The New Zimbabwe cartoon

The New Zimbabwe

The New Zimbabwe Cartoon

The parallels are amazing – are they not? I imagine this is something that people that did not grow up under the ANC will be able to see more clearly. I have no doubt the hope and respect that Mr Mugabe commanded when he first took the reins of Zimbabwe were equivalent to that experienced by the ANC in 1994.

I do normally like to see patterns in nature, but I don’t like this one. Let’s be positive and hold our breaths for a more optimistic future of South Africa and hope things don’t play out like the Zimbabwe end game.

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  1. We have our problems but you’re crazy to even compare Zimbabwe and South Africa.. our situations are completely different. Our constitution is stronger and we have stronger checks and balances in place to ensure our democracy is protected

  2. Julius, I hope your surname is not “Malema” (or Silima, or something akin to the ANCYL contraption called their president).

    Not only are the two comparable, BUT South Africa seems to be going down the drain even faster than Zim did. It’s just a matter of time… really. NO constitution ever prevented the rise of a despot. Time and again, mass psychology and the unreasoning nature of the masses have propelled the most unbelievable personalities to the highest office of responsibility in a country (the Zim and RSA situation being a case in point; USA had some technical glitches around their electoral law that saw Bush rise to similar prominence, so their situation is not comparable).

    Wake up and smell the coffee!!!

  3. Julius the comparison could not be more relevant if it stood up and slapped you in the face.. I think your optimism is clouding your judgement my friend!

    Nda – you’re 100% right about the mass psychology.. in fact I think it is relevant even in the US.. People voted for Bush for the second term because they could ‘relate’ to him more than they could to Kerry – not because they thought his policies were better than Kerry’s. Everyone is following ANC blindly into an abyss without thinking and holding them accountable.. that is a recipe for disaster. If individuals like Zuma are above the law because of political manipulation it’s the first step to SA becoming like Zimbabwe – it’s sad but TRUE

  4. Julius,
    PLEASE don’t put all your eggs in one basket!!!! LOL Remember TUTU, Zim has a breadbasket of Africa, today its currency is a joke. More realistically, Monopoly money is worth more…
    We are on our way at a snails pace but moving towards that!!!
    If our govt is corrupt and stops all those prosecuting them, manipulating the justice system.. thats to name a few tactics!!!
    The govt knows the outcome of the Zim crises… they know the international community talk and won’t act, so, they’ve got their answers clear… Do what you want, ruin what you want and then blame colonialism and freedom when the West speaks. BRILLIANT BUT TRUE. ALEX, YOU HEAD THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!!!!!!
    If the ANC is above the law, how can we not be like Zim. Mugabe changes laws to suit his needs…
    What are you going to do when the ANC run SA dry? They will start manipulating the business world and thereafter plead for aid like Zim but not want to share power or reform.
    MADIBA has stayed quiet, ask yourself why?
    Watching from a distance, he knows whats right but won’t speak… maybe the fear of the same people that supported him may now be his opposition. The Scorpions has been flushed down the toilet because of its success just in the wrong direction.

    • Elias Pobe says

      African countries and their presidents / despots do not criticize others because their might be next in the dock being accused of the same atrocities. Zuma has the same makeup and is compounded by lack of education. The Nkandla saga is a clear sign of a dictator trait. And suddenly the report is classified and might not see the light of the day. He us compromised in many ways than in SA president. The man cannot live within his means and is using the loop holes in the ministerial handbook for tax payers to foot the bill towards his extravagant life style. The situation can only get worse when he relinquishes power. I personally feel sorry for him going forward!

      However, I must hastily mention that Julius Malema is also another Idi Amin in the making. He is obsessed with racial issues that he does not see anything positive in others (especially whites). He the kind and type the will swiftly bring us to the political precipice! A true dictator of all time.

  5. TOM…… you cannot see how are you blinded by the media always putting blame and false allegations on Jacob ZUma.. they have NEVER PROVEN that he has done anything wrong because he has NOT
    You don’t see everything the ANC has done for us.. saved us from apartheid and now you treat them like this – comparing them to MUGABE regime. When ANC are blaming things from the past, its because its true – we are still living in the legacy of what the white man has done.. our oppression, low education evreything.. it will take time to change

    AND PLEASE DO NOT TALK ABOUT MADIBA!!! He has enough courage to speak out if what he does not agree with what he sees.. he has chosen to retire and not be involved and it is his right – he has earned it!!!

