Julius Malema Lifestyle Audit cartoon

Julius Malema Lifestyle Audit

Julius Malema’s Lifestyle Audit

Judging by the heated commentary, Wonkie’s Mandela Day article last week was its most controversial one yet. This week, South Africa’s young lion Julius Malema steals back the limelight from Madiba with style… lifestyle.

News of a Malema lifestyle audit will no doubt have the likes of Gareth Cliff and his many friends at COSATU drooling over potential details of what the creative young man has been up to. Considering that South African finance minister Pravin Gordhan had hinted at conducting lifestyle audits in the 2010 budget speech already, it’s probably about time that it actually happened.

Why are South Africans so jealous?

In the spirit of offering alternative perspectives, Wonkie feels it must defend the ANCYL president on this important matter. The topic of Julius Malema riches gets everyone’s knickers in a twist – but why? Surely, if you too could live the lifestyle he leads, you wouldn’t want an experience from the South African Revenue Service (SARS) that is likely to feel like an anal-probe delivered by an epileptic monkey?

So what if Julius owns houses worth over R4.6 million. So what if there is a huge Malema trust fund (used for charitable purposes only). So what if his watch is valued at R250,000. So what if Mr Malema has some swanky luxury cars. And so what if he can amass all this by shrewdly using his salary R25,000 per month? Instead of proclaiming him to be a financial genius, South African haters mock the poor man.

Could it be that South Africans are fuming with envy at his success? One thing is for sure, after Mr Malema walks away from the SARS audit squeaky clean (if there will actually be an audit) – South African financial advisors are going to be under serious pressure to up their game. The public will expect them to deliver the kinds of returns Mr Malema has achieved with his capital. Fund managers across the country are reported to be sweating Red Bull.

Further, Wonkie is pleased to report that this issue has gone international. Barack Obama and economists from all over the world, including those pondering the outcome of the US national debt crisis, are also keeping a keen eye on the situation. Mostly, Mr Obama is wondering if Mr Malema will share his financial leverage secrets so that he may rescue America’s fiscal deficit using his presidential salary.

Come on Julius, please spread the love!

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  1. Julius again….lol…. The fact is all politicians live the same lifestyle as Juju. The only question I have with regards to Juju’s lifestyle is “Why now?” I mean he has just said some controversial statements to the business moguls and all of a sudden he is being exposed. There is more to this than just exposing corruption. He is paying for messing with white interests in SA. By the way I’m not an ANC nor a Juju fan but it seems like the media is telling us what to think and when to think about it. Let us watch this closely and maybe we might see Juju eating his words of expropriating the land from thieves. I think there’s more truth in what he said than what the media is feeding us now, not that he’s an angel.

  2. outside Africa says

    @Mzu – just look around you at your neighbours, where the land was expropriated from “thieves”. Those “thieves” produced food to feed their country and their neighbours. Since the land was “expropriated”, most, except the politicians, are poor and starving, relying on the rest of the world to rescue them. Politicians need to be held accountable by the public they profess to serve. In this case it is the media. Who else could or would??

  3. Love the sense of humour Wonki!!
    If Juliuis can do all that on R25000.00 he should be the world’s guru!
    Let’s wait and see if the audit ever takes place – doubt it

    And for once I agree with MZU about the media interest

  4. Ouch!! please leave juju alone. He has to have money if he has no money how can he continue to teach the youth. Many who go to his teaching rallies, he has to feed, supply them with educational tools, (knobkieries have become very expensive) clothe them and pay their transport and accommodation costs in 5 star hotels. Imagine if he had more money he would employ more mentors to teach the youth and would not have to work so hard to do it all himself. So please have pity on him he has a very difficult job.

  5. One would expect that the president to be wise,tactfull,knowledgeable and liked for his actions in curbing moral,lawful,racial issues that would bring a country a reputable place internationally,but this is not happening.the president cannot control this”old man” as a “youth” of the nations youths, Malema must gain respect from the whole nation, and not only from those who follow like sheep expecting what he does,sprouts,swears,rants,threatens,wealth etc. He is in many ways so wrong

  6. Julius Malema’s world collapsing in front of him should send a clear message to parents to inculcaate a sense that there are no short cuts to amassing wealth. Sending their children to school, teaching them discipline, honesty and respect – all attributes which Julius has none – is pivotal and the right thing to do than clapping hands for children’s ill gotten wealth such as driving around on top range Range Rover before one can boast good qualifications which are inalienable. Julius is a strong candidate for a jail term which will serve well to teach kids about the effect of short cuts.

  7. how many trust fund outthere which owned by individual, or let me refrase my statement why we have to concentrate to one person with no previous criminal record while there are too many criminals are walkiing free and have lots and lots of many without trace where the many came from??????

  8. Truth of the matter is every politician is a criminal. From ANC to DA but this is not new, we knew about this long time ago. From the first time we heard about the arms deal saga. Why now? Why not do a lifestyle audit of all the whites in SA. How did they accumulate their wealth, was there no corruption during the apartheid era? What are the former National Party politicians doing now? Do they own businesses and if so how did they get capital to start their ventures? We should sometimes think for ourselves and not let the white media impose thought on our minds. The problem is the media is biased, they have never said anything about the DA youth. Doesn’t it exist?

  9. Scribbler says

    Brilliant Wonkie – love the tounge-in-cheek humour! I think that after reading your article, Suzie Orman will be out of a job. Keep up the good work. More of this please.

  10. Well, Everybody loves juju, the media, city press has been struggling to sell for the past months, it is a fact. their editor said this in the boardroom of city press ” Guys our sales have gone drastically low, we need to find a good story that will up our sales so that all of us can keep our jobs, any suggestions ” ” how about we run a story on Julius Malema ” they all raised their hands in support of the latter. ” Now, you go all out there and find something about malema” the results a 15 percent increase in sales for this week and some weeks to come, as long as you keep reporting on Malema. Please note that if Malema keeps quiet for a long time, some newsrooms are dead. street newspaper vendors will have nothing to sell. people will lose their jobs. I will run to the courts and sue him for loss of income because of his quietness.

  11. Hi Mzu, please learn to separate issues. I speak as a victim of apartheid but I moved on. It is not necessary to relate my unpleasant history. Point is Juju’s current acts of disdain, abuse of political status and disregard for order will perpetuate a status quo undesirable for your own future and the country. The precedents are too many to argue against. Look at Zimbabwe and go back further to Uganda – Idi Amin, that is what I see when I look at Malema’s consolidated profile and conduct. Do you want the country to go back to address history or prevent repetition of history which is what is needed in dealing with Malema’s current impasse? Two wrongs cannot make a right. If you love your country ensure you protect the future as you cannot change past history. Future of your kids has to be based on economic stability, good governance and not on dangerrous precendents we are seeing developing, involving an ambitious presidential candidate like Juju! He will deny that.

  12. Hendrix L says

    Julius is a pain in the ass for most of us. The sooner he gets flushed out the better for all peace loving South Africans. He deserves nothing other than being on the back of a donkey in rural africa.

  13. @Mzi
    Maybe the DA Youth actually do good and are not so bloody corrupt. I dont care how any individual makes his money – irrespective of his colour – as long as he does it legally.

    Corruption STEALS from the poor – and that must be rooted out. PERIOD

  14. the bottom line is we cannot compare what is happening now as to when we were living under apartheid rules. South Africa is now a democracy and it belongs to all. So when it comes to all these politicians living their fancy lives and pilfering the finances of this country in the name of freedom then it becomes an issue we need to address. They are where they are because they represent the masses that put them there and they need to take heed of that. Living their fancy lifestyles whilst the majority of the people are living way below the breadline smacks of arrogance and hypocracy. Julius Malema has just proven to all South Africans and to the world in general that trying to fight for the poor and underprivaledged that that is just a smokescreen for all the wealth they can usurp from this country or get their hands on in whichever underhand way they can. That is a fact for every politician to whichever party they belong to and irrespective of colour.

  15. Scorpio, Birch Acres says

    Mzu, you are openly displaying your ignorance. It is not white money any longer, the Blacks and Asians have the money. SARS or any other interested party are welcome to do a life style audit on me as a white. I am a professional, work 11 to 12 hours a day, yet my only vehicle is a 25 year old 1300cc car and I live in a normal three bedroom house of which two bedrooms are offices because I cannot afford an office suite. My next door neighbour, a black person, owns two new BMW cars and a 4X4. I often chat to him. He works one day a week. Mzu, please explain the difference. I am born of nobilty and royalty of a great dynasty, but have nothing to show for it, not even overseas. Getting on to Juju, if the trust has been honestly audited and taxed, and his personal tax is in order, SARS won’t do anything. But, he should be charged civily with corruption.

  16. God has giving malema’s life to live so why other people should worry about him.

  17. Dont you think that the ANC have had enough of Julius and this is their way ,give some inside information.let sombody else do the dirty work and get rid of him , and they stay squeaky clean.

  18. So we back to juju, he must be the comic character of the century. He talks so straight he does not even need a “ruler” so why bother to have the other money grabbers in parliament one is surely enough. We do not have enough funds to keep them all.

  19. It doesn’t matter what they find… the people that care already know he’s corrupt and the people that follow him don’t care. I can only hope that they find something serious enough to land him in prison but even that won’t make him lose any followers because they revere someone who can break the law and get away with it…

  20. I know white people are against the truth so please feel free to be ignorant my ignorant friends. Juju is allegedly wrong and I am not saying he is innocent however white people are in no position to point fingures at black people. Especially as aliens in Afrika. We have not seen any reports about the apartheid government and how they spent their money. The fact that you were wise enough to cover up for each other does not mean you were saints.

  21. U right Mzu the apartheid regime were such clever thieves they even robbed us of our brains, so know they can all know why i am so dumb

  22. Svidge, you are right about too many criminals walking free, to name a few. Our President who got of on a technicality about a technicality, that does not mean he is not guilty of at least one of the 600 and something charges he faced. How about Shabby Sheikh who plays golf while waiting to die, and a few others, this makes me believe that Fatboy will not be eating KFC in Polsmoor.
    Sarah, wakey wakey, your God may have given Fatboy a life to live but did he give him a life to stuff up our Country.
    Impi, juju has told everyone that he is a politician that means he is in the public domain and must expect criticism and humour. It also means that he should refrain from hate speech, graft and corruption.
    Mzu, what can one say, is one mistake not enough. We will never be rid of racists or racism, but all whites are not racist, all blacks are not racists, Fatface is and you are very close. ( Are you related?).
    WE all know that the Apartheid Regime entrenched racism, we also know that 75% of the white electorate voted for change. Many of those former supporters of the regime have had a change of heart, many are getting there, but we will be stuck with a few, same as we will always be stuck with a few black racists.

