ANCYL in Parallel Universe cartoon

ANCYL in Parallel Universe

Musings on Malema – a Moolius Cartoon

A few weeks back, Wonkie published a Julius Malema meets the Guru cartoon. In case readers were wondering what happened to Moolius Jalema in that parallel universe, today’s post has the answer. Wonkie formally salutes the born leader, surviving against all odds.

Whether Malema is a bumbling monster created by the media, or a gentle giant who is simply misunderstood, one thing is for sure – he is hard to ignore. The writer below ponders Malema and his future and Wonkie is keen to read your opinion in the comments section below.

* * *
What has given rise to the phenomenon that is Juju – aka Julius Malema? Why has the ANC taken disciplinary action against him and his lieutenants and why has the media given so much publicity to his sayings and actions? So much so that he is one of the best known political figures in the country.

Is it that the organisation he leads, the ANC Youth League (ANCYL), has a genuine track record of thoughtful policy formulation and active grassroots campaigning in support of democracy, accountability and economic equality and is thus a threat to the vested interests of a Zuma faction that is holding up progress? And following from this, with regard to the media, in claiming to stand against corruption and elitism, is Juju a hero worthy of attention?

In a more general sense, is the ANC action a scrambling to block a radical, socialist Juju? The media coverage being the reactionary attack of a co-conspirator to protect the status quo – which suits big business (both black and white) and the mandarins of the state apparatus. Or is it the result of a senior grouping in the ANC finally becoming intolerant of Juju’s inflammatory rantings and a concomitant media consensus that he and the ANCYL constitute a crude, populist force that is a danger to the very values and interests they purport to represent? Of course, on the media side, it may be none of these things, but simply akin to giving a half-baked politician (a la Sarah Palin) a chance to look ridiculous (see how entertaining the political leadership is!) and thus a tool to boost sales. In the South African context there is also the possibility that it is generalised ANC-bashing – the unfair sub-text being: see how ignorant/opportunistic our new black leaders are.

The potential answers are many. But a brief look at our recent history shows that over the past two decades the ANCYL has not conducted a single effective grassroots campaign, has not led the Youth Development Fund in a positive manner and has a leadership tainted by a culture of patronage and opportunism. This began flourishing in the mid 1990s under the tutelage of Brett Kebble – being part of a more general moral disintegration within the ANC. Combine these organisational flaws with a malfunctioning education system, the alienation caused by a media-fed culture of mindless consumption together with the celebrity cult dominating politics and social intercourse, and you have an ANCYL that is all rhetoric and whose leaders are grossly compromised even as they claim to represent a mass base of unemployed, disaffected youth (people below the age of thirty) who are angry and frustrated but politically unsophisticated and susceptible to half-baked sound-bites. And so it is that Juju, despite his questionable lifestyle and financial dealings, has come to represent both the rural and urban under-class. And flowing from this, his statements on issues (ranging from rape to nationalisation), though generally crude calls delivered with bombast, meet with popular support and, as a result, are given widespread media coverage.

What then are the likely results of the Julius Malema disciplinary hearings? Will they go all the way and rule in favour of expulsion which may spark a bitter, protracted internal struggle which will further polarise the Alliance? Or will he receive a reprimand that saves face for all concerned? Either way, will Juju and his cohorts face off an ANC that closes ranks with COSATU and the SACP to fight off his attempts to replace current office bearers with his slate or will there be more fissures in the Alliance? More importantly, will the presidential and other internal elections next year be dominated by a Malema faction dirty tricks campaign (a la the 2007 Kill for Zuma campaign), or will the process run smoothly with him having been isolated and discredited?

One the one hand, the fizzling out of mass protest at the start of the disciplinary hearings is a sign that Malema may have over-reached himself, and that Zuma is ready to reassert his authority. However, the array of internal figures ready to provide evidence in his favour shows that there are many inside the party who are prepared to align themselves with an anti-Zuma list. The tragedy of this internal power play is that it has very little to do with ‘development’ and eradicating the economic inequalities that are worsening – but everything to do with capturing the Commanding Heights of Power so as gratify personal ambitions and position cliques closer to resources.

