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Nelson Mandela Day

Mandela Day – Does he deserve it?

18 July 2011 and the international Mandela marketing machine is blasting ahead in full force – hooray, it’s Nelson Mandela Day. But is Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela really all that? South Africa and the world would do well to consider Mr Mandela’s contribution and legacy from an alternative perspective.

Certainly Mr Nelson Mandela is a great man and this article does not, by any means, aim to make light of his suffering and achievements – they are significant. It does, however, aim to place his apparent demi-god status in question by sifting the abundance of marketing hype from reality.

Yes, Madiba was a determined and prominent leader in the struggle against apartheid. Yes, he spent for 27 years in prison for the cause he was willing to die for. Yes, he lay the foundation for a peaceful transition to the new South Africa. Yes, he is a symbol of reconciliation – both locally and internationally. Wonkie is happy to give heaps of credit, where credit is due and for this it definitely is.

Where the marketing hype kicks in and reality proves otherwise is what troubles Wonkie. Mr Mandela, for all his many redeeming qualities, had a severely limited vision about the future of South Africa. His fight was the struggle against apartheid and for freedom. Most unfortunately for South Africa, it seems his vision ended there and this has manifested with the current state of the country in terms of corruption, shocking education levels, zero economic upliftment of the masses, failing healthcare, crime and more.

Clearly one cannot fault the man for achieving the mammoth goal he had set for himself in his lifetime. Nor can one fault him for having his vision end there. But when lobbying the world for a Mandela Day, it is important to maintain some perspective. A lot of what is wrong with South Africa today could have been averted had Madiba been a strong leader of the country. For this though, he would have needed a vision that extended to the creation of a prosperous nation, not just a free one.

As a president, given the power and gravitas he commanded during his tenure, he was a weak leader. His initial term was so caught up in the euphoria of achieving his mammoth goal that he overlooked the fact that he was responsible for setting precedents for the future. The rot of corruption, cronyism and crime set in on his watch.

Imagine where South Africa would be right now, had Mr Mandela taken the tough decision to discipline or even fire the likes of Nkosazana Zuma following her corruptly squandered R2,000,000 on the AIDS play debacle. Instead, he entrenched a culture of anything goes in government by the tough decisions he failed to make.

Imagine further, that he had taken a hardline stance to collect and destroy guns in the townships – something he clearly had the power and influence to do during his tenure. He obviously knew they were there from the time of the struggle. Is it a demonstration of outstanding leadership and foresight to have left these be – did he expect they would just age peacefully and become collectors items sold on eBay? How retarded would true leadership have left crime in South Africa now?

As a leader, Mr Mandela made the mistake of completely mis-judging his team’s capabilities, both in terms of strategic thinking and execution. This is largely the reason for the appalling state of healthcare and literacy in South Africa. Had Mr Mandela sought the appropriate skills to manage the AIDS challenge (if he even acknowledged that it was a challenge!), instead of relying on the calibre of beetroot-head, there is no doubt that the current healthcare landscape would be much better off.

Instead of acknowledging that his comrades lacked the skills to run the country and getting help – as, for example, Europe did through the Marshall Plan following World War II – he did not request aid in the form of money or skills to support redevelopment for the masses. Instead, he pandered to the needs of the privileged 10% to ensure they were comfortable with the transition, and neglected his responsibility to the 90% that needed his help the most.

Mr Mandela’s leadership through his personal behaviour also helped entrench the fat cat mentality in government. Isn’t it fascinating, that Mr Mandela, as president of a developing country earned a bigger salary than Bill Clinton did as president of the United States during the same time? Even the current prime minister of India, for all his faults, does not take a salary. Such leadership decisions set the tone for prudence and austerity. Now, as a result of a lack of such leadership, it’s a perk to be in parliament as members can catch up on their snooze time, and South Africa has ministers standing around a tree comparing who’s Mercedes is bigger. Mr Mandela, with true leadership, could have left the legacy of culture – one that embraces that it’s a privilege to serve the country, rather than a juicy opportunity for massive personal gain.

So credit where credit is due, but no more. An entire industry has been created worldwide by the Mandela marketing machine affecting everyone from the general public and Hollywood sycophants to myopic journalists raving about Mandela’s ‘leadership skills’ as president. For today, Mandela Day, celebrate and do good by all means, but do not give the man more than he is due. He helped set the country free, but also healthily contributed to creating the mess South Africa is currently in, and that should not be forgotten.

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  1. Sickened by the Greed says

    I think you summed it up very well. The hype about Mandela is totally overblown.

    A well written article Wonkie. True he was a good man but he also had his faults. The world and SA have made him out to be bigger than life, he his after all a mortal like the rest of us.

  3. bullsh&t. just another way for govt to shift responsibility onto the tax paying few – why can those without jobs give 67 mins per day helping fix potholes, reduce electricity demand, repair RDP houses, care for pupils after school, catch rapists of 85 year old grannies, etc, etc, instead of sitting and begging/demanding more rights, reduced responsibilities – bloody welfare state has destroyed all motivation to work. In Tanzania, if you do not work for a living, you get nothing – and you should see how the people work.

  4. Ashley A.Eaton says

    Why was Mandela sent to prison in the first place how many innocent people was he planning to kill and maim before he became a saviour ?

  5. Yep unfortunately none of his comrades shares his views. Mandela’s fatal mistake was that he judged his comrades by himself. In his heart we guess is is a very disappointed man. We have respect for his views and what he did, but we can not say the same about any of the others except for Madonsela whom we trust will continue to stand firm against the corrupt we should all support her.

  6. this day shouldn’t come because of Madiba’s birthdate, the govt mustn’t use it as a scape goat to chow money as they are known for.. but face the day to day reality ..Bara is in shambles,education level has dropped yet the powers that be keeps on singing let’s do it for mandela…why don;t they say let’s do it for our future leaders..if he was still young i wonder what was he going to say..i guess we will never know..

  7. WTF wonki!!
    All the negatives about the man
    How the hell could he have satisfied all races when he was fighting for equal rights for all??
    You know after reading this CRAP I can never blame Malema for hating white people so much, I’m disgusted by this article and so do millions out there who dont have access to this, am sure they would be…
    Damage done for centuries and you expect everything to be sorted overnight…S***t!! Clearly the writer didnt mind how black people were treated in this country(jus for their well-being and Euro standards), how else would he(tatuMADIBA) have fought for human rights?? Blame the current gvmnt not him

  8. notaround says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATA MADIBA. Wonkie , yes I hear you , but I prefer to celebrate, without him we would have been in a lot of kak in this country.

  9. Wonkie the opinions you have of the whole Mandela day “thing” you would not have if it was not for Madiba. There would not be Wonkie or Freedom to publish your opinion. just be greatful and happy for MADIBA If you feel the Hype is too much for you, let it be. find ways to carry the baton forward for our people to live a better life. Happy Birthday TATA

  10. Indeed Wonkie, I cannot agree with you more! Infact, we have let the media in particular to over exagerate the role Mandela played in the struggle. Do you rember under whose watch the arms deal scandal took place? The very same Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma dismissed the nurses as petty when they striked for better working conditions and arrogantly commented that nursing was no big deal as anyone can be a nurse. Yes, Mr Mandela “inagurated” a fraudulent “constitution” that declares this country to be everyone’s possession! Need I ay more!

  11. Bongani C. says


    i greatly enjoy the emails and always feel they are always on the mark with regards to the subject in question. So i always look forward to reading these articles.

    With regards to Mandela day and if he deserves all the credit; i feel you have completely missed the mark. Mandelas goal/dream/objective was to have a FREE South Africa and to helps those who are not so fortunate. There’s a lot that you could say the man could have done so that SA is not in the state it is now upon careful scrutiny; but lets be realistic…there’s only so much one man can do. Post 1994 SA could have been cold a democratic country but the struggle, Mandela’s sruggle was far from over; to date SA is not free racial oppression…racism still exists; just not in so obvious manners. What his predecessors did, getting the country to be in the state it is in in terms of corruption, failing health care etc; we should not say he could have prevented if he was a better leader. He did what he could during his time and thats the reality. It is easy for you to point out his shortfalls because you have the time to analyze everything.

    With regards to all the marketing behind Mandela day; i doubt his much, if any, involvement there and i do not see where you see all of it giving him more credit because the whole idea behind it is to help communities who are less fortunate, nothing more, nothing less.

    Something you are obviously overlooking here, Mandela did more then just relieve South Africa from racial oppression; he made people have love for one another in terms of race difference, he made us see it is possible to love your enemy, that it was possible to be a unity…that you could lead without fear. There’s more i could list…

    To conclude and quoting the man himself…”No single person can liberate a country. You can only liberate a country if you act as a collective.”

    So lets not blame him for other peoples transgressions.

  12. Mandela directly has the blood of innocent women and children of all races on his hands. People forget that’s why he went to jail – not because he’s black. Gandhi achieved exactly the same without any violence but strangely The World doesn’t regard that very highly. In my opinion greatness of a man should be judged by his legacy and in that dept, as Wonkie rightly points out, there’s very little that deserves praise, let alone adulation.

    Well done to the Mandela spin machine – the best spin ever and the whole world fell for it! Let’s hope no-one spends their 67 minutes doing what Mandela did – planting bombs.

  13. Gratefull says

    HAPPY Birthday TATA MadiBA!!!!! First time since I started reading Wonkie I disagree with what he has to say!!! Wonki did you spend 67minutes on writing the crap you provided us to day?? Don’t bad mouth Mandela even if you say you aren’t your tone in your article sure does. Do you want to set a record for the most replies on an article you ever wrote? Thanks TATA for being my rolemodel and for the caring person you are. We human and mistakes is afterall part of who we are. Without them we won’t be able to be the people we are and what we strive to become.

  14. first lets say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADIBA” THIS IS TRULY YOUR DAY! lets get back to wonkie, people need to get perspective, yes he did a lot for this country….BUT…..WHAT ARE HIS PREDICSESSORS DOING…

  15. Happy born-day tata –
    Wonkie, no one is perfect, not even Madiba. Yes he’s a great and Yes he has mistake. Why do you have to dwell on things that he fail to do/ or rather that the he didn’t do? On this Mandela day, we celebrate what he achieved. NOW BACK OFF – I’ve got a feeling you using this as your MARKETING MACHINE AS WELL.

  16. first lets say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADIBA” THIS IS TRULY YOUR DAY! lets get back to wonkie, people need to get perspective, yes he did a lot for this country….BUT…..WHAT ARE HIS PREDICSESSORS DOING…they are not following his footsteps and that is the SAD PART OF IT!!!!!!!!!!

  17. As a non-South African who has admired Mr Mandela from the time I became aware of what he had gone through, I agreed with you completely. The man accomplished more behind bars than outside. Outside prison he demonstrated all the qualities of a weak leader who failed to take advantage of the political clout he had earned over the twenty-some years. The whole notion of a rainbow nation was premature without the necessary change of heart on the part of those who had promoted and benefited from the oppression, dehumanization and subjugation of the black majority. South Africans including your hard-core criminals would have done anything and everything for Mandela. Guns in the townships would have been brought to his office at his bidding. South Africa would have been a better country had Mandela been a strong leader. What an opportunity lost.

  18. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Whilst mr jones makes some valid points, I think Peace, notaround and Buti have hit the nail on the head. Wonkie – you definitely got it wrong this time!

    One of Madiba’s greatest claims to glory was the wonderful calm way he butted heads with the then government in the negotiations after his release and another was his selection of his former ‘enemy’ as a vice-President – a true icon of peace-making and co-existence – not to mention respect for alternative opinions.

