Human Rights for Drug Mules cartoon

Human Rights for Drug Mules

Human Rights for Drug Mules – a Wonkie Donkey Cartoon

Having ingeniously solved the world’s global warming crisis, Wonkie decided to publish something lighter this week – about capital punishment and human rights for drug mules. This follows the execution of South African drug trafficker Janice Linden in China earlier this month.

Before readers embark on the essential debate of whether it would not have been better to hang Janice or to use a firing squad instead of just a lethal injection, Wonkie thought it best to take a step back and examine the human rights issues for such criminals. This is particularly relevant since another South African, Nolubabalo Nobanda, was arrested last week in Thailand on a drug trafficking charge.

Innovative Ms Nobanda was taken into custody after Thai authorities discovered the 1.5kg of cocaine worth over $150,000 that she had hidden in her dreadlocks. The 23-year old confessed to smuggling the drugs and said she was hired to make the drop to a customer at a local Bangkok hotel.

Following the huge outcry in South Africa because a guilty South African criminal actually got punished in China, Wonkie began to wonder. How should such criminals be treated? What would be fit and proper punishment for such crimes? Does China, which probably generates enough human rights issues single-handedly to keep the likes of Amnesty International in business, have it right in this case? Is capital punishment an effective deterrent? Could it be that the 1.5kg of cocaine just accidentally wound up in Nolubabalo’s dreadlocks?

Please take part in our human rights for drug mules poll below and do leave your more detailed opinion in the comments section.. it would be wonderful to read your thoughts on the subject.

Should drug mules have human rights?

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Share YOUR COMMENT on human rights and capital punishment for drug mules.
Wonkie wishes readers well over the festive season. Please don’t drink and drive!

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Share YOUR OPINION on human rights and capital punishment for drug mules.

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  1. Every human being has human rights. That law-breakers get the punishment set out by the law does not mean they have no rights. They have the right to a fair trial but once convicted they have to accept the consequence of their actions.

  2. Of course they should have the human rights – they are human. If you did a crime, would you not still want your human rights too? Everyone makes mistakes and as Jesus says, let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

    We should learn to forgive more I think.

  3. I think the punishment fits the crime since the social issues caused by drugs kills not only the addict in the end but also kills the family in the process

  4. Stealling, drug trafficking, abusing children etc, you are well aware of what you are doing and taking the consequences for your actions is also a human right. Irrespective of what country your in, your in that country by their courtesy, so it behooves you to obey the laws of any said country wether you believe in them or not, your RIGHT is to leave said country if you do not believe in their laws, else stay and take responsibility for your actions…enuff said.

  5. The death of of a drug smuggler has saved a few lives, my be more, every one is human rights for the smuggler but what about the human rights of the person who was introduced to the drug and can’t stop?

  6. Anti all Drugs says

    The entire world population has become so dependant ondrugs these are being classified as legal and not legal yet the every day legal drugs are just as harmfullas the non legal Take alchohol abuse which causes more harm and deaths is freely available for all to use and abuse Drastic action should be taken against all suppliers.

  7. China knows how to deal with criminals. Pity they cannot tell the difference between a political dissenter and a criminal, though.

  8. We are all Humans ! Even criminals guilty of the most horrendous crimes are Humans! But……………..yes there is a but………a crime should not go unpunished, any crime, whether it is a traffic offence or a murder or rape or even drug trafficking as a poor innocent mule, lured by the promise of untold riches, should be punished for that crime.

    That said, what happened to Janice Linden was cruel and inhuman. Letting her family visit in a way where they could not communicate or touch, no information as to the sentence and then the execution. China’s handling of that specific crime was inhuman, in my eyes at least, considering their double standards when dealing in crime in our country, the trafficking in our precious endangered game and their general behaviour in Africa.

    The “mules” 9 times out of 10 is aware of what they are carrying and should be informed of the consequences if caught , especially in countries still with the death penalty, though if it was me, I would rather be dead than languishing in a jail in China or in Brazil where our other famous mule is spending now her 6th year, if I am not wrong ? I fear for Nolubabalo Nobanda, but if you want to do something stupid and dangerous you should be prepared to take the punishment.