  23. No one said the previous regeme were saints… I was born in this country – that means this country belongs to me as a white – just as much as it belongs to you as a black if you were born here. I do not hate people based on race – I dislike because of actions…. if a person steals, murders or rapes – he / she sould be delt with according to the law of the country. Human rights are supposed to protect others – but its only protecting criminals. Yet again I say – if JuJu is clean – good for him and may he be an example to other “youth” If not – he must be delt with to the full extend of the law

  24. It sounds like good news to me. Especially if it materialises?…but the audit should target all moles, the loud ones and the silent ones. The relation between corruption and ‘politics of patronage’ is interesting. Good luck!!

  25. Garth that is the most disturbing problem of those who do not want to be rid of the past. Somehow it seems that it gives them some form of security otherwise why would one hold on to the past. For many of us who welcomed the change it somehow seems that we are still struggling to get peace and contentment. The majority being poor is what should have been addressed first, the education and health system should have improved i s o having deteriorated to an extent that now is almost beyond repair. It is inevitable that a new ruling party that has all the expertise and prepared to work for lower income and allowances. The high crime rate should not be tolerated much longer, and criminals employees of the police force should even be locked away for life. The bail system must be abolished for serious crimes committed.

  26. Hope it really gets done, but it should be applied to all…. there others. But SARS should look at us all at some point & stage; I just hope this really materializes

  27. I doubt if the audit will take place…should juju be audited then a can of worms is opened…a number of officials are lunch for SARS…this makes me think of Audits on Mugabe, Mswati…lets see how clean the broom sweeps…

  28. Black Night damn we can, South Africa belongs to blacks and not whites. Whites left their home in Europe to create this mess we are trying to debate about here. We simply cannot let apartheid leaders run away scotch free when whites are so vocal now to black leaders when they were silent when it benefited them. Nugget keep fooling yourself. You know you are a grandchild of thieves and robbers………… I suggest you whites audit your grandfathers and leave blacks alone. If Juju is corrupt, let us blacks and only South Africans who are black I’m afraid. You are illegal citizens here, it’s not a matter of being born but can your ancestral roots be traced in Afrika and that’s a big no when it comes to whites. Anyway why are we so focused on the crumbs that the politicians are feasting on when 80% of the wealth is still in white thieves. Give black leaders a break. No one condones corruption here but we also have to look at who is behind this poisoning of black leaders……. The whites ofcourse so please Wonkie friends of mine, stop whining about Malema and look at your white counterparts who are the real culprits here. We seem to look at the problems in the past 17 years and forget that the current ruling regime ,as evil as it is, inherited corruption from their white predecessors.

  29. For how long South Africans are going to put up with this man? If you are not careful he will rise to become your overall leader (courtesy the sycophants around him) and then you will have no one to blame, but yourselves for not dealing with him in a more decisive manner now! Be warned!

  30. So Mzu.

    We are all supposed to come from Adam and Eve – which means this land belongs to us all you racist idiot – unless you are directly decendant from apes. As I said – ANY corrupt politition steals from the people who put them in “power” irrespective of colour there are people – majority black – who need education, food housing and medical. Every single cent lining the pockets of corrupt polititions steal from the poor. You will be amazed how many white people look after and care for these poor black pleople. Somehow black people dont really care about their own. You are seriously deranged if you still think that 80% of all wealth is in the hands of the whites. Go look at the Forbes list of top earners – some of the richest people in this country is black – INTERESTING

  31. Here is something interesting for Mzu. We never voted previous to 1994 but at least the previous regime where quick to spot a corrupt member. If I may name Rudy Eschell when he knew there was an investigation logged on him he made tracks overseas. They went to find him and brought him back to face the consequences. There were a very few others that got nailed as well WITHOUT ANY PACKAGES except the pension from their own contribution only.

  32. South Africans should not condone what Malema has done or is doing. The leadership of SA seems to always have one foot in criminal activities. Thus, the constitution of SA should have a provision that a leader who has a criminal record should be removed from leadership. ANC is a contradiction for aparthied, but some of its leadership are progressively tainting its name.

  33. Scorpio, Birch Acres says

    Mzu: you display your ignorance once again. It is better to keep ones mouth shut and let others think you a fool than to open it and prove them right.

  34. Just a quick lesson for the few that do not know the difference between right and wrong. Mzu take note please.
    Right: Honest, integrity, do not steal. do not blaspheme, contentment, hard working, do not commit any crime, do not murder, keep peace among all those who surround you. respect those who are just , grateful, joyful and much more
    Wrong: Hate, steal , blasphemy, committing crime, murder, rob, discontentment, moody , unforgiving, selfish, greedy, lust, living an immoral life, no self respect. rioting, destructiveness, uncooperative, disobedient and also much more. If you stick to this Mzu nobody will be able to point a finger at you and you will gain a lot of valuable friends. Can only hope these few differences might help you. Good luck.
    I still can not help to have pity for you, somewhere in your life you had a very nasty experience that left you with emotional scars.

  35. Derrick Erasmus says

    They say that laughing is good therapy so thank you this country can do with some humour. Pity it lack a little bit intelligence but will be enjoyed by even the 80% illiterate

  36. Nugget spare me the garbage of Adam and Eve please. You are as ignorant as goats. That runs in the veins of white people. Infact I’m only happy that you do know the truth and the rhetoric you’re posting here is not going to change the truth you know in your minds. That is permanent. You will always know where you originally come from. Failure to do so simply means you are idiots.

  37. phineas chindomu says

    plz leave Juleus Malema alone yu din’t want to see yuong guys bocoming rich

  38. I am not going to waste my time resonding to this sh!t. Racism is evil – and always will be – look in the mirror sir. Your haert is as black as goat sh!t… good luck and when your little fat capitalist “hero” steals everything from his own people – remember – I TOLD YOU SO!

  39. He is only stealing 20% of the crumbs left. The rest of the 80% is still in the whites hands. Priority is that and we will later deal with these junior capitalists. I don’t care if you throw your tantrum here, it will not change history and you won’t cry and be granted African citizenship…..

  40. We should rather all be grateful now. All the predecessors that mucked up the country previously have all just become dry bones, why dig them up they all worthless. If I say all I mean all white black pink yellow brown the whole lot.
    Who wants to argue about dry bones even by throwing them around they mean or can do nothing. We have everything now to able us to work together against all the rest that only wants for themselves. The communication is at our fingertips, we should rather all do as we did it many years ago, approach these lying politicians all of them and insist that we want equal rights for all and we are all prepared to do our part, to revolt will not achieve anything we should just withhold our tax monies in trust until they change everything, lower their ridiculous salaries and all allowances and perks and distribute the excess among the poor. These guys take their plane tickets and cashes it in at travel agents and dont do the trips that they were suppose to use the ticket voucher for so they steal and dont even do what they are paid to do. You will be surprised at all else they are doing and then call us thiefs, what a joke. Open your eyes and you will be shocked how shrewd they really are.

  41. We should ask News of the World to hack his phone .Who is backing such an idiot? Black people I know all have a good laugh about him and cry when they have to buy school clothes for their children.Complaining about the whites and being jelous will not make blacks richer.Get off the picket lines and go to work
    so you can earn money to play the lotto.he,he,he,he

  42. Mzu, you’re right. Africa is a shithole and no decent white person should live here. Especially with all these ignorant blacks around like you. You belong in Africa because your forefathers were monkeys. I’ll just carry on stealing from you and when the shit hits the fan I’ll just go back to civilisation while you’ll be stuck here for the rest of your miserable life, begging bowl in hand and begging the white baas for food. Enjoy, monkeybrain!

  43. @ Garth, and those who has been on the blog for quite a while. Do you remember that someone gave stats on countries that introduced gun control and the consequences. My hubby just took note of the dates and countries to check it out. The facts was quoted on this blog 100% correct so it makes one thinks about the agenda. He also noted that since we were suppose to be gunfree our crime rates involving guns has actually escalated. It also stated that Switzerland issues arms to their citizens with extensive training and their crime rate is almost the lowest in the world. I would like to read it again but forgotten under what topic it was written. We have never possessed any arms of any sorts and thank GOD has never needed them but what about the people living in remote areas that have become open targets?? Who knows someone here might develop a weapon that is not easily identifiable but strong enough to put intruders out of action without killing them but make arrest easy.

  44. …go well @peter…..we surely don’t need selfish people like you…wonkie this topic is already filtering who’s next for the racist audit…

  45. the sad part is he pretends as if he cares for the poor but the reall truth is he does not. The fact remains black people are really poor on the ground that is where he is suppose to be splashing some of his wealth. I really feel shame for those who voted for him like they voted ANC on the 18th.

  46. Mzu why are you still spouting racism and hatred when you should be embracing a new way in South Africa. Whites are not leaving and you are sounding like the Nazis in Germany who translated their hatred into genocide. South Africa does not need evil racist bigots like you. What we do need is for Fatboy to stop his tenderpreneur business and get down to tackling the youth education issue because if education had been done correctly after 1994 we would all be better off and you would understand better that racial hatred will inevitably end in disaster.

  47. we must each audit our own missions, many say that the next 2 years is going to be havoc something the govt will not be able to control. It has nothing to do with racism look at the snow story who commanded that strike? wonder what is next. Audits should also be done on all the rich as that is where money laundering is constantly taking place. That policeman living in St Lucia should also be audited. Where we live is just an ordinary suburb were everybody works hard for an income and we have not had any racial problems. I do not have the education that so many of you have but if i want to know some i ask the neighbors. problems are all over the world , look at somalia is bad there too. We must all fight the crime and the corrupt then everything will come right. In the camps when the people fight against the bad they get arrested that should not be. The police dont always come when they are called and take too long to arrest the criminals, I often go to see a aunt in the squater camp she has been robbed by children 3 times.
    Juju must teach the children manners not hate it is just making more trouble. If someone is a youth leader he must be well mannered and not well dressed with a poison mouth. the children want nice clothes now and be like him that is no good

  48. yeh right.i wonder why im still getting storioes from this side.can somebody help me out.i mean this is the only side that made fun of everything that black people do.ok let the hawks find anything if there is.after that can we all focus on how some of us managed to get rich while the majority of people are uneducated and poor.