I say this because the anti-Zuma grouping has no coherent policy document with which to reconfigure the current ones and no record in action of advancing change. What has Sexwale’s housing department done over the past two years? Has Motlanthe publicly and vigorously pushed for better performance levels from the state sector or demanded of Business to increase levels of internal investment and moderate its appetite for obscene executive payouts? Have any of them challenged Zuma on the issue of corruption involving senior state functionaries like Cele? Have they upbraided the department of transport for dragging its heels with regard to providing affordable and well run public transport for a working class that is bleeding because of high fuel costs and inadequate services?

These and many other instances of omission indicate that the current action being taken against the Malema faction is an internal squabble of no great significance – those who are casting stones, though perhaps more sophisticated than Malema and less given to demagoguery, are themselves as guilty of grandstanding, procrastination and indifference when it comes to the interests of the millions who are sidelined by state lethargy and capitalistic short-termism. As such, the results of the disciplinary action are unlikely – either way – to have a material impact on our society.

Leave YOUR COMMENT and opinion on Julius Malema and the ANCYL.
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  1. The Musings on Malema were insightful. Alas, what about a “South African Spring”?
    Sooner than later our political powder-keg will reach critical mass and
    JUUUUUUMA, zuuuuuma, it blows.
    One can never be sure what will burn next, besides T-Shirts, Flags, Cars, Buildings, People. What kind of transitional, democratic, sane government will safe this great country bringing a real better life for ALL ?

  2. Comes the end of October we will just have to wait and see!! There will be a storm who the victors or the victims will be, will be
    another page in our history.

  3. Zukisani masiko says

    He is now playing a victim of circumstances after doing all the wrongs, just like President Jacob Zuma before being fired by Thabo Mbeki. They must just fire him and see how much support he has got after that, DA took Nelson Mandela Bay, was he not the root cause?? who knows??

  4. Nothing will happen to JuJu – it will be forgotten

  5. It is a great pity that Mr Malema did not use his considerable rabble rousing abilitites to really do something positive for the youth. All the effort that has gone into inciting violence and discord could far more constructively have been channelled into putting together a plan for youth training, apprenticeships and work prospects. Another lost generation. That whole ANCYL mob should be fired. They squandered a huge opportunity to raise education standards and produce our next qualified leaders.
    Why do we let them get away with it?
    We, as civil society, are equally to blame for the whole sorry debacle.
    Where have all the good people gone?

  6. @Jen, yes you are right, nothing will happen to him, I think he knows too much that is why he gets away with what he has all this time, cause let’s face if anyone else did what he has done, they would have been locked up long ago.

  7. You can fool some people all the time but you cant fool all people all the time. This moo has been schooled by moogabi, how to apply hypnotic psychosis and become a sole owner of a country.

  8. He will be gently rapped over the fingers and be sent out into the country to carry on fooling the foolish and stealing from the Tax Payer,but mu big concern is ,what is the Justice system and the tax man going to do about the Criminal Activity he has made himself guilty of.
    If the justice system doe

  9. He will be gently rapped over the fingers and be sent out into the country to carry on fooling the foolish and stealing from the Tax Payer,but mu big concern is ,what is the Justice system and the tax man going to do about the Criminal Activity he has made himself guilty of.
    If the justice system doe`s not do there work,crime surely Pay`s and with Mogoeng as chief justice, all high ranking criminals will walk free,hence Mogoeng`s appointment.

  10. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Why on earth do you think he is building such a palace for himself? He needs the cupboard space for all the skeletons.
    @ Daffy – shabby shakes did some of the things that our dearest Moolius is said to have done and WAS jailed – but, suffering from TERMINAL depression, he now is allowed to live a less stressful and less depressing (and no longer terminal – at least not yet!) life.
    Sauce for the goose ……..

