Julius Malema Suspended Verdict cartoon

Julius Malema Suspended Verdict

Julius Malema suspended – Oh No!

Yesterday was a dark, dark day for South Africa. Once again, the ruling ANC leadership acted with significant inconsistency, callous disregard for the education system, and a tremendous lack of foresight.

The thoughtless ANC action Wonkie is referring to concerns South Africa’s young lion – the great, the late, ANC Youth League president Mr Julius Malema. Following a decision by the ANC’s National Disciplinary Committee (NDC) yesterday, Che Malema has been suspended from the ANC for five years. This means that Juju will not be able to involve himself in any activities of the ANC or the ANCYL during that period, effective immediately.

Julius Malema verdict full documentWhen one reads what Malema is actually being disciplined for, both the ANC disciplinary process and the suspension itself appear to be somewhat of a joke. It is the political equivalent of convicting Osama bin Laden for lacking good fashion sense.

Firstly there is a matter of inconsistency within the ANC. Neither Jacob Zuma, nor any of the ANC powers that be, had anything to say about sowing divisions within the ANC when Julius was jumping around screaming that he would kill for Zuma. At that time he managed to cause a very real internal split between the Mbeki and Zuma camps. What Julius is being disciplined for now is for disrupting some meeting and voicing his opinion on one more thing he knows very little about. Given that the current Zuma faction would be at risk now (as Mbeki was before), it suddenly makes great sense to discipline him now.

Secondly, Julius’s poor attempt at emulating Schabir Shaik with his admission to hospital for flu-like symptoms, resulted in his disciplinary hearing being delayed. Wonkie is disappointed that the ANC did not delay the announcement of the verdict until after Julius Malema had written his UNISA political studies exam – a total lack of regard for the education system. If Julius fails, it will be the ANC’s fault. Poor guy, as if writing exams isn’t stressful enough as it is.

Finally, and most importantly, the ANC has shown a great lack of foresight with their decision. Does the ANC not realise South Africans live in fragile economic times? Do they not realise that if Julius Malema leaves the South African news scene, tens of thousands in the local media industry would need to be laid off? Does the ANC not realise that they are taking away from the public a source of free entertainment and a preferred topic of whinge? The white folk in Cape Town will also need to find something else to complain about now – and in a country as beautiful as South Africa, without Julius that might be quite difficult for them. Inconsiderate is not the word to describe the ANC.

Julius has, through his various forms, from lovable Juju through to his bovine alter-ego, Moolius Jalema, captured the hearts and ingrown toenails of South Africans everywhere. Wonkie wishes him well through the appeals process which will no doubt drag on indefinitely. South African politics would just not be the same without you Juju.

Leave YOUR COMMENTS about the ANC, ANCYL and Julius Malema’s verdict.

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As a pleasant aside, at 11 minutes and 11 seconds past 11 this morning, the date and time will read 11/11/11 11:11:11 – What will you be doing?


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Leave YOUR COMMENTS about the ANC, ANCYL and the Julius Malema suspension.

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  1. This is not the end. How the ensuing drama is handled is going to have a huge impact on this country. If it is handled resolutely and fairly we will grow as a nation but I am not holding my breath. Politics and racism being the order of the day it’s bound to get ugly and dirty.

  2. suspended not fired. Any other job you would be fired. Youth league president, what exactly is his portfolio? wellfare of children, education, underprivledged etc etc? Why is it political? Never understood that. What his portfolio got to do with mines, international policy changes etc..also all the people marching with him are all older, not under 21-youth? what exactly is the portfolio of the president of the youth league? doesnt seem like he is actually doing his job. Also suspened-with pay from ancl? and then what? And on the news he says he will fight the war, what war? and he says he will continue the struggle and freedom from oppression, what oppression? his own anc party? i think someone should pull his job description and actually show him what he is being paid to do.

  3. Well said Wonkie,”Shame” on the ANC, Now they have removed our daily comedy show, but dont fret, here we see the start of a NEW Terrorist.. i mean “Liberation” movement forming in South Africa as we have to follow the ‘Norm” of Africa. BLOODSHED,ANARCHY and DEATH. Under guise of Economic Freedom Fighters. At the moment they are a Economic TERRORIST group.
    The ANC should have sentenced him to an Economic education study group at some obscure teaching institution to qualify to become an ANC member with a genuine “Metric” and not in Woodwork please.