    Ashley – with your ‘wondering’ the rest of us must ‘wonder’ what is your take on the people fighting for their civil rights in Libya, Syria and the other Arab countries. Are they also killing and maiming “innocent people” before becoming ‘saviours’?

  19. Bongani C. says

    some of these comments are pathetic to say the least…Chris…his has an indirect hand on the blood of many? Like wtf!! Need i remind you who killed those people? The same people who Mandela was fighting and at the end had no grudges or wanted any revenge.

    Some of you aobviously want Mandela to have been perefect in everything he did. every war has its casualties…no man is perfect; neither was he.

    All some of you people keep saying is what he could, could’ve, should’ve done…what have YOU done?

    Lets thank him for what he did and stop punishing him for you subjective opinions.

  20. dear wonkie, your articles have always been captivating, franckly besides our beautifull landscapes its all that remains captivating in this country, i must however disagree, hindsight has always been a terrible thing its serves the word useless well, as you well know that a leader is only as good as the people that surrounds him or her, mandela did not have the correct support base around him for the exeption of a few, he was tired, that is why he did not stand for a second term though the world was shaking in its boots at the mention of his retirement, he himself said that it was not him that was leading the country in 94 but thabo mbeki at the announcement of his successor, he refused the salary that you so openly accused him of taking, the point of the matter is no matter what madiba did, south africa could and would always be the place it is now ethnicity aside, the big question is what will happen to this fantastic country that binds us all when he passes away? would you not be tired after a mamoth life struggle, its like running the comrades and then being asked to start all over again, even ghandi with his peaceful resistance failed when he took power, churchill after the war etc the list goes on and on it must be remembered that the weakness found in its people will often be found in its leaders this is true for the world over

  21. You raising some interesting facts. Mandela the terrorists, over-rated etc…exactly what i expected from the forum. In short, I enjoy SA and the fact that each one can make his opinion openely and freely. However, with the way people complain, mourn & b!tch about the current and the previous one, I wish they had done so during the apartheid years as well. It would have not taken so long and so much blood. But no, they were quite and saying fokol. You had your chance, you agreed in silent, so do the world a favour and disagree in silent. No to double standard and playing smart now? Nee maan!

  22. To whose you do not know much except that was said and proclaimed by the those who do everything by violence. Very few if any are aware what was done to get equal rights by us who did it with the help of FW, we did it in an orderly manner without wanting to make headlines because we are civilized
    and had debates without getting hot under the collar. In fact FW’s father started it and it was accomplished by his son. We do not brag about it or want any glory as we were compelled to do it as GOD’s Word teaches: Do unto others as you want them to do unto you. Our nomination was a major drive to implement equal rights for all. So we do not give any human the glory but only to GOD who made it possible. Mud slinging will boomerang to those who throw it. Peace comes from within oneself and is an act of grace from GOD to those who fear HIM and HIM alone.

  23. Wonkie, I always enjoyed your humour and I am glad to read that you are also a person who has a clear and intelligent mind and not afraid to express it. This inordinate adoration is way out of line with the truth and is being ascribed in a grossly exaggerated manner to a mere human being! What positives he actually achieved pales against with what is been falsely stated by misguided and foolish people.
    @ a-maize-ingly-corny – allow me to help you gain some insight into some more truth. He did not select others as vice president – it was part of the agreement that was negotiated!
    @Gratefull – shame! Is your bubble of self deception in danger of bursting! Wonkie in no way bad mouthed Mandela. He clearly gave him his due but also stated facts. If you dont like it then you don’t have to get rude and insulting. People who dont like truth nomally do as you. Rather think, does Wonkie not have a valid point! Is that how having Mandela as your rolemodel causes you to behave?

  24. The way he is overrated it’s like he is the SA version of Moses or Jesus Christ. The other thing that confuses me is that Mandela was not alone and not the leader at that time. People who would have led ANC died just before the first democratic elections, now that’s a good timing and strange too. I do not think black people were fighting to be accepted by whites but for their land and wealth. Now this makes Mandela not who the media wants us to believe because his was part of the negotiators who made sure that there would be a property clause in the contitution i.e. making sure that all the land and wealth that the whites had stolen during the apartheid era would remain theirs. more than half of the population are poor people who earn less than R6 000 a month. Most people like to say that black people like begging and not working.. well that is true but let us ask ourselves how did it become like this i.e. Black people should work for white people? Well then again it hits Robbery that whites commited to be so wealthy that they are masters in foreign land. I mean as an Afrikan I would have thought that whites, as people who are originally from Europe would become workers here but they are masters… Now Mandela ensured that, whites will always reward him for his stupid decision.

  25. thanks, you have given me courage to say that I did not like the way he sidelined Winnie, the fighter, for when he was cooling his feet in jail, Winnie was warming the masses, the fire of freedom was burning. She and others were the BIGGER Fighters!
    he is a great man, give him what he deserves.

  26. yes a champion of reconciliation and frrgiveness. However he has done nothing, zero, naught peanuts to admonish and bring to task the disgusting fradulance and corruption within the ANC. Endemic actually. as for the little Mugabe Malema, any great leader would have silenced him ages ago. No, Mandela day means nothing to me.

  27. Well however Ruth, I guess Mandela soon discovered after his release what Winnie was all about and more then likely aware of her murder conspiracies such as Stompie Sepey…..

  28. Siphiwe Mashodu says

    Mzu – I think you hit the nail on the head brother, as did you Wonkie this time… thanks! Mandela was one of many responsible that set the country free – he did not do it on his own. His “pandering” to the whites post apartheid and neglect of his responsibilities to his own people when he was in power is the reality. Sure he is an icon for peaceful transformation but he is to blame for the little change realised for the masses in the last 15+ years. Mandela’s greatness ended when apartheid was dismantled – after that he has in the eyes of true leadership been a failure.

  29. Jerry Moitzi says

    if your regime released Mandela earlier then surely he would have accomplished hi dream of a prospering society, i just wonder what you could have done better as president of S.A having to transform a country like this one. dont forget thet that all apartheid agents like u were also part of the drafting of the constitution, so so contributed towards the failure of this country

  30. Bongani C. says

    Now that we’ve successfully managed to point out that Madiba was not perfect…
    Lets get back to celebrating his birthday.


  31. mbhekeni simelane says

    Madiba is similar to jesus yet different in one way, jesus was sent by god to free the nation of juda in contrast mandela was sent to free the nation of south africa. jesus is praised by all the people and the descendants of juda, so madiba should also receive the praise: deservedly so…

  32. I agree with all you say. I will argue that Mandela was a belated hero, to his
    so call uneducated people. The vision of freedom, is more than just “crossing the boarders” and getting jobs, without proper qualifications,
    and eating, drinking, smoking, living in huge homes etc, that they have not
    worked for, or even have the faintest idea, how economics work. The rest
    of the world could not care a less, about South Africa, as they have their
    own problems. The corruption that is happening in South Africa, and unless
    it is sorted out know, we shall see a revolution, worse that the Arab countries.

  33. What the f@&k is wrong with all whites, you just can’t appreciate the good that a black person does. You think you are holy and yet forget that your are rotten to the core when it comes to lies, manipulation and all ills. If he was arrested for planting bombs, he did this to eradicate the bad whites who thought life was all about them. To all blacks, he is our hero and to all crazy whites and you wonkie, go burn and don’t associate Africa with yourselves as some of us will nt have forgiven you had it not been for Tata

  34. We should not shy away from the fact that Mandela did a great deal of work for dismantling apartheid. please remember how hard it was to fight apartheid. What South Africans should do is follow his foot steps and fight curruption which, in my view, is a new version of apartheid. Mandela is a human being and therefore, capable of doing mistakes. if there’ve been mistakes done by Madiba, it’s your turn to do what’s right. he is a moving icon for the truth and recociliation.

  35. Beryl Laing says

    History will be the ultimate judge of Mandela. We all applauded Robert Mugabe 30 years ago and look at Zimbabwe today. I am disillutioned with both the ANC and Nelson Mandela. My family paid a heavy price for supporting them during the apartheid years but this is not what we worked so hard for. Corruption, bad management and black economic empowerment does not make for a united South Africa.

  36. Sthe Ndlovu says

    God where is Floyd Shivambu when needed?

  37. I never thought that I would agree with Mzu. There were many people working towards an apartheid free South Africa. Many did not get there and I just think that most of them did not have a shared vision of what our future would look like. The real legacy of Madiba is that legislated apartheid is gone. What happens next is up to our current leaders.

  38. Ken Pagel says

    I agree with your comment.

    I feel that there are a couple of extremely important disasters that he allowed to happen.Allowing the cancellation of the nursing and teaching colleges. Permitting the city of Johannesburg to become a cesspool with loss of the rates and licensing income

  39. @ Garth – Mandela is being hailed worldwide as one of the greatest statesmen who ever lived. I’d have thought that we should be expecting a little more from him then, than merely forcing a handful of boere to give up by using violent means (planting bombs that killed many innocent people). If he did what he did in the USA he would be dead today.

    Well done Wonkie – you’re saying what so many people think but are too scared to mention lest they be called racist again. Mandela had the perfect chance to actually be the great statesman he’s painted as, but I’m sorry to say as President of SA he failed miserably. The result of that failure is clearly seen in the (non) government we have today.

  40. @ Poppy, you should not forget that white people in South Africa did not work for what they currently own. They brutally killed black people and robbed it. That you should know and please don’t come here with the crap that you white animals like to say’ black people only drink beer under trees and rape women’ when it was your forefathers who came here and bought beer and raped our mothers.

  41. Mzu said: ” you should not forget that white people in South Africa did not work for what they currently own. They brutally killed black people and robbed it.”

    That, sadly, is what most of the younger black generation thinks and that is exactly why there is no future for whites in SA and why SA will ultimately be the next Zimbabwe.

    I’m actually quite shocked that someone who has the wherewithall to use the internet can be so completely misinformed.

  42. Today, I take down my hat to The GREAT MAN, Nelson Rolihlahla MANDELA, for laying a good future for me and my future successors. How dare you, Wonkie, criticise your Hero like that, are you a counter-revolutionary or an Apartheid spy?. For I think your percieve things abnormally.

    Happy Birthday Baba, you are the best ever.

  43. WHITE LADY says


  44. Spiritwolf says

    I am a apartheid spy..oh wait we don’t have apartheid..soooo there cant be apartheid spies now..can their? or are we not in a democarcy now??? wow, so many confused people here..most new democracies goe through a teething era..look at russia, berlan wall, look at china/japan and many more so called 1st world countires..we just have to get on with the job and hope this apartheid/anti-apertiad gimme gimme generation is gone, and our kids will hopefully live in harmony..

  45. Jamie from George says

    It is depressing to read so many racial remarks particularly from people who should know better. Let’s face it Nelson Mandela is to many many people a
    highly respected leader. To others he was a” terrorist” who spent 27 years in gaol and detention,but was treated comparatively well. One wonders how he would have fared in a “black ruled” country. Their gaols usually leave much to be desired??!! Since his release he has shown no bitterness,but
    unfortunately,in my opinion,little real leadership. There was a time when he
    could have had us all eating out of his hand,and determined a way forward
    for South Africa. Such was his charisma and following that he had the world at his feet. Unfortunately,as in so many African States,a “Freedom Fighter “seldom seems to translate to Government Leader.

  46. Peter how then did it happen that you own land and wealth in SA? Is the history hat we are taught crazy or is it you or me that is crazy? Well why did whites go through the TRC? I think we both know that even fools cannot be fooled by your statement there. Future for whites in SA … who cares when you have Europe to go to and if SA becomes like Zim…. Zim is also an African country so you should focus on your resource por Europe and leave us Afrikans to our resource rich Afrika.

