Pikoli fired cartoon

Pikoli fired

Insensitive Mr Pikoli Axed Cartoon

Pikoli is, or was rather, the national director of public prosecutions (NDPP). In spite of the results of an inquiry chaired by former speaker of the Parliament, Frene Ginwala, president Kgalema Mothlante decided to fire Vusi Pikoli. The formal inquiry found Pikoli was fit to hold office and should be reinstated. Inquiry schminquiry.

Anyway the reason there’s a big hoo-haa about this is that many, including leader of the hopeful opposition Democratic Alliance party – Helen Zille, think that Mr Pikoli was axed for reinstating the arms deal-related corruption charges against president of the ruling ANC party, Jacob Zuma. So basically everyone pro-Zuma like the ANC, ANC youth league and YCL (Young communist league) is going hoo-ray, and everyone against Zuma like the DA and the Independent Democrats is going haa-shit.

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