    South Africa is hopping up and down trying to get Diwani extradited to stand trial here in Cape Town for the supposed murder of his wife, so a bit of double standards too trying to get her out of Thailand, is it not? She should stand trial where the crime was committed surely and take the punishment as per the laws of that country

    Drug trafficking in any form should be punished severely, but if one could get to the top of the iceberg and catch the Heads of the Drug Syndicates, they should be shot, hanged , quartered. Having myself had a child hooked on drugs, rehabilitation costs and still suffering the consequences, I have no sympathy for the people making their fortunes out of other peoples misery. It is a huge problem all over the world and should be concentrated on more by international police and authorities.
    My New Years resolution, for many reasons, is to boycot anything coming out of the East, be it China, Taiwan, Thailand etc.

    jus sain………………………………..

  9. It is trite that criminal activities can not go unpunished and unfortunately in countries like China some sanctions are death. Yes; every human being has got to have rights including criminals, however we must understand that rightst are accompanied with responsiility. Its very sad that the Fellow South Africans are put on death row, but we in South Africa should make sure that they dont even get out of the country with these drugs so we can affored them such rights. We need to be pro-active rather than re-active.

  10. Serves them right says

    Drug traffickers has no concern for the lives they will help to destroy end even those who will die as a result of an overdose. Drug trafficking is the worst crime against humanity it is a culture that is destroying the youth of our country. Drug Lords in this country should face similar treatment I don’t have any sympathy for them at all. Hang them shoot them give them lethal injections I don’t care just rid society of this curse

  11. Human Rights go hand in hand with responsibilties and there are limitations to those rights. In South Africa the right to life has abolished the death sentence but in some countries like Botswana and China, the death sentence is still there. The drug mules/traffickers do their trade in the full knowledge of the possibility that if caught trafficking in these countries they might be sentenced to death. The only pity I have is for the loved ones they leave behind. I also pity those who are used as mules without their knowlwdge. I’m also not sure about the fairness of the trials there. But in all fairness if you do the crime you should also be able to take the consequences

  12. Nobody is innocent,but what China did can be done even to dalai lama(exc spell) that why I always say South Africa don’t want to involve in Dalai Lama issue by refusing permision to visit,coming back to drug mules,in South arabia if they cought u stealing they cut your hands each country have it own way of doing things,we are all sinners and criminals just that we must finds other grounds to play China is not safe for crime,particularly drugs mulesnmay be designing FAKE and brake copyright rules is not a crime in Chine,on my conclusion,why only linden killed,one person can’t do it alone

  13. So much for the lighter post eh? 😉 I think Letsi’s last sentence hits the nail on the head: “But in all fairness if you do the crime you should also be able to take the consequences.” The consequences of trafficking are well known in SE Asia so no sympathy from Wonkie for those that choose to engage in the crime.

    @Jonas – I would be curious to know if your children or someone dear to you was directly affected by such a drug trafficker whether your position of compassion would remain the same?

    @notaround – great point about consistency in China’s adherence to their own laws vs international law. Lol.. and the point about Dewani’s extradition – classic! Not sure about boycotting Asian goods though – remove all the made in China stuff alone and we’d all be running around nekkid. Now wouldn’t that make a great Wonkie cartoon!

  14. Maybe we need a few black mules ?

  15. wally milsom. says

    These mules are actually killers as their actions can cause unknown misery and death to the addicted and families.China has the right approach,and i hope Ms.Dreadlocks gets a life sentence without parole.Who was it that said – ”an eye for an eye”?? No comments from bunny huggers please.

  16. I am of the view that anyone who commits a crime can be rehabilitated. When they are killed the only people who benefit are those who are left behind.

