julius malema corruption charges cartoon

julius malema corruption charges

Julius Malema Corruption Charges

This week, expelled ANCYL leader and South African media darling, Julius Malema appeared in court in Polokwane on corruption charges. After a short victory jig following the announcement that he would no longer be charged with corruption and fraud, Malema rejoiced at his lesser charge of money laundering.

Julius paid the R10,000 pocket change for bail and stepped out to address the 1,000 strong crowd. He then proceeded to attack South African president Jacob Zuma calling him a corrupt thief who had managed to avoid his day in court. Basically a complete antithesis of the rhetoric he himself had voiced just before Zuma got elected.

Calling Zuma a corrupt thief of course inspired a rather mind-numbing intellectual debate about the politically correct ways of saying “pot calling the kettle black” in South Africa. Wonkie promptly decided to leave such first world problems to the likes of Canada. It is somewhat ironic though that the very ANC that encouraged the behaviour and tactics of Malema when Zuma was busy ousting Mbeki a few years back are now on the receiving end of the cute monster they created.

Malema confidently stated he was not intimidated by the courts and with respect to the charge of money laundry – he was prepared to answer every question in court.

“Money laundry?! Ha!” yelled an excited supporter from the crowd outside the courthouse, “They’ll never convict you Juju… I’ve seen your money and it’s as dirty as it gets!”

SABC reporters allegedly tried to get the individual’s name but he mysteriously disappeared.

Malema then went on to hypocritically espouse the economic freedom struggle which Wonkie’s babblefish translated to mean “getting more money without really having to work for it”. Needless to say, that message is always a sure hit with any crowd, and especially so with a currently jobless crowd.

His matric results aside, and regardless of what the “haves” of South Africa believe, Julius Malema is not stupid. He is certainly smart enough to use the knowledge that the South African government has both consistently failed and marginalised the poor. That is a fact, otherwise he would barely be able to scrape together a following with his inflamed rhetoric. Instead, he is now a populist leader of note.

In the spirit of the economic freedom struggle, Malema mentioned that he was off to Rustenburg to inspire the workers at the Impala platinum mine there to demand a monthly wage of R12,500 as was the case with Lonmin. Juju is loose and corruption trial or not, Wonkie is certain that some interesting weeks lie ahead for South Africa and the ANC.

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  1. “Money laundry?! Ha!” yelled an excited supporter from the crowd outside the courthouse, “They’ll never convict you Juju… I’ve seen your money and it’s as dirty as it gets! Well said that man in the Crowd. ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!! So True.

  2. Will this man ever be held accountable for all the drivel he is feeding the poor people who support him.

  3. As you state, he is not stupid, but stupidity in what his actions and words are is rife. He is an arrogant, selfish and completely ungovernable, cannot take advice, cannot understand the consequenses of his actions, is upsetting the majority, and this can lead to a party war. Well, let them kill themselves but leave me out of it. Maybe one day the state and the nation will put him away.

  4. With his talk of “economic freedom” Malema has pushed SA onto a rollercoaster to a 2nd Zimbabwe and in my opinion there is no turning back.

  5. What is absolutely funny is how Malema and the anc were both happy with each other just not long ago! They would sustain one another. Zuma on the podiums while malema would utter hate speech’s and Malema loving Zuma to a degree where he’d kill for him.

    But then again, I think Malema has success with the masses because of the Marxist dialogue he initiates. Granted, he has virtually no idea what he’s talking about nor the consequences thereof, but the rhetoric evokes a strong sense of unity and the promise that change is possible once the ‘white capitalists’ are ejected from their positions of economic power.
    Telling that to the poorest, most illiterate and uneducated individuals of SA, he allows them to think that via revolution, economic freedom can be reached.
    It’s a believable and sweet idea, that only two kinds of people can buy into:

    1. The uneducated, illiterate, poor, naive, conspiratorial, idealistic and lazy.
    2. The political idiot/politically retarded

    Malema upheld Zuma, and Zuma upheld Malema – they are both at fault with one another… It’s like the blind leading the blind

  6. Lord Ha’ Mercy on South Africa! Exploitation of the poor and uneducated. Communism, Marxism etc are just a pile of stinking yesteryear obsolete garbage. They totally failed in all the countries they were spawned into. What makes these South African idiots think they can make a Dinosaur breathe? Look at Russia look at China etc – Communist? not on your life. Capitalistic, materialistic and elitist bourgeoise yes please! Nationalise! my foot! in Zim only Uncle Bob benefits from that, the proletariat? Who? All they know is suffering. The ANC must let Malema run himself out of breath and not keep on making a hero out of him by blundering ineptly alongside him and making him look like a victim.

