Lion meets Giraffe photo contest

Lion meets Giraffe photo contest

Lion meets Giraffe Photo Caption Challenge

Following last week’s heated commentary about Desmond Tutu’s suggestion to tax the whites, Wonkie thought it was time to get readers thinking on a completely different track. Here is some long overdue Friday Fun to hopefully get your mind off taxation, the second coming (of the Great Depression), the introduction of the stupidly high toll fees Gauteng, etc.

Wonkie thought that this would be a great photo to remind readers, that no matter how bad you think things are right now, they could always be worse.

NB: You are welcome to submit more than one caption. Wonkie does request though, that you put ALL your entries in ONE COMMENT please. Thanks.


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This caption challenge ends on 5th September 2011, when the top entry will be announced… think hard, have fun and enjoy the weekend.


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  1. Andre Piek says

    Great… nice day to forget my emergency whistle.

  2. what a friday

  3. Arthi Singh says

    MUFASA! YOU’RE ALIVE! I’m so glad to see you! Mufasa? Why are you looking at me like I’m a piece of meat?

  4. here tutu tutu tutu oops i mean Kitty kitty kitty, come and get some!!

  5. Lion!! I told you before. Please roar when approaching? This is very embarrassing for the lady!!

  6. Christiana says

    Maybe if I hiss, he’ll think i’m a snake and go away?

  7. Sherwin Somur says

    Guys, this isn’t funny anymore, bring out the camera’s. This lions getting a bit too close now. Guys?

  8. Theunis Annandale says

    (Somewhere in Zimbabwe)
    Mr Sibanda, the decoy she is weking. Tonight we eat lion…

  9. Chris Potgieter says

    Just a few steps more mate and see the line fall.

  10. Al Rost-Felder says

    here he comes again – such a nuisance always asking me to get the hairbrush off the top shelf cos he cant reach it

  11. Theuns van der Merwe says

    Sh!t. I need a stiff drink. First a pothole now this.

  12. Collitjies says

    Ok Simba its my turn to go and hide remember you must count up to 100 before looking for me.

  13. Here we, go, I’ll just dust my hooves with his mare…

  14. Oh shit! This is Africa!

  15. A young lion has just deserted the ancyl looking for greener pastures

  16. Brett Marshall says

    Africa! bloody typical! no sooner do you crouch for a quick dump and something comes along that wants to eat you!

  17. Samuel Simango says

    Eissh! More bad breath to be followed by foul language!

  18. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Ag NEE!!! Our potholes are STILL not deep enough to hide me – wish I was in Tanzania

  19. John Motshidi says

    I know, and I am scared lion. Hence I try to hide, but my neck is so long…. Kill me not now, I have my buddies to give to you please!!!!!!!!

  20. Oh well…. Shit happens!

  21. Hey, Ostrich promised it worked. Maybe I am doing something wrong… Oh shite, HEAD in the ground, Head in the ground!

  22. Tough luck Bubedzi, I’m no longer a vegetarian!!!!

  23. Why is he not at Coca Cola Park? Sharks are on the menu!

  24. Whoa boy, we tried before. You’ve got the balls but not the height.

  25. Spiritwolf says

    Up shit creek without a neck to stand on.

  26. …Only if simba knew wat the Grand Canyon looks like…hahaha!!!

  27. hey, dto know what zazoo said about your mother?

  28. I’ll just close my eyes and he won’t see me…

  29. jacqui green says

    Who left that Lying There ????

  30. joshua green says

    Nice Kitty, kitty, kitty,good Kitty, kitty, kitty.

  31. O SHIT……! voertsek, voertsek. VOERTSEK…….!

  32. jacqui green says

    Who left that lying there?

  33. Being tall can ne problematic!

  34. Being tall can be probelmatic!


  35. Bishop, I hope you are praying for me, otherwise we are about to meet in heaven

  36. Ahh there you are, I spot you steathly approaching, you sly old fox, oops I meant lion, oh no guess now I have gone and reallly pissed you off..yikes…somebody HELP..

  37. “I tawt I taw a puddy tat!” … “I did, I did taw a puddy tat!”

  38. Sorry Sir! For obstructing your view.

  39. Eish…what a sight from this angle…yo…I bet a kiss would be much better than running away, but hey, this is a Lion…

  40. Mboto Bernard says

    Just make another cat-walk and you’II have my foot in your brains

  41. Geez…have we been turned against each other now?

  42. hey you!!!are you lost?

  43. hey Mr Lion did you know that we the only animals here? this means we have to make friend and both share what’s on the ground, just ignore me as a meat

  44. Jerry Moitze says

    Iam Sorry, i will never again undermine your authorithy, it was comrade………who misled me about Nationalisation..! what will i Be without u! Or Maybe i should take u to the Forgive & Forget show on E’tv!

  45. OK- if I hold still he will think its the latest cell-phone tower camouflage

  46. Oh shit! Why did I have to heed a call of nature just when nature comes calling….

  47. Flamboyanza says

    Hopefully the King won’t embarrass himself with a jump to get at my neck.

  48. shame! little does he know I’m only a totem pole

  49. So this is what it feels like to stick your neck out….Now I can imagine how Juju must feel….

  50. Howzit lion, did you remember to bring the meat for our braii

  51. You can’t hide your lion eyes…

  52. Oh oo, what a short and fluffy rather monster looking bush pal !
    I can walk over him with no sweat!

  53. Mmm. Looks like the king had it rough dealing with albino monkeys

  54. “I wonder if this horseless headman act will scare him off”

  55. ok lion..I’ll give you half of the tenders from Limpompo and you just walk away as if nothing happened. Are we in agreement mighty gedlehlekisa oh I mean mighty king of the jungle

  56. pietpompies says

    Oh shit! What now – where’s my ma?

