queen elizabeth diamond jubilee cartoon

queen elizabeth diamond jubilee

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – High Tea Cartoon

Over the past few days, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee – that’s 60 years on the throne in the UK. The celebration included a record-breaking 1000-boat flotilla on the Thames, wonderfully drizzly English weather, and a spectacular concert featuring Grace Jones singing Slave to the Rhythm whilst twirling a hula-hoop around her waist.

The events, from the lighting of thousands of jubilee beacons around the world, down to the thanksgiving service at St Paul’s Cathedral, were filled with a style of pomp and regality only the British could successfully pull off. Seeing them do it so flawlessly despite the many around the world that consider Britain nothing more than a fallen empire made it all the more spectacular. Despite circumstances, the monarchy appears to have got its mojo back.

For those of you who have not had the privilege of having tea with the Queen, here are some random facts about her Majesty: Born in Mayfair, London on 21 April 1926, she ascended to the throne in 1952 at age 25. With 26 overseas tours covering visits to 116 countries, she is one of the most well-travelled people on the planet. She has seen 12 British Prime Ministers and 11 US presidents through her reign, is the patron of 600 charities and owned more corgis than anyone in history. Queen Elizabeth II received over 404,000 awards and honours, which partly explains why Buckingham palace needs 775 rooms. Her Majesty is currently the head of state for 16 countries.

Following the royal festivities, Wonkie could not help but reflect on the recent Jacob Zuma and The Spear saga in South Africa. As heads of state, Queen Elizabeth and Jacob Zuma have a surprising amount in common:

  1. They both aspire to be dignified in the eyes of the world – sadly only the Queen succeeds in matching aspirations with actions;
  2. They both have to tolerate rampant adultery in their families – with Mr Zuma of course, it’s mostly his own adultery he has to tolerate so it’s much easier;
  3. They are both comfortable with their traditional dress and pull it off with ease;
  4. They are both quite content to tap into a source of unlimited funds (viz. taxpayers) to fund their royal lifestyles;

Seriously for a moment though, Wonkie would like to congratulate the Queen on her 60 years in power. While it is easy to be flippant about the royal family with Britain in its current state of economic crisis, it really is quite amazing to see how much love and power the British monarchy still commands. If you have any doubt, you try to get the likes of Annie Lennox, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Grace Jones, Tom Jones (are they related?), Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue and Cliff Richard to perform for a few minutes each at your party!

In other news this week, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe was named the UN’s International Envoy for Tourism. Wonkie’s insider sources in the UN reported that the decision followed a night of hapless debauchery after South African Breweries mistakenly delivered absinthe instead of beer from their Czech distribution hub.

Apparently, only the Canadians who unfortunately sobered up too early realised what was happening and decided to withdraw from the UN tourism body. Zanu-PF tourism minister Walter Mzembi blasted back stating that Canada’s move was inconsequential given that Canada is just a small player in global tourism and that they were just trying to capitalise on the Mugabe brand to become a real player on the global map. Rumour has it that Walter’s nonsensical statement caught the ear of ANC’s recruitment arm who were very excited at the prospect of discovering a potential replacement for Jimmy Manyi.

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  1. pietpompies says

    How much did this ” Jubilee Bash” cost the British tax payer?

  2. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee…Absolutely Brilliant!

    As for the Welshman Ebagum (Mugabe) does he not know that “Absinthe makes the fart go Honda?” see editorial

  3. Your Majesty, high time to change your hairdresser. The sexy crop of Gran Stephany of the Bold & Beautiful should look good and please take Princess Anne along for a snip.
    TOM JONES…..you Prince! now I know why the ladies have been swooning for over 40 years. You were the only star that could still sing and you look like a million dollars!

  4. Penny Eisenbarth says

    ….a magical 4 days!!! No other nation in this world is able to pull off the grandeur and splendour as the Brits are capable of. And let’s face it, most probably even the anti-royalists were delighting in the money gained from Tourism which has poured into Britain over the past week! Without the Royalty, what attraction to Tourism would Britain have to offer….the miserable weather????