  47. For that matter why did you come here and introduce guns to Afrikans who were living in harmony? You just had to come and f**k us up……

  48. Dukie 743 says

    He is a good old man but vastly overated. This idolisation and worship of a politician is one of the downfalls of the African continent, in my opinion. Mugabe, Amin, Gaddafi, Mubarak also were grovellingly worshipped by their people but ofcourse Mandela is above them in character. I am surprised that Mother Theresa was not granted international day status after having worked amongst the poor all of her life and dying amongst them. Comparatively, Mandela has lived a luxurious lifestyle for the last 30 years [albeit 9 years in a prison house] whilst millions of South Africans are living in abject poverty, are starving and living in shacks in this cold weather. My disappointment with Mandela is that he has never spoken up about the arms deal, oilgate, Zuma’s corruption allegations, Shaik and the massive looting and plundering of the state coffers by this ANC government, of taxpayers money meant for the poor people of South Africa. He has many spokespersons that could speak up on his behalf. Mandela is a good man but never ever a great world statesman. As was Jan Smuts.

  49. Spiritwolf says

    ACTUALLY the zulus come from the north and started killing everyone if you really are all for exposure and truth..way before even one european came on a boat and said..oh look they stabbing each other with spears and live in mub huts..lets show them toilets, cars, crop you complaining once again Mzu about everything, why dont you do us all a favour and..oh wait, that will never happen, doesnt your white european elitist brainwashing boss know you havent cleaned the toilets and your using his pc to blog??

  50. So many ill informed youngsters. from the 1960’s many whites I am mentioning it again as some of black population fails to believe. We were having meetings with politicians, ( The crowd that never voted) My parents were involved and as we got older we got involved. We know that on account of our discussions and determination to have freedom of all was on of the main factors contributing to change. I personally went to Soweto to meet someone for a discussion to stop violence and let us continue with what we were busy with. I never got to my destination as my car was stoned with rocks etc by children. The insurance did not pay for the damage as they claimed I was irresponsible to enter Soweto and they did not cover riot damage. This did not influence me adversely and still continued being part of the opposing group. We knew that parenthood in the black areas lacked decent child discipline and children do what the learn from grownups.l
    So now we understand why youngsters that comment here do not really know what caused their distorted bitter and violent natures. What we did was never published ( that was no problem to us). Some of the MP members those days got to realize that what we proposed was correct and they had no words or counter argument. In 1974 I went to Cape Town made an appointment with the minister of domestic affairs and had a two year debate and correspondence with him on account of the divorce laws those days. Well he lost the debate and realized it had to change and it was changed in 1976. I met him again at an opening of a company building and he was surprised to see me and we had a wonderful conversation ( the law had not been changed yet though he had put it to parliament) In 1975 he was invited to open the new harbor, ( I was employed by a company involved in the construction of the harbor) so we meet again. He had a good laugh when he saw me and said he is sure I am following him on account of the law he needs to have changed, because he keeps on bumping into me.
    There he told me that the legislation was passed and it is in the process of being implemented. So one has to continue pressing on in good spirit and eventually we overcome. Just wonder how many knows how much it took to change this law. All this was done entirely on my own costs, time and research of all previous unfair cases.

  51. Dukie 743 says

    Another thing. A future state president of South Africa is Julius Malema whom the ANC is grooming for that role. He is regarded by Zuma as a young Mandela. But along with Zuma, the great world statesman Mandela has never criticised Malema for calling ALL whites criminals. Yet it was an all ‘white’ defence team that defended Mandela and others at the Rivonia treason trial in 1964. We knew that Zuma would not speak out against Malema’s racist remark but not Mandela. How wrong we were.

  52. Great man…wonkie u r entitled to yah own opinion about Madiba, just like the rest of haters…the world celebrated this day and few haters made negative remarks…it’s dissapointing to read some remarks in this age and time…after what South Africa went thru…then we shift the blame after all…

  53. We do agree that Madiba was a bit of a role model to many for his peace proclamations, but few seem to follow his example. The fact still remains that the previous 49% that did not vote played the biggest part in the abolishing of aparthate. That will always be my view as my whole family, nomination, friends and colleages participated.

  54. Dukie 743 says

    Whenever anyone speaks out about Zuma, Malema, Mbeki or now Mandela, it is called hate speech. The fact is that no human being is perfect. A book out last year revealed that Mandela bullied and cheated on his first wife. A good man in his latter years but far from perfect in earlier ones.
    South African whites are a little different in that they do not normally worship and grovel to well paid avaricious politicians, like black South Africans seemingly often do.

  55. @Mzu,

    You’re clearly a product of the post ’94 schooling system so I’ll try and keep things very simple. You say:
    “Future for whites in SA … who cares when you have Europe to go to and if SA becomes like Zim”

    Of course you won’t care if SA becomes like Zim. I just wonder where you and all the other black refugees will run to then, because you sure as hell won’t get into Europe – they’re also sick and tired of you lot.

  56. This is Madiba day…celebrated globally….can u pick another day where U will paint the picture on the negatives…leave the great man alone, he has done his part…wonkie, I’m warning u, this topic is closed…

  57. Paul Mulder says

    Agree. Highly overated Mandela!

  58. Ddc, take your warning and …………….p-ssoff

  59. Dukie 743 says

    Think of it. We probably have to go through this s… again next year.

  60. I like it when good deeds are done, why should it only be done one day a year, it should be everyday. Plenty birthdays each day of the year.

  61. micheypea says

    you put in to perfect words exactly what i think …. it’s just like the Oprah self praising gag machine of her final exit into the pink clouds with the sounds of angelic choirs ….cummon ! …she’s also not exactly exiting – she’s heading off to make more gazillions that she wont agree to share like Buffet and Gates have done …. she could probably start a religion now and have a following bigger than the Pope

  62. Spiritwolf says

    I suppose the gist of it is doing unto others as you would have done unto you on “Mandela” day, wether we all believe he was a murder, activist and general hooligan when his was younger, or if he was a less than perfect president in the apartheid handover period, no mean task for any president, or in his twilight year he has tried to make up for past wrongs on both sides of the colour barrier..i guess whatever we call the day, the idea behind it is helping those less fortunate than ourselves, even if i am poor, there is always someone worse off than me. So we can all make a difference to our families, friends and strangers irrespective of race, colour or creed. This is what i will be taking out of “Mandela” day, meaning perhaps future peace day, help or contribute day…

  63. Marjory Jacka says

    I will not participate in mandela day. The ANC are rewriting South African history and no one says a word. He was an out and out terrorist and so are all his cronies sitting like fat cats in high places. Are we ALL braindead and just willing to “go with the flow”? Who will champion justice and truth? As soon as the ANC propaganda starts on TV, I switch it right off. Can hardly bare to look at them, let alone listen to all the garbage!

  64. Bongani C. says

    @Marjory Jacka – i agree with what ur saying and i’m also one of the people that are up to their neck with the current anc fat cats running of this country. Let not this make lose forcus, cloud ur judgment and lead away from helping those who are less fortunate.

    @spiritwolf – well said and in all honesty that is what Mandela day was really ever about. What the media does with it is their doing…us a country can just continue to help our brothers and sisters; black or white.

  65. No terrorst deserves any praise!!!!!!!!!

  66. @BonganiC, You are spot on and reminds me of Bongani an UN member currently in Russia. What she is doing is amazing and that for all people of all nations. Last night she sat with people in a foyer listening to am 65.7 and always call in to give positive comments.

  67. Mandela’s criticism is racist – nelson mandela has done all he could. what have you done.why dont u solve those problems u think mandela did not do. The “call” in mr mandela’s life was for liberation in our life time. he has left the rest of the freedoms charter to the “young mandela”, mr julius malema.

    President mandela served one term because he was old.if he was still young he would have accomplished all outstanding challenges but he gave his vision to the nation about education,cronism and corruption.

    Happy birth day madiba.

  68. Spiritwolf says

    @Marjory Jacka , @Bongani C , @Barry , @Peace , did we miss the point of the day instead of harping on about the man? The point of the day is to help others, yet no one mentions that part, interestingly for once i find myself on the other side of the fence, weird feeling as it is, i am all for days to help your fellow being wether its called world peace day, green day, Mandela day or picky my nose and look at it day….who the ell cares? the point of the day was to help others less fortunate than yourselves…something you all seem to have missed or didnt even bother contributing because everyone is stuck in a negative rut and doesnt give a flying rats ass about his fellow human, animal or child on this planet..

  69. @Spiritwolf, did you not read my first comments. Everyday shoud be a day of generosity and charity not just on certain days. Everyday is someones birthday so we should celebrate all of them, whether we know them or not. This is the way we should live always, to do good and dish out food packages one day a year what do the poor eat the rest of the 364 days?

  70. Barry you are crazy if you say Mandela was a terrorist. What can you say about Bush, Blair, Sarkozy and all these European leaders who are bombing down third world countries only for the benefit of their elite. I think you are crazy and if you are white the first terrorists were the whites who killed innocent blacks and economically excluded them whilst they were stealing their wealth. If there is a race of terrorists, evil people and criminals it is the white race. The world is in this state today because of greedy evil white people.

  71. This is confusing because yet again I agree with Mzu. The real terrorists are those who invaded Iraq on a lie, those who invaded Afghanistan because they would not hand over Bin Laden when he might not have even been there. Mzu has also forgotten about the International Financial Terrorists who have caused a major economic slowdown and are profiting from so called bail out money. Mzu is also right about the Colonial Terrorists who confiscated and pillaged land in the name of Empire and exploitation and created the worst crime against humanity, namely slavery. Mzu does however fail to mention the genocidal regime of Shaka who killed so many people, the Sotho in particular, that he left much of the country empty for settlement by the Voertrekkers, who themselves were almost wiped out by genocide against the Boer women and children by the English.

  72. Yep it all comes back to one, if you want to kill you must be prepared to be killed. And what for, what do they actually gain from it. The Anc member that was killed in Kwazulu for doing what is right he was killed by those doing what is wrong.?? Difficult question to answer how some brains function.

  73. Shaka is for for black people to discuss Garth but I agree with you on that point as well. However the genocide of Boer women and children by the British in SA cannot be a matter of consent for me as I would ask the same question “What were they doing in South Africa for them to killed by other white men?” SO if you kill by the sword, you will also die by the sword because that was their intension in the first place. They got a taste of their own medicine. It has always been about serving the elite who is behind all these evil deeds that the whites are doing now and the elite calls themselves the illuminated elite. They serve Lucifer ( The light bearer) for they believe GOd wanted people to be stupid and lucifer brought the light upon the human race. The Illuminati bloodline has always been controlling the whole world agenda. The 13 families include , The Rockeffelers, Rothschilds and others. They influence the G8 through the Bilderberg group which meets annualy prior to G8 meetings and only white men attend such meetings. The only black man to have attended is Obama. Even you white people who are fooling yourselves as if you are superior are actually serving the interests of the Illuminati, big Corporations, Big media companies and everything that we produce for human consumption is actually owned by them directly or indirectly. They have a symbolic way of worshipping their god, the torch relay before the olympics, the pyramids, the all seeing one eye in the dollar bill… All these are symbols to worship Lucifer. Freemasons are the main preachers of these using the media. Star wars, Lady Gaga songs, Hollywood is also a illuminati grand stage. Look at it however you want to but all freemasons shaped history… Most influencial were Marquis de Laffayette, Karl Marx, Napoleon Bonarpate, Gorge Washington, Joseph Stalin and many more. Please let us all open our eyes and not be caught in this world which is just manufacturing confusion to us. We think, eat, dress like the media tells us to.

