Sarah Palin on Oprah cartoon

Sarah Palin on Oprah

Sarah Palin on Oprah

The grapevine has it that the Republicans are considering Sarah Palin as their presidential candidate for 2012. Hopefully she will have travelled outside the USA at least once by then.

According to the Telegraph in the UK she has “repeatedly stated, often on conservative talk radio, that she would be more aggressive in making the case against Mr Obama…” I imagine the most aggressive case she could make would be bearing her heart out on Oprah – it certainly won’t be running against Obama in a presidential debate!

McCain obviously won’t be running again but he’s been careful to clear the path for Sarah by stating that she did not harm his campaign any and that he was very happy with her as his choice of running mate.

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  1. I’m looking in my crystal ball and I see Americans blaming Obama for the state of our country in 4 years – electing yet another mistake being desperate for another change.

    Not that it’s Obama’s fault considering he’s basically inhererited the Afghanistan, Iraq and economic policy mess ups from the Bush administration. But realistically how much can Obama really fix up given the severity of the current situation that’s landed in his lap?

  2. I don’t normally leave comments… but I really enjoyed your post! I will be leaving a link back here in my blogroll! Thanks!


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