  5. COLLITJIES says

    Tax payer’s money was not used for this “bash”. The entire proceeds were donated by businesses from comonwealth countries. However I still think it was over extravagant as that huge amount of money could have been used to upgrade the plight of their unemployed citizens. The royal family are just a bunch of parasites taking money for doing nothing in return.

  6. Being born of the families of Queen Elizabeth 1st, Anne Boleyn (who founded our dynasty) and the great Duke (my great-something grandfather) I was filled with pride watching the pomp and ceremony. My family tree goes back to the year 1030, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Although South African by birth, I am proud of my noble and royal heritage and to be a family member of that British dynasty. Although royalty counts for little today, when Iread our family history books, I note with pride that I come from a line of great achievers. Sadly, I cannot say the same for JZ.

  7. The oldies who performed on Monday night should have had understudies. Except for Tom Jones, what a master, all the others have been caught up by father time. Please don’t get me wrong, all the artists in their hey day, were magnificant, but guys, what about their dignity. Tom Jones still has his, Ralph Harris wisely stuck to presenting part of the show, which he did in Australian magnificence. The whole show came across as a sacrifice of each entertainer for the sake of the 60 years they shared as well, and bully for them, although my expectations were not fulfilled. Somebody on this forumn crowed about Grace Jones – What the hell was that? “Singing” like an old crow and swinging the hula-hoop like a born again groupie! Ag pleez man!! By and large, watching only two of the three days, I enjoyed it, staying the full course!

  8. @U2R1: I am almost 62. I still perform once or twice a week as a rock musican, despite arthritis in my left (guitar chord and lead) hand. My longish hair and beard are grey, in a mullet style. My face is wrinkled with age. But I can outlast, on stage, musicians half my age – last Sunday afternoon, I performed for 7 hours. Audiences continue to fill the room week after week. They are not there for the venue itself, they are there for the music. I can tell by the requests and complements I receive. I have just signed up a new record deal. Why? Despite what we look like, we are seasoned, experienced musicians, in my case, 40 years professionalism. Don’t run us down – our continued support by all age groups proves a point.

  9. I must point out an inaccuracy in your list of things that JZ and Her Majesty have in common, and that is point #4. Although the royal family is paid from public funds/ taxpayers, the amount is not unlimited. Each member is paid a monthly allowance, or salary if you will.

  10. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ U2R1 – the oz with the painted shirt is called ROLF (not Ralph) Harris – and from the looks of his shirt his painting skills have deteriorated

    Cliff Richards and Paul Macartney, both well into their seventies, look quite a bit younger than Scorpio describes himself. If I could look like that even now, I’d be quite happy. And don’t knock their singing either – if my voice had stayed as good as theirs after 60 years of singing I might still be singing with the D’oyly Carte Opera Company.

    Did anyone notice the BBC guy with the microphone on Westminster Bridge – I think his name was Sam Johnson – he looked like Jo Brand in drag
    And Elton John looked like dame Judi Dench in trousers

    On a serious note – did any of you notice that during the whole time from getting out of the car up to returning to Buckingham Palace, the eighty-six year old Queen and her ninety-one year old husband STOOD for the river pageant (a matter of four hours plus) – don’t you just feel sorry for the Prince of Wales and the horse-face of Cornwall that they couldn’t rest their weary feet because “Mummy” didn’t use the special throne provided. Ag shame!!!

    In our “Spear” blog the word “dignity” came up time and time again. ATTENTION Showerhead – EIIR has demonstrated the meaning of the word for all the world to see. Perhaps the Queen is the definition of dignity.