  4. Themba Sebata says

    You know i am not really a big guroo in poletics! but it does not take a mastermind to know that what the ANC have done is uncalled for & pointless. The ANC is like a parent to us youth, & yes we do get out of hand at times but but kicking us out is not the best way to disepline “us” & i say us because we stand by our leader combraid Malema! My parents never kicked me out of the house when i got out of line! so were do they expect us to go? so as it is we are homeless & have no one to show us direction because we have been sent out to the wild. So i am out of this spineless party for good!

  5. Surely you mean “Che Mampara”

  6. JUJU has found out there IS a real world where disipline and logic applied with love are the only things that actually can make a difference to the poor. That principle does not change despite the JUJU’s at large in their fantasy world in this point in time..

  7. Oh dear! I had it all wrong. I thought Juju was doing a wordwork exam. That’s why they never held back the results because they knew he had no inkling about true politics, only how to say whatever might be coming into his head after it has been said. My heart bleeds for him. (arsenic)

  8. You can bet your bottom dollar, the outcome will get the blame if he fails his exam. What bothers me is the full pay until the appeal is sorted out, that could take five years.

    Does he not know when to accept defeat, what is next, will have to wait and see.

  9. somebody needs to take him out !! Or we will be the next Zimbabwe. Whites and Indians, start packing your bags…………..we will need to get out. I for one will adopt a “scorched earth policy” when leaving.

  10. Deena Naidoo says

    Now that the ‘failed carpenter’ has been ‘put on hold’ for 5 years, SARS can now drive the final nails into his coffin. Questions: How is Malema now going to enjoy his high style life without his presidency? Is he still going to get unlawful Govt. tenders? What about his cars and his incomplete mansion that’s being built? Is he still going to enjoy the protection from OUR police at our expense? Hey you 10 days rogue, see how your kharma caught up with you! I must meet up with you, and, you’ll tell me why you referred to us Indians as coolies. You, you, you, AGENT!

  11. And SARS and the Hawks are going to have a BALL with this Fatboy now that the ANC has finally had the courage to kick this pr!cks FAT Behind. No more protection there, 5 years, enough time for Miss.JUSTICE to take her course.

  12. Zapiro and Hayibo and sadly Wonkie too might all go out of business now.
    Comedians all around the county and probably in parts of NZ, Aus and Canada are going to have to look long and hard to find someone to generate so much material for them.
    Gadafi is dead so he is no longer the joke of Africa and there is already Achmed the dead terrorist so there will be nothing funny there in future either.
    Mubeki and his bumchum Bob have gone into hiding in prostate treatment centers in Sweden.
    Having their heads up each others bumms has put them both in nappies.
    If he was not so blatantly incompetent and using our tax money at the expense of the poor, the rich and the middle class- fast heading for poor to fund his rather large family’s “Paris Hilton wishes she was so rich” lifestyle then our prezzy might be funny.
    Sadly SA is as expensive as Sydney now with no hope for the youth and a crime rate that’s “dropped” so much that strangely only everyone I know has been affected in the last year.
    Hey I know how we can create jobs…lets tax the middle class some more on the petrol and toll gates so that they cant afford their maids and gardeners (sorry Domestic workers and agricultural engineers).
    The long term strategy is maybe that they lose their jobs and then the ANC can pay them to vote (sorry I mean put them on the social grant register).

  13. I’ve finally figured it out…..
    So Finiaas and Gloria get about R1500 per month each from me.
    So their loyalty probably lies a little bit with the hand that feeds….thats me- an opposition party voter that’s going to fill their heads with “Agent ideas”
    Now if the okes in Letooli shed Tax me on the road that the Nats built then they can channel (some of) that same money to Finiaas and Gloria.
    Of course they then don’t have to work for the oppressive white guy and can just sit and home and receive grants.
    There is probably going to be a bit of a drop between what I pay in Tolls and what they get in grants (Sushi and Johny Walker Parties and Blue light convoys are expensive you know).
    They will have to “work” one day every so often when the “Voting” happens and there might also be a bit of effort required fighting of the other “citizens” for the US food aid.
    Free branded clothing (camo with pictures of prezzy) will also be supplied so there might also be an increase in the yearly car licence.
    Economy —who needs that!