  6. Tom – excellent points!! I also think the Scorpions were scrapped because they were finding things against senior leaders in the ANC.. what better way to avoid the truth being exposed than to get rid of the body trying to expose it!

    Julius – regardless of the allegations against Zuma, the country would have a lot more faith in the system not heading down Zimbabwe’s path if a formal enquiry were processed and then Zuma found innocent instead of it just ‘disappearing’ as though it was never a matter to begin with.

    Don’t get me wrong Julius – I’m NOT saying Zuma is guilty – I am just saying the country’s process should be such that if there is doubt in the minds of the voting public and the NPA, then these allegations should be fully investigated and cleared – not swept under the carpet. This is only sending the message that the ANC will chose what it decides it wants to follow up on legally and if it doesn’t suit them, they will disgard the issue – that is not correct.

  7. Julius,
    thats true, Madiba has earned the right. I have just drew a comparison as Madiba has stayed silent.
    The ANC has steered us to democracy, we have the freedom to live and go where we please. Thats it!!!!!
    Why is it that everyone in govt is trying to win the elections and what will they do?
    I will vote ANC if they publically announce their visions and rule in law that the law may take it’s course irrespective of title,race, political beliefs.
    Guarantee the constition is safe and parliament will not rule in favour of amending it to suit the needs of certain individuals.
    secondly, why go ahead of disbanding the scorpions? They need us to vote now but ignore our calls to stop pursuing things that we see as unfair during their term?
    What makes you so sure that once re elected into power, they will utilize the power in the way that they visioned when they fought for such freedom and power?
    Boitemelo, your points are so true…… I dont doubt JZ, however, procrastination and avoidance has raised questions!!!!!
    Julius, who in the ANC has done alot for us?
    Those members have left, retired or removed by favouritism for certain members.
    Watch the documentary on SABC this sunday coming…. Thabo and Zumu say their bond was that of brothers…. maybe more….
    Why did they not resolve thier issues behind closed doors and work their differences out?
    My fear….. what will hapen to us, the people once we have elected the party that drove us to democracy…. they have made us believe that their ideals and visions of their forefathers were forgotten.
    Aparthid has been left in the past, we cannot change what happend but surely shape our futures.

  8. the ANC have some good points…..
    The free education will be a benefit as well as slowly move us away from unemployent as more of the population has access to education….
    The basic grant will work but how do we know that the system will not be abused?
    The masses that vote are unemployed and depend on theses grants????
    Why not take the same money and create employment……..???????????????
    Is that going to solve our problems???? Our problems have only begun……
    cheap labour is ataboo but a true answer as more will be employed (earn less yes) but the pie just got divided into more.
    Why cant we vote every year for more important developments and occurances that only when votes are needed for election times.
    Why do we have to depend on parliament to make decisions on our behalf even if it’s not in our best interests????????????

  9. Tom sorry – a lot of these things look good on the surface but if you dig a bit they look more like empty promises which are only designed to win votes.

    The ANC has had the opportunity to deliver against these development agendas for some time now and suddenly pre-election fever sets in and they start promising things again they will not be able to deliver. The economy is headed for recession here as it is in the rest of the world.. where is the money for this public spending going to come from if businesses are struggling to survive? Does Mr Zuma think he can do a Mugabe and just print more money to distribute to his voters.. sounds like it’s 1 step closer to Zimbabwe to me.

    Zuma is hitting all the hot spots for the bulk of the voting population with his promises… grants, free this, free that, and the latest.. speed up land reform. It would be great to see how he plans on funding all this. Maybe he’ll tax the BEE fatcats extra to feed the poor.. haha.. no chance!

  10. Boitemelo,
    thats logical……
    but how do we get to educate these voters that they are being misled?

  11. Those who support the ANC will blindly follow it into the abbys, making it’s excuses as they go. Those who do not support the ANC would rather stick needles in their eyes than see good in them. The revolution is over. The revolutionaries must step aside now. Their task is fulfilled. We need new blood in parliament who can mentally move on and put South Africa first, or we will become the new Zimbabwe for sure.