  11. @Corny, perhaps I don’t look as old as I describe to others – but that’s what I see in the mirror in the morning. No, I don’t use stage make-up, my wife of 39 years would have a fit and wonder what she married. She was a model when I married her and, at two years my senior, still turns heads and young guys try to chat her up. She weathered the music years (she too was a rock singer in my band) far better than I have managed. As for the voice, it definitely matures with age like a good wine. When I critically listen to my records of the 70’s and the voice I hear coming out the loudspeakers now, it is chalk and cheese. Tom Jones’ voice at the concert – wow. I now can reach notes I never could when I was young, depite my tobacco habit.
    As for the Queen, what can I say that you haven’t said already. But, I am biased – according to my family tree, I am a distant relation of hers.
    As a proverbial ‘number cruncher’ and tax legal advisor in my day profession, my clients are taken aback by the fairly large loudspeakers and pictures of family castles and ancestors that adorn the walls of my office/consulting room.

  12. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Scorpio – Ecclesiastes 12:8 refers – “Vanity, vanity; all is vanity” 😉

  13. @Corny. Not vanity. Just pride in the little I have achieved in my life coming from a poor post war family. I had no help from my family and put myself through education by pure hard work and equally hard study.
    @Collitjies: The British taxpayers could never afford the cost of the extravaganza. They are too busy financing all the unemployed-by-choice Africans, Moslem and Asian immigrants living off social walfare.

  14. @Wonkie: In the wee hours of this morning I was listening to talk radio while working. The subject was this ANCYL imbecile and his white land grabbing policy. There was a much heated debate for and against between blacks and whites. Could make interesting debate here. How about it?

  15. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Back to the beginning of this blog – pietpompies asked how much this “Jubilee bash” cost the British taxpayer
    Strangely enough the answer lies in the Daily Telegraph in an article published on 20 October 2010.
    The Crown Estates – properties belonging to the monarch personally – develop an income of about 211 million pounds each year and this money goes directly to the national government’s treasury. The Queen (and her household – and that includes the maintenance of the various palaces etc) receive a grand total of 30 million pounds out of this income. In other words the Queen is supporting (out of income from her OWN property) the British taxpayer to the tune of 181 million pounds per year !!!
    The 1 million pounds that was set aside by the government to “subsidise” the “Jubilee Bash” amounts to less than 20p (roughly R 2,50) per person in Britain — cheap at twice the price !!!

    The value of the publicity – and the temporary surge in foreign tourists coming to Britain for the occasion and their spending of substantial quantities of cash (foreign currency) on hotels, restaurants, transport within London, etc., and over-priced memorabilia – hugely outweighs the small cost of the event.

  16. Did you notice the great shortage of unemployed-by-choice Africans, Moslem and Asian immigrants adoring the Queen at the Thames and Mall? 99.999% Whites!

  17. Scorpio, stop blowing your own trumpet.

  18. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Wow Garth – Scorpio is TALENTED eh?
    He sings, plays guitar – AND blows trumpet too!!!
    At least he’s blowing his own trumpet and not yours.

  19. Scopio, next thing you wont be telling us is how the post war socialist state helped you get a first class education and what are you doing working in the early hours of the morning. To all who are seemingly worried about who paid for the jubilee bash, are you all accountants or even worse, economists. does it matter it was a great show and it demonstrates what dignity really means as opposed the appalling behaviour of the ANC bullying of City Press. If you are an insomniac stop working in the morning go and take walk enjoy the fresh air and see the sunrise, it will improve your health and attitude.

  20. Go Garth!

  21. Although a-maize-ingly-corny explained the financial position to pietpompies, no reply was given to COLLITJIES who considered it “over extravagant as that huge amount of money could have been used to upgrade the plight of their unemployed citizens.” Surely the tourism benefits alone were worth the costs, both now and in the future. As for “The royal family are just a bunch of parasites taking money for doing nothing in return.”, COLLITJIES obviously did not watch all the BBC television programs on the subject. The only one that I watched detailed the extreme amount of work that she does each day and, her knowledge of day-to-day world affairs. At 86 years of age, she is probably one of the hardest workers in Britain. She must have immense stamina. Hardly a parasite doing nothing in return.

  22. Real Zimbo says

    Well, the Queen has been on the throne for a good 60 years. Good gracious they’re still mourning about Robert Mugabe being there for only 32 years! 28 more to go!!!