  14. Poor old Julius – I wonder who feels sorry for him!!

  15. @ Fred , you got it right………………. unfortunately the masses cannot see it. I employ 4 , previously disadvantaged and is going to have to cut down on staff very soon. I already work 7-6 Mon-Fri and most weekends so will have to work harder to catch up on those jobs. Maybe I can get some white out of work to come and help me , as they do not receive grants and then send this lot home to their homelands.

  16. anyone has a 100% white owned business directory to lend me, I only seem to be able to fin a 100 % black owned one??

  17. The media can now concentrate on the positive aspects , and I blame them
    for the ego they created for this idiot Malema. What a waste of space and engergy. I always say, why do we need politicians, when the media, seem
    to know how to run current affairs.

  18. thanx to NDC that was great decision indeed ,this young man waz about to destroy our organisation and the country as whole ,what heppen to congo zimbabwe libya etc was about to heppen in south africa ,the youth must know that ,in our days education is our weapons ,,,,the question is”” what input u wll have in the economy if u not educated .

  19. I hear tell Juliass is studying woodwork because he wants to become a brain surgeon?

  20. Themba Sebata is perfectly right in his decision to leave “this spineless party for good”. Unfortunately, from the horrendous inability to write or spell, he has left his decision too late since his extremely poor education, courtesy of the ANC and SADTU, has already compromised his ability to get or retain a job. He will, henceforth, be reliant on Julius’s promises of economic freedom (meaning free to steal from everybody else’s contribution to the economy)

  21. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Wally – all those who depend (or is it depended ? ) on his “Trust Fund”

  22. ALL the Beneficiary`s from his “Trust fund” will get a visit from the Tax man and the Hawks.

  23. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Siyabonga – WOW what a great future he will have – look at all those wooden brains that will be needing surgery – maybe before “Mangaung”

  24. ANC ‘s fragile alliance will be affected…coz Julius can cause a split esp at Youth level and all hell will break loose as he will attract all the nasty radical elements.ANC should have dealt with him when he was campaigning for Zuma.But no he could have killed for Zuma who saw anything wrong with him then…ANC will crumble and SA is on a road path similar BUT worse than Zim. Zim people are generally more peace loving the politicians bring the violence in SA its easy to start violence so Julius is a problem that won’t go anywhere anytime soon…this makes things worse.A 3 to 6 months suspension may have been better not 5….

  25. Im so excited about decisions made by ND to prove dat his nt above the law

  26. Im so excited about decisions made by NDC to prove dat his nt above the law

  27. i wonder how he wrote his exam,but you know wooden brain and flashy cars might have taken over, they should have frozen all his ill begotten wealth or should i say nationalized his wealth

  28. @mandla, glad to see that not everybody thinks he is a god and a law unto himself. Feel sorry for those he has brainwashed.

    @sandile, you hit the nail on the head, kudos to you.

  29. Does this foreshadow the closure of all those burger and chicken take outs and so increase unemployment in SA. Does the NDC realise what calamity they are causing.


  31. Themba Sebata says

    Tony my man dnt show us how small minded you are! this is not about spelling or anything you might have you small mind around. Im just voicing out my view as i am entitled to! & just for your info plz call this number (0126829620)& ask for my position & where i stand in this organization? just dnt run off to your Sangoma & play with your magic! im sure you were also young & off track but your parents did not kick you out did they? so speak your mind on the topic & leave us out of it! we’ll K@#$ FOR JUJU.

  32. Themba Sebata says

    This is @ “igiveup” why do we have to go the racial rout? so what if the majority of the professional industry is overtaken by Black Africans? life is like a wheel, what goes around comes right back around! if our people have the ability to take up these positions why not? Go to Europe if you want 100% white owned companies! “Dont come here with that tendency that white tendency” as my leader would say.

  33. @ Themba = number is ” My Africa Properties” . What about our Africa

    and yes my son misbehaved and I kicked him out. Abuse and disobedience and non compliance or non-contribution do warrant that

  34. As long as you know this is not the end of Julius. Rejoice for now whilst you can but do remember the ANCYL is not suspended from the ANC and the resolutions are there.

  35. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Mzu – Oh! prophet of doom, what wise words from you (for a change) !

  36. Themba Sebata says

    @ igiveup! you know first of all your! choice of a name says it all! it shows the type of a person you are, why make something you later can not control? One thing is we don’t need in this country are weak people! to me you sound like a person of the past? i guess i can’t blame you for your mental thinking! you kicked your son out so you have nobody to help you pass the time. I hope he is doing well for himself so that he never comes gravelling back to u! keep on giving up. Oh & by the way if you want to know “what about Africa? If you have a bond account & ever get into arrears you’ll have a good idea what about Africa.