  7. Malema proudly boasted to his followers that he was only charged for money laundering and it was not serious. His lawyers are lying when they say that he takes this charge as serious. If they speak a lie now how much more lies they will speak in court in support of Malema.

  8. LOL… great cartoon Wonkie! At least you must be glad Julius appears to be here to stay for a while at least. If for nothing else, he at least provides great entertainment value for the rest of us!

    You should make a Jacob Zuma cartoon on him speaking at the UN about the importance of rule of law… irony is not the word!


  9. They are grooming the next president of South Africa. As we now with Zuma, he was also charged with criminal activities before he was elected leader of the ANC and then president of this beautiful country. Malema’s corruption is as clear as your nose on your face, there for everybody to see, but no, all of a sudden he is not charged for that but only a “minor” charge of money laundering. What a joke!!!

  10. please malema stop talking about zuma,he good man, limpopo still suffering with jobs some with grants, you enjoying the money, maybe you giving those are behind you always. zuma for president is the people’s choice.keep it up mr president

  11. This Guy has won the confidence of youngsters who were not well brought up. He grew in the ANC hirarchy and became the YLP using his regless and negligent speeches. he does not take due regard of other people’s feelings especially if they are not on the same boat with him. this could not end in his speeches only it developed into corrupt and fraudulent manuvours. I strongly suggest that he should face the consequences of his actions.

  12. These baboons were born to steal.

  13. This trial will take years and like JZ they will make loophole for him to escape.

  14. if juju knew how to read, he would have read an article by Dee Lee a CFP FINANCIAL EDUCATOR

  15. Fatboy has a very clever white lawyer – he will most certainly walk away scott free and the whole incident will have strengthened his hand considerably.

    After Mangaung it’s bye-bye Zuma (who will subsequently get a cushy job with an international organisation) and hello Juju. And then the fun starts…

  16. South Africa must be very careful with these supposed economic freedoms. careful calculations must be done, otherwise the prize might be quite dear. Get it from your next-door neighbours- Zimbabwe. These so called economic imbalances have been there before Malema was chucked out of ANCYL, why has this become a so big issue today?

  17. Malema might not be stupid, but he does not have a shred of intelligence either. Only great cunning, and what Chromedome has describes is a VERY low EQ. That is a dangerous combination.

  18. Viva male ma viva!

  19. It is very sad to see our people being fooled by a person like Juju. It is on record that Malema once said he didn’t have a million rand in his account and he had never even seen that amount of money. He also claimed that his salary was paid by the ANC. It is no longer a secret that he lied when he made that statement.

    The same Juju also said that people living in Sandton don’t care about the poor, but then it was revealed he owns a R3.6m house in the area, which he demolished to replace with one worth sixteen million. When addressing the miners at Marikana, the very same Malema told miners that mines were paying protection fees to Zuma’s trust fund.

    Was he talking from experience when he brought up the concept of protection fees being paid to influential people?

  20. Are we as the black nation blinded by poverty or are we just bent on destroying one another? Malema claims Zuma is an illiterate & that
    The rich are getting richer & the poor are getting poorer! In the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Is the SA youth led by a one-eyed illiterate? forget about instant wealth, go to school. Stewart

  21. Binkie-wa-Dipheola says

    I wish Juju is not found guilty so that his arguments against JZ get better legitimacy. My wish is come January 2013, South Africa is free from polygamists and all the costs that goes with it.

  22. Fatboy espouses socialist program’s like nationalisation and uncompensated land reform and yet he lives an ultra capitalist lifestyle. Are his followers so ignorant they can’t see through him.

  23. xuxu Zuma not created single job in Limpopo many support him because he ignore corruption he talk lot but say nothing he not good man Fatboy is an idiot who live fancy life while poor get dead sometime even idiot are right.

  24. Fetcoek ( sorry, a Freudian slip ). Fatboy should not be charged for money laundering, corruption, incitement, treason, tenderpreneurship or any of these. He would get off them on an insanity plea. He should be charged with bringing the country into disrepute.

  25. Paul Prinsloo says

    When in trouble, Malema seeks sanctuary behind a white woman’s competence and the faked anger she demonstrated at the charges Malema faces in terms of the charge sheet. I would also put up such an act if I suffered the misfortune of having been contracted by him to get my arse out of the excrement that pours from his mouth since he contracted verbal diarrhoea. Will she be shot only after she served you, or will you be lenient if she gets you off the hook?