  23. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Real Zimbo
    The difference is — the Queen is a real LADY who GIVES and does it with both style and dignity
    — That DICTATOR in Zim is a real deranged BANDIT who TAKES – and does it WITHOUT style and leaves NOBODY with dignity.

  24. “At an annual cost of just under £1 per each citizen, Queen Elizabeth II represents the best value for money the UK has to offer. At 86, she still works tirelessly, attending 400 public engagements every year, to say nothing of the wealth of experience she brings to her weekly consultations with her prime minister, of which 12 have passed through her palace gates during her reign. All the pomp and ceremony keeps hundreds in jobs, not to mention the boost to UK tourism.”
    This is a quote from a lengthy article in Canada Free Press. If you visit London, you will see that this is true. To me London is one big historical monument and the centuries old institution of the Monarchy gives relevance to what one sees, and a sense of awe. The jubilee celebrations were good for British morale and the Queen is still a cohesive force for the Brits, but who knows what will happen after she is gone??

  25. pietpompies says

    Penny Eisenbarth, you probably have been to England,but with blinkers on! I’m a Plaasjapie and married to an English girl and have to England a number of times. I think England is a tourist paradise – it’s beautiful! Royalty is a bit of a bonus, there is sò much to see! The times I was there the weather was GREAT! Visit England again but take your blinkers off!

  26. @pietpompies;
    Now now, you sound a bit testy with Penny. I don’t read her comment as critical; and she is entitled to her opinion. What I like about Wonkie comments – unlike most other news item comments – is that people here are mostly civil and humorous. Please keep it that way 🙂

  27. I see wonkie is part of the masses who fell for the perception trick comming from the “house of windsor” thar the brittish royal family is “THE Royal family”! There are lots of socalled royal families on this planet and the brittish one is surely NOT the main one that should be seen as “THE royal family”.This satanic windsor castle dweller created their perception to the brainless masses by declaring somboddy a “knight” or “sir” or “lord” in as manny countrys they can! My name is Dirk Muller and don’t fall for their tricks! They are a bunch of devil worshippers who used all kinds of orgs like the iluminati, the free masons, the lions, rotarians etc. , all posing as some kind of welfare orgs…the devil posing as the angel of light! But, look at the facts, every country where these englishspeakers has put their feet, like greece, cuprus, south africa and wherever else these fuckers ever put their feet, they created devision in that nation! To hell with the house of windsor! they are causing problems as far as they go posing as well-doers!

  28. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    I see that donald dirk is spouting his Goebbels Nazi propaganda again.
    To the sane masses of Wonkie bloggers – just ignore donald dirk – he’s just quackers.

  29. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ OutoAfrica; please don’t tell me that I am being testy with dirk:
    I quote you: “people here are mostly civil and humorous”
    I am mostly (but not always) civil – and I often try to be humorous – especially when laughing at someone is the most civil thing you can do.

  30. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    “OutoAfrica” – sorry my ‘f’ is ucking up again

  31. a-maize-ingly-corny, is your “h” also uking up again as your nick should rather have been “a-maize-ingly-horny” as it sounds like you must be on the same maize diet zuma was as a child…and now as he gets older, artists noticed that his “horn” is hanging…or is it because everything around him starts to hang, fall apart and become useless…sorry queen, what I say now is out of line according to you as THE english do their best to make blacks feel good about themselves no matter how savage or useless they are….burning tyres is the only thing blacks do well according to my perception…eishh..sorry again THE queen, I can’t help it, I have problems with lying.

  32. On TV last week there was a discussion program which involved some international reporters. A German correspondent stated the obvious about the queen. He said there were many queens (as monarchs or married to monarchs, not the= other kind) But the queen is recognized as THE QUEEN.
    She is a British institution and the cost is irrelevant to the prestige and dignity it brings to Britain. Stop counting the cost because the expense of everything versus the revenue stream cannot be calculated there is another cost namely the lost production and productivity that goes with two days of extra public holidays. (Sorry, for using the word productivity, it is something we do not understand in South Africa).
    Look at all the the attempts by other countries who try to impress with big parades. North Korea is an example. They just do not cut it.