  49. @ephraim, first remember this blog is meant for humor it is better to laugh about a system rather then to get upset and violent which just adds fat to fire.
    The population in Gauteng are far too many, even though there are loads of industries and businesses it can never employ all the people living there.
    Since 2007 in Gauteng a lot of companies that were employing between 20 and 200 people have closed down on account of increased losses.
    Many people from other towns, provinces and even other countries cime to Gauteng , there is no way that Gauteng can cope with the amount of people. The only growth then are squatter camps and crime. Nobody can or has come up with a solution for this problem it is almost impossible. Cape Town will very soon have the same problem as many from the Eastern Cape, South Cape are now flocking to C.T. and Durban. Far too many immigrants as well, specially from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Maputu and Cameroon. 150 million people live in Nigeria, some stats not very accurate but an estimate is that more then 60% of them poverty stricken. There are no accurate stats or estimates of the population of Zim now as too many have left illegally and most left behind live in poverty. Hope this helps you.

  50. @ephraim mokobodi – newsflash!! You’re not uneducated and poor because of whites, you’re uneducated and poor because you’re thick as a brick. It happens everywhere in the world, it’s just how things are. Some people are wealthy because they’re clever and work hard, some are wealthy because they’re crooks (Julius and many in Government) but nobody is wealthy because they’re white. That’s just what Juliarse wants you to believe to take the focus away from his own racketeering.

  51. Arn’t we lucky?The most brilliant and richest man in the world

  52. Intelligence is defined as the demontrated ability to adapt to ever changing environments in such a way that you still achieve your objectives. Julius seemingly does this better than most. Go Julius go.

  53. @Peter, Afrika could be blessed if it can rid itself of trashes like you. White monkeys who are a curse to humanity because they have a gene failure. Genocide is what you bloody whites are commiting to blacks.

  54. He has recently spent thousands of rands on a party with friends in the Kruger National Park. He’s cruising around in big shiny range rovers. All this on a salary of R20-000 per month. Makes a person think, doesn’t it? If Julius Malema doesn’t have anything to hide why did he try to get a court interdict against City Press for exposing his financial affairs? I normally do not agree with Afri-forum, but on this one, I must agree with them.

    This young man’s financial affairs should be thoroughly investigated. We know the ANC is not going to take action against you as is the case with Madonsela’s damning findings against the SAPS and the DOPW. It is highly unlikely, but most probaly a time waste and money asking for another investigation from a different source, which will drag on for so long that nobody will care anymore. This is the indicisive style the ANC employs in allegations against senior ANC members. Zuma has never put his foot down and given direction to his soldiers, even when they go astray.

    When ministers went beserk spending millions on cars and accommodation, Zuma pulled out that biblical ministerial handbook, intead of ordering sensitivity. What did he do with the heavy allegations against Shicelo Shiceka? The ministry of housing is spending billions fixing houses built bu corrupt officials. Is the president aware? Is he afraid he will be perceived as unfair? Is he more content making friends and consolidating power at the expense of the tax paying majority of this country? Now Malema, just be a gentleman and tell the nation how you got your riches. As i said before, we know the ANC is not going to take action against you. So we are going to call on Public Protector to come to our rescue once again. And once you’re found guilty, you’ll have to do the right thing, which is to step down. Lastly, remeber this: he who rules by the sord dies by the sword!

  55. @Mzu, if being white is a gene failure then thank God for failures!

    Genocide is what you bloody whites are commiting to blacks.

    I think we should try harder then ’cause it’s obviously not working. Actually, all whites could do is just to stop feeding and helping you – that should do the trick imo.

  56. And leave Afrika. Whites can be succesfull. Geez what are you waiting for?

  57. Mzu, you are one sick individual and a racist pig. You are clearly suffering from some form of cranial deficiency. Perhaps it is YOU who should leave Africa. Who built the western world, discovered the world and designed the infraustructure (roads, buildings, towns, mines etc) that you so enjoy now? Blacks? If so, the world would be full of mud huts.

  58. I was listening to a guy on SA FM today talking about how BEE has failed because the whites are still getting richer…
    The reason whites are still getting richer is because when a white person wants to earn more they work harder, when a black person wants to earn more he strikes… To make money you have to put in the effort and take pride in your work, the black people in South Africa that realize this and implement it are very rich and successful. The problem is that too many black people in SA have this misguided sense of entitlement. They think everything should be given to them instead of them earning it.
    Also to touch on another issue Mzu brought up about corruption in politics being seeded by the old regime… if it’s something caused by the whites then explain how, in Swaziland, where there has never been a single white person in power or politics, there is one of the highest corruption rates in gov?
    People are too quick to lay blame everywhere but themselves.

  59. Yes Chris just look at what Idiot Amin did, he killed thousands of his own people. Maybe his motive was to save them from a long tern suffering death of starvation under his ruling, who knows.?

  60. Just seen a media video taken of a interview with Malema, now we have all the nfo we needed to complete his profile and aspiration. Should be interesting. One we did +- 3 years ago is proving to be correct. We have been watching the outcome and guys more surprises to surface

  61. Get a life trashes.

  62. Mzu we have got LIFE!! have you ??????

  63. Jerry Moitzi says

    ok Wonki, at least u now have a credible topic this time ..not all the shit younwrote about Madiba, anyhow, Malema is an ordinary citizen of this country and must be subjected to the same laws that we are subjected to. i realy think he has a case to answer, the law Anti-corruption Act clearly states that i sombody lives a lifestyle that above his means then something somewhere,somehow is not OK, so its now up to Malema to substantiate on his lifestyle and wealth,

  64. arcticencounter1 says

    Bloody counter-revolutionary agents with white tendencies and rubbish in the pants, touching JuliASS on his money!
    Little sheeple with an excuse for everything except for doing the right thing, which they simply can’t get their heads around.
    ANC YL minions are as much a slave to their skin colour and tribal political voting agenda as the apartheid regime was.
    Their political indoctrination is no different than what Apartheid did to their voters: perpetuation of race hatred.
    The ANC and its kiddies league are NOT original in ANY of its actions: your leaders are following the same methods as your then oppressors had done, and you’re too indoctrinated with hate speech and a sense of entitlement to see it.
    Malema has done nothing for South Africa, its liberation, the emancipation of the poor or the delivery of services. All he has done is used his postion to swindle tenders and enrich himself. . Any fool can drum up support amongst politically and economically illiterates by making sensational statements.
    Maintaining a struggle atmosphere in SA is a crucial building block on which justification for the rule of the present leaders can be maintained – it fits their strategy perfectly.
    Btw where is the happing little dog now? I said he is probably hiding under someone’s couch in Polokwane, but someone else said they saw him and Floyd buying paper shredders in Makro. Lmao

  65. arcticencounter1 says

    Typo. Yapping little dog.

  66. There are many involved in these corruption spams not just Julius. Those that opposes it and refuses to bend their knees for money laundering gets the Xai Xai act imposed on them.

  67. It is no good to follow a leader as if he is a god, big disappointments always after that. Hitler had many raise the iron fist with him and what happened to them. Showing fist and blowing poison like a dragon is from the devil. My son was told if he goes to those meetings he must not come back home. The children must be told not to follow someone like sheep they must use their own brains if any body blows poison you stay away from them. I dont like politicians the want too much control.

  68. Well said Impi ….

  69. Quote:
    Get a life trashes.
    This made me realize that Mzu is just an angry teenager who doesn’t have a clue as to how the world works… Ignore him. I know I will.

  70. Mzu wants all the whites to leave SA, does he also want all the blacks in Europe to come home to Africa. I suggest he asks them and they will tell him to fuck off.

  71. arcticencounter1 who do you refer to as counter revolutionaries when the revolution is over. Stop prancing about Fatboy, shouting about Nationalisation of the mines, which has never worked anywhere, stop mouthing off about land restitution without compensation, that has reduced Zim to a basket case, stop demanding Nationalisation of the Banks. They are all in debt. We do not need the taxpayers to bail them out. Start Fatboy looking at serious youth issues such as education and the meagre matric results, start using some bloody initiative to start a jobs program without expecting JZ to wave a magic wand. Start an ethics program so that when crimes are committed they are not condoned by the hip hop culture you support. Stop bleating about racism and clean up your own house first.
    Fatboy has done nothing for the Youth of SA.

  72. why dont some try to be happy and not worry about racists they will all loose in the end. This racist story just makes trouble and people unhappy. Whites showed me to work the computer i was scared first they just told me i can do it if i try so i did. They not all racists , plenty blacks are not racists and also wants peace. We must all pray together for peace and God will give us peace. Plenty children are becoming sjotsies and dont want to go to school. Who is teaching them that, you ask them and they cant tell you. I hope that one day we will have peace.

  73. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Mzu and Peter. Listen to each other and listen to yourselves. You are exactly the same.
    Mzu – take a piece of charcoal and place it next to any part of your body and look. Which is black and which is brown? – dark brown
    Peter – take a piece of plain paper and place it next to any part of your body and look. Which is white and which is brown? light brown
    Yes – you are both brown – light and dark but nonetheless both brown!
    Let’s stop this crap about whites did this and blacks did that – we are all in this situation together and we will only resolve the problems TOGETHER.
    In the modern South Africa – in the modern world – there is no place for racism – whether the racism is against darker skins or against lighter skins – it is, after all, just skin.
    The real issues lie in the differences beneath the skin and these differences are all in the mind – differences in religious thought patterns – differences in ideology (like capitalism vs communism). The hippies of the sixties had a wonderful philosophy – they turned their swords into flowers and flower power had a marvellously calming effect. Then unfortunately came the skinheads with their extremism. I think that, if we look, we will find that Mzu and Peter have something else in common – a shaved head – showing off the naked nuts of the nut-cases that they both are.
    Chris is right – both of these are teenagers and, as we adults all know, teenagers know EVERYTHING – until they start learning. And Juliarse is the biggest and richest teenager of them all.