  12. Let’s face it….the ANC is good at making empty promises to their people! Just like Buffoon Mugabe! However, just as in Zimbabwe, the ruling party can’t deliver. They don’t have a clue on how to govern!….. and as our country’s infrastructure is crumbling (Electricity,Water, Airline, Provincial & Municipal Service levels) we look more like a Zimbabwe

  13. A vote for the ANC is a vote for a name. The ANC is not the ANC that helped bring democracy, the same way Mugabe changed.

  14. Julius, Julius,Julius. Im disappointed by reading your comments and I dont believe you are actually crediting the ANC for what has already been done. Yes they had a mandate and for the past years things where all good and healthy but now things have changed bro. Ok let me ask you 2 questions. Was Zuma not part of the cabinet that formed the Scorpions?(If he was then y is it only being dismantled now as it has worked wonders)(its like dismantling a winning formula)….Second Question….. Do u think Mandela, Mbeki and all the other politicians who’ve worked restless for this democracy can jus keep this quiet if there is nothing wrong?
    If u think theres nothing wrong bro, then look back about a year ago when peeps where saying there is no crisis in Zim…….

    Come 2 years, u will b looking for a better home cause SA will be in Shambles…



  17. I so agree with Rus & Carlin. If you read my blog on, i mention the exact same thing…I plan on making my voice heard loud and clear.

    Well lets hope something good comes from next year’s election

  18. Julius:If you think S A is alot different than ZIM you are busy stating you lack of knowledge and confirming that you are deserving of a government like the ANC who’s main goal is self-enrichment.Wake up and open your eyes to what is really happening in Africa.

  19. Here we go again…it has taken Zimbabwe 28 years to be where it is today…People with intellect and foresight must have foreseen it but cared less or were busy minding their own business and letting Mugabe did as he pleased.
    Now, the question, “can South Africa becoming like Zimbabwe?” In just a few weeks we have seen and heard the likes of Malema making threats about killing for Zuma. We have also witnessed the current ANC leadership not calling him to order at the time but waited to get secured in their position before flexing their muscles.
    With Zuma as the President of the ANC and Malema as the President of the ANC Youth League…this says a lot about us South Africans in relations to what I’ve alluded to regarding Zimbabwe.
    The most pertinent question we as South Africans needs to ask ourselves is whether these two leaders serves as a yard stick to measure us as South African. What we present to the world is the best among us in terms wisdom, moral standing and leadership. Is this the best South Africa can produce? Can these two leaders represent us at the G8 meeting? Hey, come on South African, wake up and smell the coffee.
    Do these leaders posses the necessary aptitude, insight and foresight to sit around table with other world leaders and make significant contribution regarding the current economic challenges, global warming, HIV & Aids Pandemic, etc.
    In both the private sector and government in today’s world some key position requires one to possess a certain level of education qualification. One would have thought this specific requirements would have been in the constitution of our young democracy, in order to safeguard the country from populists who galvanises their follower from our historically disadvantaged communities. South Africans need to understand that for one to occupy a certain office you will need to prove yourself academically, otherwise we would be taking the entire country 60 years back. Today we live in a globalised world, the world of technology at every corner, so please let us compete on equal footing at the world stage.
    As we have been seeing that the Americans have chosen the smartest and brightest man and woman in their country to lead them during the current economic turmoil, what about us. I hope we are not that daft not to learn from other nations…
    Empty arrogance says “there is no Cholera,” when victims are lying in hospitals and many are dying or dead from it.
    Empty arrogance says “crime is not out of control,” when the prisons are full to capacity and the police have become the perpetrators of crime.
    Empty arrogance makes one lose sight of reality.

  20. In fact Zimbabwe is doing better than SA in some ways – for example a vastly superior education system capable of producing children who can actually read, write and calculate. Other than that, Zim generally points the way we are heading – no health system, destroyed roads, collapsed public security, spreading poverty, failing electricity supply, stuffed shirts with their snouts in the trough playing at being politicians – the normal consequences of African ‘liberation’. The ANC has been a total disaster and COPE will be no better – its just competing for space in the feeding trough! Thank God there is still a USA, Australia, New Zealand.

