Malema Anger cartoon

Malema Anger

Malema Anger Management Therapy – cartoon

Last week, Jacob Zuma told Julius Malema to take a chill pill after fears that his outbursts were becoming a political burden on the ANC. It did work – at least for a while. Wonkie wonders if Julius was sent for intensive anger management therapy.

Headline news today is that some R6.5 million (about $19.366 Billion Zimbabwe dollars) is missing from the Gautrain project. Furious South African taxpayers debated whether the Gautrain, nicknamed the Shilowa Express should be re-nicknamed Shitoka Express instead and whether the ANC name change lawyers should be assisting in the procedure to do so.

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  1. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry – I don’t like where this country is headed… 400km north of Joburg methinks! Gravy train express would be a more appropriate name for gautrain than the shitoka express!

  2. Alex… we are truely on out way somewhere, but i think its going to go up to a point where south africa wil need to lean on other leading countries to keep us standing and why wouldn’t USA want all the gold they can get…. Worl Domination, Babilon is coming


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