Malemodoku sudoku competition cartoon

Malemodoku sudoku competition

MALEMODOKU Puzzle Game – Try South Africa’s latest craze!

Wonkie is rather tired of opportunistic South Africans taking the mickey out of ANCYL president, Julius Malema. From the Julius Malema Nandos ads to commentary around the Malema matric results, the man has certainly taken enough for his team.

As part of our Friday Fun routine, Wonkie thought it would be great to launch a new puzzle game in honour of Mr Malema and his commitment to a cause in spite of all the negative media coverage he receives. Typically games like Sudoku are designed to victimise the logically and mathematically challenged – here at Wonkie CartOOns, we want to right these wrongs with the international introduction of our latest puzzle game: Malemodoku ™.

The objective of each Malemodoku ™ puzzle is to fill in the 9 squares with the numbers 1, 2 and 3, subject to the following simple rules:
A. Each row needs to have the numbers 1, 2 and 3
B. Each column needs to have the numbers 1, 2 and 3
C. George Bush, if you’re playing, some numbers are given to you to start with – you don’t need to fill those squares in. (duh)

As part of the promotional launch of Malemodoku ™, we are running a special competition until 15 December – firstly complete all three Malemadoku puzzles above. Then for each individual puzzle do the following:

(a) add the numbers in the 5 coloured squares up;
(b) divide the answer in (a) by 4,
(c) multiply the answer in (b) by 3,
(d) add 1 to the answer in (c)
(e) subtract 10 from the answer in (d)

When you’ve done that for each puzzle above, add the results you get for all 3 puzzles up and email your final answer to with Malemodoku in the subject line. We have a bunch of Wonkie CartOOns t-shirts and other cool stuff to give away to 10 randomly drawn correct entries! Competition ends on 15 December 2009.

If you can’t work out the puzzle, Click HERE to leave your COMMENT or QUESTION

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!! LOL – you guys ROCK WONKIE!! This has to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen this year. Have sent my entry through – hope I win a t-shirt guys!!

  2. I don’t get it – where must I put the numbers? Must I write it on the screen to win?

  3. Is the answer the IQ level of the inspiration for this game?

  4. Julius, of course you write on the screen! If you make a mistake there’s always Tippex!

  5. Hmm…where’s my calculator? LOL! Anyway nevermind…not entering as given the trade imbalance between South Africa and Trinidad…I’d be disqualified anyway…Was a big surprise to see this though! Interesting and funny…and very novel yes!

  6. Please help me find my ‘slide rule’, scientific calculator. This, Malemodoku puzzle, me not k’ont woh to od! It’s beyond my intelligence! Sooorrrryyyyyy!

  7. HAhaha !!! Well Done !!!

    I am Rolling on The Floor , Laughing soo much … :):)

    Thanks !!! I needed this !! :):)

  8. im lost i dont understand this puzzle any one with a better explanation.

  9. Oo… this puzzle is stressing me out!!

  10. Can you send me the t-shirt anyway? I wear a small but medium is also fine, I dont want to create the wrong impression.

  11. The game is quite interesting, but why associating it with Julius, for this i’m not participating.
    Ruminaging my mind can’t see the cause Mr Malema is standing for but rather seeing a confused man that speaks before thinking. Thanks

  12. ADE, You find it interesting? Seriously? And you feel hurt because it’s “associated” with Juliahs? Yes, I can see the connection, alright!

  13. obed bhekisani ngcobo says

    i am confused. i don’t see the guide of playing this puzzle game. i want to win it.

  14. Julius (Malema?),

    Just remember that when you write on the screen not to use the scrollbaar to your left as that will move the puzzle either downwards or upwards away from where you wrote. On the other hand, if you made the usual mistake and don’t have tipex, then use the scrollbar to move the puzzle and try another time. ( Depending on the size of your screen, you should be able to make atleast 10 mistakes) 😉

  15. Hi Julle
    Hierdie een is flippen goed

    Let me explain in inliesh

    You must count the blank spaces !

    puzzle 1 : white 3 – winner
    puzzle 2 : tie with yellow
    puzzle 3 : white 4 – winner

    So , overall winna is white

    sorry jules baby !

  16. where do i enter the numbers coz i wanna win this funny puzzle

  17. I will stay with my grade 10 wood work final exam studies cause the mumbuz iz too much and you racists are all snakes. I will slaughter a bull at my house to give me big power and scare away all evil spirits like YCL and DA

  18. Cannot play as we get blocked.

  19. Best Sodoku I ever played 🙂 well done guys…

  20. Hey Julius, hope u not Malema … lol. Joking bra. I’m also clueless and I want to win, … pls somebody SOS.

  21. hey how to play malemoduku??
    i moved my cursor over it.. nuthin happened

  22. M.Schwartz says

    Sorry I am lost! You are listing a patent pending below your 3 puzzles, this was published in the 1800’s by a German mathematician so no idea how you would be able to claim anything unique about someone else’s idea! If you want to experience creativity please try


  1. sudokuman says:

    sudoku puzzle…

    I used to play crosswords to pass the time but I find number puzzles such as sudoku more challenging….

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