  26. Malema is a small monkey. It can’t do anything.

  27. Pierre De Vos teaches Constitutional law at the University of Cape Town Law Faculty. He wrote the following on 2/10/2012.
    “If a City Press report over the weekend is correct and if it is indeed true that the Department of Public Works has approved a whopping R203-million budget for the hush-hush revamp of President Jacob Zuma’s private Nkandla homestead, one must ask why public funds are being used to enrich our president and to help pay for his lavish lifestyle. Is it legal for the president to use public funds to upgrade his private residence? Will the Hawks be investigating what appears to be the criminal misuse of public funds, and if not, why not?”
    Same old, same old – nobody says a word and he gets away with it. The ANC is robbing the taxpayers blind. I am giving up my job and become a street person, why should I support their thieving habits any longer?!!

  28. Correction – becoming a street person………..

  29. A black only knows 3 things : – Strike, Steal, and Lie

  30. The idiots that moderate and then censor the comments on this blog don’t realise you can try in vain, but you can never suppress a person’s opinions. So carry on, you will never get the truth if you censore peoples comments.

  31. The level of corruption is so great that it could bankrupt many of us. And then we will all become street people.

  32. joan Roberts says

    The rest of the europe ignored Hitler& his rhetoric – guess what happened. Julius recd a lower bail than the other accused why? What is the ABC scared of what he can go public with? Julius should be charged with instigation & treason for all the sh-t that he hAS spoken. I agree he is not stupid so watch out SA he is going to cause more trouble now than ever before – devious little runt

  33. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ joan
    Watch it with the “little” – have you seen the size of his gut recently?

  34. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    All these corruption (and other) charges aside, I think it is time we stopped saying that Jelly-Arse is living off the fat of the land – he has BECOME the fat of the land.

  35. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Reference the first panel of this topic’s cartoon:
    The pot calls the kettle …..
    Both pot and kettle are …..
    Ergo … both are corrupt
    Ipso facto
    etc., etc., etc.
    Nil illigitimum carborundum

  36. That fat PIG needs a necklace. It will burn nicely.

  37. Juju is not as stupid as the SA government thought…. instead he is so smart he told evryone that he is not scared, it shows that he has covered all his track (smart hey!)

  38. I saw malema at the zoo today. he’s in the monkey cage

  39. In the newspapers you will find every single page has reports of how the baboons are stealing the money somewhere in government. Every goddamn day !

  40. [Deleted by moderators – hate speech & general stupidity]

  41. Garth Darling says

    Des, we never did read your comment because the moderators said it was hate speech & general stupidity. Which is it.

  42. Looks like this website has a habit of deleting comments which they don’t agree with. Then there’s no point for people to post their opinions here, because it just gets deleted. Its not a free and balanced reflection of peoples view. Actually its a waste of time.

    [NOTE from moderators: If you’re sending multiple comments under different names from the same computer either you’re schizophrenic with a very consistent opinion, or you’re just spamming. In either case, with respect to any mental disabilities, your comments will be deleted. Writing the same opinion with 10 different names yourself is not a “free and balanced reflection of peoples view” – it’s SPAM.]

  43. “[Deleted by moderators – hate speech & general stupidity]”

    What’s wrong with that – we hear that on SABC all the time!!

  44. Raymond Dlamini says

    Not guilty until proven guilty but at 30 years Julius is a million and he has not worked anywhere? How did he make his millions, well I think he is corrupt and the decision to charge was correct. This should not be seen as being politically motivated if he has a case to answer in court.

  45. I think the whole goverment department should all take at least a 10% pay cut and push that in to the economy it will help boost it and help bring the striking down and prices of most of our goods. Its pathetic how they sit like fat cats and the genral public has to count their cents before even going to by a loaf of bread. Julias on the other hand needs to have a mazzel put on him. He spike most of the “civil war”. after 18 years of “freedom” in this country everyone is still going on about apartheid and racits issues I think they need to wake up and see what is going on around them they making their own lives upside down as it is time to leave that issues in the passed. You can never make a future or our country better by keeping pulling the passed into the futur. Learn from it and change.

  46. One common trait of african governments is the cancer of corruption. The strange thing is, the blacks don’t learn. They see their brother in jail, but they go and do the same thing. So we’ll continue putting the chimpanzees in prison.

  47. Empty tins make a lot of noise!!!!

  48. the injustices of the past as part of the preamble in our constitution need a clear interpretation as to what was the position before.

    justice will never favour poor those who are already vulnerable by their conditions and circumstances.
    only capitalists and highly political figures are not part of what we call justice.

    there is no fairness if you have Big names or influence.

