USA 2012 elections Obama vs Romney cartoon

USA 2012 elections Obama vs Romney

Obama vs Romney – US 2012 Election

There has been a lot less hype around the US 2012 elections in the world than there was this time four years ago. The international hope to extinguish the toxic influence of Bush and his Republican sidekicks, and to usher in a fresh era in American politics with the change promised by Obama has long passed. Internationally, Mitt Romney is barely tickling the toes in terms of interest – but who is he and what does he propose to do if he wins the US elections tomorrow? What is the difference between him and Barack Obama?

Barack Obama – Yes, We Could Have!

That headline about sums it up if one were attempting to describe Obama’s term to date. It’s no wonder though – his 2008 election campaign promising significant change both inside the US and in terms of US foreign policy raised many expectations. In short, he did not deliver on both counts. Of course, the reality of how much he could have realistically achieved given the mess he inherited is debatable.

Economically, Obama allowed the finance houses responsible for the recession to escape the consequences of their mismanagement and corruption. As such, Obama reneged on a key election plank and none of the culprits were brought to account, they continue to head their banks, asset management companies etc after the largest financial rescue ever instituted. Indeed, by carrying out a rescue that did not carry penalties or include deep structural changes to the sector, Obama resuscitated Wall St. Additionally, no real dent was made in terms of addressing the inequality gap and barely any more taxes claimed from the rich and super-rich.

Socially, Obama certainly demonstrated his commitment in terms of healthcare, education and poverty alleviation. Skeptics however would be quick to point out that focus on the root cause through structural reform of the economy, which would restore jobs and reduce inequality, would have had a far bigger impact than Obama’s mere tinkering with the symptoms.

Politically, Obama has been erratic. The Iraqi pullout has been positive notwithstanding the fact that the country continues to be wracked by violence and lack of direction. Afghanistan is still occupied by a large American military force and operations against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Pakistan continue unabated. There has been no real progress in the Middle East and the Syrian civil war has gone unchecked on Obama’s watch. The failure to shut Guantanamo will also not go unnoticed.

Whether it was fear that the Democrats themselves would baulk at supporting such far reaching initiatives, or political ineptitude to get his agenda through, or simply unrealistic expectations about what could be achieved in 4 years, it doesn’t matter now. What matters is how the American public perceive the situation and compare Obama to his alternative, Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney – I’m like Bush, let me show you!

Riding as many politicians do, and campaigning based almost exclusively on the fact that they are not their opponent, Mitt Romney is better positioned than many might expect. But what will he really do and do his plans make sense?

Economically, Romney will run the usual Republican course – cut taxes for the rich, be friendly to the big oil companies by implementing fewer regulations and giving them more tax breaks, etc – all with the voodoonomics view that more money in the hands of the rich will ultimately mean more money will trickle down to the poor keeping everyone happy. Makes sense doesn’t it – if you cut taxes for the rich they can afford to pay an additional maid and gardener and everyone is happy, right?

Socially, Romney has moved his stance from a hard-core right winger in the run to be the Republican candidate to a moderate right pragmatist for the national election. That will certainly position him better although it is clear that he will still follow the Conservative agenda and make the likes of abortions illegal. And Obamacare, well Americans can just forget about that.

Politically, Romney is closer to Bush than in any other area. Purporting to be proud of American strength, he is likely to drive the USA into war with Iran and others and also more likely to create havoc through stupidity in the rest of the Middle East. Increasing the military budget when America desperately needs to rebuild its strength back home is probably not the smartest play. But then guns generally seem to be more attractive than green energy as far as the Republicans are concerned.

In conclusion, it will be interesting to see if the American public believes that Barack Obama will be bolder in pursuing change and honouring his election commitments knowing that the second term will free him of re-election concerns. As far as Romney is concerned, Americans have been known, a la Bush, to make mass decisions with a few sandwiches short of a picnic basket. On the plus side, a Romney presidency will certainly be more aligned to the Mayan predictions for 2012.

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  1. Will Obama give back the Peace Price he was prematurely give?