  21. Tom.. educating the masses to make informed decisions is for me one of the biggest challenges South Africans face today. If voters are taught what they should expect from government and their leaders and get them to hold government accountable to deliver against expectations, we will be well on our way to becoming a first world country, and as far different as possible from Zimbabwe.

    How to do this is the question. Logically, since the general public constituting the mass of the voters follow personalities rather than policy in making their decisions what is needed is someone as strong popularity-wise as Zuma that is a TRUE man of the people. Willing to show not only that the ANC has not delivered but also how he/ she plans on delivering against promises and be credible about it. Such a leader needs to stand up now.

    Personally while I believe Cope is a good step forward for democracy in SA, I don’t think they have any direction other than “WE’RE NOT ANC”. I also feel the DA will remain poorly positioned with the black public in terms of being a credible opposition. I think we will have to wait for our Obama to come from the masses – I have not seen him/ her yet.

    ZAMA… I have to say – an excellent comment. We can only hope our people are not going to sit around and simply accept promises blindly any longer. Arrogance in leadership is something that should be tempered with accountability – Motlanthe and his crew must be held FULLY to account by the South African public for the mess in Zimbabwe that could have been averted by South Africa – NOT for not being a conscientious neighbour but rather as severe lack of proper leadership resulting in SOUTH AFRICA suffering from the fallout in Zimbabwe – disease, immigration, to mention two of the main issues.

  22. We cannot compare South Africa to Zimbambwe but we must also be careful because the situation is deteriorating with our leaders fighting for power like that. yes we differ from Zimbambwe, but we the influx of foreigners coming into the country as the pleas, things are ought to come to the worst in few coming years. Look, now the South African citizens are scared now with the people of Zimbwambwe coming into the country with contagious CHOLERA with a death toll estimated to above 700 people dead. South Africa must do something about this because I dont know what would happen in the next 10 years with foreigners clouding our country like this. Also, crime will never go down because those people (foeigners) are willing to do anything just to feed themselves, even it means to kill.

    If World leaders can be able to help poor countries like Zimbambwe to get on its feet so that people can get a better place to live in and create jobs for them in their country, this may reduce the influx of immigrants going to South Africa.

  23. According to my calculation. Under black rule SA=Zim in 7years

  24. Analist – I’m sure everyone here would love to know how you arrived at your calculation. Also, if you have associated research for how long South Africa would last under White, Indian, and Chinese rule please feel free to communicate those figures too.

    Tom, Zama – I agree with Boitumelo’s comment below re: educating the voting public. It’s a slow process the first step of which has to be someone respected and credible taking the lead as a man (or woman!) of the people. South Africans need to learn to complain constructively when they are not happy about service delivery from elected officials – if the voting public cannot enforce this accountability, the leadership have an open ticket to do as they please which is pretty much what happened in Zimbabwe.

  25. analist you being a rasist – how can you make this calculation and say it is because of black rule. I’m sure you were happy when it was the white rule and things are not so easy for you anymore.. you cant sit around and do nothing like before.

    jerry – they are dismantling the scorpions now because it HAS worked.. they have controlled most of the corruption and are not needed in the same capacity as before. it is a logical decision to do it now. And the reason mbeki, MADIBA and so on are quiet now is because nothing is wrong.. you believe too much the media propaganda aimed to attack the ANC and our leaders.. also you Tom

    Jan – as for you comment.. I think you are still living in the past. things are better for OUR people. Jacob Zuma is not rich – he did not get rich in his position. he is a man of our people.. making progress for land reform etc.. it is NOT for his personal gain.. you are only jealous us because your time for easy life is over now – you have to work like how we suffered before.

    Lucky…… you are right! the foreigners coming here from zimbabwe is a lot at fault for our crime problems and cholera and so on. Zimbabwe need international support to stop them introducing problems in south africa. I believe Kgalema Motlanthe will solve this problem when he help make the new government there.