  74. Mzu you are right about the illuminati, they control the financial world and the freemasons are a demonic force. The freemasonary , being a woman I admit I do not have enough knowledge to comment on but we have been warned as children never to marry one. Our denomination will not accept members if they belong to that or to the broederbond. We believe that we must work for living and share it among the ones who do not have. There is a difference as far as lazy people are concerned. Do not give them fish but teach them how to fish.

  75. @Mzu,

    Shame it must be terrible for a black racist/supremacist like you to go to bed every night realising that whatever happens, like you say a white man will always be your boss 🙂

    It must be equally infuriating realising that as Juliarse and his cronies get wealthier and wealthier, you and all his other supporters sink deeper and deeper into the stinking mud.

  76. I thought my teacher was crazy when he said Peter’s like being crazy. Crazyness runs in their veins so there could be no exception whith you boss. Be strong it’s norml for a Peter to be crazy. You think you are the boss when exactly you are just a piece in the puzzle of your real bosses, the illuminati. Face reality you are just a slave of the devil and will always. Goodluck on your crazy journey.

  77. Spiritwolf says

    @Mzu, typical response shaka is for blacks to discuss, pity your a retard.. pity you have no compunctions discussing white peoples business then..pity mugabe killed off alot of your brother in genocide as an example, pity your other brothers killed alot of Koi, oh the list is endless of blacks killing blacks without needing any help from whiteys, i mean you can t even get on with your own type, but you have the gall to tell us your opinion? i hope you get stabbed by an aseggai and your ancestors kill all your cows.

  78. Spiritwolf the world would really be a better place if whites would focus on their land and their issues and blacks so. None of this would have happened. Maybe blacks and whites would have been good friends but no. The white left Europe with evil intensions and spread his evil intensions globally. I never said that we were perfect before you arrived but compared to this we were living in heaven. Stabbed by an assegai….hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. That’s a good one man, you’ve just made my day. I will love you spiritwolf if you have humour in you. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  79. Spiritwolf says

    @Mzu, my last word on the topic i promise..

    You cannot take something from somebody WHO NEVER HAD IT..! In fact, what is it that white people, specifically white men, supposed to “give back” to black people..? Can someone PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE explain to me what it is that white men took from blacks?

    LAND..? Blacks NEVER owned any land. Any form of formal ownership is a Western concept. The ‘black’ tribes of the mid 19th century haphazardly SETTLED in an ad hoc manner – effectively governed by tribal savagery – iow the most savage ruled the land (a bit like Hillbrow today). They simply ran away until they could not run anymore – not having ANY grasp of the concept of a horizon or for that matter any measure of finite land mass – eg the boundaries – that is the fundamental concept of ownership.

    MINERALS..? More hallucinations aside – eg ancient gold mines… – a little bit like the Zimbabwe Ruins (the Pyramids, etc) – next to the magnificent structure, the indigenous people build stone-age dwellings out of dirt and sticks (at best emulating the birds). Minerals beneficiation is an entirely Imperialist/Western concept – in fact, in many ways it saw some of the most tangible advances, by WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN MEN – just peruse some of the academic paper at Wits’ Engineering Library.

    WEALTH..? Money-, Capital- and the pivotal mechanisms of the wealth that allows you to breath, eat, have children, live a rather healthy productive and fulfilling live, but also allowed the cognitive development that leads you to make your daft comments here – it is ALL of Western origins. In fact, the key advancements in modern finance- and economics were made by the… DUTCH. Why do you think it is called ‘Wall Street’..? It was initially ‘Wal Straat’ – yes my dear, the Dutch took their cognitive substance there as well… The same Dutch that were the most direct decedents of the people that landed at the Cape in 1652 – in fact, the modern ‘WEALTH system’ was originated by the Dutch and it funded the explorations around the tip of Africa .

    — Perhaps we took their aeroplanes-, their Breitling watches, their Italian Suits, or their German luxury limousines, their ‘Blue Light Brigades’ or perhaps their Space Shuttles..? Mmmm… I just hate the implicit assumption that ‘white’ stole from ‘blacks’…

  80. If you don’t then do your research about the arrival of whites in Afrika. Maybe you would really understand how evil they were and continue to be. Playing dumb has been proved to be useful but now you introduced education and History as a subject. We know your whereabouts and intensions in Afrika and intensions for the black men. You had the chance to wipe them off this planet but you were too lazy to dig the gold yourselves and that is haunting you now. Live with it then. Like I said I’m starting to like you becomes you’ve got a humorous side in you.

  81. Bongani C. says

    @Spiritwolf – in light of the man that this articles was about and to answer your question, “what it is that white man took from blacks?”

    it is something you took but cannot “give back”. maybe i should say they took and not you. White men took from black people FREEDOM; which is what Mandela and whole lot of other people were fighting for, mind you some of those people were in fact white!

    Judging from ur comments i can tell u have an acceptable IQ, so you will know that FREEDOM is the mother of rights and a lot of those were taken from black people and i’m not even gonna begin naming them.

  82. @Bongani, there is only ONE that can truly set us free, I do not make peoples choices but can share my joy, peace, contentment and endurance with them without judgement.
    @ Mzu, the rich: Why did JESUS say it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of an needle then a richman to enter heaven. On account of their selfish greed and nothing or nobody spared to get more and more and no compassion for the poor and needy. Ask a rich man and he will tell you there is no god and yet they serve mamon the god of money. Wonder who our corrupt rulers serve? (we can not call them leaders as there road does not lead to prosperity for all)

  83. What is the meaning of freedom and what does it entail Bongani?

  84. Bongani C. says

    @Mzu – rather define freedom to you i will rather i expanded on the freedom i spoke of and hopefully that will suffice with you.

    Shortly, freedom in the context of my comment was based on the 3 below. Namely,
    Political freedom – the relationship black people had or lack there of, with the apartheid government.
    Free will – simply the right of chioce.
    Economic freedom – blacks were excluded from owning any public enterprises in “white areas”, they were only allowed to work with permits…dompas (dumb pass)…in afrikaans, there are other vast number of restrictions imposed on blacks that limited them, well it actually excluded them from participating; unless u can refer to “digging gold” as participating in the economy.

    @Pease – i am aware that there is only ONE that can set us free and i will not go on any further as i more then fully agree with you. I have been restricting my comments in including Him in this political contention going on here.

  85. Spiritwolf says

    ok this is really my last post…
    @Bongani C, yes your right, i dont condone apartheid or what was done to people, or their loss of freedom, also the tragedy and loss in fighting and undermining any person, peoples and/or nation is wrong, we supposedly live in an enlightened age, but sadly this is not true, sadly for everyone i was too young in the apartheid era else i would of made my voice more heard at the time. needless to say, the hard won democracy is not what we all envishioned, white and black, i had hoped the people that died for this hard won democracy wasnt for an empty gesture, if we look at our neighbours how mugabe is doing a dictatorship, has taken his own peoples freedom away, killed masses of people etc, thats just one neighbour..and how old Youth league president is going that way as are many, these are people we look to guide us all and bring us into the future for equality for all. Is this really what everyone died for? is this the future? all i am saying is you, we, us should be saying were we envision ourselves after fighting for freedom so hard, do we really condone people taking other peoples freedom away? like nationalising mines, likes new laws in freedom of speech and news….education, so many topics not going anywhere, its just sad and disheartning…

  86. Let the world idiolise Mandela but he knows within himself who he is. (He is what was described by his former lawyer when they were fighting about the use of his signature). Guys who were fighting for a good course are no more they were killed by the apartheid forces in prison what saved him, God. Happy birthday for we know its just for now sooner or later it will bve over

  87. Spiritwolf I will continue to remind you that there is no equality that can be achieved between blacks and whites in Afrika. You have no claims in Afrika as you are a grandson of the evil robbers of our forefathers. It doesn’t matter if you were involved or not but the fact remains you do not own the land you are currently owning(including all the racist white farmers). Your forefathers were filthy criminals and as hard as that is you need to live with it bro. Please try and swallow your pride and understand that you or any white person are not Africans and would never be welcomed in Africa. As for Mugabe, those farmers are the same case as you are in SA… It’s only them who turned pink when Mugabe did what the ANC should have done in 1994 but with corwards like Mandela who chose to kiss his masters ass that did not happen. He even built his house in Qunu like Victor Verster prison to show the good life he lived while in prison. I am sorry Spiritwolf…you can take yoour springboks and proteas away with you and watch them in holland but you will never be an Afrikan and that you know deep down in your heart. Good luck in your remaining years in Afrika because Malema unlike his leaders know you exactly for who you are. Grandchildren of criminals.

  88. What the hell are you all on about? If the whites had not come here you would still be looking after your cattle in the kraals. You would not have internet to spit bile, or TV (making kak black shows), you wouldn’t have bling & massive parties and stolen goods other than cattle & sheep, you wouldn’t know whose land you had stolen or know anything about the world ‘cos you you would not have any access to ‘modernisation’. Mandela wouldn’t even have known how to create bombs etc – all that exists in SA (and Africa) is way beyond what any black would know seeing as he never created anything in this life – other than standing begging, burning & raping, murder, cruelty – to name a few. But now they call themselves civilised – by whose standards?

  89. So we are back to square 1. The whites took from the blacks and the blacks took from the Kho and San. That seems to be OK in black minds

  90. Madobe, it looks like we are all going backward. Where are we now DC or AD?

  91. History determines now, I know you wish it would disappear but it just can’t. Had you destroyed blacks like you did in Tasmania and Australia it would have been better for you.

  92. @Mzu a transposed message from Peanuts: I will forward the email with your response back to him.
    Peanuts: who gave you authority to condemn everybody in the same category, and what kind of terrorist organisation do you belong?
    What kind of god to you worship , condemning killing with one statement and then promotes it with another. Are you a double minded minagog? and what are your values: I think maybe you want to get into jm’s good books so he might marry you and then you can live in luxury.
    The same goes for jm he sings murdering songs but on the other side he also contradicts himself by calling the americans blood thirsty killers. Double minded people can and should never be trusted, their morning and evening tales differs like chalk and cheese.
    (note it comes from Peace as per Peanuts request)

  93. Spiritwolf says

    i personally believe Mzu is just a Troll (Mzu go wikkipedia what a troll is) and has no convictions of his own. The numerous contradictions of all his own posts shows him as shallow and unconvincing in his posts and often belabours a point that actually disproves his own statements, like th eone above about history, him purposefully or unintentionally proving the contradiction of the current blacks wiping out the Kho and San, blithly ignoring that and only focusing on current history, this is typical behaviour of a Troll to get a rise out of people on a blog, else the blog topic would of ended many posts back.

  94. Mzu you are still perplexing me. Firstly I do not recognize race, I only recognize people. The whole racial thing came about when there was a grab for resources and unfortunately those with the two inch navy cannons won and among the resources that the gun owners wanted was cheap and trouble free labour, hence slavery. But do not blame whites for colonialism, slavery, exploitation and racism. Many blacks were complicit. AS for the Illuminati, I hate conspiracy theory but given what is happening in the world it is difficult to dispute. The financial manipulation to bankrupt the smaller nations of Europe, The poverty in Africa, the occupation of Palestine, are I believe are attempts to control the world by the rich and greedy. Therefore add to your list of Illuminati, Mugabe, Gadaffi, Shaka, they are not all white you know. AS for Fatboy, he is too ignorant to know that he is simply a puppet of some rich wannabe Illuminati.

  95. Bongani C. says

    @Mzu – to put it as briefly as possible and as simple is possible. It has been said and it will always be, that 2 wrongs don’t make it right. I do not undermine ur comments and ur opinions but i feel they are fueled by revenge and anger. Lets learn (from other peoples) mistakes. It was racial segregation that got us here and it will not be racial segregation to get us out. The “white” tried it and we know how that ended; Mugabe has tried it and you can see the state of Zim. Lets strive for a South Africa filled with peace and harmony between the races for generations to come.