  74. Julius should not be admired by the youth on account of his racist remarks, plus the fact that his lifestyle is certainly not a kosher one and sets no example. Fraud is not to be taken lightly. The youth should know that crime does not pay and indirectly racism is a crime and an insult to our Creator. We should all respect each other as nobody asked to be born into the race or family we belong too. After all everybody’s blood is red and blood is life.

  75. Corny if you’re unable to see my digs at Mzu for what they are then that’s your problem.

    That said, I’m not a teenager. I’m an old man – old enough to no longer care if people think I’m a racist when I say things the way they are. I worked in the UK and USA for almost 10 years and through business met thousands of people of all races and nationalities. Over 90% of Blacks I met are racist, have massive chips on their shoulders, think the world owes them because of colonialism, slavery or what ever and deep inside they detest Whites. All the whites I met claim not to be racist while a big majority of them are, given the slightest chance. Looking at that situation through rose coloured specs and chanting the old “we’re all human and if only we all work together we’ll make this a better place” is all but a pipedream. The VERY LAST place that will work, is in Africa. History never lies.

  76. I must say i agree with @ a-maize-ingly-corny. Until such time that people stop playing a race card to issues that affect every tax paying citizen of this country, only then we can resolve the problems together. Either directly or indirectly, we should look beyond skin colour and come up with an actual plan on how to fix things. This to create a better society for all.

  77. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Peter – you may be an old man in body but your arrogance and mind are those of a teenager – you think you know it all.
    As to seeing your “digs at Mzu for what they are” – I do – they are pure and unadulterated (note – un ADULT erated) racism – just like his.

  78. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Btw one of the things Peter said in his last post was that working together and making this a better place is “ALL BUT A PIPEDREAM” – the meaning of ‘all but’ is ‘everything EXCEPT’ so Peter is actually saying that working together and making this a better place is NOT a pipedream – I couldn’t agree more!

  79. A lot of confuse racism with envy, many are envious of others who have goal sets that they achieve by working hard, studying, enriching their knowledge etc. The idea that all whites are rich is further apart then the earth is of the sun. Many professions requires working functions of many hours a day for no overtime compensation. You can only fill a position when you have (suppose to) the acquired education and suitable experience. No doubt previously there was a disadvantage for the blacks and that was abolished. The big problem is that it was executed entirely wrong from the start. The experts in key positions were replaced by totally inexperienced officials much too soon.
    Now those in the key positions have to teach the younger newer ones whilst they themselves concentrated more on tactics to enrich themselves using corrupt methods in stead of improving the conditions for all citizens, how does that influence the young who later has to take over key positons???

  80. Corny, I could also judge and label you, but what’s the point? By doing that I might score brownie points here but that won’t make me richer or make me live longer.

  81. Corny, I’m Swedish and English is my 3rd language, so there’s bound to be some mistakes. I obviously meant that it is a pipedream.

    I take it you are fluent in 3 (or more) languages? Or are you maybe just being puerile?

  82. You are all teenagers here if you guys don’t know your history and your origin then you’re the teenagers here. A little something about apartheid corruption so we can compare apples with apples… Please find the link below to a research conducted by ISS….


  83. Institute for Security Studies..

  84. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Mzu likes to have the last word – but boy, oh boy, 113 pages of last word!!!

  85. Where do you get your ideas if you guys don’t read. It would be helpful if we had informed discusions here and not discuss with our egoes.

  86. a-maizingly we have more then 113 pages and not just from ct university.
    One of the reasons why we never voted and have decided not in future is:
    If the head of state departments are selected for their personal expertise and not for a particular party we may have the right people in the right place.
    First of all there must be no records of any offence and there lifestyle must proof their integrity. Having political parties always has it shortfalls maybe one in a position they are able to have functioning 100% and the rest not capable. There should be an elect forum consisting of highly specialised people at least 5 in each category submitting proposals of suitable candidates to be elected for each department , their credentials published and left to the public to select. Loads of people opposes this recommendation but nowhere in the world does the current system by way of political party selections function at 100% . Parliament should still continue to exist to ensure that debates continue on departments that are not functioning to expectations. This would cut out nepotism in key positions and may have better control on corruption as well.

  87. All this racist bickering. What a waste of energy that could otherwise be put to constructive use. What if the scientific predictions for December 2012 are correct – that the magnetic pull on the 3 planets aligning could cause the earth to spin on it’s axis where North becomes South. We will all die instantly. It is possible – geologists have proved that it has happened before, so why not now. All the ill feeling between nations and ethnic groups will have been a waste of expended energy. Mzu, what sort of literature do you read? My rather extensive library of books of worldly knowlege appears to differ greatly from yours.

  88. During the Apartheid the NP had a white cabinet. Are you posing these suggestions because black people are part of the cabinet? I assume the people who have the skills to deliver are white people who are the reason why blacks are in slumps today and whites in mansions. Let me remind you what the white cabinet was discussing in the white parliament. A speech by PW Botha addressing his cabinet in 1985 and was published by the racist publication … The Cape Times..

    Please read the article below. It’s 2 pages this time around. Going down memory lane…hahahahahaha


    Maybe this is the meaning of qualified ministers who can deliver to the people… meaning white people.

  89. Mzu, the point you’re trying to make is moot. Everybody knows that apartheid was bad and that’s the reason the majority voted for a new dispensation. However, in the new democracy, people had hopes for a better future. Unfortunately what SA got is a new order that is more corrupt, completely inefficient, more racist and more of everything else that’s bad than the old one. Apartheid is alive and well and just as entrenched in law as it was before – the shoe is just on the other foot now.

    Two wrongs can never make a right.

    Of course the biggest problem SA sits with now (apart from the glaringly obvious), is that the majority of voters have the warped mindset and severely limited mental capacity of Mzu.

  90. I wanted to share a speech by PW Botha(1985) but it seems wonkie doesn’t want you to know about yourselves.

  91. THE FOLLOWING is a speech made by former South African President P.W. Botha to his Cabinet. This reprint was written by David G. Mailu for the Sunday Times, a South African newspaper, dated August 18, 1985.

    “Pretoria has been made by the White mind for the White man. We are not obliged even the least to try to prove to anybody and to the Blacks that we are superior people. We have demonstrated that to the Blacks in a thousand and one ways. The Republic of South Africa that we know of today has not been created by wishful thinking. We have created it at the expense of intelligence, sweat and blood. Were they Afrikaners who tried to eliminate the Australian Aborigines? Are they Afrikaners who discriminate against Blacks and call them Nigge*rs in the States? Were they Afrikaners who started the slave trade? Where is the Black man appreciated? England discriminates against its Black and their “Sus” law is out to discipline the Blacks. Canada, France, Russia, and Japan all play their discrimination too. Why in the hell then is so much noise made about us? Why are they biased against us? I am simply trying to prove to you all that there is nothing unusual we are doing that the so called civilized worlds are not doing. We are simply an honest people who have come out aloud with a clear philosophy of how we want to live our own White life.

    We do not pretend like other Whites that we like Blacks. The fact that, Blacks look like human beings and act like human beings do not necessarily make them sensible human beings. Hedgehogs are not porcupines and lizards are not crocodiles simply because they look alike. If God wanted us to be equal to the Blacks, he would have created> us all of a uniform colour and intellect. But he created us differently: Whites, Blacks, Yellow, Rulers and the ruled. Intellectually, we are superior to the Blacks; that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt over the years. I believe that the Afrikaner is an honest, God fearing person, who has demonstrated practically the right way of being. Nevertheless, it is comforting to know that behind the scenes, Europe, America, Canada, Australia-and all others are behind us in spite of what they say. For diplomatic relations, we all know what language should be used and where. To prove my point, Comrades, does anyone of you know a White country without an investment or interest in South Africa? Who buys our gold? Who buys our diamonds? Who trades with us? Who is helping us develop other nuclear weapon? The very truth is that we are their people and they are our people. It’s a big secret. The strength of our economy is backed by America, Britain, Germany. It is our strong conviction, therefore, that the Black is the raw material for the White man. So Brothers and Sisters, let us join hands together to fight against this Black devil. I appeal to all Afrikaners to come out with any creative means of fighting this war. Surely God cannot forsake his own people whom we are. By now every one of us has seen it practically that the Blacks cannot rule themselves. Give them guns and they will kill each other. They are good in nothing else but making noise, dancing, marrying
    many wives and indulging in sex. Let us all accept that the Black man is the symbol of poverty, mental inferiority, laziness and emotional incompetence. Isn’t it plausible? therefore that the White man is created to rule the Black man? Come to think of what would happen one day if you woke up and on the throne sat a Kaff*ir! Can you imagine what would happen to our women? Does anyone of you believe that the Blacks can rule this country?

    Hence, we have good reasons to let them all-the Mandelas-rot in prison, and I think we should be commended for having kept them alive in spite of what we have at hand with which to finish them off. I wish to announce a number of new strategies that should be put to use to destroy this Black bug. We should now make use of the chemical weapon. Priority number one, we should not by all means allow any more increases of the Black population lest we be choked very soon. I have exciting news that our scientists have come with an efficient stuff. I am sending out more
    researchers to the field to identify as many venues as possible where the chemical weapons could be employed to combat any further population increases. The hospital is a very strategic opening, for example and should be fully utilized. The food supply channel should be used. We have enveloped excellent slow killing poisons and fertility destroyers. Our only fear is in case such stuff came in! ! to their hands as they are bound to start using it against us if you care to think of the many Blacks working for us in our homes.

    However, we are doing the best we can to make sure that the stuff remains strictly in our hands. Secondly, most Blacks are vulnerable to money inducements. I have set aside a special fund to exploit this venue. The old trick of divide and rule is still very valid today. Our experts should work day and night to set the Black man against his fellowman. His inferior sense of morals can be exploited beautifully. And here is a creature that lacks foresight. There is a need for us to combat him in long term projections that he cannot suspect. The average Black does not plan his life beyond a year: that stance, for example, should be exploited. My special department is already working round the clock to come out with a long-term operation blueprint. I am also sending a special request to all Afrikaner mothers to double their birth rate. It may be necessary too to set up a population boom industry by putting up centers where we employ and support fully White
    young men and women to produce children for the nation. We are also investigating the merit of uterus rentals as a possible means of speeding up the growth of our population through surrogate mothers.

