South Africa crime statistics

South Africa crime statistics

South Africa 2009 Crime Statistics

It is quite fitting for the 2008/2009 crime statistics for South Africa to be released given many of the comments about state of crime after the Brandon Huntley, Canadian refugee saga a couple of weeks back. Sadly, it seems government words are certainly louder than actions once again when it comes to crime.

Some might argue that to be fair, Mr Zuma has only been in power for a few months so how much is he realistically expected to achieve in that period. To those arguments Wonkie has nothing to say but BOLLOCKS! The incumbent government has been in power for way over a decade and the crime situation has been consistently deteriorating over that period. As Michael Trapido aptly points out, even during Mr Zuma’s short tenure, with all the hard talk about being tough on crime this is what we witness:


• NPA withdraw charges on highest profile prima facie case;
• Shaik circumvents the medical parole system;
• Hlophe’s matter is dropped; and last but by no means least
• Scorpions the country’s number one crime fighting unit is disbanded.

Add to this the disbanding of the family violence, sexual offences and child protection units and the corresponding 10% increase in associated offences. Government’s actions just don’t seem to be adding up to its promises for a safer South Africa for all, does it?


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  1. Zuma needs to work on getting the unemployment rate down, and he can do this by restricting and controlling the amount of foreigners in SA. This is a start in getting the crime rate crime down…

  2. Well pointed out, Sizwe! Makes one wonder if it hasn’t been too late for a very long time, only people don’t know it and politicians – of course – exploit this ignorance.

  3. I Agree .. with Pookus ..

    Kick out All The Zimbabwe And other states People.. They don’t belong in S.Africa..
    But . Who let Them in, in the first place…

    Secondly as for the current Government .. They Just A Joke, they always have Been, And Same goes to the “people” that Voted them into power…

    With that Said .. It would be right to say ….Let the “people” taste there own medicine, (High Crime Rates and Empty Promises)
    The Joke Is on the supporters , and the Don’t even see it yet ..

    … And yet they should Not Complain, After All.. It was their choice .. Or Should I Say their Stupidity .. to Vote the current government in ..

    As I can Only guess,,, Only a Savage and greedy government can Lead Savages ,,
    Or was it a Tribal Dancing that brainwashed all the small minds.

    Either way..
    Its just a shame, S.A. had a Chance , But It Looks like we have too many crooked Politicians, that only care about there pockets , and have No respect for their fellow country men and woman ,

    or for the country itself ..

    The only tool to stop this was the scorpions,
    but shame they were disbanded, for showing the Truth To the people ..

    .. So .. As I must Say .. “Cry My Beloved Country !!! “

  4. Hi Wonkie,
    When the papers print that a specific crime is ONLY UP BY 36%,as our Mercury did yesterday what do you do?
    Laugh ??????
    Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe our authorities and the cops all over the top of West street must be very good for business at Chicken Licken and Kentucky.Whatever else they do,they stay clear of the Nigerian dealers and glue sniffing kids and still,in front of them,cell phones are stolen with total abandon.You actually get the feeling that they are happy to do nothing.

  5. Your list was too short on what the ANC have wrangled in abusing their position
    • NPA withdraw charges on highest profile prima facie case;
    • Shaik circumvents the medical parole system;
    • Hlophe’s matter is dropped; and last but by no means least
    • Scorpions the country’s number one crime fighting unit is disbanded.

    What about Chunene’s bare-faced lies and it is swept away like all other officials lies. As long as you are ANC you can get away with murder, lies, stealing millions and any other fraud you like, what you get is wrapped over the knuckles and millions in a golden hand shake

  6. Will somebody please break into all the Presidents homes, steal all his stuff and violate his wives in front of his kids ….. and then pee on them as they lie on the floor.
    Maybe we’ll see some real police action then. Or not?

  7. pookus you are right but also wrong..right about Zuma having to get employment up …(not sure he has what its going to take) and completely off the mark with the Xenophobic comment..about foreigners.A lot of them create jobs and opportunities for us because unlike the ANC their early governments invested in Education instead of nice cars and fancy suits.
    To me as an employer, the best way to get employment up is to scrap the draconian labor laws and do away with the Unions.If I could hire someone today, keep them for 3 months to fulfill a contract and fire them in 3 months, I would.
    If I could hire someone today and if they turned out useless , I could fire them tomorrow, again I would.
    Instead I am stuck with dead wood in my company and don’t employ any more staff as I don’t need full time people.
    also crime is key to solving our problems as it has chased away many talented people and put the price of average people up as they are scarce and in “demand”
    As with most things it would actually be better if the Government just stayed out of business and sport and did whatever they are supposed to do.
    If I was Zuma, I would focus on only one thing Crime and corruption…..The rest will sort itself out.


    Zuma needs to work very hard and reduce the unemployment rate, abolish all labour brockers /agents course they’re busy robbing the people . and controll all foreigners in our country especially Pakistans , Tailands they are taking our job and they get a permanent job in south africa by brockers.