    @Akdov – that is a very narrow minded and uneducated comment. So long i have been waititng for someone to vomit that nonsense u just wrote. As blacks we don’t owe you anything in that regard. We wouldn’t see and feel anything wrong if we didn’t have TV and internet as u put it; we would be happy running around in animal skins and herding our cattle. Sorry for stealing ur line Spiritwolf but Akdov go Wikipedia taboo and u will get an understanding of why ur comment is so narrow minded. We would not have a problem with not having something we are not accustomed to; something we’ve ever heard of. With the increase in technology and modernization”…the more the planet suffers. Look at the increasing awareness in global warming and climate change; all cuased by what? How can you even rave about BOMBS when their sole function is to kill and distroy? Is that something to be proud of as white man? That you invented something that can kill another human? To conclude, think before you comment.

  96. Congratulations Bongani C for putting these bigots Mzu and Akdov in their place.

  97. Wise words Bongani, lets hope people will really take it to heart.

  98. Bongani that is a dream that we will never live to see I’m afraid. It is appealing but we cannot erase the past, whites will have to pay for the blood of Afrikans they spilt….period. I wish it was just as easy as we are saying it Bongs but the wounds that were inflicted by these bastards are too deep to just forgive and forget I’m sorry. It is not matter of history but the present as well. How can we have a place like Oranje in a new SA, it’s an insult on our face to have that shit reminding us of the apartheid era. I do not forgive demons my brother, they should all go to hell. Akdov you are as crazy as your name. CAttle or no cattle but we wouldn’t have albinos roaming aound our streets that is for sure. You are definately not worth my time, you are just a piece of white trash.

  99. “whites will have to pay for the blood of Afrikans they spilt….period.”

    Yes Mzu, I actually believe that is what ultimately will happen in SA. I also believe that once all the whites are gone, it’ll take but a few years for SA to slip into the same shithole the rest of Africa is in. As for you, start preparing yourself for that: Get yourself a begging-bowl, stand in front of a mirror, open your mouth so the flies crawl in and out of it and practice saying “please BAAS, we have no food!”. Then hope like hell Bono is still around because the rest of civilisation is sick and tired of Africa.

  100. I’d rather die of hunger than live with you.

  101. I’d rather die of hunger than live with you.

    At least you realise that’s the only 2 choices you have ROTFL!

  102. You are a liar, trying to scare black people. Fod is not technologically manufactured. In Afrika we feed the world with the food we produce here, if anyone is going to die of hunger it’s the bloody Europeans. Even fools can’t be fooled by this rhetoric you’re feeding me and everyone here. You whiteys like stupid Afrikans so you can have your way with them. Guess what, that time is coming to an end. The era of white dominance in Afrika is coming to an end, you will go to your ancestral homeland which will be poor as Afrika will not supply you with it’s oil,minerals and food. Bloody parasites.

  103. Mzu, Zimbabwe used to export vast quantities of food. Since the white farmers left, the Zimbabweans are starving to the extent that hundreds of thousands of them have to migrate to SA. South Africa used to produce enough food (the white farmers) to feed Africa. Since people like you starting murdering white farmers and since blacks now have to start farming, SA has to import food and the cost of food in SA is higher than in Europe. I don’t know how you work out that Africa feeds the world – it’s actually the other way around. Africans are starving and constantly have to be rescued by whites.

    Sorry the only parasites I see are black. You should watch TV and the movies to see how people in Europe, USA and Australia live. They don’t live in tin shacks and eat shit like you guys do.

    Lastly it’s not the rhetoric of whites you have to fear – it’s the rhetoric coming from your little hitler Juliarse which you now spout on here.

  104. It is your commercial farming which is raping our arable land moron. Your GMO products, pesticides,herbicides are a danger to our land and food that is produced so hence you buggers don’t eat GM’s, you feed them to blacks and eat organic products. Studies haven’t proved but they will that you feed poor people poison as there are diseases like obesity which are caused by the GM products you produce white devils. Monsanto controls the seeds so do not say white farmers….you should rather say MOnsanto is doing the farming because a farmer wouldn’t buy seeds every time they have to plough. This crap makes arable land barren and it takes years to rehabilitate the land. The white farmers in ZIm destroyed the land there but slowly but surely people are recovering from the attack and many Zimbabweans are returing back home. It is you whites who are whining blacks aren’t because that is the attack on you not on the people of ZIM. I will post a study conducted on the land reform program in Zim just to show you that unlike you I don’t suck facts on the thumb I actually have facts to back me up.

  105. Click on the link below stupid Peter if you can or ask your son or friend to do it for you.

  106. I can’t believe you actually believe what you’re posting! On the other hand, judged by black matric results I suppose you guys are stupid enough to believe anything…

    Here’s something for you to chew on – in the whole history of mankind, there has NEVER been a black civilisation, a successful black country or a worthwhile invention or discovery by a black. Your only claim to fame is that a black man is now president of the USA. Sorry to burst that bubble – he’s not black, he’s actually mixed race as his mother is white. That’s obviously where his brains come from.

  107. I feel so sorry for people like Mzu. I recommend that you try and listen to “miss ann” on you tube, It will explain a lot to you.
    I prefer apartheid: Black and white. didnt hate each other, there was not much crime, blacks who worked on the farms were well looked after. Roads, parks, schools, jails, hospitals…… everything was well maintained, government was good and the economy boomed, we didnt know the word aids, youth were not rebels, sex was a word we didnt know as children, to tell you the truth…….. it was heaven on earth!!!!!!

  108. A race of thiefs always claim everything is about them. I would guess the pyramids are evidence that you white creatures are thiefs because it is all about you now when the first sophisticated building was built in Afrika. Maybe whites were the brains behind it, let’s hope so. I’m afraid intellectual people do know that Maths and Physics were first practiced in Africa. Whites stole that and presented it as if they were the first to practice it. Anyway who doesn’t know that whites are thieves by nature and Satan their god loves them the way they are.

  109. Reply meant for Garth with compliments from white US citizens, We are impressed with your observation. As we do not support the political party of our president we do however respect him. We also would not compare him to your president as it would certainly be an insult to ours, however according to information we have (would love to have confirmation on this) the only step your president is above ours are his earnings and perks. We pity and have sympathy for your citizens that truly longs to have definite equal and fair rights for all and your circumstances currently is surely not a healthy one.

  110. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Finally we have proof that cloud-cuckoo land really exists – it is alive and well here in South Africa and the afri-K-an Mzu is the king cloud cuckoo.

  111. Corny, get a life please. Can’t you see you’re just a stupid headless chicken.

  112. Selwyn Bean says

    He is over rated and should have been hanged as a treasonist after Rivonia trial.As a kid I could never understand why he escaped the gallows.
    The current ruling laws of the land must be adhered to.

  113. Mzu,

    The pyramids were not built by blacks. The only lasting buildings built by blacks were ones designed and supervised by whites. The Persians and Greeks were students of maths and physics when your ancestors were still swinging around in trees and just beginning to walk upright.

    It seems that your knowledge of history is on par with your idol’s knowledge of woodwork.

    BTW, Rolex watches, Wabenzis, Armani, Gucci, KFC and Sushi were not invented by blacks either. Whereas raping babies as a supposed cure for AIDS, using bodyparts from children for muti and all similar atrocities is of course a black thing.

    Click on this link – it’ll be like looking in the mirror for you.

  114. You ran out of facts now and you’re just playing like a 11 year old.

  115. Mzu thanks for letting us click on your photo, always wondered what you look like. Jokes aside (if you have a sense of humor) why do we emphasize so much on the past . we have today to change the future for all. Those who lived years ago are no longer here. It is us who are alive now and responsible to do the right things. We will be held responsible for what is happening now within our time and not year ago. Our predecessors where exactly like us in body function but had their own brains and attitude, that has not changed either we also have both. They may have also been prejudiced in their assumptions and quoted happenings as they wanted it to be. It is only the last century with modern technology that we are able to report issues as they actually occurs. I certainly look forward and the past has no hold on me,

  116. Good Peace but your forefathers are not here but they left you so you must also leave us in the peace we deserve without white people.

  117. Spiritwolf says

    People, can’t you see his (Mzu) just winding you up to get a reaction??? This is how “people” (debatable) like him validate their existance or importance on this planet…

  118. @ Spiritwolf, we dont mind Mzu she is running a race with blinkers on and only races on one course, this can never help you become a champion that is why no one backs her.

  119. Who cares about being backed. The truth is so divine, not just any hypocrite would associate itself with the truth.

  120. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Mzu – so true – it takes a particular breed of cloud-cuckoo to associate with your so-called ‘truth’

  121. The people in the ANC, who were negotiating at Codesa had good intentions, even in the policy of reconciliation that was adopted, that Mandela is suddenly given full credit for! However, they had never been exposed to so much money and control over it before and they just all fell victims to greed and paved the way to the corruption we see today.White people, in their resistance to change, saw an opportunity and using our new “world class” constitution, infact solidified their position.They were always going to be a step ahead if we went toe-yo-toe in business…the only way for us was to legislate change even in private business…but we sacrificed that option as a reward to previous foreign supporters…hence Malema feels we must go back and do just that..legislate a lot more of private business. As for Mandela himself, we know how we used him especially with the “Release Mandela Campaign”..let him enjoy his golden years..if White people want to make him into a saint..let them..but let’s teach our children the truth, and not fall victim to this western hype about him.

  122. It’s not funny how white people, the main perpetrators of racism the world over, always have an opinion about how racism should be fought against and whom of our people deserve praise and who doesn’t.It’s because they genuinely believe they are smarter. They can kill and maime but their opponents, when they show strong resistance, must only fight through their white courts and through dialogue..platforms they think they will prevail in. Why did they outlaw Martial Arts when they got to China, because they knew the Chinese would kick their ass!..but they apply those same tactics in everything they do in other countries for one purpose only, to prevail and oppress…then they want to play victim in SA…if they don’t get them in courts they’ll get them in street corners through violent crime!..that’s just how it goes…

  123. @Kgosi, the whole world is sick that means most humans of all races. Do not define the epidemic of intolerance and greed to just a particular color this is a world wide phenomena amongst all races.What is the spririt in which we are to restore people: Gentleness, many are hurting and as fragile as glass, condemnation only worsens the plight. Understanding and acceptance- not agreement are what’s needed here. The spirit of humility.
    No wonder GOD is going to end this soon HIS hurt must be the worst of all. Looking at HIS creation disclaiming HIM following and chasing after idols, self satisfaction and greed,that is only temporary. Who can say for definite that they will see tomorrow? Who has ever taken his earthly belongings with him to his grave? The (earth) dust takes him/her back where they originally came from. Verbal wars starts the physically one. What a shame and embarrassment most humans are to mankind and not even being aware of it. May GOD have mercy on all of us. Bless you all.

  124. Kgosi you have nailed it bro. Whites are quick to play saints but when you tell them about their evil deeds they run to GOD and I don’t think that is a new card for them. If you remember whilst they were killing black people in Afrika and raping our grandmothers there were missionaries who posed as sympathetic when infact they were part of the evil agenda. My advice… do not listen to this Peace character, she is rotten to the core inside. Malan and Terreblanche are better than her because they do not hide their feeling towards black people. White people of her kind can skin you alive man.

  125. Peace, that is the lamest excuse ever, very typical. When it suits white people, they are “pure”, superior and everyone else is sub-human. When they are shown their bad tendencies, they are quick to point out that other humans have the same characteristics…and therefore are the same as the “sub-humans”! That is one of their tactics, to claim universal humanity and make everyone else feel guilty for looking after their own interests, while manipulating everything to work according to their own rules and therefore to their own desires…I have experienced racism only from whites, in South Africa since I was a child and in Europe as an adult. The fact that they have a minority amongst them that preach against racism in public positions only makes them a law unto themselves. They are the only ones allowed to critisize themselves…everyone else is too inferior to find fault with their ways and do something about. Mzu…I’m sure you can bear testimony to my view.