  26. Julius, I have no idea what you’re smoking but I hope you plan on sharing it with the rest of us. You’re entitled to your own opinion but I have to say your comment is just stupid with no basis in reality.

  27. Having recently returned from a employment contract in Harare, I could clearly see all the parallels between SA & Zim. Just listening to all the rhetoric & seeing rapidly deteriorating standards all over is enough to convince me.
    Most “Souf Efricans” seem to have the ostrich-syndrome when it comes to waking up to reality around us in our beautiful country.

  28. It is shame to see our parents being fooled in this manner, the ANC is playing mind games and using history “the apartheid era” as a tool gain their votes. It is true that our country is slowly becoming like Zimbabwe and what is more said is the fact that there is nothing that one can do about it unless you are an ANC.

  29. South African people, your to fast to forget. By less than 20 years you forget what ANC done for you, and what make it worse you forget what white people done for our country and black people, and now you turn you back and put our ANC on the hot water, simple because you what to impress you bossess(white people). S-shame my people, in some of the God scripts it said: now you turn your back on ME,Time will tell and you will seek me and you won’t find me. it’s true tym will tell lekoate and his company will seek ANC one day and they will not find it. Your kinds and grndchildren will send all blame to you, when they heard that you sold their own freedom that brought by ANC, your children they will cry seeking ANC, but no one will tell them truty! people dot kill this organisation, dot pay to kill our ANC, your children need this organisation.VIVA COMRADE PRESIDENT JACOB ZUMA! VIVA!

  30. People, ppl stop it! hey guys, lets me remind you something guys abt Zimbabwe, One Zimbabwe is not one of SA provinces is another country. Two live Zimbabwe alone and focus to what is happening in our country. Three Zimbabwe is not read to govern by western countries, and that is good we need the countries like Zimbabwe that can say no to Britain and America:The gods of the world.

  31. My PRESIDENT! My PRESIDENT! Julias Malema, My president! My President! Anc my home, Anc my home! Jacob Zuma, My President, President,President!”siya vaya” no more turning back, “siya vaya”, Rule ANC, Rule, rule until Jesus Christ come back! Viva ANC, VIVA!

  32. Holani mbhovo says


  33. Holani mbhovo says

    ARE YOUR READY TO VOTE FOR DA? ARE YOU READY TO VOTE FOR DA? ohh my black people, dot be fooled by DA. Before you decide to go and vote DA next year, i want all black people to visit DA website or branches to see their new flag. you won’t be surprised, since in the new logo/FLAG Da decided to copy South African flag and make it for them, i mean their colors of new logo/flag that their telling ppl that they change it because they read to govern! lets me tell you joke abt this flag/logo for DA, The copy all the colurs fromSouth African colurs, you can name it! but in intention they decided not to include the black colour. the motive behind they no that no black person can be the face of their party! ask Shirimane he is aware of this. to add salt to that pain instead of black they had give a white colour N.B THAT MEAN WHITE PEOPLE, a big space than other colours. that means the new logo of DA mean that their read to serve white ppl from BEE nad revirse everything that we achieved in the past 14 years. Wake up black ppl, DA is not your Home. VIVA ANC VIVA!

  34. theglassbird says


  35. theglassbird says

    I shouldn’t even acknowledge that last comment Holani, but I think its that kind of warped reasoning and sensationalism devoid of any facts that a Mugabe/Dictator type government would use to rile people up, make them angry and cloud their judgement. Twisting the perception of peoples/parties ‘motives’, villifying any minority group political/ethnic or otherwise and any other tactic to mobilise the masses in your favour by manipulating their emotions instead of satisfying them through good governance, well that can lead to all kind of violence and irrational support for an incompetent leader.

    If this is how the majority of ANC supporters feel then I am scared for the future.

