gauteng e tolls stopped cartoon

gauteng e tolls stopped

Gauteng E-tolls Stopped – More ANC Comedy!

One of the pleasant things about South Africa is that comedy is an easy find. One need look no further than the daily news – whether it is a priceless quote from Julius Malema that forces morning corn flakes to come out of your nose, sushi-eating ex-convicts, justifying public toilets without walls, or Jacob Zuma’s presidential romantic escapades – there is no shortage of funny content. This week’s episode arrives in the form of a court interdict against the controversial e-tolling system.

To start, South African citizens should observe a moment’s silence in gratitude and praise to OUTA – the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance. This group and their lawyers are largely responsible for the somewhat constipated look last weekend on the faces of Transport Minister S’bu Ndebele and Nazir Alli, the adamant head honcho of SANRAL – the SA National Roads Agency Limited.

Just last week, Ndebele insisted in parliament that the Gauteng e-tolling system had passed the point of no return. He also mentioned that the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project received the support of most users, clearly demonstrating that the ruling ANC is completely in touch with the happy masses that were thrilled about e-tolls. Enter Pretoria high court Judge Bill Prinsloo, who incidentally, should have been starring alongside Robert Downey Jr in The Avengers. If not for his powers of judgement, then for his superpower to reverse things that have past the point of no return.

Ndebele later went on to demonstrate his profound knowledge of international economics by suggesting that should the tolls not go ahead as planned, South Africa’s credit rating would be at risk. If the country would be at risk of default for a R20 Billion debt when its budget is sitting at over a trillion rand, the government is doing something seriously wrong.

Nazir Alli and SANRAL, on the other hand, are as profound world-class mathematicians as Ndebele is a Nobel-prize winning economist. The numbers disclosed in court showed that there would be literally billions of rands that South African motorists would be overpaying over the years. Wonkie wonders whether more digging would reveal the true math behind SANRAL’s funding equation. Hopefully, OUTA will push for a full investigation, even if the interdict results in a complete scrapping of the e-tolls. The results would be telling.

No doubt the comedy will continue over the coming weeks as the ANC would need to backtrack and have Jimmy Manyi shamelessly vomit out how the ANC, the party of the people, were in fact always opposed to e-tolling. Wonkie hopes that the working public remembers the exact ANC stance on these matters prior to the next national election – Julius Malema’s political party, should he choose to gather his herd, may get a few more votes than expected.

How now, Gauteng cow?

The short of it is that SANRAL (effectively the government) has been prevented from levying and collecting toll fees as proposed, effective immediately. Any tolling would only take place after a final court decision on the matter – that’s at least 3 months to get a court date and another 4-6 months following that for the actual judicial review.

Given that SANRAL does have debt to be serviced and that the case for interdict is likely strong enough to halt e-toll system altogether, it is likely that alternative funding will be required. This will probably take the form of an increase in fuel levy which will be nowhere near the magnitude of the e-toll fees.

The alleged 500,000+ motorists (according to S’bu Ndebele) that registered for e-tags will be whimpering around trying to claim back their money and more importantly, lamenting the hours of life lost on that sunny Saturday afternoon spent in e-tag purchasing queues. Serves them right.

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  1. Danisa Alex Maphanga says

    This will delay the etolling, the ANC will now speed up the secrecy bill and ammend it not to allow Courts to reverse its decisions and make it criminal with a jail term

  2. Is good for the poor we cant pay all the time cause the petrol keepon increasing time and again thanks to Cosato

  3. Lesetja says

    Big up to OUTA!

  4. All I can say is I am soooo surprised that it’s been stopped – but happy!

  5. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Does this mean that, sometime soon, the e-Tolls will be OUTA da piktcha ?

    And has the Gauteng cow finally said “No more milk !!!”

    The CREAM of the ANC must be feeling rather sour at this point – sour enough for a South African Mess because a sweet cream is needed for an Eton Mess.

  6. At least with a fuel levy “all” road users will share the burden, not just the predominantly white Northern Suburb residents that drive cars and create the economy.
    If the ANC wants a “Race tax” …why not Tax sunscreen or Braaivleis instead.
    This would probably not goad their voters.
    From a Logistics point of view…if you increase capacity of a resource (The highway) then you need to ensure that the increased capacity is used i.e. Tax those that use alternate routes.
    That way you get the most “flow” and thereby increased efficiency in Gauteng and guess what Bright boys from leTooli shed…that means more Taxable income for Gauteng.
    Hello ….Got it ? ….Oh sorry no Villas in France for the TendaPretendas (Deesisssion Makas).

