Zuma bodyguards carton

Zuma bodyguards

Crime, what crime?

ANC President Jacob Zuma is parading around South Africa with mile long convoys of ‘blue light’ special VIP protection units. Of note was his recent campaign trip to Limpopo province where he had a convoy of some 33 cars of which 22 were state law enforcement vehicles.

Helen Zille of the Democratic Alliance (DA) also threw light on two other cases of “blue-light bullying” earlier this week: the first when a member of the ‘blue light’ VIP protection unit shot the tyre of a car in his way because he was running late, and the second when a woman from Cato Ridge was forced off the road by a ‘blue lights’ vehicle, and then assaulted.

A couple of interesting questions come to mind: why are tax payers footing the bill for this when Zuma Zuma is not even in public office? More interestingly, what does Zuma need protection from – Shikota? or Helen Zille perhaps? … we know she can be a wild one. Of course it can’t be protection against violent crime in south africa.. that’s dwindled down to insignificant levels (small print: compared to inner city Baghdad and Afghanistan)

Hundred small steps for bodyguards, one giant leap forward into a banana republic.

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  1. White Rabbit Cult says

    I love your blog post! It really hit it on the head! Would you mind terribly if I place a link back from my site at whiterabbitcult.com?

  2. Couldn’t agree more with the sentiment… good one!


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