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Fire Selebi

Don’t fire Jackie Selebi

Nathi Mthethwa, the newly appointed Safety and Security minister wrote a letter to president Kgalema Motlanthe requesting that he fire National Commissioner of the SAPS, Jackie Selebi. Mr Selebi is currently on a very extended ‘special’ leave for over a year now after being charged with several crimes. His corruption trial is set to start on April 14th (hopefully 2009).

One can only hope that if Mr Zuma takes the reins later this year, that his promises of tougher legislation and penalties against crime and corruption will be honoured. Mr Zuma will no doubt want to wait until his very own Zuma corruption charges are laid to rest before making that decision though.

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  1. Mr. Selebi should take an early retirement as it is always difficult for someone of such a high position who has been implicated to such crimes to recover and re-gain public trust and confidence.

    Take a bow Sir….

    • Well said Drake.. regardless of what happens Mr Selebi is unlikely to restore public confidence in his former role. Sadly, I do not foresee him stepping down voluntarily for the good of the country.

  2. Guys, we have to lead by good example. This issue of disobeying rules due to the fact of being on a top postion is giving us headache people, as we know that no one is above the law, let Mr Selebi have early retirement maybe He could learn lesson of his life.

  3. selebi should go but nathi should not popularise himself in the process. President km just dance the young lions have started to raw

  4. It is sad that people entrusted into high positions get entangled in the corrupt practices. Let along those who embezzle the money to buy properties over seas. You only get to know of it when the super powers start freezing the assets. It could be the right time to request all future office bearers to declare what they have. or NPA to start investigating as part of equity pre-employment.

    • I fully agree with Baji’s comment too – corruption for those in public office should be rewarded more severe penalties. These people are meant to lead by example and it is rightful that they should be punished more given the impact of their decisions and actions. The Singapore system works well – pay public servants well to ensure they are as efficient and well motivated as possible. The penalties for corruption for those office bearers is severe.

      Peter – an excellent suggestion and thanks for subscribing.. please check your email account though – mails are bouncing as your account is “over quota” 🙂


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