  11. Malema should heed the words of a great thinker “Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.”

  12. Idiot Malema has,i must confess,the gift of the GAB,a talent which a very few have, you don`t need an education for that,you are born with it,as HITLER with a very low schooling standard the same as Malema, Hitler fired up the whole German Population without having a proper education and eventually DESTROYED half of the world and the whole of Europe with his GAB (Mouth),now i can only say we have now the same POISON in South Africa called Idiot Malema.

  13. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Boerkie – Moolius is NOT an idiot – that is just his image – he is actually very clever (even if he did fail his Matric) can you imagine an idiot gathering so much support and MONEY at his ?tender? age of less than 35? No – an idiot he is not – idiotic in his utterances and flashy lifestyle he certainly is.
    He has developed so huge a support base that he now feels that he can challenge the whole of the Mother body and its leadership. An idiot could not do that. He has become so powerful that you and I are talking about him with dread in our hearts that this so-called “idiot” will take over the ANC leadership and plunge the country into the kind of chaos that will eliminate any chance of freedom, of capitalising on our skills, of repairing the damage done by the 40 year oppression of Apartheid, of rectifying the wrongs of the past and of building a secure and prosperous unified nation. Yes THAT is IDIOTIC – but the man himself is not an idiot – simply a MEGALOMANIAC !!!

  14. We shall not have any fear, as that is his agenda hoping whites will disappear, he himself is saturated with fear otherwise why would he want to build a bunker for protection. The opposite of fear is faith, and that is the ONE he can never ever hide from so nobody needs to fear just a man hypnotizing thousands to follow him and will probably face the same consequences .

  15. This debate/conversation philosophical rambling can go on for ever. But – what are we, as citizens, going to do about it on a practical level. It’s all very well agreeing on it and patting each other on the back for being so cleaver but we need to DO something to stop the rot. Just recently we had a wide cross-section of society demonstrating against the new bill to block access to knowing about corruption, etc. We need to stand together and demonstrate against a government who is more interested in fighting amongst itself for power then looking after its citizens. We need to demonstrate for those who do not understand that voting for the ANC is most probably the stupidist thing they can do and will surely mean that they will remain poor and marginalised for the rest of their lives and their children’s lives. We need to demonstrate for better education and jobs. Talk is great but people are and will die if we do not stand up for our rights and the rights of the poor and uneducated. They might not, in fact most probably will not thank us but it is the right thing to do.
    We lived in fear before and kept quiet and now are being pilloried for being complicit in the oppression of apartheid. Are we going to do that again. Is it again a case of ‘well I’m alright Jack’ so don’t rock the boat. I sincerely hope not.

  16. Just over three years ago, Moolius sent shivers down the spines of many South Africans when he declared-at a June 16 rally-that he and his leutanants were prepared to kill for Zuma-who was facing corruption at the time. This was a statement that propelled him from relative obscurity to the centre of South African politics. In the months that followed, he played no small part in cutting short Thabo Mbeki’s stay at the presidential palace, amid ANC suspicions that the then president was using his government power to help lay the foundation for the formation of an anti-Zuma breakaway political party.

    Malema was central to the ANC’s unrelenting browbeating of the National Prosecuting Authority into withdrawing corruption charges against Zuma, hence paving the way for him to become president. Today, Moolius and JZ have become such sworn enemies that the political survival of one is dependent on the others downfall. If ANC disciplinary action against Moolius-which has Zuma’s backing, results in the wayward youth leaders suspension or even his expulsion from the ruling party, then the president will stand a great chance of being re-elected for a second term in offfice. But if Moolius Jalema survives, heads will roll, it will be the end of the road for Mr Shower Zuma.

  17. Fatboy will survive the disciplinary hearings and go onto greater and more controversial subjects inciting more wrath from whites and fooling more blacks, he will polarise the races in this country even more so than Voerwoerd and break up the ruling alliance. He may or may not be a stupid illiterate racist fool that fails to understand what he is doing to South Africans, but he sure acts like it. It seems that he wants to destroy the ANC. Good luck to him.