  126. I have been telling them about their nature but if you can look at this thread…I am a racist, hater and a terrorist. I am not surprised at all because it is all their tactic to alienate anyone who speaks the truth. They said nothing when Bush killed thousands of people only for his family’s business interests with those of the Bin Laden family but when Mugabe took what belongs to the Zimbabweans and gave it back to them the whole white world stood against Mugabe. We are black men in a white world Kgosi and that will one day change.

  127. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Peace It is time to realise that there is no way that these two bigots will ever change. According to them black is the colour of innocence and purity and white is the colour of the devil. According to them GOD is ‘white’ and probably Anglo-Saxon or Dutch and was never a Jew.
    We can only hope that one day – hopefully before they die – that they see the change that Mzu looks for and they will become not ‘black men’ but men in not ‘a white world’ but THE world.

  128. @ amaize.. I am fully aware of the fact that I can not change them, but knows HIM who can. Not very long from now you will see different comments from Mzu who so eagerly posted her photo for all to see that she belongs to the gorilla warfare group. Then we will laugh together not at each other but with each other, and the convictions to proclaim who truly holds us will be stronger then this continuous story over and over again that in fact means absolutely nothing That is why I love Mzu’s comments it just makes me more and more content to pray for her, there is indeed a very deep hurt there which I do not know the causes but only Divine Intervention can heal those wounds which we are praying, trusting and knowing that it will soon come to pass. Please do not add salt to injury which I am also guilty of ( the bad ol human nature) but with respect I do have intense pity on those who are so negative and are suffering on account of having no Joy at all. They obviously have not yet had an encounter of God’s mercy and love.

  129. Another misconception. Pointing out other people’s bad tendencies doesn’t automatically make one unhappy.I’m also not overly religious.God was there during apartheid, in white churches where it was preached that we are sub-human and apartheid was God’s will…if we hadn’t engaged in the armed struggle, he’d still be there under the same conditions. So I take it he works in mysterious ways as they say but I’m not even going to try and understand them.Calling us bigots is futile because the reality of things remains nonetheless. What change exactly, am I supposed to adopt, which will protect me when some drunk white dudes try to kick my ass for fun, simply because I’m black? The only change I can think of in such circumstances is a gun.Trust me though, I am a very happy bloke living a very fulfilling life..I got whites, chinese and indians in my family and I love them to bits…but I will never pretend that racism doesn’t exist or speak evil of those who point it out. I have yet to meet one single white person, who can admit to have been or being a racist in South Africa, just one.

  130. Kgosi,

    Must be tough being black bro – I feel for you. NOT.

  131. Kgosi you obviously do not read comments in the right perspective and if you dont take notice you will remain unaware of how whites in churches with the exception of one church fought against aparthate as we named it. We never voted as their was no just party that had a constitution against apartheid.
    We took the right route to do it without any riots, destruction. In the 70’s one issue I fought for own my own was legislated in 1976. The main issue against apartheid took years of perseverance that eventually came to pass and was excepted in 1990. One professor of the church that was for aparthate was actually killed because he realized that we were 100% correct and they could not counteract our proposals that was based on the Word of GOD. They used a text verse that people serving spirits of the dead is an abomination to GOD and will be outcasted. God does not say that we have right to castout anybody but HE and HIM is judge. The wrath does not belong to any human but to GOD, who knows each ones heart better then we know our own. I can name many churches who joined forces with us to get the aparthate laws abolished and equal rights for all. Most of the black population did not know what was being done behind scenes. We were also aware of a lot of countries that tried to instigate mass murder like some other countries did, that was never excepted by the rulers those years they did not want to be guilty of mass murders.but some stupid whites (only a few of them) thought they could do it by themselves and thank GOD they did not succeed. That minority of whites in fact were uneducated and non believers as they did not belong to any of the mainstream churches and claimed on their own believe that they were acting on behalf of god. So it is time you realise and notice that a small group can easily identify as the majority the same as we know and have quite a few black friends who are extremely committed to peace and justice. In fact I am awaiting some for dinner tonight.

  132. That is their only weapon Kgosi. Whites want to make us feel guilty of speakingthe truth and if you’re not you’re a bigot. I simply don’t care what this brainless whiteys say about me. It will haunt them one day that they are descendants of evil thieves who robbed and raped Afrika of her resources and tried to endager her species. That truth will always prevail. Maybe they have sleepless nights when they think of the stories their grannys told them about black people and how they should not associate themselves with them because they are hathens and should be wiped out of this world. Devil worshippers you are and you know that. What I like about this crazy PEACE is that she admits she has friends who are freemasons and that makes her or her husband one.

  133. Peter, it’s ok..your personal feelings about being black are of no consequence.Peace, I have acknowledged that there are white people who are anti-racism and there’s evidence in their deeds.What I acknowledge to be the status qou doesn’t destract me from my pursuit of tolerance and a good life for all.I have no qualms with the difference in peoples of the world or some sticking to their own, but in my world, I will never tolerate those who seeks to impose and oppress.As for the unruly and stupid, we can deal with those fine…it’s tough being them actually because the tables have turned on them.

  134. Missionaries in churches,we need not be fooled Kgosi, were part and parcel of racism. As the state was dispossesing black people of land and wealth…..missionaries were preaching peace and unity. Suggesting that black people should not worry about those who are rich and landowners in this world for they have no land and wealth in heaven. At the same time they were building huge churches in the natives land. To be anti-apartheid for them meant that the status quo remains and we live as happy slaves and whites happy oppressive masters. They were racists too or part of the racists project.

  135. .As for the unruly and stupid, we can deal with those fine…it’s tough being them actually

    But that’s exactly what I said – it’s tough being black. However as you say my personal feelings won’t change what all the millenia of evolution couldn’t.

  136. Mzu now I am convinced that you also physically blind. I have never mentioned that we have freemason friends, in fact go read it again. We as young girls were warned by our parents never to get involved a marry a guy that is a freemason. In our church if you want to join and you belong to freemasonry or the broederbond you would have to resign from them or you will not be excepted as they work through the same evil spirits as spiritualists , sangomas and worshipping of those no longer alive. We even condemn statues as it gives glory onto man and not GOD.

  137. Peter…nice try!…and aah!..another argument; White people brought civilisation i.e nice buildings, cars, Rolexes,etc…what a joke! They didn’t leave Europe in fancy yatchs looking for a good time and just to help the world! If they had stayed in Europe they’d be extinct by now. Little space = plague, just for starters! They were desperate and capitalised on our relaxed, happy and content way of leaving to conquer and occupy so they may never have to be cramped back home again! There’s no better life than kraal life!

  138. No Kgosi, my argument wasn’t that whites brought “all the nice things” (I don’t even think they’re nice things). My argument was that the only things that matter to SA blacks are those things that the whites they detest so much invented. I laughed because that makes a joke of all Mzu’s arguments.

    For the record my forefathers didn’t “bring” anything to SA nor did they come here to murder and steal from the blacks – they fled here because they were persecuted for their religious belief in ways that make apartheid look like a walk in the park.

    BTW did anyone notice the news this morning? SA importing gazillions of maize from Argentine? While our minister of Agriculture beamed as if this is actually a huge achievement. But hey, kill the boer!!

  139. South African blacks at this point in time are more messed up than any other nation I know of. Torn between indigenous tribal cultures and western “civilisation”. Oppression versus Liberation…u’ll be suprised at what “freedom” means to any two individuals here! Mind sets range from ignorant, indifferent,defeated,rural,urbanised,semi-westernised and smart to super intelligent. Our value standards are in disarray. So to point out the thing about maize being imported…that’s a drop in the ocean of the problems we have.
    Trying to organise, in this so-called democratic way, such diverse mentalities isn’t going to happen overnight, if at all. It’s far too late to say if there had been a more amicable way of integration we’d probably be one of the best countries in the world.I don’t know if it’s getting better or worse…because suddenly “better” means having money…all other values seem to come second….but it’s what we have and we have to find a way to have meaningful lives in this mess.

  140. Kgosi this is a sensible comment and you are right the sense of values are distorted. Values are done as per possessions and integrity, honesty, compassion, teaching our children the difference between right and wrong. How to make the right choices in everything that is important to sustain a healthy mind. Peanuts is a 20 year old black male currently studying in the USA, He never knew his father , his mother is a partner in my husbands business and has been with us 23 years. My daughter decided to take Peanuts as her project model while she was doing her Phd at UJ He is such a remarkable young man, in grade 3 he got a special diploma for having obtained the highest marks in that school ever. My daughter left for Australia when Peanuts completed grade 2. His focus, self motivation, values etc has formed him into a wonderful young man. His grade 12 results was also way above the average even though he only got 3 distinctions. She started to mentor him from the age of 2. What a joyful character, his mission while studying in USA is to proof that African males are not all the same as the world seems to think. His sponsors is a white family with only one son the same age as Peanuts (We nicknamed him Sparky) their son and Peanuts were facebook friends for 5 years and they decided to invite him to continue his studies there. So we are aware that loss of opportunity has been and in some cases still are a major handicap to a lot of our children.
    Other major problems are lack of discipline, self control and emotional intelligence. Must mention that Peanuts will never do anything unless he is 100% sure that his decision is in GOD’s plan for him. My daughter said to him (they often skype) when he gets back to SA he must become president one day. His answer was. No thank you, politicians are verbal cannibals disguised like angels to eat your vote and I sure do not want to be one.

  141. Our situation was brought about by collective actions and can only be resolved by collective solutions.

  142. Kgosi,

    I have to say it’s refreshing to read a succinct, informed black perspective as opposed to a clone of Malema’s guttural diarrhoea (take note Mzu). It’s moot that most SA’s are racist – but we’re reaching a point now where black racism is becoming as nauseating and obnoxious as white racism used to be.

  143. Wonkie,The Nail on the Head.not a TRUER word said.
    Mandela did P!SS all when he came out of prison and the FAT CATS started Partying and LOOTING under his Presidency and he CONDONED it because the mentality under them was,”The White man owes us”,so he is as much a CRIMINAL as the rest of the Leaders of this Country.

  144. Boerkie and Peter, take note when passing an apple tree, does it have a banner saying I am an apple tree. No the fruit you bear tells what you are. And you can not pick an apple off a prickly pear bush. This goes to say for all people of all races. We are busy mucking up the earth and its people by being disobedient to the LAW, the Law does not save us but keeps us in order to do what is just. So glad about our Savior that saves us from being prickly pears to people that have wisdom and can identify the difference.

  145. You guys think that you are superior to black people I can read your comments here. Mandela is a trash yes I agree but it is not for you to discuss that as you are grandchildren of trash too. To be so judgemental of Mandela when infact he is a million times better than your wild animals (Verwoed,Malan,De klerk,Vorster,Rhodes) who were disastrous to SA civilization. Civilization that would be indepandant from reptilian agendas. Do not throw stones when you live in glass houses. Stupid reptiles…. BTW I am very happy that bastard Malan is dead.