  36. In my opinion there are some that agree and too many that disagree.
    Those who disagree will later regret because they all are living in the past.
    Take a dog for example…. a loyal playful pet…. when it get rabies and attacks the kids it has to be put down….. Why ? he was good, playful, loyal…. similar, the freedom fighters have won our dream of freedom.
    But the new leadership has misled the masses with this. It’s my opinion. i may be correct or not, but that is how i feel.
    Holani mbhovo, you are very observant, i would say a bit too much….. observe your political choice and see what you can figure out. you only want to see what you want to see and deny any further thought.
    A coalition govt is the answer…. nobody has absolute control.
    Tell me, why is it we can elect them to parliament, but we cannot choose what parliament wants?
    Analist???????? what are your calculations based on?????
    I disagree fully, Alex Erwin ——– opinion????????
    Black rule can take SA into the future……
    I stand for black rule, chinese, indian,coloured, white as long as there are competent people addressing the interest of the people……
    Zim is different as well as the circumstances, what many fear is a we have a feint distorted similarity and we need to address it now….. If the political parties fear losing power…. what will happen when the ensure continuous power by amending our beloved constitution………..

  37. theglassbird says

    I agree in a sense with you Tom, but a pet? The ANC is a bit to powerful, over capitalised and manipulative to be a pet. What would be nice is just some balance in parliment to the opposition, something to keep the ANC in check. Their ideals are pretty good but Andrew Feistein made a brilliant point in ‘After the Party’.
    They can do whatever the hell they want to. They have organised comittees to follow up on all the government spending and scandals like the arms deal, like Scopa, but those same comittees are made up of junior politicians whose careers will be destroyed if they dare challenge the might of the NEC or accuses heavyweights like Zuma who are backed by internal alliances. As a member of the ANCYL at varsity the first thing you learn is to back the right person, to be part of an internal alliance (just like survivor) so that you have people who back you all the way.
    People always slam Lekota and Shilowa for not saying anything or making any changes while they were in power. What would’ve happened if they didn’t ‘go with the flow?’. Nobody would’ve known them. They wouldn’t have gotten far enough in the ANC to get any supporters like they do now. Yes its rotten, yes its wrong, but its politics, and to stand up to the absolute monolith and monopoly that the ANC is takes strength and conviction.
    The ANC may well be the best party to lead us out of our ‘tragic past’. But if there is no competition, no one to keep them in line, if the majority of the voters blindly follow them as if they are still the same ANC that had no billions of rands and only wanted to make things better with no reward, then it will be our own stupidity that leads us to ruin.
    A word on monopolies like the ANC. Monopolies like Coca cola and starbucks started because their product was the best for the public, because in mind they wanted to produce the highest quality. Now they have a niche in the market and so much capital they can endlessly churn out the same thing, changing the design and names of their product, undercutting competition through unfair advantages, and no other company has the resources or supporters to stand up and challenge them on such a scale.
    Monopolies serve a purpose at first, but in the long run they are bad. Politics, economics, religion, monopolies only lead to extortion and abuse of resources.
    The funniest thing is, is that in a society where we see white capatilism as evil and the source of poverty, and our government is supposed to be a more communist (well a liberal democracy is supposed to be a bit of both) in spreading resources. We ignore the obvious capatilist monopoly they have through mass manipulation and control in politics, and that as a monopoly they have the power, the support and the resources to pretend they’re giving us the highest quality product by squashing the competition and giving the majority whatever keeps them happy financially.

  38. Firstly bloggers warn against the DA, but if the DA is voted in and proves unsatisfactory and racist it can be voted out again. If things are very bad a vote of no confidence would probably carry and lead to an early election. This is democracy. They do not govern well for all citizens – vote them out.
    Also the ANC fought with others (like the DA’s Helen Suzman) to bring democracy to our country. Do not forget those others and the goodwill of the then electorate that voted yes in the referendum, essentially extending democracy to all South Africans. The New South Africa is absolutely better than the old. Which was unsustainable and morally indefensible, ie. just plain wrong. What we want however is not just an improvement on the old SA – we want the best that is possible given our resources, and that is a lot more than we have now. We want the best life possible for all our people. The aim is to be THE BEST WE CAN BE.

  39. Only Zimbabwe must be blame. Only Suddam Husein must be hanged! huhh, is fun and fun enough. yes America the superior of the world; one nation in this world, unless we can add ur friends Israel so u can be two! u said Mugambe and his ppl must suffer and get american sanctions.yes u did it, well done my boy, girl! but the question still come why u done that. and ur stupid answer is i was protecting the human rights. stop the america….is Israel ur big brother or friend, dot answer i know the answer. Do u ever read their scripture, i know u believe on their scripture called bible, is fun. u protect human being rights, i think is ur tym now to do the same to Israel because their killing palestein ppl and their human being and wat worse is not only palestein but they killed many ppl from the time of their father Jacob, moses, saul, david and many more and no one is hanged.