  37. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    “As a pleasant aside, at 11 minutes and 11 seconds past 11 this morning, the date and time will read 11/11/11 11:11:11 – What will you be doing?”

    As VERY many others around the world did at the same time (in their own time zones) I paused the test match (or whatever the others were doing at the time) on my tv and reflected on the brave souls who lost their lives in the various major wars as well as the lesser ones on this 93rd anniversary of the Armistice ending the First World War. And thanked God for the freedoms we enjoy today because of their sacrifices.

  38. @ Themba – maybe Malema will do well for himself, instead of sponging off others and maybe he will not need his mother (ANC) any longer and start his own party, maybe the mother will be so happy to be rid of him, just maybe…………………we will see

  39. Themba Sebata says

    That’s your view point! but whatever he does? we are behind him all the way! You know we derailed from the true topic which made me join this site in the first place! So if you do not mind? id like to hear from people who have something to comment about the issue at hand. The leadership of the current ANC has started something im not sure they will be able to manage? they gave JUJU the platform to speak freely! but now that he is standing on his own feet they want to take action? they should have thought of that before we brought Zuma into power! And the things he talks about he has been told by some of them in the mother body! the songs he sings he heard them from the big bosses, so now because he is not succumbing to the political pressure of the white nations like our dear Leaders he is out of line? come on! lets get real? you train a child to kill (like in Congo) it will not be easy to un-train him to love. So the effort the ANC took to turn him into what he is? is the same effort they should take to rehabilitate JUJU

  40. Themba Sebata says

    @Tony! cat got you tongue? I hope you released that what you said was uncalled for & stupid @ the same time! You should become friends with (igiveup) as it sounds like the both of you are in the same lower league.

  41. Eash politics without Juju are not interesting any more, who can next make our daily commedy neh neh that too much 5yrs no no no Juju train you have to appeal boy am on your side 100% bcz this white donkey will go up and down without you,,, I will miss your jokes

  42. The road leading to 2012 national conference in Mangaung will see many casualties if the current smear campaigns are anything to go by. It is an open secret the Malema camp is at the receiving end of possible initial stages of dirty tricks aimed at besmirching it for good before the conference.

    The Malema camp is under a full scale siege. Limpopo premier Cassel Mathale and his provincial government are facing investigations for fraud and corruption. Malema himself, is facing a storm of lawsuits. Fikile Mbalula has just been a victim of some mysterious sexual scandal with dirty tricks written all over it.

    Most recently, the deputy pres. of the ANC and SA was portrayed as a marriage wrecker in one of the Sunday newspapers. It is ironic that the media, particularly the newspapers/tabloits are being employed for dragging the reputation of the Malema camp through the mud by the people who want it censored. People are desperate to lay their hands on state resources and are hell-bent on pulling out every single stop to ensure they emerge victorious from the Mangaung Conference.

    State resources meant for the poor are being used to fight internal political battles. The ANC must be warned the public is not blind to its ulterior motives. People have invested much in the ANC, even with their lives, and it will be sad to see the revolutionary movement in unrecognisable splinters.

  43. The builder of Malema’s luxury mansion must be worried sick. All kinds of guarantees and surerities are being carefully scrutinised as i write this comment. A five year suspension for Juju, three years for Floyd, the rest with two year suspended sentences hanging over their heads for the next three years. The current top leadership of the youth league is basically toast. Some of them will no doubt appeal. Hopefully, the appeal will be dealt with swiftly.

    The ANC’s disciplinary committee seems to have done a thorough job. Now it is time for Cyril Ramaphosa and his disciplinary committee of appeal to show it’s mettle. Once that is dealt with, we can start looking for real solutions-as opposed to self-serving demagoguery-to the huge problem of poverty and unemployment, particularly among the youth.

    Malema said the gloves were off and that it was time to confront and fight the enemy. Arrogant and defiant to the end. Who is the enemy? What a poor example he sets for young aspirant leaders.

  44. what are we going to do now for entertainment?

  45. @tanni-as far as i am concerned, he will continue spewing vitriolic and controversial statements knowing that he got nothing more to loose(WITHIN THE ANC) and guess what, this time, he will be worse than ever before!

