Jackie Selebi convicted cartoon

Jackie Selebi convicted

Selebi – Where is the Justice?

Last week the NPA (National Prosecuting Authority) in South Africa were hopping around with joy having obtained a conviction against Jackie Selebi. Selebi, who was formerly the National Commissioner of the SA Police and head of Interpol had been enjoying a very ‘special’ extended leave at the expense of South African taxpayers while his trial dragged on. The cost of the guilty verdict however, is turning out to be more substantial than money.

The prosecution in the case cheerily brokered deals with the self-confessed murderers of Brett Kebble, the mining magnate. In a flash of negotiating brilliance, the NPA managed to let off every man and his donkey in order to get Selebi on corruption charges. These murderers are now free under the legally binding Section 204 deals – they will not be tried, convicted, or spend a single day behind bars – for crimes which in any sane country would be deemed much more serious than corruption.

Of course, the interesting thing is that Selebi’s appeal may still come through in which case South Africans will be blessed with a happy, bouncing Jackie Selebi in addition to the few murderers and drug dealers that have been set free to roam the streets.

So, where is the justice for the South African public with this verdict?

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  2. ??????

  3. With a so called President who never saw the arm’s deal charges levelled against him reach their final just conclusion and other fraud and corruption charges which he has been involved with but have not been fully probed how can you expect justice to prevail in SA. Add to that the 50% of the ANC Gov being fraudulent and corrupt then we can only expect “African” justice to prevail in SA.

  4. selebi came into the police knowing that he was gonna go into the underworld that`s why on the day he took office he went to go fight with cops at a police station.

    Fivaz gave him a gang-eradication plan and he shelved this plan and sent his cops to go intimidate him through what was reported to have been common crime against him so that he must be afraid to tell the media about this plan.It was in the interest of his party to leave gangs alone so that they can e used to terrorise communities so that these rulers can then come and say vote for us we will eradicate gangsterism but also to be used against those who vote for opposition.its just bledi thugs that are at the union buildings that reminds me of that dominican republic ruler between 1938-61

  5. Senior Corruption Officials will go free if we don’t use their criminal friends to nail them and then go for the criminals thereafter.

  6. it clearly shows that money can/infact buys freedom. And we sit and applaud ourselves by the fallacy that we have the best constitution and democracy in the world – NONSENSE!

  7. It is a corrupt world we are living in, Most of the big business are owned by Mafias and it is from these Mafias that political parties get funding for election campaigns in return for protection. Jacky Selebi it just a pawn, it is unfortunate that he has to roll with the punch while real criminals are in office

  8. The NPA was not satisfied with the evidence given by Agliotti at the trial of Selebi, decided not to make him go free (yet), but it seems like they are messing up his trial now, so he might still get off free!

  9. pius swartbooi says

    I’ve got nothing to say……

  10. Star Geldenhuys says

    I am constantly saddened by the events taking place in the country of my birth!! When will it stop??

  11. And if you think these guy give a shit….they’re out free and laughing at the rest of us.

  12. Tshepo Moyo says

    One thing i have noticed in SA, is that if you have a good financial status, you have everything, we have seen it if jub jub the guy was clearly guilty, the was nothing to investigate on his case but no SA. It is clear that SA justice in not after corruption, but after money.

  13. GatvolinSA says

    I honestly think it is time to bring back the death penalty. If you get convicted of murder you get put to death finish and klaar. That will clear out a lot of much needed room in our jails, then the fraudsters can just have a huge brand burned onto their foreheads so people know them for what they are and they can then be stripped of everything they own and made to begin again from scratch.
    Thieves can have their dominant hand cut off for a first offence and death for a second offence, start getting really really tough with criminals and the crime rate will drop…….we can begin at the top of the pile and work our way down to the small fry. If you hold office you should be made to prove conclusively that you have never ever broken the law in any way, then you should have a one year trial period to prove your trustworthiness, then and only then should you be allowed a position in government.

  14. the law must not take sides as kebble murderes should be put behind bars like their friend jackie.

  15. The poor get a skunk deal while the rich get the best of the laughter from the Courts in the name of justice. Very sad indeed

  16. Hey Geldenhuys…you must make it to stop as your contribution to this country!Who must make it to stop for you if its not you?

    This country and its infrastructure in the public and private sector is run by whites just like the spate of crime that is cutting through the swathe of society`s layer is created by whites they are behind th crimes of Selebi.

    ITs the sally debeers who despatched a petition to the media defending selebi and signing their confidence in him!

    You can change things by doing what the TRC adviced you to o;create projects or initiatives that will keep the blacks of this country off-crime!Greg Blank led the way when he setup a gang eradication progrmme in jil during his stint sad that i was a shortlived initiatives because gangsterism has again intsified in that jail!do ya hear?

  17. Justice for some is justice for none!!!!!!

  18. Phelane Phelane says

    It is a pity that justice seems to be in the middle of every fight in our lives. How is justice served if you let murderers free just to get to one corrupt man? How is justice served if the very same witness you used, is now fighting to avoid to be charged himself because he lied in court? That very lie, has send somebody to 15 years imprisonment, is that justice?

  19. He got wat he deserved. God’s great.

  20. justice must be done no matter who u are.

  21. Selebi did everything to pave the way for him to commit his crimes undisturbed.

    His first task was to intimidate his cops so that they don`t fixed their eyes on him with that incident that happened at a police station he visited.

    Then he has had to deal with Fivaz so that he doesn`t talk too much to the media.Fivaz left him with a gang-eradicating plan and he shelved it then go hit Fivaz in what looked like a normal crime but had all the hallmarks of a hit to silence him then the way was now open for him to have a rooler-coasrter ride!


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