    For the time being, we should also engage a higher gear to make sure that Black men are separated from their women and fines imposed upon married wives who bear illegitimate children.

    I have a committee working on finding better methods of inciting Blacks against each other and encouraging murders among themselves. Murder cases among Blacks should bear very little punishment in order to encourage them.

    My scientists have come up with a drug that could be smuggled into their brews to effect slow poisoning results and fertility destruction. Working through drinks and manufacturing of soft drinks geared to the Blacks, could promote the channels of reducing their population. Ours is not a war that we can use the atomic bomb to destroy the Blacks, so we must use our intelligence to effect this. The person-to-person encounter can be very effective.

    As the records show that the Black man is dying to go to bed with the White woman, here is our unique opportunity. Our Sex Mercenary Squad should go out and camouflage with Apartheid Fighters while doing their operations quietly administering slow killing poison and fertility destroyers to those Blacks they thus befriend.
    We are modifying the Sex Mercenary Squad by introducing White men who should go for the militant Black woman and any other vulnerable Black woman. We have received a new supply of prostitutes from Europe and America who are desperate and too keen to take up the appointments.

    My latest appeal is that the maternity hospital operations should be intensified. We are not paying those people to help bring Black babies to this world but to eliminate them on the very delivery moment. If this department worked very efficiently, a great deal could be achieved.

  92. @ Scorpio, very interesting topic as well as important. During my last visit to Oz I read a book of her neighbor who is a scientist that the disturbing natural phenomena the earth is experiencing now are due to magnetic power. Not remembering the correct scientific words I did understand what I was reading.
    We actually compared it to the Bible and it is predicted 1000’s of years ago that the earth will turn of its axle. I should actually get the name of the book and try and get one for myself. Maybe you know if so please give let me know the title.

  93. Hendrix L says

    This may not be completely relevant but had to share it with a wider audience

    A New Economic Freedom Fighter

    We have all heard Julius Malema’s numerous strident calls for “Economic Freedom in our Lifetime”. Now, having seen the NUMSA strikers’ behaviour, turning to violence and destruction when industry did not immediately give in to their demands for increases in excess of 3 times the inflation rate, I can now confirm that I too have decided to become an Economic Freedom Fighter.

    I will fight now for the freedom of workers from my “imperialist White capital”, by ensuring that I take all steps necessary to increase mechanisation in my manufacturing business, and to outsource manufacture offshore where I cannot mechanise. In so doing, I will be able to take bold steps towards freeing the downtrodden workers from the indignity of punching a clock-card machine and selling their labour in return for wages, and set them free.

    Free from having to work for the highest labour rates in the country, from a guaranteed annual bonus equivalent to a full months’ pay, from legislated Provident fund contributions where the employer contributes the same amount Rand-for-Rand as the employee, from 20 days paid annual leave, from excessive and openly abused paid Sick Leave, from paid and accumulating Family Responsibility Leave, and the host of other “benefits” that entrap them in their miserable working existence.

    After all, what kind of a person would I be to expect people who would otherwise be free (ie: unemployed) to continue to work in a business where they get daily on-the-job training, at the Company’s expense, to enable them to improve their skill levels and thus earn more? How can I ask them to work a full 40 hours a week, when most of their families and peers are able to sit at home with no such obligations?

    No longer shall I be able to be classed as a White imperialist, using my invested risk capital to exploit workers. I shall instead strive for the rapid emancipation of as many of my employees as possible from the dastardly system that has just seen them being granted increases in excess of double the current inflation rate, along with enhanced benefits. My comrades deserve nothing less.

    Viva Economic Freedom, Viva!!

    Written by:
    A former White imperialist employer

  94. Mzu pw speech did not carry any weight it was found appalling by the majority of votes and incidently it was that speech that cost him his presidency.
    We the whites always claimed that his had one finger pointing out and the rest pointing back at him. Why not do some research on the whites that was opposed to racism you may just be very surprised that you can not judge a whole nation by one man. That is why we are still opposed to the system of political parties, this is a major flaw in that system.

  95. Peace, it’s common knowledge that “speech” is a hoax and it most definitely did NOT cost him the presidency. Unfortunately it’s still used by many African websites to stir racism.

    What is rather enlightening though, is this reply by a Kenian on a Kenian blog who also ran this hoax as a “revelation”:


    @Hendrix – 5 stars!!

  96. Peter you are right about the some of the contents of speech being distorted and added but I could tell you much more but would rather abstain Pw speeches did cost him his presidency after many discussions by experts that was against apartheid. I also know of some proposal that was made but it got blown off target very quickly.
    @Hendrix there are many unemployed skilled workers out there that would do anything to have a permanent job. They do not belong to unions and should they have a dispute of any kind would take it to their manager and solve by finding the right solution.
    This propaganda started in the mid 70’s , there were other countries outside Africa that was also involved.

  97. Peter I will read that speech the one I refer to is the one I have a copy of maybe I should go into that website and see if it is the same one that has become the topic here.

  98. Peace, the WHOLE speech is a hoax and it was never printed in the Sunday Times. It wasn’t PW’s speeches that cost him the presidency, it was his unwillingness to implement change. “Experts against apartheid” didn’t have anything to do with it, FW De Klerk and others in his own party, who previously proclaimed apartheid was justified in the Bible, had everything to do with it. Please get your facts straight before making sweeping statements.

  99. I have over 300 pages of topics we used during that era against them that is totally unbiblical as they claimed to be Christians. The few texts that they used were out of context and not interpreted correctly.

  100. “The few texts that they used were out of context and not interpreted correctly.”

    They (the DRC) said so themselves and apologised, so what’s the point? So you fought against apartheid and welcomed the new democracy. That’s wonderful – are you fighting against what’s happening now?

  101. Hendrix, that comment shows what kind of person you are. You are very nice man with morals. May your lord the devil keep you so you can live to see whites being driven out of Africa.

  102. Peter indeed we are fighting against what is happening now. It is the human race with distorted ideas and complete lack of wisdom and tolerance. I was busy reading that speech, (I normally do not read when I see the name Mzu) when this message popped up.
    What is happening now in fact is turning into a disaster, it was mentioned why it happened in a previous comment.
    The fact remains there will always be some form of struggle, our attitude towards it should remain positive, fair and just without riots and violence.
    Unfortunately there has been no response from the current gov on previous requests regarding certain issues but we are not surprised. Still doing so without seeking publicity or any form of recognition as it is our duty to do our best to try and rectify the wrongs.

  103. Peter, thanks for the laugh as well as the need to complete a profile.

  104. This column is like a fools paradise no solutions just war in words. It is no disgrace to be black I am. I just want to ask the whites why do they think we are all the same. Come to the townships and talk to some of them, they not all educated but they are very modest. A white maruti from Bloemfontein came to see one of the radio 65.7 am supporters in a township, there was no robots or street signs but people were put on all the corners of the route to direct him to her place. That is goodwill and that is how we should all be towards one another. When I was told of this it gave me hope that things can change and now I also listen to that radio.

  105. Impi you’re just a happy slave. Go to a surburb and see if that crap is going to happen. Stop living a fairytale and look at reality.

  106. I am a happy slave and I live in a suburb mostly white and indian neighbors and they are also happy slaves. We slave to have a better country.
    Only one difference you and me , you did matric after 1994 I did matric 1985 at Seshoatlhla High school in Potgietersrust. Our english teacher made us read english books and lend each one of us 1 every two weeks. He was a black male and told us to improve our english one day we will need it in the workplace and also understand others when they speak english. Fairytale, much better then horror stories, just look what happens when people start killing each other change your hate you are only killing yourself. Maybe you are working for terror group, thinking they can do GOD’s job , wake up you are living a monstertale.

  107. sorry i wanted to tell you what happened at the school. Many students said why must they learn english it is the whitemans language. Telling us that one day we will need it for our jobs is a fairytale. They took the books but did not tell the teacher that they did not read it. So you see I did and I am glad I believe in fairytales.

  108. Mzu, we all (most of us anyway) know that the past was horrific for blacks, but that does not mean that we must now turn on the whites. Mandela and his pals when they negotiated a settlement they did it with peaceful intentions not for you, fatboy and other overweight KFC radicals can create a climate of hate. See what hatred did the other day in Norway. Or are you only going to be happy when you or some other pighead starts killing. Remember when you go to war you might be the one who loses.

  109. So now Mzu writes PW’s speeches. But it was not his speeches that lost him the Presidency it was members of his own party who were sick and tired of trying to manage apartheid and realised that change was necessary. De Klerk’s speech to parliament was the harbinger of that change. PW was too scared to make that speech 6 years earlier when he had the opportunity. It was those same Nat Party members who encouraged whites to vote for that change in a referendum which may I remind you Mzu some 75% of whites voted for change. Why, because most of those whites who were not part of the anti apartheid movements were not only sick and tired of apartheid but they also recognized that apartheid had to end.

  110. Mzu, you are a waste of a good black man’s skin.

  111. I was born in RSA of British royalty and nobility. In the Apartheid days, although white, I was treated as a second class citizen because of my background. I worked in the Civil Service and although I worked myself up to one of the highest positions, my position was known as an acting position and I was paid on the lowest scale of salary. True promotion could not be bestowed upon me as I was Die Vyanse Engels. I ventured into other fields of expertise and enjoyed a successful life through hard work against all odds, despite the Afikaner hatred for my kind. Then the changes came. I remained a second class citizen under a Black government by virtue of the fact that I am white, a hated Colonialist. So nothing has changed for me. But I am a proud man, proud of my heritage – something no-one can take away from me. I can trace my family categorically back to 1036 AD. I continue to work hard at my rather advanced age. It is the only way to stay ahead. I neither expect nor demand anything of anyone. The little I have, I have worked for.