  46. Has anybody read the news lately, if he loses his appeal, he will be expelled from the ANC, which is very likely. and also the Rand has suddenly become stronger, what does that tell you. The man has no scruples, his ship is sinking.

    @Themba Sebata, who are you going to stand behind then ??

  47. Themba Sebata asks if the cat has got my tongue. Unfortunately, unlike him, I have to work to earn a living.
    Themba please advise me what ‘&amp’ means. Writing gibberish (or maybe code) does not permit easy understanding of your posts on Wonkie.
    Threats to K@#$ FOR JUJU are criminal. Support for that tinpot dictator is especially heinous. Julius was reported as saying “My name will be written in the history books”. Unfortunately, his name will never equal that of Hitler who he is possibly attempting to emulate. Bettering Idi(ot) Amin may be Julius’s goal.

  48. Themba Sebata . Part of the joy of Wonkie is that we can depart from the topic. This is good for you, Mzu and JuJu.
    I have not corresponded with Wonkie lately I have been distracted the last three days as the Proteas thrashed, trashed and generally destroyed some half rate team from the land of Kangaroos and weak beer.
    Be that as it may. I watched most of the test march, well I fell asleep most of the first day, there is nothing more boring to watch than Australia batting. The second day was marvellous there is nothing better than watching Aussies put to the sword, they played like Wombats. Fortunately we have a new weapon, namely Vernon Philander. He makes Tommo look like a bleeding pom nerd whinger.
    Now, how is that for a change of subject. However despite the joy of watching Fatboy lose his KFC stipend it was a great cricket test and gave us two things to celebrate.

  49. Daffy. Do not be too sure, Fatboy’s ship may be sinking but like a septic tank the big chunks float.

  50. Fatboy and his cronies and followers are going to go underground armed with AK`s and the likes as a “3rd / 4`th force” to establish another Liberation movement or Terrorist group,????????.Cash in Transit company`s take head and prepare for an all out NEW Criminal group as the Tenderpreneur income has come to an end.(I Hope)??????????

  51. busang mothei says

    Yeah! Is a pity,when I remember that ancyl took a gigantic part during the time of thabo mbeki’s stepping down.lucky jacob zuma because of the huge voice of malema saying he’l die for jacob zuma,today he dismiss malema. forgetting he’s a president because of youth league.and the same youth can step him down……

  52. It will be an interesting few weeks ahead. He will appeal and then maybe get off?

  53. Little boy julius cannot be suspended after all the anc realizes that should the boy be muzzled where will our comedians and cartoonists get their material from. Life will get real dull in SA

  54. Does this mean the end of Fatboy jokes and a possible demise of Wonkie and where is the ANCYL going to find an idiot as stupid as Juju who can demonstrate his ignorance every time he opens his mouth. Life will be miserable without this clown.

  55. The following proves Julius’s stupidity with regards to “economic freedom” An economics professor at a local (American) college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.

    The professor then said, “OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan”. All grades will be averaged and everyone will receive the same grade so no one will fail and no one will receive an A…. (substituting grades for dollars – something closer to home and more readily understood by all).

    After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little.

    The second test average was a D! No one was happy. When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.

    As the tests proceeded, the scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.

    To their great surprise, ALL FAILED and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed. Could not be any simpler than that.

    These are possibly the 5 best sentences you’ll ever read and all applicable to this experiment:
    1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.
    2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.
    3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
    4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!
    5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

  56. Fatboy wants Socialism for the poor and Capitalism for himself.

  57. it is a pity to see that someone/body is trying to silence this poor boy for whatever reason.

  58. Malema, a populist demagogue, represent everything you don’t want to see in a young person. He has done a lot of damage to the psyche of many young people. He preys on young people who are angry and frustrated at the slow rate of transformation.

    Then he flies to Mauritius to attend his best friend’s wedding. He has persistently cheeked the ruling party and behaved in a racist manner. He disrespect the elders, other races, the law, the authority, woman and the list is endless. How can he be the leader of anything? He is a disgusting young man in need of a good hiding.

  59. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    If the appeals process does justice and upholds the NDC’s verdict and ‘sentence’, then he will have begun to get the ‘good hiding’ that Piedpyper feels that he needs. And Piedpyper is not alone.
    Unfortunately Garth is also correct – without Moolius decorating the tabloids we will be deprived of a major topic of complaint/ridicule/humour.
    What will we have left – basically the believer in circumcision and a shower as a preventive for AIDS !!!
    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot ! Juju wanted to kill for him and now he will have to fend for himself – ag! shame!
    Come on, Trevor Noah, get us started again.