  57. eish – here comes the rebels! what will the whole world say? should I run to Zimbabwe? I should have heeded the advice to give up power as the ‘longest’ serving self praising dictator…. what should I do?

  58. Hey TuTu,
    There just tu tu much tax paid already

  59. Maureen Bryden says

    Holy Sh*t! Down periscope, down!

  60. Ok, you caught me with my pants down?

  61. Holy Smoke Arch Lion! I put my neck out when you told me the grass would be greener on the otherside…you never mentioned I’d be the prey…

  62. I left my body behind feeding my little calf I just gave birth to a hermaphrodite wait for me here am going to take(complete body) will talk when am a complete giraffe so please can you excuse me now or yourself

  63. I hope you brought a weedeater, this grass is just too long!

  64. Shorry Shimba, was out with the boysh and am a bit (hic) leglesh

  65. Geeze – can’t even crap in peace.!!!

  66. I wonder if he realizes i’m standing up, and that there is huge drop off right in front of him??????

  67. Morning Leo
    Come any closer and I will kick the S#@% out of you

  68. First the tax – now its apartheid himself!

  69. hey is that roar malema’s again. one kick and he will be in the zoo

  70. eeh hold on, im almost done

  71. Sticking my head out too far has gotten me into trouble

  72. Ooh! Bastard! Another bloody agent!…….

  73. Eish… no need to surender its time to face the toll gate fees, maybe i should have remained home am paying for eating grass while they chow meat *teeth*

  74. lets shee.. whose tail will fly fashing..up traitor, free tall gate fee or gantry pass *Pothole Ahead*

  75. Shit! me always sticking my neck out!

  76. Quick down periscope.

  77. Nooooo! iam still shiting!!!!!

  78. Maybe it was a mistake to invite him for dinner…?

  79. Eish… my takkies are loose!

  80. Oh Fuck…..

  81. Right place but wrong time !

  82. Ramdas Deo says

    Mai idhar jau ,ya udhar jau?

  83. You fool! Haven’t you heard that lions are on a vegetable diet?

  84. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    He’s stalking his prey. I pray that my neck doesn’t look like a stalk!

  85. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    No, no, young lion! It’s not me that you want. I’m NOT from Botswana.

  86. Weirdest-looking squirrel I’ve ever seen…!

  87. John Allen says

    I taut I saw a puddy tat acweeping up on me.

  88. Come puty puty, Have I got a big suprise for you.

  89. Funny looking tree, also smells like something I’ve smelt before.

  90. Oooh!!! Damn u long neck!!!!

  91. Steve Green says

    Now what was that procedure again?? Ah, yes… “in the event of an emergency, put your head between your legs… and kiss your sorry arse goodbye!”.

  92. ntombi ndulula says

    Hey! watch out, if you discipline me you’ll face the masses

  93. Are you the guy we report the potholes to?

  94. Scrawny neck, looks like a lean meal ticket. I’ll pass, this Simba Malema wants the big juicy tenders

  95. You think you are coming in for the kill Chief? You are under estimating how big I am chief. Just you try and you will see my might.

  96. Comment 1:
    Damn Matilda – every time I stick my neck out for you, I end up with the sort end of the stick!

    Comment 2:
    I am beginning to see how curiosity can kill a cat.

    Comment 3:
    Oh kak, I think I’ve just been spotted! Are lions short-sighted like rhinos?

    Comment 4:
    This is one of those days I should have rather opted for the ostrich approach and stuck my head in the sand.

    Comment 5:
    Our camouflage and ambush tactics are working Juju – here comes the chairman of the ANC discipline committee. When he’s a little nearer, we all jump up and rush him.

    Comment 6:
    Hey dude – are there any nice browsing trees back there? I’ve chewed these ones right down.

    Comment 7:
    Holy cow – a stalking lion! If he eats me, I hope my neck bone gets stuck in his throat.

    Coment 8:
    Hello Mr Simba. Just for the record, I don’t roar with flavour!

  97. How much?

  98. some officials won’t help you unless you give them something to put in the mouth

  99. today m gonna teach you a leason.

  100. Comment 1: Uhm… don’t eat me *keels over and dies*

    Comment 2: What I wouldn’t do to be an ostriche right now…

    Comment 3: I know, I know. You’re the king of the jungle, you ain’t lion (lyin’). Oh wait…

    Comment 4: To flee, or not to flee? That is the question.

    Comment 5: Where’s Gloria when you need her?? (refer to Madagascar movie)

    Comment 6: I told you, homeboy… You can’t touch this!

    Comment 7: Whoa! I don’t got yo drugs, man! I’m naturally high!

  101. My goodness, but you’re an old pussy.


    I blocked you already, now it’s your turn to be it.

  102. webbo marime says

    “let’s say from now we are friends!”

  103. Ahh, thanks for coming. I was beginning to think no one would hear me. Could you please pull me by the neck so that I get out of this hole.

  104. Mmmm, guess who’s coming for dinner!

  105. Molly Blackheart says

    Come my little flower, but no claw marks this time ok – nobody will believe I escaped from you twice!

  106. Now we can look each other straight in the eye………and tell the truth about who really is the King

  107. Cho! King Jungle wanna now check me out ek se!

  108. Oohhh ragga bagga. A meat thief again!!!!

  109. There’s MORE meat in Hamburger Helper!

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