  112. @Peter what mzu wrote here is not 113 pages but it must have robbed her employer of quite a bit of time to type it on the blog. I had to come back onto the Wonkie blog to read it as I said when I see the commentating name Mzu it is just a glance and gets deleted as her quotes are always the same. It is going to take me quite a while to get all my notes from my old pc which is msdos and has a floppy drive. The box with hard drive is all I have and the other components have been discarded, the pc still has an old floppy drive so I will get our IT expert to extract the information for me. Currently I am relying on my own memory that seldom fails me. . We will surely contact the Sunday Times and request a copy from their archives.
    We did not have a scanner those days and noted the issues for debates on computer. The previous lot was all hand written and when I relocated to the city 1987 had to destroy it. Most of the people that where directly involved with those debates have departed to their Glorious Home my dad was one and departed in 1985. What is vivid in my memory was my dad’s biggest concern. He hated the fact that many of the black male workers left their families behind in the homelands to work miles apart from them and had no healthy family life.

  113. @ Peter, this might interest you: Our motivation for change:
    Jesus knew exactly why HE live. For this reason I was born, and for this I came into the wordl, to testify to the truth. That’s what thought about, prayed about, planned for, worked towards, sacrificed for, died and rose again for, and finally accomplished. So we are created to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Eph 2.10 NIV. Does that sound like a life of aimless wondering with no destination? The Bilbe says : A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps (proverbs 16.9 NKJV) Plan well, but always stay open to God’s direction. All the days ordained for were written in your book before one of them came to be (Psalm 139.146 NIV) God;s plan for our lives was set before we were a twinkle in our parents’ eyes! If you fail to foolow HIS path you will miss HIS best for your life. The Bible is full of examples of people who crashed and burned at some point King Saul is a great example. Recallint it, David his successor, prayed, first I desire to do Your will. (Psam 40.8 NIV) Your desires are the driving force in life, so make sure they are in harmony with GOD. Psalm 143.10 NIV> Teach me to do YOUR will. John 13 v34 I give you now a new commandment: Love one another. There are much more but I will overshadow Mzu’s comment if I have to write it all.

  114. You and your teachers minds were and still are colonised. I work for a terror group….lol… You’re crazier than I first thought. Carry on and kiss the reptiles ass and you will live eternaly.

  115. Mzu, so the leopard has shown her true colours. The grossly uneducated or brain dead make up terror groups. I urge you to visit a psychologist before you die by the sword.

  116. Mzu you are so right I will live eternaly but are you?

  117. You’re lying man. If you are a human being you will die and the fairytale of eternity in heaven is a big mistake and you’ll be disappointed.

  118. Mzu do what i did i also use to think it is the white fairytale. Do what i did before you say what you dont know. I was in my house alone after my mother died and i asked. Jesus if this is no fairytale please help me to know. Not long after that big things happened that made me feel so happy and strong and then when i went to town a white lady stood on the corner when walked i passed and she stopped me and asked. Do you need a Bible and i said yes and she gave me a english Bible.

  119. Mnxm.

  120. arcticencounter1 says

    Poor Mzu.
    Clearly, anyone who scapegoats a whole group of people and seeks to eliminate them to resolve his or her internal conflicts meets criteria for a delusional disorder, a major psychiatric illness.
    I hope for your sake you are on a good medical aid, because you need help of a kind that the current government won’t be able to provide.
    (Mzu is typical of the Blame it generation. Blame it on apartheid, blame it on the whites, blame it on colonialism.) Take some responsibility and start aiming your vitriole at those who are letting you down, not those you dislike because they are white.

  121. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    To all of the other thinkers – I propose a huge vote of thanks to impi – the first one of us who has succeeded in shutting Mzu up for more than 6 hours!

  122. Another light note. Zapiro’s cartoon in M & G 30 July.
    @ a-maize agree a diamond studded medal for impi he /she sparkles.

  123. matladi patrick says

    south africans lets not worry about malema ,s money,his money is working in south africa,if he is building a house worth R16milion is good, that is socialism is years poor blacks we were preaching & praying every day,because how many jobs will be created on that project?i dont think malema is a brick layer or civil engineer,or moses who was the leader of israel,in those good olden days,whereby he can change that R16m to avery big manssion house at a second, juju & Ancyl exc is the only political elements that can drove this country to the promise land,nationalisation and land is the only way to liberate our nation, lets try it,if it works it works,if is not working,all will suffer,not certain minority must enjoy while other suffering viva!juju boy!

  124. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ matladi patrick – what kind of totally confused thinking is yours? You must think that Juliarse is a god or something when you say that building a R16million mansion is SOCIALISM – Almost any contractor could build 64 family sized houses @ R 250 000 each and then, at least, 64 poor families would be better off – THAT is socialism! Keeping your (perhaps ill-gotten) gains to yourself – THAT is CAPITALISM – GO JULIARSE!!!

  125. gold is not the gold u see on an ornament or jewellery; is is the ground that was cracked with dynamites, boiled with extreme temperatures to prepare it for the market// LET THEM PREPARE U JUJU, THE ONLY WAY THAT U CD BE A BETTER SA PRESIDENT IS BY GOING THROUGH THE FIRE//THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU, BRO – LONG LIVE COMRADE RUTANG MOSWEU

  126. for the kind words i say thankyou. to rutang you wrong Malema is starting with a good luxury life and if he does not change he will end in the fire that never stops burning. Everybody to have a good peaceful weak.

  127. Julius is the only that thinks he knows how the economy works. In his statement that the trust is from good Samaritans for the church is a hoax.
    No trusts accounts are opened on an individual or his families name unless it is for his/her family members and all contributions from the benefactor. The normal procedure on trust accounts are either controlled by Auditors or Attorneys.
    What a hoax. impi he should seriously take note of your last comment.

  128. As a former Union Representative and a Socialist, I hereby declare Fatboy a CAPITALIST PIG and Mzu as a CAPITALIST RUNNING DOG.

  129. This lunatic called Malema, should start focusing on issues affecting the youth of this country and leave issues affecting the economy to the economists. He should monitor and ensure that projects aimed at empowering youth deliver the desired results.

    Banks, mines, etc. are target of Nationalisation and they are all listed on the stock exchange, and the shares are held privately. The single biggest invester here being the various pension funds and unit trusts. Now if you nationalise these companies, you will effectively steal people’s pensions which would only increase the burden on the state. The ideology of nationalisation won’t work and it will never address the interests of workers and the poor, it will only bring starvation and drought in this country. We do not want to follow in the footsteps of Zim!

  130. Thanks Piedpyer for telling it as it is. The only things that should be nationalised are those that the Private Sector cannot do for itself or cannot do effectively. Public Transport is the first thing that comes to mind. The ANCYL should be concentrating on those things that affect youth. How about tackling Education, lack of skills and the appalling Matric Pass rate. Unless our kids can get matric we will only be turning out more KFC Kids who have no idea of economics such as Fatboy and his loudmouth pal Mzu.

  131. Not all of them will get government tenders to sustain their lives, Not all of them will be politicians, nor will they get jobs in the public sector. But all of them can make a difference in our communities and the country at large. The first step is for the youth of this country to get an education. Many of them are idling at home and on street corners and they are mostly at the forefront of the service delivery protests and are victims of unprotected sex and drugs. Malema should stop preaching his ideology of nationalisation sooner rather than later. It is not good for our kids. It makes them think that being a politician is better than going to school and a short cut to making quick money.

  132. my opinion is only one sentence,malema is a racist,thief and belongs behind bars.there i said it

  133. Garth & piedpyper you are both correct. if you read an article M&G 29/7 about our youth you can see how dark the picture of the future looks. This I suspect is they see jm drinking and dining and thinks its a sign of majurity and knowledge, that is hou distorted it has become. Peanuts started university this year in our country his life was a misery he victimized him , when he went to lodge a complain he was told he is now a grownup man and should act like one. He vowed not to return after the first brake. His facebook friend in US came to his rescue and he is now there continuing his studies. He is at a private varsity in the state of Oklahoma and says there is no comparison. No liquor allowed on the premises , and should they suspect a student to have been drinking or drugging they are tested and expelled with no refund of any monies paid in advance. He is in his element with the education conditions there. The same should be here as the youth has no discipline and malema’s actions and show talks lacks integrity and it has become a gospel of some sorts to the illmannered, undisciplined, inexperienced youth.

  134. Have you noticed that Juliarse Mal-enima preaches socialism and communism from the podium, yet he himself is the epitome of a colonial capitalist?

  135. Sorpio, he is a black colonial capitalist!

  136. Maybe we should all rather just pity jm , he is a pathetic character, inconsistent and can never be alone as he is full of fear. I suspect that is why he tries his utmost to appear as a brave man ( surrounded by guards ) and the uninformed thinks he is a brave and clever guy. He will be the cause of the loss of worthy youth if it continues, sign however shows that it is bound to end soon.

  137. Ill-gotten and unexplained wealth presents our new democracy with a tricky situation. We are not going to allow the good will of our country to go to the dogs and Malema must be told that this pro-poor rhetoric and rantings don’t hold water. Malema has been speaking with a forked tongue for a long time, supporting spending of his ilk, while championing the economic bailout of failed mining moguls for the poor’s benefit. How can he represent both the bourgeois and working class?

    Malema’s iron fist rule of the ANCYL’s not the kind of leadership our country deserves. He must step down since his business interests are in conflict with his call for nationalisation!

  138. peace i like what you saying. Many parents are crying for their children that follows this hooligan. He may be rich but he is a hooligan and more like a gang leader then a youth leader. Good leaders dont teach children to drink and hate and have no manners.

  139. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Do you remember that, in the ‘conversations’ on the Nelson Mandela day blog, I said that Juliarse would not think Ian Khama black enough to be an African leader. This week-end he has proved me right and THE ANC HAS BLASTED HIM FOR IT. The time has come for a PURGE and the self-styled ‘Marxist-Leninist’ Malema needs to know what Stalin did – and he needs to know it in person by suffering as Stalin’s victims did.

  140. Corruption has deprived many qualified, smart young candidates of opportunities in government and the private sector. To see people acquiring top positions through affiliation is insulting many freedom fighters. The value of higher education is diminished by kickbacks and bribes. The youth leadership message is very destructive.