  7. Estelle Hester says


    SANRAL – From an Australian Newspaper on South Africa E-Tolls

    “The deal between Sanral and Kapsch of Austria, the e-tolling operating company is not with the corporate entity, but with Kapsch Sweden.

    Kapsch Sweden used to be SAAB Aerospace, a 50% shareholder in a company called SANIP. British Aerospace held the other 50%. SANIP is alleged to be the payment vehicle used by SAAB and BAE to pay the alleged bribes of around R100Million in the Arms Deal saga to ensure that the Gripen fighter was chosen.

    The names Hlongwane, Modise, ANC, Zuma, Shaik figure prominently in the list of alleged recipients.

    So why Kapsch Sweden, not the corporate entity? I leave it to your imagination.

    How much? According to the corporate structure used to implement e-tolling in SA, about 80c of each rand of profit can be repatriated to Austria via Sweden. Gauteng alone expects to generate about R350Million a month in toll fees.

    Assuming a very conservative 10% profit available to be repatriated, that means about R28Million a month to go overseas”

  8. Realist says

    The cost of collecting tolls will be much more than the cost of the upgrade.
    The ANC need to seriously look at who is going to make money out of this scheme, it is not the road user or the taxpayer!

  9. Perhaps DA’s Robin Carlisle should now tell us why we pay about R3.00 per kilometer on Chapmans Peak Drive – about ten times the e tolling

  10. Our beloved A N C screwed up on the 50 billion arms deal. Also the delay in power station construction. Let us not forget the piss poor management of the police force. And don’t leave out the balls up in the case of the Scorpions and Hawks and what will it be next? The Rottweilers! Hows it with department of education changing direction so often it is no surprise that the matric exams are dumbed down so far that it wont be long that the matric students will be given a Matric certificate just for attending class. The E – TOLLING issue now shows us the A N C first does and then thinks. Or does not think at all. Any body who votes A N C either blind or can not read.
    The letters A N C still stand for ABSOLUTELY NO CONSCIENCE.

  11. I feel no joy at this because come the next election the majority will again vote for the most hopeless government in the world. Watch my words, opposition parties!

  12. Boertjie says

    The Comment by Estelle Hester makes real sense about E Tolling. The CORRUPTION MYSTERY PLOT THICKENS and our Government is DIRECTLY involved in SABOTAGE and a serious FRAUD and CORRUPTION CRIME.
    If the “HAWKS” do not investigate this case, South Africa is in a serious state of a DOWNFALL and my ACCUSATION is TRUE.
    The Government and its ANC Parliamentary Members are not above the LAW, but then again i can be VERY Wrong about Last Mentioned and that they are the UNTOUCHABLES.

  13. Capetonian here, but angry angry angry that E tol is bull……

  14. Boertjie says

    Has the DA ALTERNATIVE MOTIVES concerning Chapman s Peak Drive, so people traveling between Capetown and Houtbay have to pay Toll to get to work and back. It Appears the DA and the ANC has got a Love affair going in the Back ground. Who the Hell are we going to vote for in the Future as the DA and the ANC are the same parading with 2 names to fool the Electorate. We are a ONE PARTY STATE with 2 Names, VEEERY CLEVER.????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Well done hopefully you shall succeed in the eventual court case.

  16. Now that SANRAL has been outad, how about scrapping all toll roads across the country.

  17. Boertjie says

    Garth, Full agreement from my side and an investigation will be appropriate as many has had serious doubts and suspicions on Toll Gates as there business dealings are definitely NOT open book Policy.

  18. Well done OUTA and any other anti-toll lobby groups. About time this ANC government realized the power of the electorate and that they were elected to serve and not to be served. Almost like the feudal system in centuries gone by, where the lord of the manor (our government) just lorded it over the serfs (us common people) and whenever they needed more riches to fuel their lavish lifestyles, just increased the taxation burden on those who put them there in the first place?????

  19. Cleo Zulu says

    Well done OUTA! All we need now is a bank account so we can contribute further funds to fight this evil and any possible future attempt to fliss the public of hard-earned money. Thank you, you have my vote!

  20. The secrecy bill will stop all these comments and allow the ANC to continue and expand its corruption. The next fiasco will be the purchasing of 7 Nuclear power stations from the Chinese. We do not need them and they will drive the whole nation into bankruptcy. They want that to be secret because they an make even more bucks for themselves. BVy the way has anybody heard from Mzu, I am sure she has something to say supporting her beloved ANC.