  17. In your notification e mail your ad for the Lottery erroneously says BOEREPOT instead of BOERPOT.

  18. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    How desperate are these mules? The value of the ‘cargo’ that Nolubabalo Nobanda is alleged to have carried is about 1.2 million Rand. What was she supposed to get out of this? She got a one-way ticket to Bangkok – cost between R 5 000 and R 20 000, depending on airline – and a free holiday in Thailand – FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE – which won’t be much longer.
    Drug mules have to be aware of one thing – they are EXPENDABLE.
    Don’t even talk about their ‘human rights’ – all drug traffickers, whether they be mules or king-pins, are committing crimes against humanity. They are providing the weak amongst us with the opportunity of forcing ourselves into a life of crime [petty or otherwise] to pay for the ‘product’ that they offer. The ‘product’ is highly addictive – and expensive – $100 per gram [or more].
    Much as one might detest the death penalty, is it not better that a drug trafficker dies than that trafficker has the opportunity to kill dozens, scores or even hundreds of other humans with ‘rights’?
    No-one in his/her right mind would plead the case of a serial murderer who has personally killed a dozen or more ‘innocent victims’ so why should anyone have double standards and plead the case of a drug trafficker?
    No-one in South Africa protested over the killing in Mexico of ‘drug lords’ recently – why do they want to moan about an idiot who was lured by money worth far less than her life into a situation where her life would be forfeit – or is she simply another kind of ‘russian roulette’ player?

  19. Do away with the human rights – then we will all be safe.

  20. Does the punishment fit the crime? Will the punishment act as deterrent? My answer to both questions is yes. If we had had similar laws in South Africa it would immediately have an impact on the illegal drug trade. I can say so unequivocally because I live in an area where trading in illicit drugs is rife. I also have firsthand experience of what drugs does to individuals and their families. You wouldn’t want to go there.
    So, if I were not directly affected by the drug scourge, and if I wanted to be P.C., I would join the outcry against the mules execution, but believe me when I say that locking them up, even for so-called “life” is having no effect (at least in S.A.) on the drug trade. These dealers are laughing all the way to the bank, because there is ALWAYS the possibility that they will be released from jail sooner or later.
    “Tik” (or cystal meth) is especially evil, and so are all the merchants, dealers, mules etc. who distribute it.

  21. By committing a crime that infringes on the rights of others, you should automatically lose your claim to having human rights. Why should the victim suffer and the perpetrator benefit? The only right a convicted criminal should have is to shelter, clothing, food, medical attention and physical wellbeing. Any further benefits should only be attained through good behaviour, hard work or the desire to study and prove your self-worth.
    South African criminals have the right to vote and the authorities often accept bribes for providing alcohol, guns or sex.

  22. a Drug Mule and supplier have no Human rights as they don`t consider the rights of others,specifically young people that has no adult experience HENCE my VOTE that all drug mules/suppliers should receive the DEATH Penalty as they are POTENTIAL MURDERERS and do not give a f@ck about the lives of the innocent and that goes for all Murderers and CHILD/Baby Rapists
    Wish the Chinese would become the South African Government for 6 Months.
    VIVA the CHINESE Government.

  23. The people of China have a right to be protected from drugs. The vast majority of these people support the death penalty and have every right to do so and if the mule sympathisers don’t like it, tell the mules to go to somewhere where the governments are more sympathetic. Unfortunately the mules earn less there and they have enough mules already. So much for the death penalty not being a deterrent.

  24. Make all drugs legal. If you want to take drugs and die go for it. That way you dissolve a whole industry of drug lords, mules, users, crimes committed in order to obtain drug money, murder, poppy farming etc.
    It is virtually impossible to stop drug traffic happening when you have people who are either desperate or greedy and hope they will not get caught.
    Before everyone throws up their hands in horror – think about it.
    Once you are addicted it is very hard to stop and sometimes impossible especially if the drug is cut with poisonious substances to make it go further.
    Make it legal and control the use thereof.

  25. Gaba-wa-Dipheola says

    Although I have very little respect for China as a country because of their bad record of human right, I feel that they have the responsibility to protect their citizens against drugs and irresponsible actions of drug dealers. I really don’t feel sorry for any South African who become a victim of the death penalty system of any country. It is time that South Africans also learn to respect the sovereignty and democracies of other countries. Let’s stop our desire to impose our democracy on other countries.

  26. Deena Naidoo says

    Crime is crime – irrespective of the nature of it. The Chinese govt. has the correct approach to drug smuggling, DEATH. These mules are NOT unemployed, poor people, instead they are blue bloodied, greedy scum of this world who don’t give a fuck about law. They deserve what they get!

