 3rdegree.

    The aparthied system is still on and it will never end not today for the time being, that some people are stil stack in the past, the time for old fleg is over, let alone punching the camera men, in the face because he is black, nd be fined 3 000, thats full of shit, Dirk no, no, no, no, our uncestors he does not respect for them, I wish i can see face to face, so that I know wich racial segregation u belong to.

  45. World cup security, I think Wonkies column needs security with all the racists flinging mud at each other it seems this column has become a personal insulting debate. Where are your moral obligations to society? everybody alive has a right to live but not a right lets rather get together and act against the evil criminals, those taking lives should be excecuted. Most S Africans are fed up with the current crime, corruption etc etc and that should be eliminated from our society. May God ‘s Divine Intervention take place soon.

  46. Hoza SA hosa,the world cup need a serious security. Many people will be rooming around the country and others will lose their lives. Be aware African!

  47. I see the Columbian players have been robbed of their money! They were also robbed on the field! What an advertisement for South Africa. I cannot see tourists coming from that country. We should be ashamed of ourselves. This would never happen in Switzerland

  48. Gatvol, My ma, askuus vir die waltz, dis mos hier ‘n engelse pos.
    My mother’s father was Jonker. (If only it could have been of diamond fame)
    She grew up in Humefield near Klipplaat in the early 1900’s at the time of the
    big drought. All oubaas Jonker’s cattle died and they were left destitute.
    My mother had to go to Port Elizabeth to look for work.

    She eventually got a job at the Steeldrill clothing manufacturers under a Jewboy
    named Kaplan who paid peanuts to all the poor boere.
    No wonder the garment workers striked around 1940. I was a young boy then
    and had to watch how the onookers through rubbish at the strikers.
    So, I know what it was like in those days to go to school barefoot in Winter.

    My wife’s side are Potgieters. They were from Northern Transvaal.
    Perhaps you may have heard of that boxer Ewart Potgieter.He was a giant of a man.
    Something like that man in the song, Big, bad John.
    My wife’s mother was also very tall. She married a donnerse rooi nek who was
    propecting diamonds and they later moved from Mafeking, askuus, Mafikeng
    to dig around Gong-Gong and Barkley West. That’s when I met my wife.
    I was a Station foreman, sorry, Stasie Voorman doing relief work anywhere
    between kookpot Thabazinbi and leeu in die bos, Acornhoek.

    For the first two years of my married life we spoke nothing but Afrikaans.
    It took that much time to unboer after ten years amongst them.
    (Just joking to make Dirk smile a little – or work out another attack)
    “Fluit, fluit, en die Engelsman se story is uit.”

  49. Viva World Cup Soccer in SA! As saw on and in the media the security looks tip top and very scairy(hope for the criminals also) but eww, Barak Obama is the most scairy BBP of them all for the criminals here, he brings along 3000 of his people to protect him!

  50. Why cant I find the estimated cost of the world cup security to approximate against the Canadian G 20 costs which is for a much shorter time period?Is there a cover up here too?

  51. After having read the above comments i would like to make the following comment:I agree and disagree with every argument but refrain to comment as I believe” don’t argue with an idiot they have the ability to bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience!

  52. Ol' Pliny says

    In other words Wayne, you’re a Johnnie-come-lately who has nothing to offer,
    but much to condemn.
    Sorry if this offends you, but we are all proud of our idiotic experience.
    How dull the world would be if there where no hopefuls among all the critics.

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