  21. I’m back to annoy , I hope , China needs Africa , they are overpopulated ,breed like rabbits , are awash with $s .Angola has about 2 million ,Moz,Zim,Zam,DRC, about another million,Lord knows how many more in the rest of Africa .In ten years there will be more than 20 million .Do not forget the 100 millon of his own people Mao whacked , Africans ,the ones that survive ,will be nothing but slaves .Some new desease will be created to wipe out the black people , beware, be afraid , very afraid

  22. Maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe it is a cultural thing, like 4 wives and a googal of children. Maybe e tolls, like hospitals and schools and roads etc don’t exist in the culture. Look how long other African counties have been trying to get it right and all except for Botswana have failed and that is the only country that when faced with a decision between culture and economic pragmatism chose the latter. If you look now at the magnificent hospitals built in Kitwe and Ndola by those rotten self serving capatalist colonialists pre 1964 you will realise that the chances of us getting it right are the reciprocal of that googal.

  23. @ Boertjie. Chapman’s Peak drive connects Hout Bay to Noordhoek via, depending on where your start point and end point is, about 8 km. When challenged Robin Carlisle (who I think I went to school with) has adopted typical political arrogance like the Nats and ANC. Is there an honest party in RSA?

  24. How do I change my picture in Avatar? Am geriatric. Please help. I am a poor South African white who only knew how to extract mineral’s from the ground and practice mass commercial farming to feed the messes. I am suffering!

  25. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ madoba – what’s wrong with your avatar? You say you are “white” and geriatric. Look at the avatar – the skin is yellowish – like a “white person who has spent too many years under the African sun, – there is only one tooth left in the aged mouth and the eyes look like someone who has seen everything that life has to offer (perhaps quite a lot of it through the bottom of a glass) – actually your avatar looks pretty much the way you describe yourself. And if you think it looks younger than you – be grateful.

  26. I have no idea what the cost of upgrading the Chapman’s Peak road was but since it is a mountain pass with precipitous drops to the sea the cost of upgrading and introducing measures to limit rock-fall, the cost must have been astronomical. Since it is mainly a tourist attraction and that there is an alternative (untolled) route available, inconvenience would beset few Hout Bay residents.
    Comparison cannot be made with the Gauteng e-toll roads where upgrading of existing highways by widening and resurfacing cost R108 000 000 per kilometre and the users were expected to fund the tenderpreneurs responsible for these exaggerated costs.

  27. Eita!!! OUTA!! you are angels sent from heaven to save SA citizens from this tsunami which was decided by selfish, self centered poeple.

    We wish you all the best all the way!!!

  28. I would like to congratulate those e-toll opponents for a job well done, not forgetting the public and citizens of this country who have proved that no one can fight us as long as we are united against being ripped off, crippled and paralysed by those whose aim is self enrichment.

    This has forced the ANC to capitulate and temporarily shelve the money making toll road racket leaving the taxpayers to fork out the R20m a month to service the R20b loan to save SANRAL from defaulting.
    The aim of e-tolls is to force citizens to swim in a sea of poverty. Is the ANC trying to impress the foreign investers that we can make them rich? The average user can’t afford it and the public will be milked everyday for thousands of government vehicles that travels without purpose. Some of these vehicles are seen in upmarket malls making groceries with girl friends.

    When are they going to reimburse the thousands of Gauteng motorists who have registered for and paid upfront the toll fees? So much for the government’s threat not to back down-it certainly serves them right.

  29. @corny. Thanks for the compliments. I hope you feel better now. Are you corn, maize, pap, njima or just a humble sadza snake?

  30. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ madoba – at my age most of me is pap – but my face is “krummel pap”

  31. @corny. We vcould be brothers.

  32. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    I used to think that Wonkie was a political blog with a silly side and a generous dose of humour. Now I see some of us think it’s a dating service.
    @ madoba – let’s keep it platonic – the pap is not “stywe pap” -perhaps I should rather say “fraternal”!!!

  33. Zipho Zulu says

    this thing is totally unacceptable, looking at how corrupt our govt. officials are-i think the resources (especially money) they are fooling around with should be the one paying these bills, and it’s annoying because it’s like the South africans can’t see what’s really happening them-to close, this is just an insult to the South Africans.

  34. francis says

    great job outa. we are sick and tired of beeing cash cows for zuma and his cohorts.i still say a big no to e-tolls.

  35. Zipho. Of course it is totally unacceptable except to those who voted for the ANC. They wanted this Government and they got Corruption, tenderpreneurs, profligate spending, cadre deployment, lack of service delivery and e-tolling. Do not be insulted if you voted for them.