  18. Zuma needs to explain to the nation whether Malema is being pursued because he is indeed dipping his fingers into places they should not be dipped, or whether he is being pursued because he has proven too opinionated for the comfort of some ANC leaders.For those who want Malema subdued and removed from the political discourse this might seem a moot point. Many might want to see this rude, racist and uncouth youth kicked out immediately and by any means necessary.

  19. I hold no brief for Moolius. He is patently dishonest-he holds himself up as the champion of the poor while at the same time not just enjoying but flaunting his incredible wealth. Most of his wealth has clearly been acquired by rent-seeking, by skimming off the taxes of the poor. Instead of adding something to the value chain, he is a man who just adds a new layer of cost.Those who stand in podiums and proclaim that it is Moolius right to be rich are missing one key point: he is not entitled to enrich himself at the expense of the poor by rent-seeking of companies like his On Point group in Limpopo. Instead of being a leader of the poor, Moolius is a man who uses the poor for his own interests. Thanks Julius for ripping off the poor of the poorest!

  20. @Piedpyper. Many might want to see this rude, racist and uncouth youth become our future president by any means necessary.

  21. @Garth. If this racist fatboy becomes our future president, then this country is headed to total disorder-his rulings reveals an ultra-conservative unprogressive mind set.

  22. If racist Fatboy becomes president it will do more damage to the ANC than JZ or Bheki Cele.

  23. Ooops I forgot to mention Mzu that makes all of racist Fatboy’s supporters look like fools. Maybe someone will shut up Mzu by giving him a role in a remake of Monty Python.

  24. The public cannot be duped into believing Malema champios the plight of the poor and he alone will take cate of their interests. The Youth league leader is all about his own personal interests. The Youth league struggle is about lobbying ANC candidates who will be useful later, so they can demand favours from those they helped to top positions.

    That is why too many of them see the ANC elective conferences as a matter of life and death and not really about delivering to the poor and unemployed. There is no economical freedom waged on behalf of the poor, the only struggle Malema is fighting for is to guarantee tenders to find thier way to him and his cronies. Nasty leaders using money to influence ANC leadership always find ways to continue succession debates.

  25. Sorry Piedpyper, the public is being duped by racist Fatboy most of whom believe he will be their economic saviour. The only struggle the ANCYL is involved in is finding their way to the front of the queue at KFC. He will get a lot of support from ANC candidates at the elective conference because they all want a leg of the chicken.

  26. Malema`s popularity has fallen 17%,maybe there are less fools around than i thought, and suddenly “Fierce” Zuma is going to clip fat boy Malema`s tongue.
    For the sake of South Africa and the rest of Africa,fatboy has to be taken out and don`t be surprised it is one of his own cronies,MONEY Talks,ask the relatives and friends of Brett Kebble and the strip club king.

  27. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Correction Boerkie – Malema’s popularity has fallen FROM 21% TO 17% – a drop of 4% (actually that is a loss of 19% of the original popularity), but JA a good sign that Young South Africans are beginning to see through him and a hint to showerhead that it is getting safer to drop him like a hot brick (or is that a smelly drol?)

  28. The real reason that racist Fatboy is losing popularity is that he is no longer a youth. With his expanding gut and that he has nothing new to say and that he spouts old fashioned and discredited economic views demonstrates that he is becoming an old man before his time. Even Shabby Shakes pal can still toy toy.

  29. I asked Google if Fatboy was gay, Answer It replied with various views some said yes, some said no. The best answer I got is does it matter, who would want to sleep with the fat pig anyway.

  30. Ayanda Ntaba says

    A number of former beneficiaries of inequality have a warped sense of the state of affairs in South African politics. Another limitation they have is being trapped in a sea of Afro-pessimism. Because the ANC is in power, mind you, legitimate power, that is a bitter pill for them to swallow. The ANC has superbly managed intra-organizational transition by succesfully managing the succesion of power, complex as it is, from Mandela, to Mbeki, and now Zuma. That is a clear display of maturity and loyalty to the values of this very old yet nimble liberation movement.

