BBBEE cartoon 1

BBBEE cartoon 1

Barack Obama is an Affirmative Action appointment

The upcoming series of cartoon strips is in response to a number of requests for a look on the lighter side of living in the new post-apartheid South Africa. One of the hottest topics on this front, other than the revolutionary remedies for HIV/AIDS is affirmative action, or as it is dubbed in South Africa, BBBEE – Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.

Take this as warning in advance that this series is certainly going to contain racially driven content. Wonkie aims to provide a variety of perspectives on BBBEE – from racial as well as socio-economic points of view. If you have a funny story or a frustration to share – please feel free to leave your comment!

For those of you that have just awoken from a lengthy hibernation, Barack Obama was inaugurated as president of the United States last month, making him the first black leader of a superpower.

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  1. I hope your Headline’s wrong. But, hey, … yOU JUST NEVER kNOW these days!

  2. Xolile ka Solani says

    It is so interesting to note that a Black person can never qualify and be competent in any thing these days without bringing in affirmitive action. Can somebody just accept that the guy worked very hard to achieve what he has achieved, that he had a brilliant strategy than all his opponents.

  3. Tell me why they need a WHITE person to tell a BLACK person what to do , even though the black is a senior? Affirmative action does not give women who are white any rights. I know. I am a victim of BBBEE

  4. Ahanti!!! what is your take wena u like too much to counter act always u defend a dying horse is paralised I mean JU….hetisa wena he will never make it it this country forget it and never think further about it the views we are expressing here that what we are going to do in our Branches U Mr Tender Man don’t like your style if you were somebody who understand the business of the day u will just step down before u’ll be humiliated ke laka l….fish it – away with fiendship away ( the basic Frame work policy of the ANC which is the Freedom Charter stipulates it clearly nothin g u are trying to adhere to that than making noise daily for your own benefit in the Name of Youth- U are one of the richest Guy so far by Venture one can see even a Blind person can sense that through your talking which does not contain Ubuntu that u r claiming to be within- change or quuits- call it a day befoere is too late- lets share this wealth – we are aware that u r a consutant at Tender at ka Mhinga and Lambani Project,hence u r claiming that u have instructed your Lawyers to take you of as a sole share holder of that pty pity u don’t have timing,,,,LOL

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