  33. A little known story of the stamina of the Royals. Charles and Camilla-The-Equestrian (horsewoman) were on honeymoon driving back from Scotland when they passed a quaint, romantic looking B & B. They decided to spend the night. Charles went into reception to make a booking and came back with a grin on his face. He asked Camilla: Would you like the bridal suite? Camilla replied: No thanks dear, I will hold onto your ears if the going gets rough.

  34. garth, you sortof agree with the point I want to make…it’s all about creating the perception that the brittish queen is “THE” queen, but the reporter, being part of worldwide network created by the brittish queen to create that perception that she is “THE” queen while in reality she is not ( all just bullshitting the masses) with a purpose and that purpose is not about creating income for brittain, but is about the New World Order these wingnuts plan to get into place soon. The Bible translations are corrupted more-and-more as time goes by so that when this N.W.O. comes, poeple will think it is the socalled 1000 years peace reign of God…it’ a satanic plan that the “house of windsor” have been working on for many years…I can see right thru it! There is a reason why I hate the house of windsor…they are devil worshippers! Instruments of satan!

  35. Scorpio, are you certain that the B&B was not owned by your maternal grandmother’s second cousin.
    Dirk, we are not sure if you are for or against religion, give us something to work with. If the Illuminati et al are so clever, how come they have fucked up the world financial system. (try reading Richard Condon “A trembling upon Rome” it may give you an idea about the origins of the Illuminati, the Mafia and the banks)

  36. garth, it’s all so clear and logic, freemasons create chaos…that is the aim/part of the satanic plan…the more choas there is, the more the non-thinking masses will embrace the new world order to get out of their misery!

  37. Wonkie, forgive me for making two posts in a row…. @ Garth : it is windor castle’s aim to get the n.w.o in place on 21 desember 2012! I think they are a bit behind schedule…just look at the choas around us here in this country right now…part of the plan is to get blacks to embrace the n.w.o. and threfore anan is presented as some specila problem solver while he is not really that smart, mandela the terrorist is declared a saint and the american fools were made to believe that getting a black president is the “IN” thing! Al of this is part of this satanic plan of the house of windsor to get their way! Unless they make blacks believe they are intelligent and important with their IQ’s of only 70, darkest africa will not fall for the joke but tick to their traditional ways! Mad as mugabe may be…he is sort-of seeing that something is not coacher with the english but is just to stupid to get his finger on it! Most of the worlds people are walking in their sleep and just don’t see thru all of these things…

  38. Enough already! my inbox is wonkie, wonkie. Dirk Muller, your peanut brain, your caustic tongue, is surely plugged into the devil’s radar. You and Mugabe need to be locked up in the nut house and the key sent to hell.

  39. Dirk, No none not even the NWO order could have designed this kind of chaos. However it would still be helpful if we found out whether you are for or against something and what it is?

  40. @Garth. No, the B&B was actually owned by my brother from another mother. He sold the B&B and moved back to Brakpan where he married my half sister from my mother’s side. They later divorced, but there is an ongoing legal battle to establish whether or not, although divorced, they are still brother and sister. Sorry to dissappoint you on your first assumption.

  41. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Wow – what a complex family Scorpio has – must be one of those NWO families – the kind that defies any definition of incest.
    Mind you – the royals (and near-royals) seem to have a tradition of getting it on with distant (and not-so-distant) relatives and keeping their feelings for lesser mortals who otherwise would not be touched with a barge-pole – or at least a GLOVED hand. (“Gloved” WHAT???)

  42. @Garth, the NWO is not yet in place, you shoul know that ….. no my friend the way to the NWO is being pathed out at by windsor castele the moment and world chaos is that path/highway.
    @avatrix seeing your brain seems to be in a nutshell ( wich is much smaller than a nut house), therefore i’ll put my question to you in a nut shell…did you try to sell, i mean shell yourself as wise?

  43. I cannot contain myself any longer….Dirk get a spellchecker, also rubbish you write is senseless crap! If you have don’t anything intelligent to contribute, then please say rather say nothing!