    Granted, there is an unruly ring to Malema’s actions, but let us agree, he has not as yet veered to the criminal domain. He also still respects the traditions of the Movement by honouring the sittings of disciplinary hearings. Matters on tax evasion and general tenderpreneaur accusations are still at the level of allegations. The Constitution of this country allows the existence of Chapter 9 institutions and respects the supremacy of the rule of law. Embedded within that framework is the doctrine of separation of powers. We need to refrain from pre-empting the outcomes of any judicial, legal or intra-organizational disciplinary procedures against Malema. My own advice would be for fellow South Africans not to view ANC leadership from a jaundiced eye.

  31. It is difficult not to view the ANC leadership with a jaundiced eye. We sat through the Nats doing the exact same thing so we tend to recognise when we are again being conned.
    How do you justify a Minister costing the country +-R230 000 because she did not want to open her handbag. Where was this persons brains. Did she not think through the fact that the country from which she was travelling had just suffered a devasting loss through a bombing and shooting of its citizens.
    When you waste money you are stealing from the poor and believe me when you work in the poorest of the poorest communities you realise just how much every cent can change the situation. It makes me angry, sad, disappointed and very pessimistic.
    A person like Mr Malema could have made such a difference and please don’t come with this nonsense that he still respects the ANC because he is appearing at the disciplinary hearings. He is there purely because he knows that he has backing for his ideas and if he wins the whole country loses.
    I am sick to death of every criticism being met with a racist reply. There are as many good, kind, upright and moral people on both sides of the spectrum. It is just a pity that those people are the ones will be left to pick up the pieces.
    And as for the Chapter 9 institutions. The ANC is doing everything in it’s power to undermine and make toothless these very institutions. How stupid do you think the population is? We see the arrogance every day on our TV screens (granted not on SABC). We read about the abuse of power in our newspapers and you don’t think that the we do not realise that it is the very reason the ANC wants to be able to restict our right to know.
    Beware we do not have the equivalent of an ‘Arab Spring’ here very soon.

  32. Julius Mampara says

    I believe Julius was a creation of the DA to make black people, and the ANC in particular, look stupid. He can’t be for real.

  33. @Julius Mampara, Shhh do not let on. The DA is trying to keep this secret.

  34. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    One has to wonder if Moolius is in hospital for “terminal depression” – he is depressed about being terminated by the ANC.
    And now we have to wait at least another week for the next nail-biting instalment of this highly predictable and not very entertaining soap opera that is called a ‘disciplinary hearing’

  35. Forward with the views of the ANCYL. I think the ANCYL is right in every possible way. They should continue to put pressure on ANC because everyone can see now that all the senior officials are busy enriching themselves with the resources of the public. They keep on saying that every SOUTH AFRICAN should try to use the scarce resources in a very efficient, and economic way, yet they are the ones who are misusing them. Than the question arises, how are they going to manage to render the servises to the people of SOUTH AFRICA with so much unlimited demands, if they are already misusing the scarce resources.

  36. Why would Julius, who supports nationalisation, seek medical treatment for flu from a private hospital instead of a government one? Shouldn’t he go to the public hospital to prove to all that state-run entities work better than private ones? Is this not what he is always preaching about? I am perpetually astounded by this man’s hypocrisy.

  37. Ayanda Ntaba says

    It is so interesting that the ANC is so democratic as to be open even to outsiders to influence its internal processes. The likes of whatagain even go to the extent of admitting that they view the ANC with a jaundiced eye. You must be aware, my friend that ours in the ANC is not going around looking for praise and moral lessons from idiots who are prisoners of the past. We are convinced that our goals are just, and our ideals correct. We cannot be dislodged from our path by elements of a lumpen ploretariait who are only good at leveling criticism against those who commit mistakes in the process of attempting to yield something positive for the benefit of the country. We in the ANC do not depart from a point of individualist thinking. We think for the group. We also acknowledge that those who stumble within the group do not become sole bearers of the responsibility to rectify flaws. We think with our heads, not our hearts.

