Julius Malema make babies cartoon

Julius Malema make babies

Julius Malema’s Baby Making Strategy

South Africa’s infamous middle-aged lion and president of the ANCYL, Julius Malema, snatched back the media limelight recently. He made a bold statement calling on black women to make more babies, claiming that having babies is a revolutionary thing.

Wonkie, unlike those in traditional media, believes that Mr Malema’s comments should be taken in context. After all, clearly some context must exist that would make his comments appropriate and sensible. Wonkie brought together some of the best brains in South Africa to fathom, debate and discuss Julius’s somewhat controversial strategy. The following are some of the key points Wonkie’s think tank came up with:

1. Judging by the ongoing North African revolutions, there is an argument to be made that revolution is ultimately a numbers game. For example, had the rebels in Libya shared Malema’s vision and reproduced more, they would not be getting beaten down as easily by Colonel Gaddafi’s forces now.

2. Some of the major religions in the world have established their dominance by adopting a similar reproductive strategy. Think the Vatican and Catholic family planning, as but one example.

3. Nationalisation and protectionism of any sort, has internationally proven to increase overall system inefficiencies. If South Africa moves down the nationalisation route as the ANCYL advocates, then there will likely be much potential for introducing inefficiency through labour. Wonkie was initially thinking something in the order of at least 15%, but if Mr Malema’s vision is more aggressive, South Africa may well need to double its population within the next decade.

4. According to Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation address in February, currently just over 30% of the total South African population benefits from some state-provided social grant. Unconfirmed sources have suggested that Julius could well be setting a stretch target to increase this figure to 45% by 2016.

“We need to ensure, that as much tax money as is set aside in the government budget for social grants, be allocated to previously disadvantaged South Africans. What better way to ensure that, than by reproducing like mad to create more previously disadvantaged South Africans… it’s just logical.”

unconfirmed source at a secret meeting

5. Finally, economic freedom fighting is not a destination – it’s a journey. So people should go on and enjoy the ride – so to speak. Who on earth said that revolutions can’t be fun?

Go forth, and procreate.

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  1. Andre Piek says

    LOL – great post Wonkie… loved the article!!

    I feel both Jimmy Manyi are being quite irresponsible with their comments. They are meant to be leaders and setting an example for the public.

  2. Vinnie the Pooh says

    JuJu is such a twit!!! Dumber than dumb you cannot get. It’s time he grows up or grows a brain.

  3. Now I understand why Julius is desperately trying to fall pregnant!

  4. Great topic Wonkie, but it seems it started long ago as we know many at school who have had babies already and many more that will soon have one. Maybe it is his way of job creation for nursery school teachers and councillors.

  5. Now this is interesting – a new concept? Make more babies? World population is climbing ever higher – dysfunctional families are the order of the day – family members raping infants to teenagers – open borders welcoming a higher population – food shortages increasing by the day – no control over the weather, and then …. new babies have to look forward to a life that may well be in control of the idiot who asked for them in the first place!

  6. The scary thing about this story is : it seems to be the TRUTH!

  7. Andre Piek says

    @Alf – HAHA! Good one!!!

  8. Maybe juju is asking for 100 volunteers so he can increase his social government grants, shows you what you can learn from your leaders.

  9. in all thats going on the planet anyway, one might as well add this one – won’t make a difference. v’re not far from the day when earth will say, ‘it was fun while it lasted’

  10. I never thought I would agree with Julius’ logic but you have made it clear that he is actually a genius….


  12. Ha ha ha, what a retard!

  13. Deena Naidoo says

    Julius Malema is a dick-head of the 1st degree if he believes that the ANC will last. There’s millions of educated and liberal Blacks, Colourds, Indians and Whites, who will be voting for the DA this year.

  14. Is there anyone out there with some spare brain cells that we can inject into this poor……..?????????????

  15. Ann McDonnell says

    Being THAT old, I recall the Nat Government making the same call – White SA should up our game in baby making to ensure the folk’s continued power

  16. Barry: Rumour has it that Julius just got an offer of serveral million for his brain. It is considered brand new – has never been used!

  17. Alf I hope it was not your offer as some things gets disqualified during quality control checks and that which is no good gets discarded that is why that brain can never be used. Maybe the offer was on account of it being the first one rejected.