  27. They are just as bad as murderers as far as i am concerned as so many people lose their lives due to drug abuse. Let them pay for their crime – no mercy or extenuating circumstances……

  28. They executed the wrong mule!!!!Should have been Mulema!! Ergo no problem anymore!!

  29. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ whatagain
    Taking your premise of making drugs legal and controlling the use thereof, and proceeding logically:
    Having legalised all drugs, and knowing the consequences for the ‘normal’ population of the freedom to indulge in them, the control of the distribution and sale of the drugs would need to be through a government agency or a para-statal (Juli-ass please note the tender opportunity here). Naturally the non-consumers would need to have their (human) rights protected and the general level of taxation would need to be kept unchanged (or even lowered – fat chance) so the price at which the drugs are to be legally sold would need to include the (actuarial) amount required to set up and maintain a rehabilitation programme for when the ‘consumers’ come to their senses (if they can do so before they quietly – or indeed noisily – expire) and need to be weaned from their idiocy.
    It is surely my human right NOT to pay for an idiot’s (legal) mistakes.

  30. Ah! Only in South Africa. It is only here that the convicted criminal has more rights than their victims. Really, they get three square meals per day, free medical attention, a roof over their head, clothes on their backs and don’t forget
    their tv’s, hi fi’s, table tennis, etc.etc. all at the expense of the tax payer. They should have to work for their food, and their families should pay their board and lodging and supply their clothing. Often their victims don’t even get to have 1 meal a day.
    I totally agree with Serves them right and A-Maize-ingly- corny. Drug mules destroy lives, why should we care what happens to them as long as they cant do any more harm. It is amaizingly corny that it serves them right.

  31. I dont think ther’s anithing wrong with what China did.I’t high time we get rid if these drug traffickers and by so doing we can get them drugs off our streets.

  32. Drug mules have right to God given life. Those countries using capital punishment must consider other forms of penalties which do not deprive the convictees of their life.

  33. What next, forgive all murderers because they have human rights? Or, spend hard earned taxpayer money rehabilitating crooks, murderers, child molesters, and other nasties? They will leave their countries and converge here. Be cruel to be kind.

  34. I don’t feel sorry for drug mules being executed as they are bringing the drugs into SA and kill and destroy our youth. People feel sorry for their families, but they don’t care about their own family. There are other legal ways to earn money and provide food for their children

  35. You have all said it all. How mindblowing the comments are to everyone’s perception that mules are what they are, hybrids. Once before, due to sexual perversion, hybrids were born and caused the whole earth to drown, and now human society is drowning in greater abuse, and that is the right of everyone to respect the lives of others

  36. When you travel in another country then you are obliged to follow the laws of that country. Everyone who goes to countries where the penalty for drugs is high knows before they leave what the penalties are.

  37. No, they do not have any rights human or otherwise. The moment that they committed the crime they lost their human rights. The pity is that in South Africa this so-called “human rights” overshadows the rights of the victims. We are always hearing about the perpetrators ‘human rights” and nothing is said about human rights of the victims. I say give them an injected overdose of what ever drug that is involved and let die in the hell their drugs are creating.

  38. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ pabugsy
    Boerpot / boerepot
    Maybe the boerpot is a pot full of boere

  39. OutofAfrica says

    The question is rather moot – Mules deserve rights even though they are not human. Perhaps more so than humans, because whatever they carry, is not by their own choice. If one chooses to be stupid and/or greedy by smuggling drugs, no matter on what part of your person, you have to be prepared to take the consequences.
    Merry Xmas Wonkie!

  40. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Jumping back to Janice Linden and Wonkie’s suggestion that there might be some who felt that hanging or firing squad would have been a better choice of execution than lethal injection.
    H*ll NO !!!
    What better way to execute a drug runner than running lethal drugs into the drug runner – not just Justice but Poetic Justice !!!
    Keep the firing squads for gun runners and arms merchants and their associated kick-back freeloaders.
    And hanging for all the other rubbish out there that deserves the death penalty.

  41. Armando Pellencin says

    a-maize-ingly-corny: ir your answer to pabugsy ir boerpot/boerepot… you are really and definitely corny. Also, your slip not only hangs out, but it slides behind you for miles.

  42. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Armando – sounds like you want a date –

    21 December 2012

  43. pietpompies says

    Human rights are always so concerned about the rights and well-being of the villains, perpetrators and thugs etc. but what about the victims and families of victims. These drug smugglers deserve the harshest of penalties that can be meted out to them. The problem is the drug lords – the cowards who use mostly young women to do their dirty work. Drug lords must pay the same penalties as the mules when caught!