    Now they claim that israel belong to them and we know that they lied and tell the world that their God, God of war give their forefathers the palestein country….wat a such liar israel, that place u cliam is urs is not urs i think u know it better, it belong to those palestein ….so stop killing the native of that country and give them the freedom they deserve as u deserved it the tym u was at egypt.

    America, hang the president of Israel he owe the justice!If u dot, it will mean that ur bais and u must stop telling Misleading the world and leave Zimbabwe alone because u cant solve wat is close with u…….imagine the world million ppl leave on 20 km square…..shame palestain ur in jail in ur country, own land because u trusted foreighners more than ur eyes……………………..Long leave palestain long leave!

  40. ya ma ra swilo swa humelela,timbangi leswi ti bisaka swona u nga hlamala ngopfu, hi ku ti ku komba swilo swo hambanahambana ndzi tsundzuka siku ndzi nga nwela exikobyanini mati ya ri karhi ya khuluka swinene magandlati ya ndzi koka ya ndzi cukumetela e kule swinene i vi ndzi tsemeka makendze
    i vi ndzi fa inkomu stop smoking dagga jerry and blame others that must give u pull……wat wrong with man?

  41. Vutisani Zinja Hlongwane says

    Tom,i comment to your issue of new leadership has mislead us……in ur last comments…i think you got it wrong man…instead of nw leadership u sopposed to say the leadesrhip of Mbheki, Lekoate, and Mbhazima has failed us man…the new leadership hey have less than six months on the ride and so far lets the heaven witns….our new leadesrhip created the best to all south african…they manage to escape from pressure of the world high economy …..and they won…..they manage to convise the investors that there’s no crisis in SA….THIS IT WS DE TYM WEN PPL TRY TO TELL DE WORLD DT THE GOVERNMENT OF ANC HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH INVESTORS.

  42. SEBREL MKHARI says


  43. If u think that ANC is not fare Enough, COPE is worse….what happen with Lekoate……whowww, cope shocked LEKOATE by sending him a suprise gift while he is in Bloemfontein.
    journalist: Mr lekoate how did you feel to be voted out of confidence as president of cope?
    Lekoate: What, i don’t know what your talking about, i never voted out, i’m still the face of cope.



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  49. Tennyson Ngobeni says

    Hey Javas damn it man timbangi loko ti dzahiwa ta dzahiwa,so what ya problem u must stop masterbating man u will hav a prblm when u get married and u ta ku va ku loyile

  50. Jabulani Javas Mukhari says

    Hey TeeCee, who is masterbating? me hell noo!!! I F***K Pussy when ever I want, u shuld stop ku dzaha timbangi. I’ve heard abt tom’s place and polo what they do?

  51. New South is not yet bornShare
    Today at 12:22 | Edit note | Delete
    You can agree with me or disagree,
    New South Africa is not born yet.
    Kwame Nkrumah once dream about United state of Africa,
    But that USA never born yet.

    Malcolm X once dreamed about united of WHITE people an BLACK people,
    but still that dream is not born yet.
    You dream about marying white woman/man,
    but that dream is not born yet,
    African people be proud about yourself!

    New South African not born yet,
    is not born nor the pregnancy is conceived!
    New South Africa is not born yet while majority of first nation, still suffering,
    Suffering to get place to sleep….
    suffering to get something to eat…
    suffering to get education…..
    no, no, no New South Africa is not born yet.

    The privelege of free education is preparation of New South Africa.
    The privelege of using our own language in University as medium of my instructions,
    Is the sign of the born baby star, but before it; the son is not born yet.