  44. TARAVA , you must be talking to yourself! If YOU are not aware of something, it does not mesn that it is crap.

  45. Like I said….you cant spell…….mesn?? not in my dictionary…get my drift?

  46. @Corny. And you, given your former profession fell for the tongue-in-cheek explantion as to the ownership of the B&B? Garth deserved the explanation. I am not the author of that explanation, it stems from a joke doing the rounds on via email.

  47. @Corny. Unfortunately, due to the expansion of my girth as a result of imbibing in the fruit of hops, I am no longer able to bend over and blow my own trumpet. However, should I have the need to have my trumpet blown, for a fee, I will outsource the duty, but not to a BEE compliant service provider.

  48. Another little known story from the realms of British history. The fabled Robin Hood (based on the documented life of one Robert Hode of Sherwodd Forrest) lay dying in Maid Marion’s bed. All his Merry Men were gathered around his death bed. He whispered to Little John: Bring me my trusty Bow and arrow. I wish to pluck that bow one last time, and where my arrow landeth, let that be the place of my burial.
    And so it came to pass that Robin Hood was laid to rest on top of the wardrobe.

  49. @ Dirk: Are you a member of the Broederbond, AWB and their ilk? Or just a conspiracy theorist? I still remember when the Nats were so anti-everything that came out of ‘die Engelse’. To us who supported England during WWll (contrary to the subversive Fifth Column (Strijdom et al) who were still victims of the Boere Oorlog), the Queen of England is THE queen. Whether one agrees with the monarchy or not. It is really a stretch of the imagination to attribute the NWO and other mentioned groups to the Windsors. I would suggest you widen your information base and find out who all is behind many of the ills today. The Windsors are small fry. They are no more evil than most people one sees on the international political stage. Have you heard of George Soros, or Maurice Strong, amongst others?

  50. Dirk mentions 21/12/2012. According to scientists, there could be a lot more to worry about around that date than the NWO. Google expected disruptions in the magnetic field of the sun. The resultant sunspots, scientists fear, could have far reaching disasterous effects on the earth, to the extent that none of us would have to worry about the NWO or even Mug-face-gabi for that matter. Their research has no bearing on the myths surrounding the Mayan Calendar or religious fanatics declaring the end of the world. Scary shit when one reads up on these scientific theories. But then again, they are the theories of a selected few living millions of miles from the sun.
    Dirk may well have watched a video doing the rounds on the financial power and tactics by the so called “illuminati”, the controllers of world banks and hence global economy. If he did, it would form the basis of his fears. I read somewhere that Prince Phillip stated that the world’s population needs to be reduced by one third. He may well be correct in that statement, but this sort of inflammatory remark would put credence to Dirk’s observations. But then again, the sky might fall on our heads on 20 and 21/12/2012!

  51. TARAVA, I don’t care about spelling as I assume most of us here have bright minds and will still know what I wanted to say.
    @OutofAfrica I believe the queen is the head of the iluminati as windsor castle is their head office who control the free masons etc. So then, in my book she is one of the most evil people with influence on the planet. Yes I do agree there must be some one somewhere more evil, but not with the same power. And no, I am not a member of any organiztaion and have no fears. If I was full of fears, i would not be so outspoken.
    @scorpio no, I did not see that video, I do too much thinking to sit and watch vids, however I do put my tv on for the news and to watch Hope Channel on the free DSTV/satelite channels, thats all. As far as the english is concerned, I do not hate all the english, only those who see themselves as some super intelectuals looking down on other nations…soon we will know how accurate my observations are.

  52. OutofAfrica says

    I suggest you relax 🙂 There are umpteen conspiracy theories out there, based on a kernel of truth. But God is in control and the world is in a state of entropy which you can do nothing about.
    Here are a few websites to broaden your knowledge; http://www.gotquestions.org/illuminati-conspiracy.html. http://www.what-is-the-illuminati.com.