  60. A good test for a man who is said to be studying politics.Let’s see how he will work it out.Every constitution should be respected by all who belong to that particular organisation

  61. Here’s another diversionary story stemming from a comment by a-maize-ingly-corny. Some years ago in Sweden a young said to his doctor that he wanted his leg amputated so that he could express solidarity with paraplegics. The Doctor refused as did other Doctors and an Hospital. The young man took the Hospital and the medical Profession to court, demanding that they carry out his request. The court ruled against him. He appealed on the basis that as he said, you amputated my foreskin without my consent, how come you cant amputate my leg with my consent. Sweden has now outlawed circumcision except in extreme medical necessity and has mad allowances for religious and cultural reasons.
    Fatboy however does not understand our constitution which actually forbids mutilation without consent which can only be given at 18 years of age. Moreover the evidence that circumcision can reduce the incidence of Aids was based on a very small sample (very small) and is highly disputed but Fatboy who lacks any foresight or knowledge of economics is now a professor of Medicine. It just shows you what ignorance and a failure to pass woodwork can lead you to believe. On a more expert level I did African Politics as aminor subject at University and wood work at school, I passed both. But give some credit to Fatty, woodwork was much harder.

  62. Malema Joseph says

    i thimk and believe that, the desciplinary comittee of the ANC is quite have taken a right descision by suspending Juju out of his post as this small boy himself was disrespectfull and taking the party into disrepute… so that says that we so thankful of all this that they have don to have supended this rubbish out of the party. even though he may have to appeal the fact remains the same, this guy will continue to put the ANC into disripute.

  63. tony no one could explain it better than u just did

  64. Garth and a-maize-ingly-corny, does Moolius Jalema knows when to unite and when to divide? Some settle this problem by a general rule: all union is good and all division is bad. But obviously this way of thinking ignores the lessons of history and overlooks some moral laws by which we should live.

    It is from this strange point of view that the majority of his fans(Juju) view his suspension as unconstitutional. Moolius and his lower league fans lack understanding of politics and governance as they are mostly economically-challenged illiterates. Noise and bluster, including awkward exhibitionism fit for a comedian, are used to manipulate these masses.

    A truly intelligent Malema follower wouldn’t have reacted in this childish way to his suspension. He would have long seen it coming. One could have expected total expulsion. Power lies in the union of things similar and division of things dissimilar.

  65. This is so true:
    An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.

    The professor then said, “OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan”.. All grades will be averaged and everyone will receive the same grade so no one will fail and no one will receive an A…. (substituting grades for dollars – something closer to home and more readily understood by all).

    After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little.

    The second test average was a D! No one was happy.
    When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.

    As the tests proceeded, the scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.

    To their great surprise, ALL FAILED and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.

    Could not be any simpler than that.

    Remember, there IS a test coming up. The 2012 elections.

  66. Jen,how true, how about sharing it on Facebook, plenty readers there thats vote is needed in 2012

  67. Jen,how true, how about sharing it on Facebook, plenty readers there that`s vote is needed in 2012

  68. Siyanda Walter Mda says

    Poor wonkie.com and your Julius Malema. Sad to say that Malema will not stand any chance of being successful in his appeal. Looking at the NDCA (National Disciplinary Committee of Appeals) member, which is made up of Trevor Manuel, Cyril Ramaphosa, Brigitte Mabandla, Jessie Duarte – Malema and his co-suspended have no chance.

  69. Jen, We have seen this many times before, the article is bullshit. This is a circular e-mail that has been going around probably from the invention of e-mail. It is carefully contrived piece of propaganda designed to discredit Socialism without understanding Socialism and to discredit Obama by calling him a socialist and inventing his plan. The fact of the matter this is not an Obama plan it is lies just as the birth certificate fiasco tried to prove Obama was not a citizen. The other fact is that despite denials from everyone the USA is or has become a socialist state and it was not Obama that did that. It was various administrations, that gave tax breaks to the rich, that subsidized steel, subsidized big agriculture, that printed money and gave it to the banks. The USA has created a capitalist lie practising Socialism for the rich and putting the workers and the poor into dire straits. Before you go copying this crap and expecting us all to believe it examine the sources from whence it comes.