    I’m proud African, I’m blacks and i’m proud about it.
    I’m Tsonga’speaker and i’m proud to speak Tsonga wherever in the corner of the world,
    I’m the grand son of Nguni people, and i’m proud to be called Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele……..
    I’m the blood of Queen Modjadji, the only queen’s rain in the world,
    I’m Pedi. Venda, Sotho, Swati, infact i’m an African,
    I’m black, black is beautiful, and African culture is awesome!
    Come New South Africa, come Mandela state of Africa, come United State of Africa…!

    Colonist stole my rights, rights to be African
    Colonist stole my rights, rights to love my culture,
    colonist stole my rights, rights to be proud black
    colonist stole my rights, rights to be educated,
    No, no, no New South Africa is not born yet…….still waiting

    New South Africa is not born yet, while black people still believe ‘xibelani” is devil,
    New south Africa is not born yet, while Africa pastors still believe African culture is demon,
    New South Africa is not born yet, while african culture and beliefs still not recognised on parliament,
    New south Africa is not born yet, while christinity hav more privelege than other religion on our stations,
    Where is African Tradional religion time, where’s Muslims time?
    no, no, no New South Africa is not born yet neither the pregnancy is not conceived…

    Is not the time to celebrate our freedom, because yet no freedom we had received
    the freedom of voting does not compliment our freedom,
    I need true freedom, freedom of my culture, freedom of my tradition.
    Freedom of having Black president cannot steal my really freedom,
    Freedom of being black and proundly black……
    Come New South Africa, come New South Africa, your not born yet!

    “Yes i have dream today”, King Luther once pronounce the same words,
    but that dream is not born yet……..
    Look your neighbour today, their sufferring.
    Look yourt friends now, they pray you, simple because you have money,
    look in the labour jobs; less pay job is only blacks,
    Is that called the dream that had accomplished, no, no, no, New South Africa not born yet.

    new South Africa never born yet,
    while African Doctors still called witch doctors,
    while the hospital of African doctors is not build,only colonist hospital in my land.
    Come New South Africa, we are waiting for you

    The baby called New South Africa never came in 1994,
    The baby born in 1994 his name is Preparation New South Africa,
    The cry of baby you heard in 1999 in your villages,
    that was not New South Africa, but Error New South Africa
    I waited for you in the year 2004, but all children was crying pronounced not YOU,
    New South Africa.

    2009, i checked all the colonist hospital,
    Also in the small hut of African doctors but you was not there,
    New South Africa your not born yet,

    While black people still believe that their are copy of Israel,
    ‘while rights come first before our culture in parliament,
    while the same marriage ligalised in African land,
    while majority of blacks are still poor,
    New south Africa is not born yet.

    Yesternyt i have a dream,
    A dream about Mandela United States of Africa(MUSA),
    today i have dream, i have dream,
    A dream of true Rainbow nations,
    I have dream people, and when i die before this dream accomplished,
    tell your kids and simblings that the dreamed has being predicted today:14 January 2010
    I have dream people, A dream of the death,
    Death of colonist and the born of new born babe.
    If you believe that i will die before my dream accomplished,
    To me that does matter, because truly the baby born will come soon,
    Truly the new Jerusalem will build in Africa,
    Truly i have seen the promised land, NEW SOUTH AFRICA..

    The history teach us that we predict tommorrow will not see the it,
    Moses predict about promised land, but he never set his foot prints in promised land
    King Lurther predict about his own death, and black president,
    He maanged to see his own death only, he never see Mandela and Obama
    Malcolm X two days before he die,
    he had pronounced this words ” i live like a die two years ago”
    and today i pronounce it ” i live like i had die one year ago”
    I have dream and fear people, i have dream, i have dream…
    I have dream people, dream of MANDELA UNITED STATES OF AFRICA.

  52. Jabulani Mukhari says

    Hey Mr EM, I like wt your Poem, United State of Africa

  53. Jabulani Mukhari says

    Va daniel, Va Mathevula, Va james mi pfukile, I javas yo celeb

  54. Hi Wonkie, have not seen you for a while, welcome back but i see your Readers are all now half Educated Carbon copies of Humans that deserves no comments upon their comments. Very sad to see that the present Education System has failed the Populace dismally and achieved more ANC votes as Properly Educated people would never vote ANC. Well done ANC and Zuma. The World is Proud to see they were correct about South Africa going down the Drain.


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