    ” justice must be done but not seen to be done”
    for malema he is not an exception either whosoever might be.

    if you commit crime you must be brought within the frame work of our criminal justice systems and its procedure as provided in Section 35 of the Constitution and the Crminal Procedure Act. guilty of any person is proved before court not at the street or wherever it might be appropriate for that particular individual.

    our forefather were born poor and die poor as a result of oppression and poverty caused by that government prior 1994

    hard labour does not pay indeed and our country have turned the negotiation we had at CODESA 1 and 2 and Democracy to a Violet and strikes each day.

    i blame those who are on power

    malema never been part of any government department and he never authorised any transaction but only those who are victims like him will be pointed with fingers during the downfall of others.

    political benefits against peoples interest
    ” democracy government of people by people for the people” and not ” government of people by a person”

  49. The mistake we made 20 years ago is that we didnt chase all these black shits into Zimbaboonwe.

  50. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    At the risk of repeating myself my comment in the “5 things you can learn …” blog seems relevant. I repeat:
    “I may not have learned 5 things from Jelly-Arse but I have certainly learned something about many of the “respectable” people on this blog: given hal a chance they will lump all members of any individual group of people together and judge them all by the actions of the worst – irrespective of the good done by the better and more open members of the same group.
    And when a “black” contributor passes an uncomplimentary comment about “whites” in general (as Mzu was very fond of doing), the “whites” expect to be seen as different from those who pass unsavoury comments about “black” people in general.
    Perhaps we should all learn something from the different kinds of comment in this particular blog – Yes; attack an individual for what he/she has said or done BUT remember it’s an individual and not a eace you are attacking.
    How many of you would seriously lump Thuli Madonsela and Lindiwe Mazibuko with Jelly-Arse?
    Chalk and cheese.
    Unfortunately there are many on this blog who think that chalk IS cheese!!!”

    Boer and others like you, please take note: the outside appearance is not the person – it is what is inside that determines worthiness or disrepute.

    Going by your eagerness to categorise people according to their skin, I believe you fall into the second of these categories, regardless of your outward appearance.

    “Zimbaboonwe” also has many (perhaps just not enough) people who see and condemn the injustices in that benighted country and are trying their hardest to drag Zimbabwe into civilisation once more.

    Perhaps I have maligned you and you are talking of only a comaratively small number of “blacks” – those who also happen to be “shits” as opposed to those who are not. If this is the case, please accept my apology. Otherwise, take off your racial blinkers and get a life!

  51. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Sorry folks – I copied and pasted the mistakes also.
    Now I’ll copy and paste the corrections:
    Line 4 – “hal” = “half”
    Line 11 – “eace” = “race”

  52. It never ever ceases to amaze me how incredibly stupid these baboons are. How is malema going to account for the millions in his account, when that monkey has not done 1 day of work. I am really looking forward to the hilarious excuses that will be given during the court case.

  53. dynox phage says


  54. Malema ate all the money he stole. Have you seen how fat that houdkop is?

  55. dynox phage (that sounds like dread disease). I would remind you that the fat slug is not yet behind bars and with all his connections might not yet get there. How about using English.

  56. [Deleted by moderators]

  57. I know where malema got his money from. People don’t know this but he was an actor in the movie ” Planet of the Apes”. He was the fat one in the backround.

  58. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    You MUST be wrong Larry – Jelly-Arse would NEVER consent to be in the background.

  59. [Comment removed – spam. NB: Posting multiple non-value add comments using different names is going to get your monkey ass dumped as spam immediately.]

  60. [Comment removed – spam. People, enough name calling now. NB: Posting multiple non-value add comments using different names is going to get your monkey ass dumped as spam immediately.]

  61. No matter how hard Malema can influence poor people to destroy their own future they will eventually realised that they is smething wrong with the guy.Do not be surprised to see ZUMA taking second term

  62. Yah my President Juju his right with Economic Freedom, Mines must be Nationalised because if can be ntionalised those orkers think they will earn a better salary and those places next to mines think they will be improved just like Marikana, Emalahleni (Witbank) and other more and why all places that have minerals dont benefit the owners of them or why those places are the same as Johannesburg and again if u can check some of resolutions that have been taken at Mangaung Conference that one for Nationalisation is the but they have suspended Juju and they come with their leader Ronald Lamola that 1 is for them abantu abadala!!

  63. Charles, you are way out date Juju is history.

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