  18. James Ross says

    If Julius pomped with his intellect, he would never get it in. He is just a life support system for a useless prick.

  19. Yes he is a genius he knows how to fill his own pockets with greed.

  20. He wants the black population to increase, but is he going to feed and support those children?

  21. what is even more scary is the amount of publicity this Bozo is getting and if a miracle do not happen, he is soon set for the presidency. God save South AFrica

  22. wish he’d just get under a bush and sleep til it’s pension time…like so many other ‘civil servants’…

  23. Any comments made by a dope such as Malema will always be seen as dopey. Not worth considering or debating.

  24. Please give this man a chance he is the biggest comedian we have ever had.
    He actually manage to pull his face and look like a baboon and silently mocks the crowd that takes him serious. Stop distorting the words of his song: Kill a boer kill a farmer , if you listen you will actually hear!! CALL a boer call a farmer to shoot these baboons that are destroying the banana crop

  25. pietpompies says

    Quoting from local news paper today (15/03/2011 ) “The devastating impact of the global population explosion over the past 60 years can be measured on Marion Island” Point is- far too many people on this planet. Now vegetation and wild animals are sacrificed to make way for for us inconsidered humans. If anything, more humans ought to be culled. NOW, this ‘poepol’ malema says ‘make babies’. What an irresponsible utterance! He realy must have a bird brain if any at all. Wonder if he reads WONKIE. Stupid!!!

  26. hayi JUJU dis guy does he ever get tired of talking nonsense. Stop man Juju you are 30 for crying in the bucket. You need to snap out of its “its all in your head Juju”

  27. howwwwwwwwwwwwww stupidddddddddddddddddn can you get

  28. Ag please daddy wont you take us to the stadium
    we want to see juju’s brand new show
    its all about a baby boom, popcorn and ice cream
    The boers will have to stay away it’s now the breeding season
    banana crops can take a rest
    baboons are busy feeding
    the younger ones with milk and honey they have been stealing
    or have I got the show all mixed up?? we’ll just have to wait and see
    what his next comedy show is all about

  29. Joan Roberts says

    what an a-hole, just proved he is a half brain but a no brainer.


  31. Malema the Sodomite,NO GIRL FRIENDS.

  32. He gets he`s intelligence fed via the Anal passage by Robert Mugabe of course

  33. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LMAO. you can always trust juluis to make your dY

  34. The only apartheid that will one day be is between those in heaven and those in hell.

  35. how many of those babies will he father?

  36. Julius Malema is a star. Some of us have already recorded him in our history books. We see him as a reflection of African identity. Just like any other human being he makes mistakes but if you are looking for the errors on Malema please just be compassionate and tell us also about his strength. I am not South African myself but I think Malema can turn majority black SA people who do not know that their destiny is on their resources that the white minority are still enjoying. His call for women to reproduce more is to make sure the vast lands occupied by whites should be filled by the black siblings. It is God’s intention anywhere

  37. Forget Democraccy. Welcome Anarchy. Thats wheree we are.

  38. Collitjies says

    Yes, go ahead and create more and more unemployed living in tin and plastic shacks with absolutely no future just like JuJu, what and idiot, every time he opens his mouth out rushes more bullshit. If he is so clever send him to help Gadaffi then we won’t have to put up with crap anymore.

  39. Collitjies says

    What we need is what happened in Japan recently as this will make space for his new babies.


  41. Reminds me of China’s great wall , they built it so high no one could climb over it, they built it so thick that nothing could penetrate it. But amazing the enemy came in, they bribed the gatekeepers. Jujus thinks no one can stop him until in this corrupted time some one will be bribed to stop him.

  42. anc: All Nut Cases
    d a: Disposable allies
    ifp: Impi’s for Popes
    ancp: All, No one can please
    od: Over Driven
    cope: Come on people elope
    vf: Vanity Forum
    GP: Gods People (not listed on earth)

  43. hey! julius go home your hometown is missing its idiot!

  44. Juju cannot make babies, he is an old goat who cannot stand up, otherwise he would have 20. Maybe he is possibly gay.

  45. Garth: If you cross a donkey with a horse you get a mule, mules can not reproduce so that leaves us wit a question > juju a mule ??

  46. Juju ran out of sex partners. They all kept complaining that they always had togeton top, because Julius can only f.ck up!

