Election day cartoon

Election day

Election day strategies – Republicans and Democrats

And finally it’s election day in the US – everything comes to a head after months of entertaining campaigning. At posting time Obama seems to be a little more comfortable than McCain as the Republicans seem to push forward with a “support the underdog” strategy. The battle in the hotly contested swing states of Florida, North Carolina and Indiana will be interesting to watch given that these states voted Republican in the last election.

On the plus side for Palin, she was absolved of any wrong doing in firing the Alaskan public safety commissioner in July this year. She was also declared being in good health – I imagine this would be important given her running mate.

The Obama camp is still pushing the “McCain and Bush sitting in a tree” type of message. They are playing on the close alignment of the pair particularly on economic issues.

Both parties are strongly urging people to go out and cast their votes.

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  1. Love the S&M campaign strategy – think Palin should have thought of that one a lot sooner!

  2. I know.. it’s so funny – I should give full credit for the idea actually – it wasn’t mine! I saw a photo (of Republican supporters actually!) holding up a big heart with a “We Love S&M” written in red lipstick inside it.. for the life of me I cannot find the photo to acknowledge it .. if anyone spots it let me know so I can insert a link here!

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