  36. Oops, I forgot massive unemployment.

  37. this is what happens to a government which is politically empowered and not economically empowered, they always seek methods of draining their citizens hard earned moneys for example we pay for car licenses(discs),learners, drivers licences which must be renewed, petrol levy and not promoting road driving offences we also pay for fines.where does all that money goes?

  38. Just read an interesting British article on South Africa. According to the article, only 1 in 40 of the 91% sector of our population has an average IQ. Before you jump up and down and blame Apartheid, IQ is in the genetics and is not a result of education or the lack thereof. Hence the bulk of the 91% sector is unproductive. As a result, the ANC will stay in power no matter what they do. The bulk of their supporters are bordering on moronic and unless a strong opposition party or a charismatic leader can convince the 39/40 otherwise, we are stuck with their shenanigans. Don’t be too harsh on our leaders – they are the best that the ANC can offer.

  39. Boertjie says

    That is why Africa is what it is and South Africa proved it in 18 Years.

  40. Most motorists have welcomed the news of Nazir Alli’s resignation as CEO of Sanral. Ironically, a couple of weeks ago I would have popped some bottles of champagne to celebrate this latest development. I would have seen it as a turning blow to the highway tax deemed unreasonable and financially crippling in the eyes of many people.

    But in the light of calls for a probe on e-toll beneficiaries first made by Blade Nzimande of the SACP, and in the light of weekend newspapers interesting revelations of strings of politically connected people and companies, I strongly believe that Alli’s resignation must be received with caution. Is he running away from embarrassing scandals that may come out of the e-toll probe?

    The e-toll saga illustrates the perfect case of an idea whose time has not yet come. A case of a project that was doomed to fail from the start because of its lack of transparency, poor consultation with the electorate and the way in which the government tried to force it on motorists. It was a silly project and a fraudulent money making scheme that has assumed the status of public enemy number one. My advise to government is to get to the bottom of how we ended up with this dangerous project that could easily have turned our country into chaos. Alli leaves behind a very bad project. Whoever succeeded Alli would inherit a huge task.

  41. Scorpio, you open a very big can of worms. The e-tolls were proposed by the brains of SA society who did not think of the consequences and who have not read their economic theory. If they had they would know that there is an upper limit of taxation, go for more and you will get a backlash in some cases even revolution. The e-toll is nothing but a tax based on how far you live from work not on the percentage of what you earn. The people are angry.

  42. Boertjie says

    With a Fuel Levy, the WHOLE of the South African Population is going to Pay for the Unethical mistakes of the Gauteng Local Government Politicians and a few Parliamentarians adventure in this CORRUPT Venture. THE GREED JUST WONT STOP. I Think the CONSTITUTIONAL Court must become the Government of South Africa seeing that all Stupid decisions goes to the Con.Court.

  43. Boertjie, you got it wrong with a fuel levy you pay for the kilometres you drive. It is logical and fair way to pay for roads. But, the apartheid regime said that’s what its for and used it instead to pay for the Angola War. The new One Party Regime uses it to pay for the arms deal and other grandiose useless stuff, so they can fleece the public. Everything appears to change but it all stays the same.

  44. Boertjie says

    Hi Garth, my taxes pay for the roads and other State Obligated services which at this time goes into the pockets of the ANC Elite Government. Yes and in the Old days they used the money to keep us Working In Rhodesia,SWA and later in Angola to keep the so called COMMUNIST out of the Country but unfortunately one Government is as Corrupt as the next Government. ( Just saw on E TV news Idiot Malema saying “I AM GOING TO LEAD THE ANC” I suppose from his new Abode, the Local Prison for many years to come) Anyway, every living car owner is Paying.

  45. The fuel levy dilemma: Before 1994, South Africans drove on the left of the road. After 1994 South Africans drove on the left of the road. Eighteen years into democracy, South africans drive on WHAT’S LEFT of the road……

  46. I appreciate the effort to get the court interdict cos e-tolling was going to cost the poorest of the poor a fortune. but it is not fair to politices the whole thing and get an opportunity to attack the ANC and its leaders. It leaves one with the impression that the aim was not to help people but to score political points. l We support the court interdict and we pray for its final scraping, but we cannot afford to joke about it and score political points with something so sensetive to many people.

  47. I don’t think we are trying to score political points here. We merely pass comment on the way we see things, and JK, you have to admit that many important facilities are in a very sorry state under the present regime. Any politician who makes an a*sehole of himself invites and deserves humour and comment.

  48. jk zulu. At least someone has thought to defend the ANC on this debacle but you do have to realize that they are the government and therefore are responsible.


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