  47. Genesis 35:11 (GNB) ” Have many children. Nations will be descended from you, and you will be the ancestor of kings”. How about that, so you see, Malema is not mad. Food for Thought

  48. tshepo moyo says

    I just wonder that he does even know the meaning of population and the consequences of this over population

  49. It is not Dalema we are concerned about he is small fry. The BIG concern is the impoverished unemployed they no longer want to except promises that does not supply any needs. What if they start uprising at these big political meetings, just note what they do to the criminals on account of the sap not always doing what they should. They are going to start soon to do the same to these liars that beg them for votes and then turn blind eyes and ears on them. This is the impression we get from those in one of the big townships where we operate a soup kitchen.

  50. Rampol: Yes but GOD withdraws from nations that do not serve HIM with a contrite, righteous heart and obey HIS commands.
    For those who deny and do not serve the LORD: Zephaniah1 V17-18
    The LORD says, ” I will bring such disasters on mankind that everyone will grope about like someone blind. They have sinned against me, and now their blood will be poured out like water, and their dead bodies will lie rotting on the gorund.” On the day when the LORD shows HIS fury, not even all their silver and gold will save them. The whole earth will be destroyed by the fire of HIS anger. HE will put an end – sudden end – to everyone who lives on earth.

  51. It’s funny how the whites are quick to judge black leaders who are stupid like themselves. Fact is your stupidity was evident during the apartheid era, only a stupid leader can treat human beings like you did ass****s. I wish one day the black middle class which is fooled by thinking that one day they will become whites can wake up from their fantasy dream……You’ll die black, so fucken whites do not throw stones whilst you live in glass houses. You were leaders and look what you did to Blacks and we are how we are today because of your stupidity and alien minds.

  52. What’s wrong with making babies, for as long as there is SEXUAL INTERCOURSE there will be babies, babies were made even before malema was born, babies will be made after malema is gone.

    So why worry, maybe one of you after reading this blog, all you can think of is going to nag that girl to give you her thing so you can make a baby.
    then why worry. maybe talking to you is actually wasting my time, let me go make my baby.

  53. Manthata. Why not create something that requires use of what’s between your ears and not more unemployed hungry children draining the country’s resources. No wonder Africa is such a disaster.

  54. Self esteem is not by what you own, in the US the last year the property market lost more then 40% and many saw their financial security go up in smoke. You can not build your self esteem on peoples opinion or possessions it makes youvulnerable for rejection. Let your self esteem come from GOD who says iin Isaiha 43-1 NKJV: You are MINE I have called you by your name:
    Nothing can seperate us from GOD when we are HIS

  55. What’s with bible quotes when we are debating politics here……… You just include your god where he is not needed……

  56. Mzu because GOD is also a POLITICIAN and the BIBLE is HIS Constitution. So why not serve the ONE that has All the Power and to WHOM nothing is impossible to do

  57. Then he is not as holy as you sometimes overrate him to be. He is a beurocrat………. Fuck him and you hypocritical whites…

  58. God is fair and just and is the only HOLY ONE that can give you eternal life.
    Your second comment is meant for malema he wants more children. I still smile in my heart knowing that the day you meet the LORD your heart and mind will change. Bless you Mzu may it be soon and not too late.

  59. @Mzu. I agree with you. Religion and God and the bible are all a lot of horse-shit. Why not debate the facts. You floppies fucked up Afrika from Accra to Cape Town. The Chinese saw too late the consequences of overpopulation. How many people can you put on a boat before it sinks, or a plane before it will not take off. Can you people not see it??????

  60. The Bible and politics are two different things! The Bible is a great source of morals and religion but I’m sure it should not be mixed into messy politics. And could people insulting white people in general. I am NOT my ancestors. Don’t you understand? I am not a racist and I dislike racist whites as much as you do. I also know many great black people who are good friends of mine. Racism is racism from either side, and it’s a sad generalisation/stereotype. Can’t we be seen as individuals???