  44. Life is never black and white. Things that seem very simple frequently turn out to be very complex. Human beings for the most part are accorded the status of innocent until PROVEN guilty. That is in South Africa. In foreign lands THEIR laws apply. Should you not wish to do the time then you should not do the crime.

    If a citizen of any country wishes or plans to travel to a foreign country, it is their duty and responsibility to learn what that country’s laws are in order to avoid crossing them. Failure to do so is sheer criminal stupidity and, in my opinion stupidity equals death, and their fate is not only assured but deserved. I know that sounds harsh and many would not agree, but this is Darwin’s law in its most simplified form.

  45. The issue regarding drug mules rights violation by countries like China will not start just because it is a South African who is involved.If it is a violation of human rights to administer a capital punishment,what do we call locking up a person in jail for certain offence.Each country has its way of prosecution and I wonder if Chinese will have to change its part of its law because of one South Involved.Drug trafficking is a risky business.

  46. It’s really simple, do the crime, get caught, so do the punishment. Human rights fall away once you commit any crime.

  47. The execution of a SA woman for drug trafficking in China has come as a shock for many SA citizens. The notion that a SA woman could be arrested for drug trafficking in a foreign country was unthinkable a few years ago. Something has gone wrong in our society.

    The incidents of drug abuse an use among the formely disadvantaged communities has been on the increase for several years now. One element that has played a major role in this increase is the arrival of West African syndicates in the country. More Nigerians have arrived, and are still arriving, bringing with them a sophisticated drug-dealing network. They have established themselves in towns and cities all over SA.

    The modus operandi for most of these drug dealers is to recruit a local woman and use her identity documents to rent accommodation and gain cell phone access. The police and the intelligence community should see the execution of Janice Linden as a wake-up call and start taking the Nigerian mafia and its network of operatives seriously.

    Most South Africans are ill-informed about international affais and can easily be tricked into becoming drug mules. SA laws are comperatively tolerant when it comes to drug dealing and may create a perception that this is the global norm. Unfortunately, Linden learned the hard way that this not the case. The next step for the intelligence services should be to trace the footsteps of this young woman and all the seedy people with whom she came into contact. Crime does not pay! Eventually the long arm of the law will catch up with you and before you even know it, you are another statistic, leaving behind a devastated family. Deepest sympathy to the grieving family.

  48. @Marowa R.
    Why should the taxpayer have to fund the upkeep of these lowlifes, provide shelter, clothing, food and medical assistance (usually at a higher grade than that given to non-criminal citizens)?
    Criminals do not deserve the same benefits as those afforded to well behaved citizens. They should lose all normal rights since they do not respect the rights of others. Why should we respect theirs?
    If they do not deserve the death penalty they should have to recompense their victims (or their families) and be made to pay for their own upkeep in prison. This would require that they learn a skill whereby they could earn sufficient to pay for their food, clothing, medicines, the warders salaries, etc., etc. Good behaviour should be rewarded with access to radio, T.V. sporting facilities and possibly the right to vote, while any infringements of prison rules should reduce their access to improved conditions.
    When they are released they will have a skill as well as the knowledge that crime is punished while good behaviour is rewarded (even if only by their mental well-being).

  49. I believe that Capital Punishment is appropriate in cases of murder, but certainly not drug trafficking – unless a drug-related death can be positively linked to a particular drug mule’s activity. Certainly China has no moral high ground here.

  50. ‘NUFF SAID!

  51. People have to learn that laws are made for a reason and must be adhered to. Don’t blame the Chinese. South Africa’s anti-drug laws are not tough enough.

    Drug traffickers are driven by greed and have no consideration for the people and families they destroy. Therefore, if you commit crime in a country like China, do not be surprised by the sentence you receive. You wilfully applied for your death.

    South Africa should fall in line with the countries that have no mercy with a penalty so harsh that no sane person is willing not to obey. China is vilified for protecting its borders. No thought is given to the results of drug addiction, that people should die a living death from the effects of addiction is more acceptable than the execution of a conveyer.

    Society and parents must educate and instil values in young minds to respect the laws of other countries. All travelling South Africans will be placed under Asian microscope and those wearing dreadlocks, their hair will be cut if not examined in search of concealed cocaine.