    We are equally aware of the reason for critics or armchair revolutionaries to behave in their fashion. They know the magnitude of their flaws. When they criticize, they are not providing an alternative, but rather finding a tool to hide their own inadequacies. The ANC has never been, and will never ever at any point be a tool to stroke egos. It is an organization that knows the aspirations of the South African society through being with, for and amongst the people in their quest for a better life. ANC leaders are and have always been the first to bear hardships and the last to enjoy comforts. However, jaundiced eyes will always be the last to appreciate that.

  38. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    I quote Zipho Zulu: “Forward with the views of the ANCYL. I think the ANCYL is right in every possible way. They should continue to put pressure on ANC because everyone can see now that all the senior officials are busy enriching themselves with the resources of the public.”
    Absolutely – and the most senior official of the ANCYL is leading the way – enriching himself with his tenderpreneurial skills and amassing “trust funds” galore for the benefit of the ANCYL (president)
    So if the ANC leadership is depleting the “scarce resources” is Moolius not depleting them even further before the skeletons of the mines are nationalised for the benefit of (Moolius and) the masses in South Africa?

    @ Ayanda Ntaba – “It is an organization that knows the aspirations of the South African society through being with, for and amongst the people in their quest for a better life.” – very true. Unfortunately knowing and acting are two very different things. Your next sentence, “ANC leaders are and have always been the first to bear hardships and the last to enjoy comforts.” simply shows that you cannot see what is happening right under your own nose. Nelson Mandela started a charitable foundation by donating 10% of his presidential salary to get the ball rolling. Show me ONE other ANC leader who has done even a tenth of that and I will be prepared to listen to some of what you have to say. Don’t equate all of the leaders of the ANC with Madiba – they are all unworthy of that.

  39. a-maize-ingly-corny I totally agreed with your comments regarding Ayanda Ntaba. I suppose when you have supported an institution such as the ANC all your life you just don’t want to see anything wrong and that’s the problem with 50% of their voters. How awful to have to admit that there is wrongdoing and corruption because what is the alternative. So we will just go on supporting them until they run the country into the ground.

  40. All those who believe that Fatboy is doing the right thing by challenging the ANC need to look at themselves and the Shenanigans of his ANCYL. They commit treason because they seek to overthrow the President (they did it before) If they are so keen to destroy the ANC why don’t they go it alone and just like COPE they will fall flat on their faces

  41. Sipho Zulu,what about your leader Fatboy Idiot Malema stealing all the money that should go to upgrade the lives of the DOWN TRODDEN ANC members living in the most disgraceful conditions,so please don`t praise the criminals in the youth brigade.And do not worry,Idiot and his cronies will be behind prison bars soon,begging for vaseline.

  42. Zipho Zulu says

    I really do not think that it’s fair for Boerkie to call Mr Malema with an idiot & also with a criminal, if you know your story very well – who is not a criminal in the ANC senior officials – you should start from the top to the bottom, you really can n’t start with the ANCYL officials. One more thing is that every child does what his or her parent teaches him or her, you have to try & get me well here. Stilling public funds is totally unacceptable, if the young guys are doing too it’s wrong. We don’t condone such actions.”PEACE”

  43. We cannot afford to go back to the old system, but we need to shift focus a bit. The ANC is trying to correct the wrongs of the past in a way which is not working at all. We need to start afresh. We need a new ruling party with fresh ideologies and a new approach. The ANC does not get their priorities right, but what do you expect when the minister of basic education is as clueless as Angie Motshekga? She even said Moolius matric is not important in politics. The ANC is a bunch of clueless suckers!!

  44. @Zippo. Poor Fatboy only had his mother to teach him right from wrong.

  45. Wonder if his Mother or Fatboy no`s who the Father was.


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