  61. If there is no GOD then there is also no evil, where do laws come from. We can all do then as we please with no consequences. How foolish to think that we can seperate GOD from politics, how and against what can we measure the rulers? It is exactly the problem in the whole world, they discarded the teachings of GOD out of every institution, schools, homes, politics etc. WHAT A DISASTER all has turned into since then.
    Judge for yourselves,

  62. eish south afreeka

  63. Flameheart says

    That would work in an IDEAL world. But you could never get everybody to follow the Bible. There will always be war and disagreement when it comes to mixing politics and religion.
    But, yes, I have to agree with you Peace. Maybe I spoke too soon 🙂 There are certain things in the Bible that work in the law, such as DO NOT murder, and do not discriminate, etc. Those are principles that both the Bible and the Law need, to figure out right from wrong. Thanks for pointing that out.
    However, the Bible is not the only text or philosophy that determines right from wrong. Other religions also have laws and, let’s face it, most are pretty clear about right and wrong.

  64. Flameheart:We were taught from a very young age not condemn anybody but to live by the teachings of the Scriptures. All are created by the creator our features and colour may differ but inside we all have red blood, head eyes, ears, mouths noses, arms body and legs. Just some have wicked hearts and some are well balanced, self control and have internal joy. My writings and comments here if you read carefully you will notice that I have not insulted anybody but would like all to have the joy that we have. Even though some try to insult me I just smile to myself, it can not upset me but rather encourages me to pray for them and I start with these word. Father please forgive them for they not not what they are saying immediately I feel the joy and knowing that God is faithful and normally there comes a time in their life when they do have a personal encounter with the LORD. I have seen this throughout my whole life as HIS servant and is close to 70 yrs now.
    We are foretold that in the time we are living now people will become self exhalted more lovers of pleasure, materialism, selfish and no compassion for the needy or those they do not agree with.
    Incidently I read in yesterdays paper about an ex policman in Kwazulu that got a contract to build rdp houses and was paid R200 million and delivered 479 rdp houses. He has a house in La lucia that cost 17mill plus 6 cars, Ferrari, Rolls Royce etc that is worth millions. He just turned 40 and had a party that cost well over R1million . I wonder why you need 6 cars for 2 people? We were taught that it is not possession that give you status but your personality and to be rightous and treat everybody the same and if they are poor get stuck in and help as much as you can. Do a honest day’s work as best as you can and be loyal and trustworthy. Is it really so difficult for anybody to do that, if I can do it anybody can as I am no different to anybody else. If you are in a managerial position set an excellent example people appreciate it and take note of what you say and do.

  65. I think we are crossing the line if we say only the bible has the laws and especially the ones you pointed out Flameheart ” do not kill” , “do not steal”. I mean all human beings know that killing someone is wrong for whatever reason and stealing too. I do not believe a single word that the bible says but I know that taking someones life is wrong.

    The bible should not steal peoples’ consciousness and makes it its own. Mixing bible with politics is totally crap and it fucked SA in the past.

    Former Apartheid president John Voster used the bible to legitimise apartheid. He used the Israelites who were the chosen race and said those were the Boere in the SA context.

    The bible is as evil as the whites.

  66. Do not judge us against J Vorster or his regimes, many of us never voted until 1994. Check it out and you will see 46% of the population never use to vote because we knew they were wrong and we did not belong to the NGK. they made their own doctrines.

  67. I am not judging here but rather pointing out that the same bible that you hold dearly was used to perpetuate all the evil deeds and because of the same bible now whites which constitute 12% of SA population own more than 60% of SA’a wealth and land leaving blacks in all forms owning less than 30% of their land.

    We simply cannot say that only Vorster and his regime were evil when the new generation of whites is not redistributing land and wealth to its rightful owners, the ones they robbed about a century ago. They are simply the same coin, different sides.

  68. Someone asked this question before and it was never given an ligimate answer. How, when and from who did you buy this country, and where is the proof of ownership. Everybody gets proof of ownership when you buy property, cars etc. Please answer this

  69. @ Peace I did not expect such a stupid question to come from you given the intellectual capacity you have. I assumed you knew that these property ownership documents were brought by you here in Afrika. You used it to legitimise your robbery of Afrika because it was all our land and everyone was welcome to live everywhere. You divided us and brought these stupid documents that you speak of now.

    Grow up, I expect intelligent questions from you and not this childish crap you just asked now.

  70. Proof of ownership goes back thousands of years and is nothing new. The Queen of Sheba came from Zimbabwe and she had proof of her ownership that is called now the Zimbabwe Ruins.

