Palin chats to Sarkozy cartoon

Palin chats to Sarkozy

Sarah Palin chats to Sarkozy not

Canadian comedian Marc Antoine Audette convinced Alaskan governor and US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin that he was Nicolas Sarkozy. The 6 minute prank call was aired on CKOI Montreal. I’m sure it tested Palin’s in depth knowledge of foreign affairs!

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  1. Hilarious – the transcript for this call is so funny – I would say that Palin found it quite enticing rather than mildly amusing as her PR staff would lead the public to believe

    You can find the full transcript of the call on

  2. I’d reckon more than half the world found it more than mildly amusing! I’ve really got to be quite grateful to Palin for providing so much comic relief over the last few weeks.. it’s been great for the cartoon strips too!

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