    Leaders fail to persuade youngsters to get education and skills. The message is that the shortcut to success is corruption. The leadership deviated from nation building to nation dividing. corrupt officials are measured as successful BBBEE, despite their illegitimate deals. I will only honour wealth through hard work!

  141. Most of the writers on this blog are well informed with a variety of experience. I presume most of you are eager readers on actual proven facts. We know what the true theory of Democracy is and it is the only one that can succeed. Socialism is basically a branch of communism. (This is for those who do not know the implications of these to theories) The very first soul destroying fact is that it prevents the only factor that everybody must have. Freedom of choice.
    Take that away from a nation and it will surely perish. Here is a recommended book for all to read, hopefully it is still availabe. The title:
    SERGaY KOUDENOV he was a young russian pioneer trained from the age of 3 to to eliminate all that did not believe in communism all those found guilty of that were shot in public. He realised that the system was evil and had a total change of heart. He had to flee for his life. He left on a ship as a stowaway and eventually landed up in Canada. His autobiography was just completed when he was tracked and shot in Canada on January 1st 19?? The book is loaded with photos as well and looking at his photos , being a pioneer and later a changed man , his expressions can not go unnoticed. Russia sure learnt the hard way.

  142. We know what the true theory of Democracy is and it is the only one that can succeed“. Yes, in a country with more or less the same demographics, i.e. voters whose average IQ is higher than room temperature. Sadly that disqualifies SA.

    Churchill said “The best argument against democracy is a 5 min conversation with the average voter”. In SA democracy is like 9 Hyenas and 1 Lamb voting on what to have for dinner.

    Getting back to the topic of this thread – in his last TV news appearance Juliarse still sounded very cocky and sure of himself, but I saw worry in his face – BIG worry!

  143. Fatboy’s attack on Ian Khama was totally uncalled for and represents an attempt by a member of SA’s governing party to overthrow a non-belligerent government. This I would conclude is an act of war against a friendly neighbour and is therefore treasonous. Not only should the KFC kid be severely sanctioned by the ANC. He should be thrown out. Are we in South Africa going to see our country jeopardised by the ugly warmongering of an uneducated unintelligent arse who could not pass his matric.

  144. Come on Mzu. Why not stop ignoring the question. Who stole the land from the San and Khoi people? And what compensation did they pay?

  145. Ian Khama is not a dictator. what concerns fatboy is obviously the fact that Bostwana does not tolerate any crime This prevents his influence of kill a boer kill a farmer in Botswana. Another farmer was killed in Reitz again obviously instigated by their so called anarchist leader who wants to have all our food supplies cut off and hope that the whites will die of starvation.

  146. Sure i dont have the grammar to write proper english but i have the logic to know what is right and what is wrong. Malema is looking for trouble not just by the educated that knows he is wrong but by many black parents who wish to teach him a good lesson for wrecking their children’s morals. no surprise if that is going to happen .

  147. Fatboy is poisoning the minds of the youth, making them believe that a revolution is at hand that will provide them with comfortable jobs and an amazing hip hop lifestyle without having to pass matric. He is a failure and what’s more he is an extremely dangerous failure as so many youth believe he will provide all their solutions. The only way this country can grow in the future is through education, education and even more education. Yet, neither Malema or the ANCYL have uttered a word about the need for improved education.

  148. Garth you right and all our logical thinkers feels the same. Just reading the comments from impi is rather a soothing thought to know that many can see what is happening to their children under his influence. More then likely he could very well be aware of that and so the reason for all his guards. He knows when his people are totally fedup and no longer tolerates such issues they take the law into their own hands. Among a black crowd they will not be easy to spot.

  149. The sooner the anc is stripped from power the sooner this country will flourish. Zooma’s personal interests in companies and shady deals should hopefully also come to light. Hopefully the eyes of their supporters will open and see where most of the countries hard earned taxes are being stacked away in the elites private interests. We should start a peaceful campaign enlightening and educate the uninformed about how the interests of all citizens should be governed.

  150. Zuma strongly opposes corruption in all his speeches, But what is he doing? I would like to know What Madiba thinks of what has happened to this country he fought and was jailed for. Officials are becoming instant billionaires. The poor are using toilets without walls and children are sitting in over crowded classes without proper buildings. Surely, some extreme measures has to be taken to root out this monster called corruption!

  151. The big err of the anc is that they think the literate is only a small % of voters who knows what is really happening and therefor no threat to them as far as elections matter. The majority in the rural areas under poverty has no access to the news that matters. All they here are the promises of the election beggars. They also live according to the demand that they must support the power that ended their struggle, by doing so they do not realize that their struggles are actually worsening. pity they do not have access to websites like mind-advance.com Those of us who are non racists and not connected to an outreach project that would like to see the impoverished uplifted should form a non political organization with no hidden agendas except the goal setting of reaching out. ECD should also be a priority and I do have contacts that could assist to enlarge this outreach.
    Lets do it nothing is impossible , nothing ventured, nothing gained. Lets make our country an example to the world.

  152. The three comments by Peace, Piedpyper and Peace again all make strong sense. Unfortunately until such time as the majority is sufficiently educated they will continue to vote for the ANC no matter what. Zimbabwe demonstrates what happens when you educate the masses, they start looking for a better life and vote the Government out of Power, rather keep the masses ignorant, maintain a poor education system, keep most in poverty and then fill them with hip hop and other entertainment that makes them believe this is the what they really need, fill them with empty promises, take away jobs and job opportunities by scaring off investment. All in all a good recipe to stay in power. Keep the young restless and provide them with populists that can do nothing for them other than to trick them into believing that all will change for the better without education. I heard and saw JZ make his speech about corruption and the need to curb it. But while he avoids a trial for more than 600 violations, while Yengeni and Shabby walk free and he dodges the Madonsela Report I think he talks with a forked tongue.

  153. Yes Thks Garth, it is exactly as you put it, that is why we are busy in our area
    “educating” all we can. The amount of people is not 2% of the uneducated so the whole country needs to be reached. We are having tremendous positive results and some keep sending others to us. We have notes on our constitution which is based on Democracy, but the anc is ruling like dictators and much too much for their own greed. If we did not have the DA and Solidarity it would have been far wors..Agriforum is doing an amazing job and they also need much more support. Lets hope that Malema’s days are over as a youth spoiler as many black parents I notice is up to ears with him. We were aware of Zoomass sly tricks before he became president, he had a huge mass of (corrupt) supporters in the party who were anti Mbeki and that is how he got in.
    The time has come were all capable people must actively get involved to rid our country of scum rulers. There are a few straight laced high profile members of the anc and why they remain I can not understand.

  154. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Dr Marc Faber published the following article in a UK newspaper very recently. I admit that it is heavily racist but the points made may be the absolute truth or they may be exaggerations – only time will tell.

    “South Africa – The Future

    I expect, like me, you are aware that there has never been a prosperous black-led country, but perhaps it’s just because of “bad luck”, or whatever, for that incontrovertible fact.

    Take Haiti as an example.. Before the black slaves revolted and killed all the whites and half castes Haiti had a GNP greater than most of what is now the USA . It supplied 60% of all the sugar used in Europe. Today it is a wasteland. Apparently if you Google Earth the place you see is a sere, brown coloured landscape compared to the neighbouring Dominican Republic which is green and verdant. Twice the USA has occupied Haiti , building roads, ports, hospitals and schools while putting in a functional society. The moment the Americans left they reverted to dictatorship, voodoo, witchcraft, corruption and barbarism. They did not stagnate, they regressed to the primitive savagery of their forefathers

    Since the 1960s, when the Congo expelled the Belgians this has been a mirror of African regression, moving steadily southwards until the example of Zimbabwe . Once a prosperous, well educated exporter of food the population now eat rats to survive.

    Will SA go the same way?

    There are those optimists who say “No, we have such a strong economy, such sophisticated infrastructure, such a talent pool, that we can never sink”.

    My belief is that they have not considered the root cause of Africa’s failure. A cause that is not spoken about as it is fearfully politically incorrect, and probably illegal to speak about. That cause is the deficiencies of the black ”mentality”, for want of a better word.

    Are there differences between races, or is race just a meaningless social construct? Until recently, I believed all races were the same under the skin variations, and that perceived differences were only the result of cultural differences. I believed in a common and equal humanity.

    But things did not always ring true, observable anomalies were inexplicable if all men are the same.

    Why, under apartheid, did the Indians prosper, become doctors, scientists, educators, merchants and professionals while the vast majority of the equally oppressed black Africans remained hewers of wood?

    Why can black Africans run, jump and throw better than honkies, but why, out of a billion of them, have they never invented a single thing of any worth? Why have they, collectively, contributed absolutely nothing to the advancement of humanity.

    Well the physical thing, the running, throwing bit is easily and uncontroversial answered. Simple, people of African descent (especially the Jamaicans) are genetically better equipped in this regard. Their muscle fibres are different and they typically have 15% more free testosterone than other peoples. Acknowledging this is regarded as racism. Unfortunately, racist or not, that is proven and a fact. Google it and you will find that for over 70 years, in test after test, done by dozens of university professors and Nobel laureates plus USA government studies, most people of African descent trail other races by a wide margin.

    Of course I.Q. tests have been attacked, especially by those who perform badly at them, as one might expect them to do. Detractors claim cultural bias, dysfunctional families, past oppression, poor schooling and a host of other reasons for poor black performance, but the professors defend their contention that I.Q. is largely an inherited trait; that differences are inherent, built into a person’s inherited DNA.

    For every argument attacking the validity of these tests they have a host of results confirming their accuracy and typicality. Fascinating stuff if you are interested in reading up on it.

    The effect of high/low I.Q.. has also been studied in depth, with fairly predictable results. Low I.Q. individuals performed badly in social class, family stability, income, educational levels, illegitimate pregnancy, single parent families, rate of prison incarceration, rape, violent crime etc. etc. etc.

    I.Q. measurement measures different facets of intelligence and mental competence. Sadly it is in the absolutely vital sphere of cognitive ability that blacks score worst. This means they score abysmally in things like forward planning and anticipating the consequences of their actions.

    It is this I.Q. (and testosterone) disparity that is blamed for the fact that African Americans are 5 times more likely to be imprisoned than white (including Hispanic) Americans, 9 times more likely than Americans of Asiatic descent. All in line with I.Q. distributions.