  2. Teedledum or Tweedledee

  3. American prosperity depends on war. Their biggest (and only) export is war. Iran has not been at war since the 16th Century (excluding a few civil wars). China likewise. The Americans cannot resist messing around with the middle east, just about all the Imperial powers have tried and lost, don’t mess with Arabs, you will see your arse. They lost the war in Vietnam, they have lost the war in Iraq (yes they got rid of Saddam but have left a bigger mess that has yet to play itself out) They have definitely lost the war in Afghanistan along with thousands of deaths on each side. China and Iran would overwhelm them just cannot invade a country any more. The natives have also got the weapons this time around and the will to fight. The Americans have big weapons such as aircraft carriers, they have the Marines, and they have Hollywood. Big noise and hot air, How good are they really?
    Just take a look at the anti-Obama blogs on the net,( besides Obama being born in three separate towns in Kenya) most of it is racist rhetoric that makes one want to throw up.

  4. Will Simon go back to school to learn how to spell.

  5. Garth; your first mistake is your assumption that America starts/enters wars to win them. In line with their imperial geopolitical game, they start/enter wars to occupy the “enemy” and prevent (pre-empt) them from achieving their aim or growing into a bigger threat. Simply, wars are not started/entered/joined for any reason other than to enhance their space in the geopolitical ruckus that inhabits the global village. They are top dog and will do all and anything to stay there….

  6. I think that phred is right.
    The Americans invade, occupy and when politically expedient pull out.
    Showing your muscle is more important than winning anything but if they stopped targeting Al Qaeda the terrorists would have virtually free rein.
    Pity they don’t assist moderates in countries such as South Africa to rid us of our own terrorists such as those that blockade roads while carrying rifles and hand-guns

  7. Out of Africa says

    Recommended reading ; “Into the Cannibal’s Pot” by Ilana Mercer

  8. considering what Obama inherited , it would be unfaire to expect himm to correct Bush mishaps and also gain outstanding performance. Give him second chance and see America gaining the momentum solving its problems progressively.

  9. Loved the cartoon Wonkie – you rock!! Truth suppositories… if only, our local politicians in South Africa could have those administered!

    @Chepha – you’re right about the mess he inherited. Still, he could have been a lot stronger in his resolve to effect change – that was his entire campaign ticket in 2008 after all.

  10. Our of Africa says

    Craig & Chepha: And he only added to the mess; just as Zuma has!!

  11. OK Folks, so Romney will win so what? Same old shite!

  12. Phred your theory is only partially correct, the American war machine serves a triple purpose. The first is to create the great patriotism that stirs Americans to behave unthinkingly. The second is to create employment with defence industries that are not subject to WTO restrictions and to create jobs in the military and its support systems, and the third is to scare anybody who does not agree with them.

  13. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    OK Sammie – your first part was wrong. Two of the last three words are definitely right – as to the other one, only time will tell.

    No – I’m not going to say which two words are right – I’ll let the rest of you fight over that one.

  14. Good for the world. The war mongering, oil hungry republicans did not win. The first thing they were going to do was to try to invade the Koreans and it was going to be the start of the World War.

    Good luck to Mr Obama. A sign of maturity by Mr Mitt Romney for conceding defeat and wishing Mr Obama a good luck. This is not for the benefit of an individual or party, it is for the Americans. What happened today in USA is an indication of a real democraric state in which violence is absent after elections. I hope we learnt a good lesson from that.

  15. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Piedpyper
    If the ANC were, somehow, able to lose the next election, I’d say you have three chances of “I hope we learnt a good lesson from that.” coming true –
    slim …
    fat …
    no …

    The “grass-roots” have learned too much from the mining campaign to believe in non-violent acceptance of majority opinion.

  16. Debbie Rockford says

    Excellent cartoon Wonkie – loved it! Sums up the between the lines campaigns so nicely… well done!

  17. And now, Romney is losing thousands of followers on facebook and twitter whilst Obama is gaining momentum. Some interesting developments going on in USA

  18. The US demographic is changing, for the first time in US history whites are a minority, as is everyone else, but they are the biggest minority. But women vote against the awkwardness and patronising republicans who in the main ignore women’s rights therefore it was (is) unrealistic to expect the Republicans to ever win another presidency. Unless of course they take another direction that encompasses all minorities and gender.

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