zuma trial cartoon

zuma trial cartoon

The meaningless trial of Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma, president of the ANC and likely next head honcho in South Africa is going through the hoops in what is likely to be a meaningless trial. Unless some decisions to act swiftly are taken in the Pietermaritzburg high court today, which they probably won’t be, Mr Zuma is likely to follow a number of different options from addressing the constitutional court to getting the ruling ANC to pass legislation that a sitting president cannot be prosecuted. Basically the process is designed to defeat the ends of justice in this instance and will amount to nothing more than a huge waste of taxpayer’s money.

A concerned Jacob Zuma

Earlier this week, Mr Julius Malema, head honcho of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) was reported to have turned down a nomination for a parliamentary post. He was quoted as saying parliament is for old people. Mr Malema, now 28 hopes to join the ranks in another 10-15 years after his work with the youth in South Africa is done.

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  1. He he he he he! By the time that song is over, BOTH “Zombie” Zuma and and “Silima” Malema will be deceased….


    • Nda – sadly the song in reality suddenly jumps from around 761 to 0 through the intervention of the SA justice system. Wonkie is currently debating whether it should start taking bets whether Mr Zuma will walk away from all this with this hands 100% squeaky clean (‘legally’) – we are pretty certain he will.

  2. Could that finger in the picture of Zuma’s face have ANYTHING to do with such a hopeless outcome? 🙁

    In concurrence with that sober reality, I picked this up from comments to a news item on the same on The Times online:


    The magistrate was scolding the accused: ‘This is the seventh time in three years that you are appearing in front of me! I don’t want to see you in this court anymore, the next time I see you here I give you life sentence! What do you have to say, For three years committing the same offence and still coming to the same court!

    Accused: ” Nee Fok your honour, stop releasing your frustration on me!
    Jy kan mos nie vir my blame as jy nie a promotion kan kry nie! I also don’t want to see you in this court anymore, the next time I see you here I lodge the complain of incompetence, if you were competent you would have effectively dealt with me and get yourself a promotion. Jy is dom, for drie jaare in the same position and still struggling with the same person” Fok man!!!

    This message is not designed to insult anyone in particular.”

    I don’t intend to insult anyone in particular, unlike the picture of the dishonourable JZ above…

    • HAHA!! Sweet.. thanks Nda!

      You know I think I heard a similar ‘joke’ about Mr Zuma’s court conversations. Except there I think the judge said: “Hey man! Nice to see you again. Listen JZ, stay out of Harms way and go straight to the constitutional court if you have any problems… we still on for that braai and drinks next Saturday ja?!”

  3. nda i can even assume dat u 1 of those oppossing parties fan but da fact is we all know dat our president was framed, i blv dat all dis alligations whose been flying arnd was totally incorrect. if u dnt blv me u can even ask ur president m sure he/she wil tel u da same thing.

  4. For the record, spooonere!!!!!!!!!!!!, I am not politically-inclined, nor am I politically-aligned. However, the facts of life necessitate that the ordinary man on the street deal with politics and politicians. There you will find me: ordinary man on the street. For that reason, my non-political alliance does not preclude me from commenting on matters political.

    Lastly, for the record again, how does a framed individual’s activities compel a law enforcement agency with a stupendous success story like that of the NPA to INSIST, even as they are dropping charges against him, that they have a winable case in their hands?

    It does not take a rocket scientist to realise that this smoke HAS a fire. The nature of court proceedings is that one ought to prove the existence of the fire beyond its smoke for the court to indict someone on the fire that they built. I have NO qualms with that. I, however, have SERIOUS qualms with the insult to my intelligence in the ruling party’s and all JZ sympathisers’ expecting the man on the street to swallow the tard explanation that the man has been framed.

    What is it with the ANC people? Anyone who applies his mind responsibly to a given set of facts is either in the opposition (and should therefore be given the ANC contempt that he deserves), or he is a counter-revolutionary, and I guess that means the MK must be re-called to seek and shoot such a person dead.

    Whatever the political intrigues behind the case of JZ is beside the point when it comes to his personal responsibility for the winable case that the NPA had against him. This fact will not die a natural death, for it had yet to be born before the ANC stiffled the NPA, throttling it to death, resulting in a botched birth of this fact that JZ evaded going to court, thanks to the wimp-like antics of Sir Mpshe.

    I repeat: I am NOT a politician. I belong to NO political organisation. I am a man on the street whose wits are still about him. No amount of politicking around this subject will make it go away. Only a COURT clearance of this JZ case in court will make it go away, and that is precisely what JZ and his ANC have been avoiding like the plague. Now, is the resultant, persistent suspicion over the dropped charges against JZ the fault of the man on the street?

    Simply: NO!

    Now, spooonere!!!!!!!!!!!!, please get comfortable with that fact. If you cannot, be a gentleman and tell the innocent JZ that he has absolutely NOTHING to fear by going to court. It will only strengthen his CLAIM of innocence. Only innocent people fear NOT going to court when falsely accused. In that case, JZ is an odd exception, don’t you think? That is a rhetorical question, by the way….


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