  146. Part of the problem in South Sfrica is that white South Africans don’t play a significant role in the politics, they are not visible nor heard. They stood back waiting to see if blacks want revenge, then they just focused on protecting their assets and life styles. The only time they voice an opinion is when they feel compromised and when they criticize and call everyone else stupid.They hold on to the mentality of “them and us” their attitude is “let’s see if they can do it better”. They created a mess by oppressing the majority and creating a little heaven for themselves only.It was always going to fall apart sooner or later.Bantu education made sure that the majority remain blank about the western way of governing and building an economy, yet now they expect those same people to do a good job of it. They failed to use the Truth and Reconciliation constructively to establish common ground and common purpose because through it, they would have still earned our respect and got listened to when seeking constructive and practical ways of re-integrating. Driving around in porches with a black kid in the back seat isn’t going to solve our problems. We need leaders that actually speak to the nation, that hold public debates and engage people because it’s the only way you can actually teach the masses and guide them in a path that will be beneficial to all citizens.Now we only have the Malema’s and people will listen to them because there’s no better alternative.Whites believe they have the know-how but they don’t have the will. It seems to me they have no clue of running a country with such diverse cultures successfully without being biased.I mean where have they ever done it in the world? In Europe all immigrants have to follow what’s already the way of doing things there. Also,integration doesn’t mean marrying each other and having coloured children. It means respecting each other’s cultures equaly,promoting freedom of choice, empahisizing patriotism and most importantly,highlighting common purpose, even if it has to be legislated!

  147. You guys think that you are superior to black people

    We don’t think we are Mzu, we know we are! The history of mankind proves that. When you were swinging around in trees eating each other, we built palaces, lived in fancy houses, wore the finest clothes and circumnavigated the world in ships. After another 10,000 years of evolution you will still not be able to do that on your own.

  148. Kgosi,

    That’s 100% true, but a very idealistic view. The core problem in SA is that 90% of the population are like Mzu or worse. Churchill said there is no better case to be made against democracy than a 5 minute conversation with the average voter. SA is being ruled by idiots who have and will always be voted into power by bigger idiots.

    In my opinion, SA is a ticking timebomb that will probably be set off by someone like Malema. When that happens, the blacks with their propensity for unbridled violence will massacre the whites in Mau-Mau style and that will be the end of SA.

  149. I agree with Kgosi to a certain extent, and mudslinging is not an ointment for cure but animosity. Weirdly the motivation of Peanuts career choice was the fact that he has noticed that whites adapt to changes easier then blacks. He is determined to find out why. Whites and Indians so he claims from his observation accelerates in their professions and commitments where as many blacks seems to lack perseverance and commitment. He is also determined to find a solution to solve it. He managed to overcome it all and is successful in all he tackles, so we know he will get the answers he is looking for and will one day have a prominent role in uplifting most of the youth. I pray that all our youngsters of all ethnic groups will one day be like him.

  150. Dream on…..

  151. Spot on Kgosi, a good read indeed
    You should post this on news24 where 95+% users are white people, and most are racists…

  152. We do not need them in SA Kgosi I think. They have proved that they cannot help build an inclusive society or economy where anyone can equally participate and benefit. It is always about them, a selfish and self centred race like that has no role in Afrika where we strive to build UBUNTU. Not the Mandela/Tutu distorted version of UBUNTU which means barbarism but the people’s ubuntu. You need human beings to build such a society and not vultures.

  153. @ Mzu, maybe you should join One Young World their annual conference this year is Sept 10 in Switzerland and one of the speakers Desmond Tutu, by joining you may meet Peanuts he is a member, but due to certain reasons he can not attend but he may surely next year. Check website. One young

  154. The premier global forum for young people of leadership calibre. It manifests the reality of common humanity and the shared existence of all the peoples in one world, Its purpose is to connect and bring together the youngest, brightest and best and to ensure that their concerns, opinions and solutions are heard.

    No thanks, I have been brainwashed for more than 12 years of my life through the education system, I still get brainwashed by the media. How much more do you think I can resist. Please Peace thanks for the evil gesture but I’ll pass.

  155. Mzu you do not have to be scared of me and defend yourself , I dont bite but prefer to help those who need help, it is much more fun and far more rewarding.

  156. Mzu good that you declined the recommendation, you may not be able to cope with disappointment if your credentials do not match their requirements. And surely we don’t want you to feel rejected again.

  157. arcticencounter1 says

    Mzu – right now I’m sitting here trying to see things from your point of view but I can’t get my head that far up my ****.
    Is racial polarisation to blame for some or all of the following, I would have to ask myself?
    1) A Government unable to Govern to the wishes of the people but who rather elects to rule?
    2) The use of subversive means to gain the support of the electorate i.e. playing on their fears and belief systems making them believe that non-compliance would have catastrophic consequences?
    3) No seperation of state and party?
    4) Deployment of party faithfull to keypoint positions even though they are inexperienced or even incapable of managing those positions?
    5) The rise of an elite class within the governing party who will not hesitate to use whatever means at their disposal to enrich themselves to the detriment of the populace?
    6) The installment of a populistic puppet to acheive point no 5?
    7) The subversion of law and order whenever and wherever the eletist clique feels like it?
    8) The subversion of true democratic principles?
    9) The legislation of social engineering?
    10) The legislation of information?
    11) The legislation of freedom of speech?
    12) The tolerance for blatantly militant hate speech?
    13) Uncurbed and undue influence of the economic freedom of all by an organistaion that is more concerned with politics and point no 5 than what their charter is?
    14) Persecution of morally upstanding and anti-corrupt public officials?
    15) The systematic and methodical erosion of civil society?

  158. arcticencounter1..hahaha….actually, the honest answer is yes to all your questions. Apartheid wasn’t just separating whites from blacks, it was systematically working on the black mind to create a non-thinking work force with no potential of having a thought of challenging the master. Through the Bantu education system, intimidation and abuse.So now, order here, is strongly associated with oppression because of the way the rule of law was used to oppress.Now consider that you taking rural people who’ve never been exposed to the democracy you speak of, don’t know what it really is, it’s purpose or how it came into being…when they revolt, take over and come into all these millions…their first thought is to line their pockets. If you compare their situation with that of one of the former homeland leaders Lucas Mangope’s situation in former’ll see that the peace of land he was allocated had almost nothing…so he created a slogan for his people that says “we’ve got ourselves”…and so he worked on motivating his people to work hard to achieve what they wanted for their homeland..that worked wonders!..The ANC on the hand promised everything from houses to jobs to free education to food at school!..they created a culture of dependency and went ahead and looted government money themselves! so the effects of apartheid and the atittude of self-reward make a terrible combination. You see whites genuinely don’t see how deep the damage is…this is not a simple change of the guard the way you’d have in America or European democracies….our real hope lies in the next generations…if the current one can take a pause from greed and try and teach them well…

  159. arcticencounter1 says

    I understand the damage it has done, but I actually think that your comments are the most valid out of anyone’s here. It was an appalling and disgusting system, but I think everyone hoped that there would be a genuine improvement after it was overthrown. Instead, a new set of problems was created.

  160. Kgosi at least you are realistic and obviously well informed, the way our new democracy started was fair enough in 1994 but since 1996 the change became to dramatic by wanting giving managerial positions to people that may have been willing but lacked practical knowledge as well as the formal education required for such positions. Nepotism was unfortunately the order of the day. This is why most gov institutions decayed. Take Baragwanath Hospital it was a world leading specialist training domain. Doctors came from overseas for their specialised training. In 1959 the first heartlung machine was installed at Bara. The first heart transplants for training purposes were done on dogs by swopping their hearts and it was successful. The first kidney transplant was done at Bara. One of the most rare deseases called Polycythemia Vera was successfully treated at Bara, very few hospitals worldwide did not have the same results on treating this desease as Bara.
    People who knew and worked at that hospital years ago was in a state of shock when they saw how it changed, there was hardly any bedding, no crockery and worse of all totally unhiegenic and extremely smelly Schools and hospitals are very close to my heart and are 2 key issues that I would love to see compatible to any other top class school in the world. Hospitals are for the sick who can not help themselves or assist with keeping it clean etc and we need to take the utmost care of them, so they can recover quickly and be back to fill their obligations to their families. People can not recover under such circumstances in fact it worsens their health. We can carry on debating but the majority does nothing about it except to moan, throw rocks, burn places i.s.o. taking an active roll and help to solve these issues. The only way it will come right is when people will stop supporting the politicians and give the these two institutions to non political responsible experts to manage. It can be done. A healthy, committed educated society is always successful.

  161. Peace, if you build a mansion on quicksand, it’s pointless to keep moaning about how posh it was, after it sinks.

  162. Sorry Kgosi but your response makes no sense, Bara was not built on quicksand secondly the comment is not a moan but a serious concern I have. Please read it again and you might get the meaning of the comment.,

  163. Peace, the apartheid system is the quicksand.

  164. I can not see how apartheid is the cause of the derioration of the hospitals, fair enough we were also anti apartheid and knew it was an inhuman act. That was the reason why 49% of whites never voted and had continuous debates for 42 years. We were branded as communists and are and still is the totally opposite. Non of the other ethnic groups were aware of it except for one black who’s name I am not going to mention now he is still a prominent man even though he is quite old. He is still the humble, humorous and lovable man as we got to know him. Unfortunately their house in Soweto once was burnt and they had to flee at 3. in the morning in their pj’s.
    He was anti apartheid and never turned against his people and yet he was also branded as an informer by his own people. So you can see you were not in the struggle alone. The only difference was that he agreed with us that we must continue in a peaceful dialogue and not participate in violence. But now it looks like the quicksand pit has got far too big to handle.

  165. “I can not see how apartheid is the cause of the derioration of the hospitals”

    Peace, haven’t you learnt yet that everything blacks mess up is blamed on apartheid? And when it’s not in SA then it’s blamed on slavery or colonialism. When it happens outside Africa then it’s racism.

    According to Kgosi the current Government mismanagement, corruption and thievery is the result of Bantu education. So what caused exactly the same thing in all the other African countries? Why has there never been a civilised, well-run black country in the history of mankind while at the same time there’s been one white/asian civilisation after the other in all the other parts of the world?

  166. Peter, Peace…if the conclusion is blacks are stupid and uncivilised, what then? How do you go into their lands, Africa basically, and bring them into the “mainstream” way of doings things? We know now that colonialism and the apartheid way didn’t work. What’s next? Do you leave them to continue in their uncivilised ways alone with the added confusion brought about by their brief taste of “civilisation” or do you stay and try and find a way of getting them better organised? I can only see those two alternatives unless somebody wants to do a Hitler on them?…Are we looking for solutions or are we just content calling them stupid everyday?

  167. @Kgosi, you certainly do not read I get the impression you look at the name take a glance i s o getting the context. We do not claim black are stupid I condemn peoples actions and not them the same way we condemned the previous aparthate regime. Find the comment about Peanuts and my daughter and read that. Today is 20 years old and we have known him since the day he was born. Look at his achievements, when he was in grade 2 a private school with excellent teaching qualities he obtained the highest marks in the schools history of grade 2’s. It is ECD that is of extreme value that shapes the childrens, character, brains etc. and is just as important as food feeds the body. I never and never will class people by the ethnic race but by their actions. Every human on earth has the freedom of choice and that is what your life style and actions depend on. My choice is for peace for all and a decent high moral and honest lifestyle. I have not hate for anybody but I do sometimes hate their actions because they are destroying their own souls and life.

  168. Kgosi,

    Judging by your style of writing you’re more intelligent than both Peace and I. The same can be said about Mandela and like him, most of the struggle stalwarts were highly intelligent men, despite being products of Bantu Education. I admire men like Walter Sisulu, and even the younger generation like Matthews Phosa, Mosieua Lekota, Cyril Ramaphosa (extremely clever), Tokyo Sexwale, Kader Asmal etc. etc. All very intelligent men and in my opinion also of top moral fibre.