  70. Siyanda Walter Mda. The process of an appeal is to reverse a decision or a penalty based on a different understanding of the charge. Fatboy made some severe revolutionary remarks about Botswana that is a fact. We as friendly country cannot countenance revolution among our neighbours. AS it is a fact and it represents a call to violence SA is obliged to do something about it. The decision that Fatboy is guilty cannot therefore be reversed the sentence could be reduced by another adjudicator who thinks the first adjudicator was wrong but given the sheer bloody arrogance of Juju, it would seem unlikely that ther are mitigating circumstances. Moreover as an elected and leading political figure in the ruling party his statements could be construed as belligerence tantamount to an expression of war. Now is this an embarrassment to SA and the ANC and does the government buy into the statements. Therefore these statements represent an act of treason. Unfortunately we no longer have the death penalty foe treason and he may never be charged but just wait SARS or the public protector may get him for many other criminal acts. The best place for Juju is Polsmoor.

  71. That will alwys happen when u gave u’r child the power and do what ever he/she wants.Malema talk like a spoiled child’,think like achild, act like a child, screem like a child, meditate like a child, and play like a child and last he juju gat angry like a child.Juju reprent all the lempopo provins and that my dear frinds tell us more about the NP people.Malema was wrong at first and is still wrong and will aways be wrong let him start his own political party then we will see.

  72. Ja ne? listen to this one! Michael you are not in the best of position to talk! You call Malema a child? you claim that everything he does is that of a child?
    Then i think you should run back to whatever school you came from & as for a refund! especially from your English teacher, because your SPELLING WITH THE STARS suck! At least he had the opportunity to be in a position of higher power, even is he was forced down it was time. And the ball will keep rolling! Malema got it off the ground the ANCYL will see it through. You think the worst has past? Your yet to see grater thing from us

  73. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Stimbane – re-read your own comment and “run back to whatever school you came from & as for a refund! especially from your English teacher, because your SPELLING WITH THE STARS suck!” There are at least SEVEN spelling mistakes in your own comment not to mention the numerous grammatical ones.
    A very wise man once said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Myself, I can be a sinner and cast a stone at you because YOU cast the first one (at Michael).
    By the way the bit about “as for a refund!” – should the ‘as’ be ‘ask’ or ‘ass’?

  74. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    No matter how the appeal turns out, we can be sure that Juju will have learned nothing. The following is a mere example of his cognitive abilities:

    Julius Malema bought a new automatic car..he drives the
    car perfectly during the day but at night the car just won’t
    move. He had tried everything for a week and still no luck,,,,
    he then furiously calls the dealership and they send out a

    The technician asks “Are you sure you using the right gears?”

    Julius says, “Of course – I’m not stupid…….
    I use D for Day and N for Night”

  75. Malema is either getting bad legal advice or he is simply defying his legal representatives as he did with ANC leaders. Ever since the outcome of the ANC disciplinary report on his case, he has been committing one blunder after the other, thereby embarrassing himself. The excuse of the so-called amended constitution of the ANC Youth League simply does not hold water. He is being exposed daily as not only ill-disciplined, but also incompetent in general.

    It is just not possible that the constitution of a subordinate body can override that of the mother body. The ANC constitution remains above all ANC affiliates and structures, including that of the Youth League. To argue that the league has the right to review a case when their leaders have been tried by the ANC is to expose oneself to a charge of ignorance of the general application of the law, be it national law or the law of the ANC.

    In a media conference days later, he accused the ANC of conspiring to remove the league leadership by public trial. But while he publicly tackled the ANC, he was feeling vulnerable. He is in a state of paranoia. He is loosing his mind trying to figure out who is against him and who is for him. The SARS is conducting an audit, prompted by reports that his lavish life style-he’s apparently building a R16m mansion-can’t be supported by his R25 000 monthly salary. The Hawks are investigating his financial affairs relating to the awarding of tenders to companies with close ties to him, so is the public protector. Good luck, Moolius and thanks for pretending to be champion of the poor!

  76. The real reason for the Secrecy Bill is that the ANC want to cover up what a childish ignorant arsehole has been running the ANCYL.

  77. Put this malema baboon in jail

  78. [Removed by moderators – inappropriate/ hate speech]


  1. […] as a result of the Lonmin mine violence. Since ANC NEC member, Cyril Ramaphosa was involved in Malema’s suspension from ANC, he of course also got poetically roped into the fray. And nicely so at that, given that Mr […]

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