  9. The Canadian JUDGE made these findings:

    1. Huntley will be persecuted and victimised on the basis of his race, if he was to be returned to SA;
    2. Huntley was clearly attacked and persecuted previously in SA, simply because he is White;
    3. South Africa has serious human rights problems, including police brutality resulting in death and / or serious injury, and violence resulting from social, racial and ethnic tensions;
    4. White farmers in particular are being targeted for a campaign of genocide;
    5. Affirmative action, black job reservation and BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) all serve as legalised disenfranchisement & marginalisation of Whites;
    6. Affirmative Action has stripped SA of 75% of its skilled population;
    7. Massive emigration of Whites due to racially discriminatory laws and racist hate crimes;
    8. Rampant unemployment due to the policies of the ANC regime, who are either indifferent to White suffering and even express open hostility to the interest of Whites & other ethnic minorities;
    9. Violent crimes such as rape and murder run unchecked and the vast majority of perpetrators are never brought to book;
    10. The ANC’s racist policies and their endemic corruption has brought SA to the brink of civil war;
    11. That the vast majority of ANC members are most certainly black racists;
    12. The government and its police & security Forces are both unwilling and unable to protect White South Africans;
    13. And that Brandon Huntly had presented objective, clear and convincing proof that Whites are victimised due to their race.

    For granting refugee status to WHITE man Brandon Huntley from South Africa.
    White South African granted refugee status in Canada.
    Also for being the FIRST Civilised Western Country to acknowledge that the Whites in South Africa are under threat and are being targeted and murdered by BLACKS.
    The true “Colour of Crime” and the True Crime statistics are being hidden by the South African Black Government.
    There is GENOCIDE going on in South Africa and the Blacks are targeting and Murdering the Whites every day.


    I have been telling you for the past 15 YEARS.
    All the White Traitors and Stupid White Liberals have been denying the evidence.
    All with their ROSE Coloured Glasses and their heads in the sand.
    I have been telling you for the past 15 YEARS.

  10. I needed to say something more about colonialism.The Africans can believe what they like about what the white man did to them,however long but,with their affiliation with the Chinese,wait,they’ll really be raped and discarded afterwards and by then there will be no possibility of the whites coming to their rescue.The Chinese danger has always been a threat,however it is just now becoming more subtle and they have no respect for the “gweilo” and even less for the blacks.The whites/Chinese at least shared technology,science,wisdom et al.What can the Africans do for the Chinese once their resources are gone….only slave labour.Does this mean the wheel turns,even if in an oblong manner ?

  11. So far Zuma is working hard i thank him for that.But i also have aproblem i applayed RDP house 1996 till today and i deserve to have my own property i am tied to pay rent to other peoples house.I am askin to the minister of housing to invesigate what went wrong to 1996 applicant in Soweto how many years we waiting for RDP houses please help the poor people like i because i can’t afford to buy a house i am helping the school learners by providing free Basic computer training there is no income i use my money for transport i need your help its too much for me know.

  12. strongly agree with Walker! The ANC supporters should stop worring,striking and crying about all sorts of problems that they are facing because of the fact that they are the ones who elected the current government.. they definately need just a sinlge advise and that is to taste their own music!!! ANC will never change, whether you bring a zulu, tswana, sotho, xhosa or pedi president, the bureaucracy will still be the same. Well in regards with crime, 3.4% rate of murder is certainly hallarious, gues will should celebrate and congratulations are in honour for our murders or gangsters…

  13. All you ungratefull grand- children of apartheit should just pack up and go back to Duch land. we dont need your type of attitude in this Country. atleast the ANC is transparent and it has released the stats for all to see. you lot shoot down all the ANC ‘s atempts so even if it did good you would never notice. i say pack up and go. . vamus. . .

  14. Corruption is killing the Nation at large, look at alexandra Township, Alexandra Renewal Project (ARP), Comrades were appointed to manage the project, obvious they think they are entitled to goverment funds, so they mis allocated the funds and bought flashy cars and live lavish lifestyles. A call for auditing the Project and the Soweto housing projects, really we are tired of this nonsense.
    Corruption is like crime in SA, its a normal thing.

  15. Snowy Smith says

    Dear Sir,
    We White South Africans are bitterly disappointed to read that the Canadian Government has turned down the refugee status application of White South African Brandon Huntley.
    You Canadians have been deceived by the LIES of the BLACK ANC South African Government.
    The GENOCIDE of Whites in South Africa continues every day.
    More than 45000 Whites have been brutally murdered by BLACKS since 1994.
    More than 100000 Farm Attacks.
    60 to 149 MURDERS per DAY South Africa.
    One RAPE every 17 seconds.
    The Blacks are definitely targeting the Whites.
    White Farmers are getting tortured and brutally murdered every week.
    This is definitely GENOCIDE of White by Blacks.
    When is Nelson Mandela going to go on TV and tell his people to stop murdering Whites?
    I am bitterly disappointed at the ignorance of the Canadian Government to the situation in South Africa.

    For those Canadian Politicians who do NOT know where South Africa is we are at the bottom end of Africa sandwedged between the Black Murderers and the Great White Sharks.
    I know there are newspapers in Canada so you cannot be that ignorant.
    I know CANADA has for many years been recruiting our excellent Doctors and Nurses, the ones who were trained in South Africa during the Apartheid era when we had excellent Hospitals and Universities.
    These same excellent Doctors and Nurses have been looking after sick Canadians for many years doing excellent work. .

    I also know that many Stupid White Liberals in CANADA collected money for the ANC Black Communist Terrorists and helped destroy South Africa.
    We White South Africans now know who our friends are.


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