  71. You see that is the problem with you whites, the only history you have is documented history or recorded. We as Afrikans have a different history and tha is oral history. You started this shit with humanity and you come here to impose your supposed Afrikan history of proof of ownership for land. That is a European tendency of people who wanted to monopolise land during the feudal system. when you had finished fucking up Europe you came to Afrika, Latin America and Asia and along the way poisoning indeginous people with your greedy tendencies.

    I say we had no proof of ownership documents in Afrika until you came here and poisoned us. You should change that name of Peace because that is your new disguise nowadays. You come in the name peace whilst you know your only objective is to pollute our minds and polarise Afrikans.

  72. And again Peace – if you say Afrikans had proof of ownership back then ,how did it occur that now land is in the hands of fucken whites?

  73. Start by reading things in perspective, try asking for wisdom when reading comments coming from this end. Again I mention it is not written to condemn anybody. Nobody has been given the right to right off anybody people do that in their own selfrightous hearts. We do believe and live by: Do unto others as you want them to do unto you. One day we will meet and you will have a renewed soul and sound mind. There is a few constantly praying for you and the more aggravated you become the more intense we pray. When an encounter with GOD was mentioned, it was not mentioned that HIS wrath will come upon you but that HE will call you by our name, change your heart , give you peace and joy uncountable and you will wonder how you could have lived without him. Again : The Peace, Joy and Blessings to be bestowed upon you in abundance from Heaven above by the LORD. Amen and Amen

  74. Cut the crap Peace, we both know that the bible was your last move when you have stolen everything then introduce it so people will forget that you stole the land and everything they had. The missionaries were your move in colonising Afrika as they made sure that the natives would not fight if they believed in the peace you proposed. Fuck peace when we don’t have land and its resources.

    Go and preach that garbage about god and peace in Europe, we can only have peace if you could just fucken leave us alone in Afrika. Please assholes.

  75. Eish I have been just reading Wonkies blog comments but today I feel I must comment.
    I am convinced now that the war between darkness and light, God and lucifer is real and has been on since Adam and Eve. Is it truely going to end one of these days? I am patiently awaiting. Would also like to see the outcome (answers) of prayers that have been uttered. I should have named my anxious to see.

  76. @Eish, the end will only be when the Gospel has reached all parts of the world, and is almost there. About the war you mentioned : this one is only a small verbal one and NOT race against race but exactly as you mentioned but lucifer against JESUS.

  77. I guess then Peace in this instance you would be Jesus and me lucifer? You whites really think you are the only human beings and you have the solutions that humanity needs and us blacks just do not have answers and should listen to your garbage. Go to heaven and leave us alone please. We do not need you here in hell(Afrika) you are the chosen ones by your god and please just go spread that crap in Europe.

  78. I now rest this case in the hands of the ALMIGHTY with joy and gratitude knowing that nothing is impossible.

  79. It has come to my notice that some of our employees are abusing the internet facilities, personal use is limited and the use of website blogs are not allowed. Our computer administrators will be given instructions to check on all. Should we notice that any employee has been using abusive language or guilty of racists remarks they will be dismissed instantly. We notice that some are operating during office hours only and are largely stealing time and subsistance from the employer as well as being guilty of abusive language and racism.

  80. @Eish, you certainly are wide awake and obviously have a big company. I hope that none of the above comment contributors are working for you, and I mean this in a nice manner as I actually enjoy them except the vile language as it rids them of their frustrations and they letting steam off and it makes them feel good. We constantly work of the internet and every now and again the email props up as it is setup that way to attend to our clients.
    You are quite correct that employees should not abuse company facilities that is unethical. Please comment if you have found any of the above guilty we certainly would like to know.

  81. I do not own a company but is investigating an issue of gigs used on the internet is far above budget and their are employees abusing it. They will be dismissed and the CCMA will not rule in their favour. No further comment will be from this end.

  82. Some souls are hungry for fame, comfort, wealth and power. That creates more problems that can not be solved. Our days are like suitcases- all the same size- but some can pack more into them than others. Some contain more value where some contains only destruction

  83. This blog has been very quiet today no comments yet?? Sincerely hope none of you have lost your jobs as it is the most difficult obstacle now adays.

  84. Flameheart says

    These posts remind me of why I don’t like to get into religious or political debates.

    It’s good to note that Peace is not Apartheid, and neither is he Jesus… And Mzu, you are not Lucifer. And I kind of doubt that either was personally involved in the Boer war, and were not alive in the days of colonialism, so why the blame game? Um… Anyone for moving forward?