  52. @TARAVA
    Does your comment of ‘NUFF SAID! imply that you are the final arbiter in this debate and that further comments are superfluous?
    For decades people have used this childish expression as a nom de plume when writing “letters to the editor”. Its reintroduction onto this site can only reduce the value of any debate.

  53. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Tony
    wrt your comment to TARAVA – I’m definitely sitting on the fence – definite chance of splinters in the a*s.
    However, the ‘debate’ on this topic is entirely one-sided. We, every one of us, has no sympathy for the ‘mules’ no matter how much we want to push the worst of the blame onto their ’employers’. I can, therefore, understand TARAVA’s comment, but there may be others who have something new to add or an alternative opinion to express and so, yes, you are also right.
    Jeepers, these splinters are beginning to hurt!!!

  54. Lack of enough resources,huge number of unemployment may resultant in many unforseenable outcomes. Law is the law it should be respected no sweet treatment to a person acted against the law deliberately so.

  55. DAVID van der LINGEN says

    Drug mules are part of the drug chain that destroys lives. They should have no rights as they know exactly what they are doing.

  56. thamsanqa silitshena says

    life is an inherent right that in my opinion should not be taken away by any authority established by man. I do not condone the acts of persons who for what ever reason become mules but that as it may be does not give legitimate authority to execute people….. execution is inhuman period.

  57. Only in this criminal friendly country will one find people lamenting the demise of drug mules who are caught plying their trade. While these people aren’t necessarily the big fish who should be brought brown, they certainly do their bit in adding to people’s misery. China, Thailand and other countries have the right idea-these drug mules deserve what they get.

    No wonder crime in those countries is virtually unheard of, whereas in SA criminal activity is like a national sport because of the government’s limp-wristed attitude towards criminals. Let me explain why i feel justice should take it’s course. Firstly, drug smuggling in many Asian countries is a capital offence. That is the risk one takes when attempting to smuggle drugs. Secondly, just because SA does not have the death penalty does not mean our citizens are exempt from it when they commit crime abroad.

    As for those who feel it is a violation of human rights-what about the rights of society to live in an environment free of drugs? We are too lenient on criminals in this country and that is one of the reasons why our crime rate is so high(though i am not saying we should bring back the death penalty). While others may argue that the Chinese here in SA are also breaking the law by selling fake goods, what is our government doing about that? Why is this government not reviewing it’s laws and impose harsh measures on people caught breaking these laws? The answer is simple, because the government benefits financially from these transactions.

    I feel for those close to Linden. I do not wish this kind of ordeal on anyone. I’m ravaged.

  58. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Piedpyper
    I quote: “…the government’s limp-wristed attitude…”
    You insult one of our constitutionally protected minorities !!! How can you POSSIBLY compare the SA Govt with those sweet boys who would never treat us others like dirt as the Govt does with its preference for protecting criminals instead of the law abiding moffies and others of this (?) great (?) country of ours.
    Leave the moffies alone – after all we are called the RAINBOW nation.

  59. @Thamsanqa –
    The expression “execution is inhuman period” at the end of your comment would appear to serve the same purpose as Tarava’s “Nuff Said”, in which case, wouldn’t Tony’s comment to Tarava about reducing the value of the debate (a justified comment in my view) apply to your attitude as well?

  60. I agree with “thamsanqa” to the point that we all need to acknowledge that mules are bred for the purpose of being turned into dog food. The process should be applied to all mules, after all, someone needs to feed the dogs??

  61. thamsanqa silitshena says

    unfortunetly the mules are the lower rank of the whole syndicate… the actual beneficiaries of the mules folly are always left to continue indoctrinating and in some cases blackmailing people into muleship while they enjoy imunities, lavish lifestyles and patronage from the very authority that execute the mule….. what a shame

  62. Go-go China !!! That’s the only way to put a brake on the drug trade. South Africa is (regrettably) turning into a totally lawless country with no trace of ethics, which is why certain elements will disagree with China’s stance on how to treat those involved in the drug trade. I can only totally and wholly and utterly support China – GO FOR IT, GUYS; GET RID OF THAT TRASH, WHEREVER THEY COME FROM.

