Obama inauguration cartoon

Obama inauguration

Obama Inauguration cartoon

Barack Obama made history today when he was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. There was high security in Washington as it was flooded with spectators waiting to experience a likely once-in-a-lifetime event of this magnitude. Mr Obama has much of the world’s hope resting on his shoulders – notably including those of Juan and Chong in today’s cartoon strip. To many minorities, Mr Obama is a symbol of strength and a clear sign that anybody can achieve just about anything in America.

Mr Obama inherits a wide range of disasters left by the Bush administration including wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a deepening recession that is not likely to improve in the short term, to mention a few of the challenges. He has put together one of the highest intellectual horsepower teams the White House has ever seen. All the elements for success are in place and Wonkie wishes his that little bit of luck that’s always needed to make anything a success.

Do you think Barack Obama will make a positive impact on the world?

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  1. he is gonna need those huge steel cahonas!!! 🙂

  2. Semaj Farrcicle says

    Why has Obama’s inauguration become an opportunity to derogate Bush? Bush, after all, is credited with doing Africa more good than any predecessor. Now it seems he’s also being blamed for the global recession. I hope he turns out to be right in saying history would vindicate him.

  3. Semaj, I don’t think the Obama inauguration itself presented an opportunity to throw a shoe at Bush. Mostly because of the strong secret service presence.

    Seriously though, the global recession is primarily caused by the subprime crisis in the USA which occured under Mr Bush’s watch. Most Americans no matter how patriotic will admit that the situation in Iraq could have been handled much better. Mr Bush himself acknowledges his regret that the foundation of his argument to invade Iraq, the alleged weapons of mass destruction, had no basis in reality.

    I have no idea how future events may play out to vindicate Mr Bush but the evidence at hand against his term having a positive effect on the world is quite conclusive.

    And certainly kudos to Mr Bush for his contribution toward Africa – you’re right there. For all the tears for Africa shed by the Clinton administration, Mr appears to have done far more. Hopefully Mr Obama will continue the momentum.

  4. “He has put together one of the highest intellectual horsepower teams .”
    If only the ANC would “deploy” BRAINS in our challenges – alas !
    The “cadres” have intellectual paucity in abundance.
    Corrupt morals is the ‘horsepower teams.’

  5. I really liked your blog! LOL! 😀

  6. Your blog make me smiling, thanks.


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