  53. PS @Dirk:
    If you keep your focus on the Windsors to bring in the NWO, you might just miss its arrival!

  54. Scorpio, you have some complex relations, is your brother’s sister not your aunt’s first cousin who is related to Queen Victoria.

  55. The belief in the Illuminati without a shred of evidence is like believing that Jesus walked on water.

  56. OutofAfrica, my eyes are on Jesus, not the satanic windsor and when I blink my eyes, my eyelids move faster than those of blacks…I won’t miss it as I can see it comming as well as where it’s comming from…obviously I am ahead of the rest of the wonkie bloggers…let’s just wait and see what happens and if my words don’t come true, then come back here and declare me a false prophet.
    Garth, it’s a fact that Jesus did walk on water, therefore the existance of the illuminati who see themselves as the “impecables” is also a reality.

  57. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    For those who needed it, you have just seen PROOF that daffy dirk is as much a student of logic as he is of spelling – unfortunately, whilst he could get a spell checker, I know of no market where a logic checker can be had.

  58. corny-maize, I don’t care about spelling and there is a reason for…fools like you won’t nothing to say if I check on my typing….

  59. Talk about a wonkie wanker!! Yes you dark!!

  60. TARAVA
    On all forums, blogs etc. on the web where people debate, the loosers eventualy resort to remarks on spelling and your type of remarks labeling themseves as fools where the wise would just keep quiet after learning something

  61. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ the racist, right-wing extremist, “back in the good old days of apartheid”, lonely soul who has nothing to say but to spew his nonsensical rubbish, take a tip from your own last post and:
    a) learn something and
    b) keep quiet

    I shall no longer waste my time and energy “debating” with a vessel so empty of valid opinion as you !!!

  62. Gotsha! ” Looser” indeed! Wot a plonker!

  63. @Horny-Corny @TARAVA plonky wingnut vacuums, please refer to just one debate/post anywhere on the web one of you 2 vacuums made that was worth taking note of. Forums like wonkie should actually ban “vacuums” like you.
    @ wonkie admin can you refer me to any post these two vacuums made that had any meat in it? If not, for what reason do you have them around other than to degrade not only your blog but also South Africa with all its people? maybe it’s time you set up some user guidlines other than to forbid Jesus and Afrikaans as those are the only two things I have record of that you wonkie’s complained about….Mentioning Jesus and/or His Word or using Afrikaans. Unless you come up with satifying explanation, I will do whatever I can to have your blog removed from your hosting company as well as your domain de-registered at ICANN like I did with http://www.shamanica.com…UMJINDI!

  64. You need help with you paranoia!


    Time to kill all this idiotic drivel. The comments coming from all sides are just becoming more and more moronic.

  66. Amen to that! Common sense at last. It really was a beautiful and moving few days of Royal pomp and ceremony as only the British can do!

  67. @dirk, it is impossible to either prove or disprove supernatural events such as miracles using the historical method, for proving them would require belief in a supernatural world not amenable to historical analysis, and disproving them would require historical evidence that is usually hard to come by. All you have is some misbegotten faith. Just like those crazies that believe in the Illuminati.

  68. Thanks Tarava, finally some sense. The diamond Jubilee was great.

  69. Doubly proud, as my late father was a Corporal of Horse in the Life Guards (That is the cavalry in the red tunics, white plumes), and often rode as part of the mounted escort on ceremonial occasions. He told me that most of the saddlery, boots and armour was dated back to King Charles2, the founder of the regiment in the 1600s. Makes you think doesn’t it?