    Once imprisonment for violent crimes are computed the numbers become stratospheric. These are American government collated statistics, so pretty accurate. Our government in SA do not, for obvious reasons, publish similar stats, but a pound to a pinch of salt they are even more astounding.

    So why the lecture on I.Q.?

    Well for a start you must understand that our ruling party are voted into power by a largely moronic plebiscite.. I choose the word moronic intentionally. If the cut off point for moronic is an I.Q. of 70, half the voting population would be classified as such.

    Only one in 40 black South Africans achieves the average I.Q. of his white fellow citizens. One in a hundred have the I.Q. to achieve university entrance requirements. That is why only one in ten blacks pass our dumbed down Matric (with a pass percentage of 30% in many cases). One in 6000 black grade one learners will pass Matric with both Maths and Science.

    Simply put, they are bloody stupid, and they rule us. Furthermore Zoooooma says they will rule us until the second coming. I believe him.

    This explains why the ANC have such idiots in their positions of power and influence, the likes of Zuma, Malema, Khomphela and Cele. They are, unfortunately, the best they have! Well, they are the best blacks they have. All the critical positions in government are held by Indians, coloureds or whites, something I am grateful for but which p—–s Malema off big time .

    Will this last? I doubt it. The black/white polarisation is growing and the rhetoric is becoming more extreme. Listen to the pub or workplace chatter, read the blogs and comments sections of the newspapers and it becomes obvious. Whites are gatvol at the waste, corruption and stupidity of the black elite. Blacks are demanding, as their right, the wealth of the whites by means of redistribution of assets. No matter that they have not worked for those assets, they claim them as the spoils of war.

    Just in the past week the Mayor of Pretoria, Malema, a minister and Winnie have gone on record as blaming whites for sabotaging redistribution and exploiting blacks. Malema calls out “Kill the boers for they are rapists” to thunderous applause by university students. Four influential ANC opinion makers who are echoing the groundswell of mutterings in the ghettoes. The natives are getting restless.

    Things are not going to improve. They cannot, there is no reason to believe our slow slide into a failed state can be reversed with our current regime, and there is no prospect whatsoever of there being a change to governance based on meritocracy. Anyone who believes otherwise, or that the ANC can mend their ways, is living in LaLa land. They do not have the intellect.

    Like the proverbial frog in the slowly heating pot we have become inured to the slow collapse of our hospitals, schools, courts, water supplies, roads, civil service and service levels. They will become totally dysfunctional shortly. Inevitably so. Those in charge do not have the mental capacity to organise things.

    Our economy and Rand is reliant on short term “hot” funds from overseas that can flee at the touch of a computer button, and probably will if our Rand weakens. Conversely we need a weaker Rand to encourage exports.

    6 million taxpayers support 12 million recipients of social grants, and that figure is set to rise this year. The National Health Insurance scheme will happen, no matter how unaffordable. That will push our social grant costs up to four hundred billion Rand. Four hundred billion Rand which produces absolutely no product. Inflation is set to stay and worsen. The consequence of being the biggest socialist state on earth. I do not believe the ANC has the intellect to conceptualise how big a billion is, let alone 400 billion, or what effect this will have on the economy.

    You do not believe Malema’s call to nationalise the mines? This guy articulates what the hoi polloi are thinking, but the ANC leadership will not say yet. The tactic is to set the bar high, then lower it and the victims will sigh with relief and say it could have been worse. So perhaps it will not be total nationalisation but rather 51%, a’ la Zim. Just look north for revelation, Zuma does.

    Who would have believed that this country would ever be headed by an unschooled, rape accused, adulterous, corrupt, sex obsessed bigot like Zuma. Anything is possible with the ANC.


    You have few years left to enjoy what is left of the glorious SA lifestyle, especially in the Cape , but understand it is not permanent. The end could be sudden as the tipping point is reached, just as it was sudden for those Zim, Zambian, Mozambican or Angolan whites. It could, conceivably, be as bloody as the Hutu/Tutsi uprising when primitive tribal bloodlust overcomes a thin veneer of inculcated civilisation.

    Enjoy it while you can, and enjoy it in the Cape where the population mix is more favourable, but be aware that change is inevitable. Your children must get a world class education, because they will not be adults in SA. Get assets stashed offshore, you and your children will need them there.

    This is a huge WAKE UP SOUTH AFRICA call!!!!”

    Make of that what you will – there are certainly some strongly made points there.

    Some of it may just be the justification that the fatboy is looking for – and then again it may boomerang on him also.

  155. Garth I also should mention that it was very obvious in the results of the last election that the support of the anc was reduced quite considerably in our area. So a little progress may still go a long way before the next election.
    Not promoting any party but by improving their own minds to operate logically and never to trust anything politicians promise. By creating our own positive contribution to all, working hard, sharing with the less fortunate , Emphasis on the importance of family responsibilities, quality time and the reduction and limiting tv viewing time as a lot of damage to the young is done via tv.

  156. Hendrix L says


    Your last paragraph: “Lets make our country an example to the world.”

    It is an example ……… on how NOT to do things.

    @a-maize-ingly-corny – I got that in e-mail earlier ……. chilling FACTS!!

  157. @a-maize, this is an article that is so close to a prophecy we received a year ago but with a bit of a twist. S.A is heading for a revolution and an inevitable blood bath that will force all believers on their knees to pray. God will intervene in a miraculous way that will stun the world. This message has passed through most of the churches as encouragement to start praying now. Contact any of your local churches to confirm. We passed a small printed booklet on to someone we know that do not attend any church.

  158. @ Hendrix I understand what you mean, as you know in most countries people use demonstrations, protest marches, as in Israel on Monday for example, it always develops into physical violence and histeria, we can and should do it in a cool, calm collective way. Word spreads easily and as soon as people notice the substance it bears they become acceptable to the facts. That way I meant we can all make a difference and an example to the world. If that prophecy is correct and from GOD as my senses tells me it is it will still amaze the world. My hope and faith is in the AUTHOR and CREATOR that alone can change the course of the world.

  159. So glad i found a soul mate we pray constantly and tell all about what is going to happen. The young ones must just get away from that evil malema that keeps blowing poison like a dragon and poisoning our childrens lives. Look at mzu a big example, full of poison but we pray for her too.

  160. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Peace. “There are a few straight laced high profile members of the anc and why they remain I can not understand.”
    WHY they remain is pretty obvious – power and adulation.
    HOW they remain, when they are straight-laced, is the real question.

  161. amaize what I should have said is why do they remain to be killed. One was killed in March and the other about a month ago, they refused to be part of corruption and was going to expose some of the municipal officials of bribary and corruption. This happened in Kwazulu and previous other were also eliminated. If you read and follow the news you will know who I am referring too.

  162. a-maize-ingly-corny, the article by Dr Faber is disturbing to say the least. If one peruses this blog, one comes to the conclusion that the unfortinate demise of the country is fast gathering momentum. Deep down, we all know the inevitable – we have witnessed the method of destruction of countries to the north of us – but we tend to push it aside, get on with our daily lives and hope the problem will go away. But it won’t. It is time for a wake-up call. I have resumed my efforts and plans to emigrate. Even the Afrikaners don’t call me ‘chicken’ any more, they too realise the inevitable and are a worried nation. I have forwarded the article to two close friends of mine in Australia, a prominent doctor and The Right Reverend Cannon of Victoria, in the hopes that they can somehow make the Australians aware of the plight of their white brothers here. I will also forward it to my cousin, a British Nobleman and a Supreme Court Judge in London, but he informs me he is on holiday at the moment.

  163. scorpio I also forwarded that mail to the kids in Oz , friends in US and family in canada. Sign in with the blog: Real News.com

  164. Sorry Scorpio it is: THE REAL NEWS.COM read the article : Easier to attack the weak then the wealthy.

  165. First feedback Australia: We have been telling you for the past few years, open your noses and smell the rats. Open your eyes and you’ll see they scratch far deeper then cats.

  166. Juju operates on anc batteries, they have gone flat and the charger has been stolen.

  167. GatvolinSA says

    Two men sit at a table laden with food for a feast. One looks to the food and plans for coming contentment. The other looks to his plate from a previous meal and laments over the food already eaten. That man fails to see the bounty before him, fails to partake of that bounty and ultimately loses out. Racists are like that man. The past is dead and gone. We need to all focus on the now and the future if we want to eat from the horn of plenty.

    Incidentally I can trace my African roots all the way to the early 1800s so that makes me and mine African I’m afraid and I will fight to the death to stay here!

  168. Making quite a bit of headway on two other forums and have a lot of black friends now added on FB Many of them are jacked up and know what is going on. Their comments tells it all and they have had it as far as all the corruption is concerned. It would be good to have those with their practical solutions on the forum as well. Some of you guys can be a constructive contribution there. There is also a few young ones their that have not got a clue what is really going on. Try and join if you can , or we will ask PM to give you my email address that way you will be able to join the various groups if you have the time. I will only be going to work again in about 3 weeks time so want to put as much info on as I can until then. Wonkie is my laughing blog a break from the more serious ones.

  169. Mzu, I am feeling a small dose of pity for you. It must be awful living with so much hate and lack of understanding. Get some love in your life, get yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend (or a something friend). Smell the roses.

  170. I do not believe what is reportadly a speech by PW Botha , especially the last paragraphs . Remember PW was the one who ran the referendum.He was hard nosed , yes, he was a racist yes,he loved South Africa , yes,he wanted to safe guard the way of life of his people ,yes , he was scared RSA would fall in the hands of people like The Rotund one ,yes,yes,yes.

  171. Malema at a function: My Goodness! I drink the best red wine, but when I pee it is not the same colour as the wine I drank. I must be ill, so off to hospital I go.

    I hope they nail his ugly ass!!

    Malema is a racist of of the worst kind… he hates white people (kill the boer) and is feathering his large nest egg by using the poor to help him on his way.

  172. I do not have any problem with SARs audit or not audit, but my biggest concern is where he got this money from, since when was he investing to arrive at this lavish lifestyle. My daughter and son are of his age and I am still struggling with them, they are unemployed and J represent the youth including mine. How long was he accumulating the wealth? To put it differently SARS might be interested in that than the audit!

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