  63. ‘NUFF SAID’ JACKIE SELEBI SAID “finish and klaar” AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM. We as South Africans think we own the world and we must therefor get special treatment. I say the mule knows what he/she is doing but the greed for money overpowers everything and after all we are South African and nothing can go wrong. So you have two choices pocket the money and live high OR Die!

  64. China’s policy on drug smuggling is very effective in dealing with this epidemic which has brought a lot of social ills worldwide. In the US, heroin addiction is mostly responsible for HIV/Aids-related deaths in the homosexual community.

    In the inner city projects(state housing), drug turf wars claim thousands of lives annually. The truth of the matter is that drugs destroy homes, neighbourhoods, communities and eventually the entire society. Addicts steal, rob and even kill to get their fix. “This is an infringement of human rights to life”.

    In a recent survey done in Tshwane it was noted that most crimes were committed by addicts wanting money to buy their next fix, or by addicts who were under the influence.

    Now, for the sake of our children, i urge the SA government(our government) to impose radical laws like the Asian countries and stop drugs from entering our borders.

    Despite all the political thunderclouds, South Africans can draw cheer from the fact that civil society is finding its voice-as the campaigns against the Protection of State Information Bill and the e-tolling system have demonstrated. I wish all fellow contributors and Wonkie and their families a joyous festive season and a happy New Year. “Remember don’t drink and drive. Don’t even swim and drink”.

  65. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    “Don’t even swim and drink”.
    Especially if you are in the sea or one of our urban rivers like the Yuck sky

  66. Why don’t these Mules run drugs to RSA? If they do get caught, they will be sentenced to a life of luxury, have more rights and privileges than Human Beings, and even be allowed to VOTE. It really doesn’t matter how many deaths, or how much misery they’ve caused. If they dont get caught, the same applies. Rob,PMB

  67. How right you are, Rob, after all we all know that South Africa is the land of milk and honey, especially if you are a criminal

  68. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Rob and mickey
    Ja – and maybe they can do a Shabby Shakes (à la Jackie Selebi) and be freed on medical grounds.
    Jackie is said to be suffering from (and I quote) “A kidney failure” – please note NOT ‘kidney failure’ but ‘A’ kidney failure implying that there is one fully functioning kidney ???

  69. I wish all wives and husband or girlfriends and boyfriend who cheat may receive mules treatment as in China.

    How wonderful world would be!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe all these SA mules were recruited during FIFA 2010 or maybe online by wonkie agent lol!!!!!!!!!

  70. Digurugamba says

    It seems South Africans think commiting crime such as drug trafficking, stealing, robbing banks etc is their enshrined right. Those South Africans caught in Asian countries for drug related crimes should be hanged so as to deter other would be drug peddlers from commiting the same. Viva China Viva!!

  71. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Digurugamba
    I agree with every word you said except for the last three.
    You obviously don’t know or don’t care about the oppression of the Chinese people by their own government – you must be one of those who believe propaganda. Don’t be fooled by the fact that we are being allowed to see some SMALL demonstrations in the south of China with the ‘authorities’ apparently doing nothing. They are doing nothing because they have already done what they wanted to do and no amount of protest will undo what they have done which is to expropriate land from the people who were working it – and for why? – to sell the land to developers. Looks like a successful export of Malema-ism. The people of China have no fundamental human rights, so, for heaven’s sake, whilst praising their attitude to drug dealers and their ‘mules’, don’t shout the praises of a repressive regime.

  72. @ a-maize-ingly-corny. Thank you for your latest comment. Sometimes we here in South Africa get so caught up in the dreadful state of our national life that we forget that in many countries life for whole sections of the population is as bad as, and perhaps worse than, in our own. Let’s join in the fight against drug peddling and all other forms of abuse perpetrated on our fellow human beings WHEREVER we find it!!

  73. this is a very tough discussion point. try to think yourself into the shoes of families on both sides – that of the person who dies as a result of drugs or if your child is the drug trafficker! what would one say then? i just find it very peculiar that our dear government had no objection to this girls execution while they are anti-capital punishment!!! they are still “cordial and friendly” with China. I wonder, does China own SA as well?? we know that China owns many countries because it buys up the debt of for eg USA and other countries. so if China says: jump! maybe our government will ask: “how high?”