    However, these wise (and eventually disillusioned) men were quickly replaced (within 15 years) by uneducated, uncivilised buffoons (Zuma, Malema, Cele and co) who are able to personify the simian aspirations of the great black unwashed hordes. It cannot be said the “new generation” are like that because of Bantu Education – they’re like that because of their genetic makeup. At the same time, this seems to the the case in the rest of Africa as well. I can’t name one African leader who strikes me as an intelligent, honourable man. They’re all just out to loot the state coffers as much and for as long as they possibly can.

    Of course the gist of your last post is that it’s easy to criticise but not so easy to suggest a cure or alternatives. The problem is that whites CANNOT be part of the “cure” even if they wanted to, as they’ve been effectively excluded by law from all due process in all spheres of government, based on the colour of their skin and based on the fact that there is no legal protection of minority rights and aspirations.

    If I had to guess what may have worked, I’d say that a government who solely concentrated on instilling the values of hard work instead of demanding everything by using violence may have been successful. Instead the ANC pandered for votes by promising blacks land, wealth, cars and Armani. If the ANC had focussed all its energy on providing top quality education for free to all, the situation might have been fixed over 2 generations. As things stand now, the majority of blacks are sick of promises and infuriated by the instilled belief that it’s the whites who’ve been stealing everything from them. It’s too late to do anything to solve the problem. The result imo will soon be rampant strikes against bad service delivery which will eventually escalate beyond the normal looting, burning and raping and will ultimately result in a large scale massacre of whites, who are widely deemed to be the source of all evil.

    What can be done on a more global scale? You can’t tell a horse to grow horns like a cow. That’s something mother nature will have to sort out by way of evolution. Western involvement (good or bad) will soon be history in Africa as it will be replaced by Chinese involvement. What that partnership will result in, will imo be the unfettered rape of whatever is left of Africa. This rape will be allowed, ironically enough, in exchange for a few “coloured plastic beads”.

  169. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @Peter – you think that Kgosi is more intelligent that you – so what must I think of myself? You have used the acronym i r n o twice in your last post and I cannot make head or tail of it. Please educate me

    Then, in your second paragraph, you say that you “can’t name one African leader who ….. as an intelligent, honourable man.” Have you forgotten Ian Khama of Botswana – or do you (probably like Mzu) think he is not black enough to be Afri-K-an? He most certainly is a leader! and to my mind he is both intelligent AND honourable. Please note that I did NOT say ‘PERFECT’.

  170. Corny,
    The abbreviation is I M O – in my opinion.

    Ian Khama is not a black man, his mother is British which makes him mixed race, or in SA terms, Coloured. Just like Obama, who isn’t black either. It always amazes me how quickly blacks identify coloureds who do well as black, but when it doesn’t suit them, they’re called Malau and scorned just as much as whites.

  171. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Peter
    Thanks for the elucidation. It takes a very close inspection of the fort Wonkie is using to see that the ‘r n’ actually is an ‘m’
    In your earlier post you said “African leader …” – you did not say “black” but your point is taken. However it is only in “euro/western” countries that we have ‘blacks’ identifying ‘coloured’ as black – oh! and yes our very own Black Economic Empowerment legislation (but not our ‘black’ population). In this family the decades long lament (under the old system) was “we are not white enough” – now it is “we are not black enough” but they are surely African (not necessarily Afri-k-an). And Ian Khama, as I have watched him and his brothers and sister grow, is most definitely African. Just ask his tribal elders in Serowe.

  172. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Oops – I see I made a spelling boo-boo.
    Wonkie is using a foNt and not a foRt and I have no excuse as the n and r are so far apart on the keyboard.

  173. @a-maize. Maybe you know but want to mention it to you. The co I was employed with had a customer at Gaberone who I had a long chat with once. He is white but lived all his life in Botswana. Went to school with the Khama boy Ian and they knew that family very well. The Khama’s according to his statement had extremely high morals and nobody could ever point a finger at them. Also told me much about Lady Ruth and her outstanding community uplifting and training programs she implemented for woman.

  174. There is more shit in this column than 17 years of parliament!

  175. Madiba is a great man the first black african to get the noble peace prize!!
    So he is a great history maker. Viva Madiba.

  176. wonkie, let mandela be, to us he will remain a saint. this country would not be where it is now had he lacked the vision you choose to ignore post freedom. maybe we would still be embroiled in a civil war. his salary was compensation enough for loss of income while in jail and for our great grandfathers who were meagerly paid. however i agree that his name is being marketed for personal gains by many and that is what you should be highlighting.

  177. Dukie 743 says

    Rene. — Mandela is a nice old man but your idolisation of him is ridiculous. It is the downfall of Africa that its people sycophantically grovel to politicians. Mugabe, Amin, Mobutu and others were similarly worshipped. Yes Mandela served 18 years on Robben Island but that does not make him a saint.

  178. Yes we do respect him for his latter peaceful attitude as well as admitting that he was not alone responsible for the change. This is were so many South Africans of all nationalities lack knowledge of all that contributed to change. The time has come that all who live here must take responsibility to attribute towards the change that was expected and has not happened. If every one contributes positively no matter how little or much we can accomplish it. Fighting fire with fire will surely demolish all eventually.

  179. impi you are right Desmond Tutu got his first and he is Koisan vivi them both

  180. impi. you will find that Inkosi Albert Luthuli and our Des both won the Nobel prize before Mandela, however that in no way diminishes his greatness. I am inclined to agree with rene. Leave Madiba alone he is ours and is a great African.

  181. Oh yeah Garth. A white person who bad mouths Madiba must be a fool. What more do you want from the guy. He made sure that you keep your stolen wealth and also that you continue to rape Afrika of her resources. I bet you’re smiling even now….lol

  182. I just found this pic of Mzu at work typing the hate speech he copies from his idol Juliarse.

  183. Garth I do like Madiba but just replied that he was not the first. normally I just read and do not reply. I do not get hooked up in arguments as there’s a few racists on this blog and we should abstain from such remarks. I like the humor sometimes here, is that not what it should be about. laughing is medicine.

  184. Oh Garth, seems like you know me very well. Thanks my friend for posting my beautiful pics on this famous blog. I’m sure this confirms that you are brainless. No amount of education can change a natural racist fool, Once a fool always a fool.

  185. Mzu checkmate you replied to Garth in stead of Peter you are almost as dumb as me.

  186. Oooops i forgot to menshen , see my avatar my mouth closed, should stay closed as a closed mouth is a holds many secrets.

  187. Lol….you got me on that Impi. But whites are the same to me man. I don’t mind being dumb……….. But closing my mouth is way too dumb thanks.

  188. DALEMA DAY,he is surely going to get his day and the Tax Man and the Justice system is going to have a field day with pumpkin head.

  189. Absoultuly love the article, well written and well said. The hype is ridiculously exaggerated and people really need to come down to earth. We are hardly free people and if we’re honest with ourselves (Not South Africans strong point) nothing is for free. It might be free for you but some sorry tax-payer is being taken for a ride because you’re too selfish to get off your butt and earn your keep. This I’m-entitled attitude is part of the reason we’re in the predicament that we are, and as a nation we shamelessly blind ourselves to it. The reality of the current state of our country is appalling and why …? Because we as South Africans allow it and have allowed it to deteriorate to a place of embarrassment and disgust. I thank Madiba, by all means for his contribution and appreciate his struggle, but I have yet to reap a single benefit except that of being able to go to a multi-racial society. Equility has been traded for hypocracy … and the sad truth is that I can no longer say that I am proudly South African.

  190. Short after his funeral, whites and boere will have to voluntary leave S.A. Where in the world have u seen a country declared free, by signing on a piece of paper? There’ll be war in S.A and we will fight these bustards with all our being, until we get full control of our country! They will need Jan Van Riebeck to come back and ship them out of S.A. Mandela should’nt have shaken their hands, he should have sweeped all of them out of the parliament. They want to talk about black leaders being greedy!

  191. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Well, well, well – Fancy that – I wonder who imported a whole lot of huge American BIRDS that have taken over South Africa to such an extent that we will have to have a war and fight with all our being to re-gain full control of our country.
    I doubt very much if Jan van Riebeeck ever saw a BUSTARD in his life. I know that I haven’t – except of course on film.

  192. Fancy what a ridiculous remark, nobody can go back in time, it is impossible to revert the clock back over 400 years ago and also there where only 3 ships that came, so how on earth will almost 5 mil whites fit in three boats. Maybe you should awake out of your deep sleep as it is now 2012, and the end is coming closer each day. In any event stop stressing big changes are coming this year for the better of all.

  193. However much it irks us to read what Fancy says, it’s the unfortunate truth. That’s how the majority of blacks think and that’s been the way of Africa since whenever. There’s no future for whites in Africa – it’s destined to be a shithole occupied by simians. Peace, if you think the changes to the constitution are going to be better for all you need your head read. They’ll change the constitution to enable themselves to steal and rob even more without being held accountable.

  194. Johno sorry I dont know what you are drinking or smoking but I can not recall even mentioning the constitution. The changes I mentioned has nothing to do with the current regime.

  195. Kgosi, Mzu etc and all other black racists and fellow travellers. Apartheid was an abomination but when they decided to end it they did so on the terms of the majority. We got the change without the war. It was only the third time in History that a ruling party has handed over power without a fight just look today at Libya, Syria, etc, That was not because the ANC, PAC, and a few others won. It was because The Nats and FW DeKlerk saw that a deal was a better solution for South Africa. The struggle veterans should be grateful we did not have a civil war or most of them would be dead. Now, Mzu and his cronies must ask the question, with only 7% of the population being white, what real effect do they have on anything. None really. We all know there are many legacy issues to be sorted out but we will not do so with monumental projects that continue to cost us money such as our grandiose white elephant stadiums, the new Durban Airport, e-tolling, Ushaka Marine etc.. all loss leaders.

  196. Phillander says

    Mandela may have his faults, but he show the world reconciliation and forgiveness in face of one`s enemies and for that i applaud him.

  197. mzu, i am a zimbo living in zim so i can give you am clearer picture of wat goes onhere. we can be as bitter as we want over all the wrongs whites laid on our doorsteps but you cannot doubt their work ethic.. a white farmer farms, am black farmer sits and admires his empire, his multiple women and kids.. innovation, new techniques, etc. are taboo in the black mind which is why a drought wipes out half of zim wen we have afrikas second largest river… we need to learn from the whites who might squabble back in europa but wenn it comes to facing otherraces they present a united front.. we stupidly adopted their false borders, live in shacks they designed for us, speak their language… kicking whites out without presenting am viable solution to our pre-feudal societal structures will only lead to chaos, wars, famine, disease… look at aids, ravaging an entire generation but wtf are our politicians doing? they still do reeder dances and marry kids who can barely clean their snot… what medicines do we have for malaria? what megafactories for manufacturing massive planes? in zim you call the chinese to build a school or hospital or road… we will forever remain am laughing stock if we dwell on our past instead of cracking our heads and finding solutions to our today & tomorrow… mzu, masakhane, let’s find SOLUTIONS… whites had am clear agenda when they came, to loot, to control, to stamp their way of life on our minds… thina ke mzu, what’s our agenda? to repossess land and mines? to fight hunger and corruption? to eliminate poverty, borders, religion, etc.? once we have am clear agenda and am viable plan of execution, then let’s get off our black butts and move this continent to the next level… tomorrow…. whites

  198. Although Mandela was instrumental bringing about the end to Apartied, he was no saint.You have to remember he was a member of the ANC who were responsible for many innocent deaths to achieve the abolition of Apartied.In the 80’s he was offered freedom if he denounced violence and he did not hence his continued incarceration.When he eventually became President, he was weak allowing corruption to escalate and even paid himself a salary higher than any other World Leader.The Western World put an end to Apartied through Sport and Pop concerts.This man has been made an idle, mainly through world media.

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