  70. Garth, I don’t believe in the illuminati, I just believe that the orginization does exist. God I don’t believe that He exist, I happen to know Him and I am more sure of his existance than in yours and are more sure about Him than anything else I mentioned here and elsewhere. Who the hell do you think you are to tell me what I have and where I got it from? I expected more from you than such stupidity making the kind of statement yo just made. I’d be a fool to tell you that you stole your car not knowing if you even have one….so why do you make such stupid statements with your level of intelect?
    Avatrix, the brittish have been saying those words for years, yet their queen hardly ever show any joy on her face, meaning God does not listen to them, she is still not saved and was never blessed as those blessed by God have joy shining from their faces….the queen is known for her souer face world wide, even when she puts up a typical longteeth plastic smile, her inner unhappyness can still be seen clearly because she knows very well where she will be spending eternity – some dark dungeon like windsor castle where she spend most of her time. Anyway, I have already put it to all wonkiers to wait and see if the things I have said come true or not and if it does not come true, only then may you declare me a false prophet, doing so now, is making fools of yourself ahead of time because what I aid, will come true! UMJINDI – this discusion is now closed from my side.
    TARAVA only the most primitive nations on this planet still have royal pomp and ceremonies like the brittish have

  71. dark… I detect a huge chunk of envy. What a shame to be so narrow and holier than thou! Heaven protect us from people such as you. I laugh at your small-mindedness. PS There is no such thing as”brittish” you Moron

  72. pietpompies says

    I think Wonkie must close this subject now. It is a long time since I last saw so much rubbish spoken and written (perhaps some veiled truths). The original subject has now degenerated into just a lot of senseless arguments and mudslinging.

  73. AMEN to that!

  74. Moron tarava, keep you insuklts to yourself and say something worth reading en pietpompies, dis nie te se as iets bo jo vuurmaakplek is dat dit rubbish is nie

  75. What a plonker! I thought dark had died, he has not spewed any rubbish for 16 hours! No such luck!

  76. pietpompies says

    Dirk, Ek dink, om die minste te sê – Jy’s ‘n regte po-pol. Jy raak van die grootste onsin onslae. Baie jammer om dit te sê.

  77. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @pietpompies ons is almal baie jammer dat jy dit moet sê. Die feit is: dit moes gesê word.

  78. nok it orf dork, your pissing off all the intellegent peoplil in the world

  79. Pietpompies ek dink die selfde van idiote soos jy wat net se iets is snert maar niks kan noem om die kak wat jy kwytraak te staaf nie…dus het enige so ‘n idioot niks gese nie…dit geld vir morone soos jy sowel as TARAVA, HORNY CORNY en who ever else en enige iemand mnet savy sal saamstem. Dis al wat wingnuts soos julle kan doen is om beledigings rond te strooi maar meeste van die tyd se die hele spul van julle hierbo genoem nooit iets om op ag te slaan nie want julle weet boggerall…shame dit moet vreeslik wees om so leeg te wees en dit dan nofg uit te basuin ook soos regte gekke…as julle weer iets wil pos, se tog iets wat iemand op kan ag slaan en kommentaar op kan lewer anders as om julle net terug te moet slegse

  80. idiote, gesonde debat is om iets te se wat saak maak, iets onder slaapwandelaars soos julle se aandag te bring of om onsin wat iemand kwytraak te weerle…alles anders as dit is nie debateer nie, maar bloot irriterend te wees en gek van jouself te maak. Boonop is julle wingnuts ook nerens ander op die web tevinde nie, julle het nie eers websites nie, neem aan geen forums deel nie en lyk my julle is te eenvoudig om eers op FB te wees en na julle profiles toe te kan oplink vanaf hier…so wat se dit, julle klomp lee blikke wat net geraas maak

  81. TARAVA, noyou are wrong, there used to be few intelectuals around womkie, but they all seems to have left because of the brainless snails like you who can’t have a conversation…

  82. Dear dork, the QUEEN loves you!

  83. Seeing I need to draw you fools pictures, here they are! Follow the link!


  84. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    The quackers one forgot the apostrophe – they are fool’s pictures

  85. a-maize-ingly-moronical, can you explain why you said what you said, whitout explaining your moronical remarks nobody will know what you are mumbling

  86. Watching tyhe Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was like watching the All Blacks play rugby; dogged determination, super skills and the ability to beat everybody, great players. But we would like to see them consigned toe the lower leagues because they are cheats and over testosteroned thugs. Hence the queen should not support the continuation of a dynasty that has become an anachronism. Charlie and his simpering son should just become Mr.

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