  74. I am not a supporter of the present S.A. regime, but in fairness, I think we must remember that Pres. Zuma reportedly attempted to intervene in the death penalty but clearly without success. It’s not quite true that they “had no objection”. Perhaps this means that China listens to no one!!

  75. I fully support China’s policy on drugs. How I wish that druglords could be caught and given this harsh sentence as well. Drugs kill a nation. Drug carriers are looking @ wAys of enriching themselves-making quick money, forgetting the negative effects for both the country and users. I still wish that South Africa can have such a strict Policy. What’s the use of arresting drug corriers and druglords in Mzansi- you’re told of rights. The next thing they3e out on bail or charges are dropped. Take the statistics of today’s youth whose fiture has been shattered by drugs. What happened also to prominent business people, e.g AgriottI? What happened to Brenda Fassie, Mercy Pakela and others? If MzaNsi had stricter Laws these figures could still be around us. Have you seen those using Nyaope and tik? It’s a real shame. If not watching, our country will be taken over by foreigners…

  76. I personally have problems with drugs , dealer,mules and the immunity that is given to the “Barons”.I have a nephew who was introduced to drugs when he was 19 , today at 45 he is still on drugs , a very good friend of mine has the same problem wih one of his sons.Do I feel sorry or think that Human Rights should save mules? NO.When is trafficking drugs a Human Right?The Barons can afford expensive lawyers and get away with it or by having the Police in their pockets.They are commiting murder , despair to the families.Act against the drug dealers and 99% of Nigerians would vannish from RSA.Alas that will not happen , the ANC has a promminent , and a very loud mouth at that who used to deal drugs from the boot of his car in Wentworth.When I read about Liberals advocating Dagga as a harmless dru , cringe because I see daily the effects of the use of this drug

  77. LET US REALLY GET SERIOUS AND ACCEPT THAT HUMAN RIGHTS ARE EARNED AND NOT A ‘TAKE IT FOR GRANTED’ THING. Do something to help your fellow South African or do some good for the country and then you can claim your (human) rights. Committ a crime in SA and land up in jail and still have the right to vote. Only in SA does it pay to be a criminal.

  78. I’m not sure that we have to earn our human rights – that’s almost saying that you have to deserve the human life which (some would say) was foisted on us (“I didn’t ask to be born”). BUT “deserving it” is not the same as accepting it as a gift and responding appropriately. I wholeheartedly agree that anyone who ignores the responsibilities of being human automatically forfeits the right to be regarded as human – drug lords and their mules being high on the list.

  79. My Health Reviews says

    Every human being should respect the Human rights rules and try to follow that.

  80. I accept the fact that every criminal has to be punished for their crimes, including drug mules. BUT I do believe that the punishment awarded to drug mules is too extensive, *Death Penalties* and degrading, inhumane, prison conditions. Drug mules are not animals, they are people who have committed crimes, why do their sentences exceed those of a murderer, child molester, rapists etc. I don’t understand why they are considered the epitome of evil. I fully understand that their actions do affect the whole of society, but THEY ARE NOT THE BEGINNING OR END OF DRUG USE AND ADDICTIONS, they are a small part of a way bigger scale. AGAIN, they should be punished, but i believe their punishment is too extensive, they lose their human rights the second they are sentenced, look at the foreign prisons and tell me if anything about those prisons SCREAMS human rights.

  81. The only way that you can control this scourge is to have excessively heavy penalties.
    Someone, whose greed exceeds their concern for the suffering that the drugs they transport will cause, deserves a harsher penalty than currently meted out by foreign governments. The increasing incidence of drug dependency amongst the uneducated masses requires any measure sufficient to obviate this stupidity.
    S presumably has a friend or relative who has been charged for this offence. Only if he/she had a brother or sister whose life had been ruined by drug dependency would S realise the necessity for harsher rather than more lenient sentences.

  82. @S. What about the human rights of the people suffering a living death due to the greed of the mules? The mules deserve to lose their human rights, they have no compassion for those whose lives they have helped to destroy.


  84. They are humans who have chosen to be mules. And mules are causing devastation among our youth

  85. They are human and chose to be mules

  86. I still say when caught give them an injection of the drug they are dealing with and watch them suffer an alternative is “HANG EM HIGH”.


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