    I hope that we can all see the lighter side of life at times. That’s what Wonkie cartoons are all about: laughing at life’s absurdities. We are all different and it would be great if we could just embrace that:-) Hate never helped anyone. Most wars and racial disagreements are built on misunderstandings and generalisations.

  85. Hi Flameheart, you sound so gentle so I take it you must be a lady.
    There has been hardly any comments today and it seems that some work places people got into trouble for using the internet personally and constantly. When I was employed with a large company we had the same company rules. I surely hope someone will not loose their job. We should just continue to focus on the positive and ignore all negativity, negative and selfish minds is a sure recipy for dissappointments. Have a good evening .

  86. Flameheart says

    Thanks 🙂 But I sincerely hope that if I were a man I would think the same way…
    I also hope that nobody has lost their job unnecessarily. Keep well.

  87. @Eish, don’t come here with your master tendency, I have no master and very happy that I don’t know you and all of you. You boast about being an employer but your forefathers accumulated youre wealth by theft. You’re a dispeakable blood sucker, all of you white trashes.

  88. Eish, I have picked up your warnings on other blogs as well. I am convinced you are in charge of an IT dept and have been hauled over the coals for absorbadent Internet GIG accounts. Otherwise why did you warn the people? A manager normally addressed the dept manager on issues and then take action on their reports. In any event it was nice of you to warn them before hand as I know in certain govt depts and big public companies this action is busy taking place.

  89. “Mzu” your Forefathers have been in Africa for thousands of years and what did they acumalate
    ,a bunch of wives that do all the work,MANY uneducated kids to look after the cattle and goats and a mud hut to live in,did not even invent a wheel.
    Then came the educational gift bearing White man to educate and create jobs for the poor masses as there forefathers were to useless to do the same.
    Fortunately there were a few of your “Brothers” that took the opportunity and bettered themselves.
    And by the way,what on earth is “DISPEAKABLE”
    As i say “EDUCATION” my man “EDUCATION”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    a FOOL always identifies himself when he opens his mouth.
    Keep yours shut,the smell is going to draw flies and sh!t on your brains,if any between you ears.EISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! “TRASHES”

  90. I sincerely hope that people dont take malema serious on this issue as he also suffers from promiselitis. He only sponsors with promises that never materialise. We should rather pity him as he also puts the cart before the horse.

  91. its surprising that the party still keeps this loudmouth within its ranks. someone needs to put him in his place before its too late, or maybe its already late.

  92. ANTISTEWART says

    @ STEWART [deleted by moderators – personal attack.. suffice it to say, the author of this comment does not think much of Stewart]

  93. Don`t worry about malema,he is in BIG SH!T and no ways is that fella going to get away with terrorism,war mongering and planning to attack Botswana,oh! and the Tax Man is hopping mad and investigating the high flier Idiot Malema.

  94. Boerkie, please be patient things are going to change here and hopefully soon, we have a number of forums trying to find solutions that will eliminate any form of discrimination, away with Partisan politics and preventing any form of dictatorship. Basically the people will have the most say and direct influence or provision to submit recommendations on issues that they may feel is harmful to society. The manifest will take a while to complete and we would like some of the commentators on Wonkie i.e. Garth etc…. to forward their valuable constructive input. Together we can make a difference >add for all our citizens.

  95. Hi Peace,The Proverbial BIG WHEEL and malema is not the only one. He He He !!!

  96. Juju is very correct, helloo, we rule you now remember!!!. You Afrikaners did anyone complain when the renegade apartheid devil Botha and the self styled desperado and pirate Jan Van Ribeeck declared Afrikaner women must be ‘patriotic’ and give birth to as many Afrikaner kids as possible. Now look at how they suffer in Coronation Park, Krugersdorp and the misguided township of Oranje full of die hard extremists living on pap and offals. Juju has said the very same rhetoric that the likes of DeCock,Terrblance, DeKerk,Botha, Van Riebeek,Voerwerd and his wife said in blind hindsight. Just pay your tax quietly and let us enjoy it! We love Malema, even the ANC cannot touch him. he is our ownblack version of Hendrick Voerwerd. and we shall have more sex with our women,fill the nation with children and your taxes shall feed us!

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